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  1. #121. Guardians of the Galaxy Another mediocre Telltale game. Nothing special.
  2. #121. Guardians of the Galaxy.

  3. If there is still a waiting list, l want to be on it.
  4. Finally, all 5 of my rarest trophies below 1% rarity. Now, time to put there 5 platinums that under 1%.

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. Phil


      Awww...I love platforming and fighting games. I even love the pvp on fighting games. I only like unconventional sports games. Can't stand most fps. Just like with sports games, the fps games need to be unconventional and obscure for me to be interested.

    3. Spaz


      No Call of Duty or Battlefield then?

    4. Phil
  5. Reading hateful comments is always fun. I am glad they keep adding more and more trophies. Good guy creators.
  6. Well, seeing Kratos on Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy is a surprise.

    1. Garbodor


      That's cool and all but spoilers??

    2. MilanYildirim


      Relax mate. I am obviously trolling. 

      How do you think it'd be possible anyways

    3. Garbodor


      Lol woops :facepalm: . I actually thought it was really XD. U can delete my post 

      It was real*

  7. So you are the guy with the big cojones. Good job man. P:S : Third guy has a text on his psn saying " single " l bet won't remain that way long. I see so many panties to be thrown to him.
  8. First of all, l have to say l am deeply disappointed about this community. I mean, there are lots of comments on this topic that can be easily trolled ( topic itself must be trolled but anyways ) however, there aren't enough people to troll them. Wow psnp just wow. Anyways, seeing all cringy comments made me feel better no, way better about myself. Thanks for being a lame cry baby guys. Oh, you guys are upset about my mean comment? Oh, why don't you create a petition on This guys are unbelieable strong and can do anything. Lol.
  9. With skill m8. Git gud.
  10. Care to give a bit more info please?
  11. Apparently so I can't understand how l can log-in with my EU but not NA lol. I guess, l am the king of glitches afterall
  12. I've bought the game digitally on my main account which is NA ( USA ) and whenever l play Demon's Souls l get that error. However, when l tried it with my alt account which is a European PSN it connected just fine soo what the actual fuck is going on with that game? Anyone else had that problem? On google everybody is crying but not a real solution.
  13. Has anybody experienced not being able to log-in Demon's Souls' servers while they are not down? I cannot log-in damn servers ( NA ) for my friend can.

  14. I've just started playing it and it says l cannot access to online mode.
  15. #119. Hellblade. At first, l was like what the actual fuck? but then l was like holy shit! That is awesome!