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  1. Well, l don't even get to menu. It always freezes during the first cutscene
  2. Hello all, l wanted to clear mp portion of KZ3 before shutdown of servers. I tried to play the game but l just cannot. Game keeps freezing on menu, at first l thought bluray was the problem so l got myself another copy but this one does not working either. I have no problem with other physical games, all of them works just perfectly fine. Anyone else had a problem like that? Any solution?
  3. There's a reason why the platinum of that game is on my cabinet. Hardest difficulty, no death run, no human kill combination was pretty enjoyable to me.
  4. Nice status update m8
  5. You know, when you are playing FIFA and you are down 3-0 and you change the way you sit and say, now let's get started, now, l am exactly at this point in my life. 

  6. 🤔 Wow, l actually forgot about that game. Should get back to it at some point 😒
  7. A friendly reminder, if a game has " the game " in the title, without doubt it's horse shit.
  8. Oh, l am actually quite surprised you recognized me lol. Thanks a lot
  9. #127. FIFA 15
  10. #127. FIFA 15

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    2. MilanYildirim


      @Jigglypuff , @DamagingRob @ee28max thanks guys :)

      @Rob, l am so glad you restored back from your pokemon names. Now, l know who you are without checking your psn page lol.

      @28max, l do agree. Going to pop PS4 version as well. Extra effort can suck my ...... though.

      @LordNEET l am not going to lie, l thought you were Tigress at first then l saw you were giving away $20 so who are you?

    3. LordNEET


      @MilanYildirim I am LordNEET Mr. Milan sir! How could you forget? 

    4. DamagingRob


      Trunks had to return. And soon, he will infect PSN. ;)

  11. Hello all, even though l am a regular Fifa player, when it comes to vita version of Fifa 15 it turned out l am quite clueless. Especially virtual pro and player career related trophies. Guide on pstrophies can be nominated the most unclear guide of all time so l am asking to those who popped platinum from that game. How do you become a legend in career mode? How many seasons do l need to play? Can l sim games? If so how? I couldn't find a way to do it. Thanks in advance
  12. Hey mate, appreciate all the effort and work. I did first dlc on my own and it took a while. Wish l had come across with that topic sooner. Going to watch all of your videos on weekend
  13. On season pass page, it's written " new masters " but masters dlc isn't included? That sounds like a huge rip off to me.
  14. I've just bought the season pass but dlc packs are not available for me to download. Is this a new trend? Not including dlc packs to season pass? Or l am experiencing some sort of error?