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  1. Thanks for your greetings! I have quited from the studio after this game released, not sure if the studio have enough budget for the sequel, I am also looking forward to it personally!
  2. Hi, I am the designer of this trophy set. So sorry for making you confused about the unlock criteria. Just can't resist to do some quote in the trophy description instead of explaining the unlock criteria directly. Labyrinth of History and Folds of Time are both about collectibles, once you get all the documents including all recordings (5) and Cookie's USB, you will get the former one, and once you get all the relics, you will get the other one. But it would not be easy to describe all the locations of the collectibles by text, so please look for the carefully, most of them are very conspicuous. She Who Sends Up Gift is another collectibles related trophy which can be unlocked when you opened all the boxes with a bead. Hapless Wanderer, once you collected Cookie's USB, you can use it on a projector in a room when you fell down to the underground. After you watched all the pictures and videos by click the Next botton on the projector, the trophy will be unlocked. Inherit Past Academic Achievements, listening to all the recordings you will get this trophy. Learn Your Reach, kill 10 enemies with knife. Dazzle, press Trigger to beam the Zourous and make it glare 3 times when you take the flashlight, you will get this trophy. Right You Stand, Wrong You Fall Down, kill 40 enemies in a row without death. You gonna get it when you arrived an ancient fortress if you start from the very beginning. Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread, cut down the rope of the suspension bridge when there is at least one enemy on it and he will fall down. Traps Are Everywhere, there is a gap in the mountain full of lasers, go through it with triggering or shooting no more than 7 bombs (or 6? I don't remember very well). Pass On The First Try, solve the matrix puzzle in a wrecked aircraft on the first try. The correct order is UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT. ......, You will see two monitors showing noise in an underground room which is the same room that have the projector in it. Shoot the upper one. Hope this helpful.