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  1. So as I do with most console generations I’ve decided to start fresh and I’ve made a new account. What’s the protocool here? Do I need to make a new account for this website or is there a way to switch the PSN account that’s linked to my PSNProfiles account? I’m more than happy to start a new account as I haven’t amasssed much of a presence on this site but I think I read somewhere you can’t start a trophy checklist until you’ve made 25 posts?
  2. I haven’t been active on the forums for an awful long time and my account goals have kind of fallen flat. I started a new time intensive job and my gaming time has been non existent. Not to mention I’ve felt incredibly disconnected from my account and for the first time in a very long time I haven’t bothered maintaining all of my 100%s. I made a new account for the PS4 and I intend to make a new one for the PS5. My perspective on trophies have changed and my time limitations are a lot more than what they were when I worked part time jobs etc. I plan to just play the very best titles meaning my platinum count will probably remain very low, I mean it’s only 50 or so on this account. Will suck to lose achievements such as the 40,000 kills in Hardline and Battleborn and Red Dead 2 platinums but I can’t wait for a fresh start and to start enjoying gaming again.
  3. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that this isn’t just me who thinks like that! Bugs me to no end that I have Fifa 15,16 and 17 as well as one random Assassin’s Creed entry on my account.
  4. Literally this. I have a lot of ‘spells’ where I consider making a new account. Hell I’ve been fighting them a lot just the last week or so. Before the PS4 I had dozens, to the extent people would not add me back because they’d be like ‘this is your fifth account this month Craig.’ Ultimately OP, I would say do what makes you feel happy. The likelihood is that your mind is already made up. However, from the perspective of someone who’s had a LOT of accounts I would say that it’s a very fragile hobby that’s very much at the mercy of RNG. At least from a 100% account perspective. Need for Speed for instance was a game I loved and enjoyed, I could have never anticipated the Prestige DLC basically wrecking my account. I think it’s borderline impossible to have the ‘perfect’ account, with increased time in the hobby our perceptions, goals etc. change continuously. A game you play and enjoy trophies on today may be one you become hideously ashamed of a few months down the line. I’m very OCD about placement, reasoning, lots of things really and if I could I would erase 10+ games from my record but you also have to weigh up what you’ve achieved. Easy games or not, you’ve nailed over 100 platinums and that’s something to be proud of. Only you know what feels right.
  5. It’s crazy really. We’re such a niche in regards to gaming but look at what we’ve achieved as a collective.
  6. CraigyXO I look through my feed quite a bit and love to see what other fellow trophy hunters are working towards. Feel free to add me, please add ‘PSNProfiles’ in the message.
  7. Platinum 53 As I previously wrote in my last entry, Metro is a new series to me and was initially one I didn't warm to as quickly as I expected to. I knew I would be consulting a moral choices guide at some point, metaphorically speaking, the straw sucking every last bit of immersion out of this great game. Initially I was going to wait for my second playthrough to focus on this so I could just take my time and enjoy the game but ultimately moral points factor in to how I want to play the game. I wanted to be stealthy and avoid contact where possible and I wanted to be the glorified good guy and saviour of the Metro. A preliminary google search told me Last Light was considerably easier than 2033, so I ventured back into the Metro systems of post apocalyptic Russia in high spirits once more. Playing on hardcore for a bit of added challenge, I must admit I actually found the campaign of Last Light more difficult. With a lot of the challenge already removed by using a moral points guide I decided I would not consult any help for some of the stealthy sections of the game and some of these took me a good number of attempts to figure out without detection. As someone who loves sniping on video games, the introductions of weapons like the Valve were very welcome. I also set myself the challenge of finding all the diary pages without using a guide (you might be catching on to my distaste at relying so heavily on the aforementioned moral guide and counter measures I put in place to make myself feel better.) which I did manage to do bar one of two very well hidden ones. Last Light, during the first playthrough, felt like a really long game (maybe it was the amount of retries on some of the more difficult stealth sections) but I managed to run through my second playthrough in just over a day. With the month closing, my target of two platinums a month just in reach (This is the Police 2 doesn't count as I intended to get this in December) with just the DLC portion of the game standing between me and 100%. Oh DLC, why? Not for the first time a game which didn't seem too difficult increasingly ramped up the difficult through it's DLC. I could probably count the amount of times I died during the main campaign (on effectively the hardest difficulty) on one hand but that number would skyrocket by the time I finished with these missions. Last Light primarily focuses around human enemies, The Reds to be precise, and the game strongly seems to lead towards stealth bar a few encounters. The DLC takes this mechanic and bins it... mostly. I must admit I did really enjoy the Sniper Team and Pavel missions, though the latter had a late section that was borderline impossible to do without being detected which for someone who loves full stealth runs was