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  1. Not just that but what about those annoying RNG gambling challenges in Red Dead also. That feeling of nailing the 100% is just too rewarding though!
  2. Thankfully I seem to have kicked the habit and CraigyXO has been my only account since I got my PS4. Before then there was a whole army of Craigy accounts 😂 it got a little bit out of hand. I can completely relate on the whole OCD thing though, I’ve got it pretty bad and it can make getting platinum really tough sometimes. That’s a really cool idea with the alternative account. I have a play test account to check if I like a game before starting which helps me with deciding what titles to pursue. I’m a tad worried about Shadow of Mordor because a DLC trophy hasn’t popped despite me completing the action three times but I’m not at the panic stage yet. I’ve heard the Hunt is my Mistress is a pain. I think I’ll give it a few tries before resorting to cloud saves but most likely I’ll end up using a guide of some sort.
  3. Hey dude, sorry for the delay in reply I haven’t been on the forum in a few days. Pleasure to have you on my friends list and your account is also very impressive. To answer that rather difficult question I would have to say it’s Battlefield Hardline. Not the platinum as such, as that wasn’t too taxing but rather the 10,000 kills with each class. Being amongst some of the first people to do it was such an amazing feeling. I felt reminiscent of a time where I was one of the only people on an old trophy forum I used that had the Resistance 2 platinum. (not an account I use any more). It’s always nice to have an achievement you’re proud of and as I don’t have many infamously difficult platinums at the time of writing, this I tend to find pride in my more time demanding platinums.
  4. Platinum 48 Mafia 3 is a game which reserved it's place in my backlog for the longest time, so much so that the DLC codes for the game had expired back in 2017! Thankfully despite the code leaflet stating this I was still able to redeem my codes. The predecessor to this game was my first taste of a Mafia themed game and I fell in love with it's atmosphere, characters and setting. Games like Mafia 2 and Fallout 3 diversified my musical tastes and gave me a real appreciation for the 50's era. Mafia 3 isn't a direct sequel to Mafia 2 as such, it picks up in 1968, some years after its predecessor. The main protagonist from the first game, Vito, is present in this title as a supporting character which was a nice nod to the previous game's lore. Mafia 3 is less of a linear story and more heavily focused around open world 'district takeover' elements similar to that of a number of other open world games. These tasks often feel padded and as mindless filler to get you from story point A to story point B. Each district cleared will unlock a tad more story and each two will lead to a showdown with a lieutenant or capo. These showdown missions are by far some of the best in the game and I can't help but feel a game like this would have certainly lent itself more towards a linear storyline. Trophy wise Mafia 3 can be a bit on the buggy side. Three DLC trophies are infamous for being buggy and the trophy community has had to come up with elaborate workarounds to get them to unlock. I went for these trophies as soon as I could but thankfully I was among the lucky few who had no issues. The trophy list itself isn't too taxing at all, two playthroughs were required and though the second run felt a bit tedious and more of a speedrun, the initial playthrough kept me gripped with it's fantastic story. Mafia 3 is by no means a game of the year contender but it's revenge driven plot and fantastic music choices make it an incredibly memorable experience. I'm glad I finally found some time to add this game to my list and it felt nice to return to a Triple A game after playing three indie games recently.
  5. Platinum 47 Having completed Life is Strange when I saw this game in the Halloween sale for just £3.99 I couldn't resist. Before the Storm is a prequel to Life is Strange and focuses on one of the games main protagonists Chloe Price. I knew what I was getting into in regards of platinum difficulty as it's a very similar list to the first game. There's a trophy for completing each episode and within each episode there are 10 collectibles, this time in the form of graffiti instead of photograph opportunities. I found the graffiti refreshing and I especially liked that you could pick between two options with your pen. In reality this doesn't add too much replayablity but was a nice touch regardless. In terms of the game itself I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Before the Storm was made by a separate developer from the original Life is Strange and I couldn't help but pick out plot inconsistencies, some awful voice acting in places and just general weak writing. A large portion of what made LiS so enjoyable was the ability to rewind time and alter you choices but with this functionality missing I felt something was missing. Chloe's 'power', if you can call it that, to argue with and manipulate adults caused me to cringe a lot. A saving grace for me is that I grew very fond of this Universe and it's characters but couldn't help but feel disheartened when I realised the lack of original voice actors who reprised their roles were few and far between. I didn't hate this game and I still have ambitions to play Life is Strange 2 once all the episodes have released, I just think I fell victim to my own expectations of this title. I'm still glad I played this game and it was really cool to get some insight into who Rachel Amber was, a girl the plot of the first game so heavily revolved around. I just found myself wanting a few more answers to key plot points in the first game such as Rachel and Frank's relationship which was completely glossed over and avoided.
