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  1. Thank you Killing Floor 2 for increasing the quality of my life. The endless patches we were / are getting made me get myself a better internet as l was sick of keeping the game and download it over and over again, now my connection much faster. Thank you Killing Floor
  2. When l logged in the server, l was killed for few times for no reason at all, then l started doing the exactly same thing and l enjoyed the shit out of it. In my defense, it's wild west what do you expect? Randomly shooting people would only increase the reality.
  3. And l thought servers were closed as l was not hunting when l just got my ps4, made it's platinum a milestone :')
  4. That really makes sense
  5. I see the same deals for RU store as in any other EU stores. According to Sony, RU is Europe enough, like Turkey
  6. If the gift code is for Russia, and if Russia in EU store , code can be used for every other EU stores
  7. You can gift it without any problems
  8. If you ever feel ineligible about your work, remember that someone came up with the idea of making Fallout online. ROFL!

    1. Spaz


      Or you can just ignore the game and move on with your life.

    2. MilanYildirim


      You need to do something instead of just playing dead when one of your favorite franchise is being butchered by some idiots. 

  9. Answer is simple, everyone loved fallout for it's atmosphere and NPCs. Guess what this game doesn't have? Both. Playing with others is ruining atmosphere too. Let me put it in another way for you, fuck this game. Bethesda is expecting us to pay them a full price for what should have been as multiplayer portion of the Fallout 4. It's like GTA V was released and after 3 years Rockstar sells online portion for full price, that sounds pretty stupid, right? P.S : Fan of single player Fallout games
  10. I am curious which one is more fucked up. Trophy requirements or the fact that they have no idea how platinum works yet they are able to make a game.
  11. l am missing only Dark Souls ll ( will be fixed ) Sign me up for Lord of Cinder please
  12. #152. Middle Earth Shadow of War
  13. #152. Middle Earth Shadow of War

  14. Cringe.
  15. The reason l am such a huge fan of Fallout, is the joy of exploring. Wherever you go, you come across with an NPC who can tell you really interesting things. It could be something really funny or a quest. There is no NPC in this game so they practically removed what Fallout did best. l was sure as hell l was not going to pick it up but these trophy images look so damn cute.