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  1. PFFF atlas was easy with lvl 71 terry, and no1 over lvl 88 haha other 3... LOL at that lvl i couldnt even hit them let alone survive
  2. i beat this boss first try at level 88/75/72/71 its the other 3 that are INSANE
  3. looks like they stopped support for the game, tournaments stuck at 0 0 0 scratch cards are gone BUT INGAME PURCHASES ARE AVAILABLE FOR AN ARM AND A LEG probably got tiered of giving us 1$ scratch cards everyday and free gems.. was killing their profits thank god i saved 400k and got nuclear blast just now
  4. MOST LIKELY will have the same as PC acheivs from 2012 http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_VII_Achievements
  5. gta 4 my friends hahaha, loading an old save game after a certain update disables trophies and autosaves right away... so you need to restart withought loading any different playthroughs lol! so no goofing around on a seperate file, or no reloading because you screwed up or took too long and you have to beat it in 30 hours for the gold, but can skip all videos
  6. Honestly if they can remake FFXII .. or port over some more PS3 games but vita is the perfect platform to remaster ps2 games.. and since they are already made.. it would just be liscencing and remastering... could add a few features here and there but most of those games sold millions problem is the vita has not sold allot of units... and the bulk of its sales are in japan
  7. i bought it because it was my bday and wanted to spoil myself haha, and i was really really interested in FFx remastered as it was brand new at the time and completely blew my mind that it was now a handheld experience then i bought a ps4 because friggen destiny was over hyped .. and then became addicted to sony and followed up with a ps-tv and a ps3 (since mine broke ages ago with ALL my saves)
  8. tyvm, worked fine.. ps4 shows all that are hidden removed all hidden and kept singstar hidden... some1 put that in my console one day and i never noticed .. lmfao but saddly its still on my legit account