  6. Pretty cool that you’re approaching 100 platinums. My own personal target is 75 before PS5 but that may be a tad ambitious for me. As @Arcesius says I think Demon’s Souls would be a good fit. I also haven’t played it but it’s the starting point in a very influential series. I like the concept of acknowledging the milestone too.
  7. Platinum 46 Housemarque's Resogun was my first platinum way back in 2014 but in truth their title Alienation had completely flew under my radar. In my recent culling of my backlog I discovered the title and after a little research realised it was a title by the developer whom had provided me with countless hours of entertainment with Resogun. I set foot into space and picked the 'Saboteur' as my class, ultimately I'd shed over 24 hours on this character on my journey to platinum. I went from level 1 to 30 with him, completing the story missions two times over in the process. My purchase of the season pass came in handy for shredding some time on both my 'Tank' and Bio-Specialist' playthroughs, though I still spent a considerable amount of time with this game. Running the three alongside each other I managed to get my Tank from level 15 (season pass allows you to start after a first playthrough) to 30 and unlock both of his trophies (reaching level 30 and completing all story locations) and I managed to get my Bio-Specialist from 15 to 30 in Hardcore mode earning his two respective trophies as well as the trophy for reaching level 30 in hardcore mode. I was able to utilise the help of my girlfriend for the two co-op trophies, which are part of the DLC, we fought against restrictive camera angles in a challenging experience aboard two xeno spacecraft missions. I spent the latter stages of the game levelling up my Saboteur to level 100 and also completing weekly missions for a DLC trophy. Alienation took a little longer than I anticipated, mainly due to the aforementioned 'DetermiNation' trophy which, if done without using exploits, takes three individual weeks. I enjoyed the game and it's blend of gameplay features inspired by other titles. I heard anticipated that the 'By the Power of Weird Alien Artifacts, I have the Power!' would be the most tedious of the trophies as it relies heavily on RNG but thankfully on this occasion my luck was in and despite it being my last trophy, this was a choice I took as I had the cores and gun required long before I decided to pop it. I was thoroughly pleased with my decision to platinum this game, it was a little gem of an indie title and I will hopefully check out Nex Machina (another title of theirs I had not heard about) in the near future.
  8. I bought it on my primary account and have been playing on my alternative account with all of the content unlocked. Hope this helps.
  9. Platinum 45 Since it's release in 2015, Life is Strange was a game I had looked at and was very keen to play. Initially I watched a small portion of the first episode on YouTube and deduced it was the style of game I'd enjoy. Eventually this game would become free on PS Plus but it still sat in my backlog waiting for me to find a time to get to it. After the initial hour or so I went into this game completely blind and I have to say I found myself very engrossed with this game. Life is Strange has something of a reputation as an easy platinum and I have to admit I had a lot of fun going after the optional photos. I felt this game did collectibles right, the little hints made traversing areas fun but I must also add that at times it stripped away from the immersion when delaying the plot as not to risk missing a photo. I understand you could just use a guide but I wanted to avoid as many story spoilers as possible. Ironically one of the few times I did consult a guide I accidentally read a MAJOR spoiler, further emphasising why I had attempted to play the game blind. Life is Strange has a story that takes plenty of turns and some of the major moments of the game will take you by complete surprise. Trophy wise there isn't really a lot to say. You need to take 10 optional photos per level, most of which will come naturally with just a few that are a bit of a pain to find without a guide (I'm looking at you double moon in chapter 4). The American college/University centred plot certainly won't be for everyone and the game uses mean girls, jock and hipsteresque stereotypes for it's characters that are perhaps a little cliche. Having recently finished a University course myself I thoroughly enjoyed this game so maybe I'm the intended demographic, alongside rebelling teenage girls.
  10. 30 platinums is decent. I’m thinking of starting Life is Strange soon, I’ve heard good things.
