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  1. Why the fuck we can't still see the trophy list of mafia1 remake on pspn? yet? WHYYYYY

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    2. MilanYildirim


      l am aware of list yeah but l want to see the artwork. I mean, game is already out 
      @BSKkayfabe, l feel exactly the same!!

    3. DaivRules
    4. MilanYildirim


      Yup, saw them. Personally, l loved artwork.


      ps: it took them unusually long to unreveal hahaha

  2. Pre-ordered and pretty excited about it. Tomorrow cannot come any sooner
  3. #184. Mortal Shell That game did not make sense. It was really cheap of devs to make us go allllll the way to base all the time after we beat the boss. Yeah, we get it, you did not have so much money and wanted to make your game longer but, shorter one would be better. Other than that, it was a decent game
  4. #184. Mortal Shell. I wish devs weren't that lazy making that game

  5. Yeah, apparently there are 3 on each area but you cannot go there if you kill the main boss, so l think that should be considered as " missable " as well. I did delete the map save and it did the trick. All maps are restored the normal which saved me from another playthrough. I was looking if there was a way to duplicate items so l could get one and be done with it and saw your video, tried that method and it did the trick perfectly mate. I appreciate all the effort you showed and liked your video. Great job!
  6. According to guide of powerpyz, only mango and glimpse of distain are missed. However, l need one more " scripture of despair " in order to maximize familiarity, it can be found on Crypt of Martyrs area but now that l killed the boss l cannot access that part. Is there any other way to get them? or guides are misleading?
  7. #183. Teslagrad Probably l am slowest to platinize it
  8. #183. Teslagrad.
    This one took me a bit to complete

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    4. MilanYildirim


      Thanks gentlemen :)
      @starcrunch061 to be completely honest with you, l couldn't wait to be done with it as it was sitting incomplete for over 5 years so no but now that you talk that highly about it, l am pretty tempted to give it a go

  9. #182. Dead Nation Another one bit the dust
  10. #182. Dead Nation Vita

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MilanYildirim


      Thanks gentlemen

      @Dr_Mayus it's a bit tough nut to crack but nothing impossible, only grinding 53K zombies isn't so fun to do haha. Once you get used to optimize using your mines and guns, you'll breeze through

  11. #181. Ac Odyssey. Hands down, best Assassin Creed game ever.
  12. #181. Ac Odyssey.
    Phew, another one l am glad it was over. Best Assassin Creed game though.

  13. Hey folks, I have the maps for the Lyre and the Flute, however the quest isn't in my list nor is Xenia available to talk to. I go to the locations and the objects are there but I can't pick them up and l can't see quest under my quest tab. Anybody experienced this? Any help would greatly appreciated
  14. #180th Ghost of Tsushima. This game mentally tired the shit outta me
  15. #180th. Ghost of Tsushima.
    Phew, l am glad it's finally over

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    2. Deceptrox


      Congrats! Glad because you feel happy to have the platinum or because you are relieved?

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MilanYildirim


      Thanks a lot guys
      @Deceptrox l was relieved because all the collectibles and not having a  proper waypoint was a bit too much for me