incredibly irritating. In truth, I didn't feel the DLC added a great deal. The Anna level was just a rehash of a mission you already completed and the Developer's level in which you needed to spend an hour was just a glorified museum with a few challenges reminiscent of some of those found in the base game of 2033 (shooting range). Ksatriya, though I despised it as first, proved to be quite memorable. Although once again it was just a rehash of the Library from the first game, it did really get the old endorphins flowing once you safely stumbled back to base with those last few items you need. However, all of these were just prerequisites leading up to the ultimate challenge of defeating the Tower and obtaining that platinum. At the risk of sounding like an elitist, I did not intend to use any of the exploits that are available for the DLC. I was aware from prior research that the Tower could be incredibly tedious but I wanted a challenge. I struggled through those 5 challenges, often restarting to alter the difficulty and alternating between Spartan and Survival (I'd recommend Spartan). There is no easy way around this, if you play on the game's default difficulty of normal you can take a few more hits but you do more damage on the harder difficulties, therefore I concluded that 'Ranger' would be the best difficulty for me to tackle this task on. Challenge room 2 set me back a LOT of hours and I haven't faced something of that intensity since Mile High Club on Call of Duty Remastered. The latter was considerably more difficult and took a lot more planning but the challenge provided here was nothing to turn your nose up at. In classic CraigyXO fashion (you'll get this reference if you've read my COD write up) upon completing this very difficult room, the game crashed for the first time (seriously my only crash was at the most difficult portion of the entire platinum playthrough) and failed to save. At this point, we are talking numerous hours of attempts) I utilised the glitch to skip this portion. Normally I'd feel a bit cheap about this but I had literally just completed it and it wasn't a smooth run either, at the end of the mission my screen was flashing bright red and I was out of med packs. I did not have the patience to do it again and why should I? I did my part which was completing this grim challenge. Sadly this would hinder my leaderboard score but there was no other ramifications (more on that later). Challenge 3 proved to be a breeze, and I completed it first time whereas Challenge 4 had me stuck for an hour or so before I started to utilise the support teams more (if you're going for challenge legit, the support team at the back of the map are fantastic.) With four of the challenges down my platinum would pop on the fifth challenge, which research told me was the second hardest of the challenges (oh the joys.) I was breezing the first three rounds every single run but failing at the very last devastating flood wave, sometimes on the last couple of enemies (usually a librarian). After about half an hour I got my lucky run and the platinum popped. As I eluded to earlier I thought the direction with the DLC was slightly odd, Metro struck me as an immersive experience... it certainly isn't about the combat because that is far from where this game exceeds. This game is at its best when you're unscrewing a light bulb to kill the light in a tight corridor as you stealthily sneak past a patrolling soldier, quickly changing your gas mask filter at the last second because your air supply is suddenly becoming toxic. Metro is not intended to be a combat simulator and it doesn't really work in my opinion. It felt rewarding and I suppose it was mildly enjoyable but when I'm now ranked 104th in the world (considering I used the glitch on a challenge too) that says a lot about the steep difficulty of a DLC and explains why so many players would opt to glitch there way through instead. Anyway, to end on a positive, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this series and despite my minor complaints about the DLC this was a great addition to my ever-growing platinum collection.
  8. #53 Metro: Last Light and with that the Redux collection concludes. Trophy checklist to be updated soon! 

  9. It's been a while since I played Wildlands but I'm presuming this would take minutes as opposed to seconds right? As in he joins your game and you go district to district? If that's the case I'm sure that's a legitimate way of earning the trophies.
  10. Guys I did it... and the game crashed. My luck is unbelievable. Needless to say I have now used the exploit on that portion as I know I’ve done it. First time Metro Redux has ever crashed on me. What are the odds?
  11. I don’t blame you at all. It’s ruthlessly difficult. Thank you for your guide by the way! I think it’s going to just be a persistence thing. I’ve got super close. I’ve got to the last few enemies a handful of times but I’d used all my health packs and an enemy only had to so much as sneeze in my direction and I’m dead.
  12. I breezed through the main game on hardcore difficulty but there seems to be a steep difficulty curve with the add ons. Some of the combat orientated DLC such as Heavy Squad or the latter stages of Khan were harder than the entire base game!
  13. There’s a wall I’m hugging that was recommended in a video but ultimately I end up panicking and running loops which usually ends in my death due to the shrieker enemies. Surprisingly this is going to feel quite rewarding by the time I eventually conquer it... was expecting an easy platinum haha.
  14. Did many people try this DLC without using the exploit that bypasses all the challenges? The second challenge room with all the nosalies is completely kicking my arse. This mode is hard as nails.
  15. 2 awesome platinums to start the year. I’m aiming for 75 platinums before PS5 so I have a whopping 25 to obtain this year.