  11. This is a really cool list. Congratulations on your 30th platinum!
  12. Platinum 44 Codemaster's ONRUSH was one of the monthly PSN Plus free games in the month of December and had since found itself in the dark abyss of my downloaded games. I must be honest, I had disregarded this game as just another indie racer that I would probably never get to, not realising that it was a full cost retail title. Having finally returned my backlog to 100% I found myself browsing my downloads and it jumped out at me. A bit of research told me that it had no DLC and a quick browse on YouTube reaffirmed my interest in going for this platinum. ONRUSH provided a welcome change of pace from the combat focused games I've found myself playing for the last few months. That being said it's still possible to push and shove your way to finish the line, crushing and obliterating helpless fodder and drivers alike. ONRUSH encourages you to play aggressively and in one of the modes 'Switch' it's a an absolute requirement to help your AI buddies out by thinning the enemy team. I went into this title hoping to recapture the nostalgia of the original Motorstorm game which was an incredibly high expectation to set. ONRUSH is a game that fizzles out in regards of excitement. Your first few races and introduction to each of the four modes is entertaining enough but by the third event card things get boring fast. The difficulty of the challenges also ramps up from 'get 10 fodder takedowns' which you'd most likely do without noticing to 'get 30 air time callouts'. The latter took me a few attempts as my AI teammates would win the event before I could get all the callouts, I finished in the high twenties a few times. The system isn't broken and it makes sense that events progressively evolve in difficulty but some of the very end-game challenges are infuriating without calling upon the help of a friend. Thankfully I was able to use this forum to connect with someone who wanted to do these challenges too and we knocked them out with very little effort as a pair who were both competent with the game. The last trophy I had to earn was 'Geared Up' which required you to unlock 250 unique items via loot crates that you earn for each rank you progress. This was a bit of a grind and I still had to play upwards of 20 more matches after finishing all the Superstar trophies to unlock this. The issue was I kept getting duplicates which only reward a minuscule amount of gold that can be used to buy loot box contents. Earlier in my playthrough I squandered a lot of my in game currency on green items but in hindsight if I had waited until I was on say 240 items I could have just purchased them then and maybe saved myself a bit of time. This platinum was enjoyable for the most part but nothing overly memorable.
  13. <reserved> <reserved for later use>
  14. Hey dude! This looks like a great project and I look forward to checking back on your progress.
  15. If you're reading this thread, hi, as my rather unimaginative PSN handle would suggest, I'm Craig. I've been a gamer for over 20 years and Playstation has always been my choice of console. My earliest recollections of gameplay consist of endless racing circuits in Codemaster's TOCA World Touring Cars and rescuing scarcely dressed females in Duke Nukem Land of the Babes. Gaming has changed and evolved over the years, I've witnessed awe-inspiring graphics on the PS3 only to have my mind completely blown years later by the sheer graphical quality associated with 4K resolution. Gaming has been more than a hobby, it's been a passion, a lifestyle... and dare I mouth the words, an addiction. 'CraigyXO' was born in the latter stages of May 2014, a rather late account for someone who played through the entire PS3 era. My ability to settle with a PSN handle proved problematic in the PS3 era due to an overarching theme that would emerge again and again throughout my time with this hobby - obsessive compulsive tendencies. My issue with gaming, or anything that I'm wholly passionate about is I hone in on the perfection and anything short of that niggles away at me until it's almost unbearable. I'll save you the psychological analysis but battling with yourself and undermining your own achievements can turn a hobby that's for fun into something quite draining. My most notable account prior to this was CraigyBL2 but I'd eventually become disconnected from the sort of games I'd built the account on and archived it, using it as a 'tester' at the start of the PS4 to try out games like Killzone Shadow Fall. A common question I'm asked by friends, usually those who don't enjoy trophies at all, is why do I focus my enjoyment so heavily on completion. To answer that question I'd say that growing up I learned the value of games and I learned through life not to waste. When I play a game I intend to explore and see everything there is to do and a checklist that confirms I've managed to do that only further reinforces that desire. I'd go as far as to say I struggle to enjoy games without trophies, as a person I generally thrive off routine. There is routine and ritual embedded into my methods of gaming, to expand upon that slightly: I play one game at a time. There are some exceptions to this which primarily focus around DLC. If for instance I'm working on a game and a DLC comes out for another which was previously 100% then there will for some time be more than one game on my account that isn't at 100%. I have often thought about expanding this out and playing a few games but I tend to prefer focusing down one game for some reason. I filter which games I embark upon (Well as best as I can as DLC can be predictable). I have a 'tester' account. There are some games I enjoy playing with my girlfriend or friends but don't necessarily want to go for the trophies on. Blockbuster games with tedious trophy lists also go on this account. A common misconception I've heard is that I miss out on the best games to maintain my perfect account but this isn't the case. Trophy hunters have often remarked 'imagine how many trophies you could have if you merged your other accounts from over the years'. Quantity has never been of importance for me. I could have 40,000 trophies but if they were all 50% of the trophy list or even 99% for that matter, it would drive me insane. I will only go for a game I deem 'respectable'. This is by no means an elitist thing or a dig at people that stack region games or play children's titles for trophies. I want to build a portfolio of games I've enjoyed and can take a positive experience away from. The Telltale Games come with a bit of a reputation as easy-to-earn platinum trophies but I thoroughly enjoy the games so I can look past it. Most importantly and almost self explanatory at this point but the most important requirement is that every game I start must be finished to 100%. This can cause a major headache... grinding, boosting and even on one occasion having to use a trophy service (I'm not proud of that one). My decision to make a new account when I got my PS4 (one which may I add broke the trend of me constantly making new accounts) meant I missed out on the various PS3 platinums I've earned in my time but I hope to make this checklist a comprehensive insight into my pursuit of completion that will hopefully expand into the PS5 lifestyle... unless I make a new account for that. 😜 If you'd like to follow my progress then please feel free to add my account: CraigyXO Record of Progress 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019