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  1. Well, that’s a suckerpunch. Here l thought l dodged the bullet on max payne3 and GTA V comes and fucks me up
  2. Sure man, for me it was exactly this Go to same island and check it. I hope it will do the trick
  3. That collection is as useless as a window in a submarine for PS users. I mean, ps5 can run 4 games, just patch it but noooooo sony wants to get the cash from pc community while fucking us. Good old sony, never disappoints when it comes to fucking their customers
  4. We have met and now they call him just by his name. There is a new handsome in the pandora. #239. Borderlands The Pre Sequel

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MilanYildirim


      Thanks pals.
      @AJ_Radio l feel like almost all my friends has retired or at least from this forum so l feel a bit strange here. Believe me l miss those days as well. Good job on MP3 platinum as well, sooner or later l will get that too and l can understand it's crazy hardcore. Again, good job.

    4. AJ_Radio


      I think I remember @MilanYildirim you started that epic status update in 2017 that tagged every active user on this website, or something along those lines. Can't remember. That was sort of a high point for these forums.


      A lot of my friends and followers are gone too, I think over half of everybody I talked to when I first started posting here regularly is gone as well.


      I'm Spaz by the way, I changed my name some months back.


      Yeah, MP3 was pretty stressful. It's roughly three and a half hours to beat the entire game on NYMHC difficulty. Remember all the enemy spawns, because trust me you will have to remember them.


      Read up on the infamous freeze glitch in Chapter 13, I had that happen to me twice when I was three hours into my playthrough. Had to turn off console and start all over again.


      Thanks for the compliment, and good luck on your journey with MP3.

  5. It should be merged with the game itself and you can access if you have the DLC. Go upstairs, interact with black statue, voila.
  6. Boy, l miss the days when Magus was considered as an easy platinum and Montana was a shameful one.
  7. Hahah probably it was even more than me. What hurt me more is after l platinized the game l found out there was a cheesing method. Not only you could start at the end of the game but also cheese of final boss so l pass A question though, how do you guys understand the requirement of trophy? Am l missing something? Is it supposed to be a one hit PT thing? Edit : just tried DLC lol l know and fuck that shit.
  8. Oh, fuck that. Beating the game without any shell was annoying enough. I most likely won't bother with that trophy. Kudos everyone who'll do it
  9. 238. Medievil. Whoever though not using coyote time on this remake was a good idea as it would feel nostalgic should be fookin fired. It's 2021 ffs.
  10. #238. Medievil. Note to yourself, dont buy games just for the sake of nostalgia. Really poor remake

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    4. MilanYildirim


      Thanks gents, and who the fook is this john guy? 
      @DJ__Beatroot mate, it's just my personal opinion. Don't hold yourself back from the game, l have my reasons but you might find it amazing who knows

  11. Just started it yesterday. I got gold medal of 5 challenges on first try. Normally, l am not a fan of challenge DLCs but this one turned out to be okay. It's definitely doable so worry not folks
  12. #235. Plague Inc. Evolved. Not gonna lie, fucking humanity up is fun.
  13. #235. Plague Inc : Evolved. 

    I know, l know. It's cheesy to play it during pandemic :D

  14. #234. Ratchet And Clank : Rift Apart Meeeeeh
  15. #234.Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Note to yourself, you dislike Ratchet and Clank games. Don't buy just because there is not much ps5 exclusives.

    1. ihadalifeb4this