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  1. A little bit late the join the party but, 28119 :)

  2. If there will be different trophy lists, l'm so buying it, if not l am so not buying it. Life is simple, so am l. I see trophies, l buy the shit.
  3. Since when we cannot report cheaters? I found a guy who's obviously a cheater but cannot report.

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    2. PSXtreme_


      It's not a New've ALWAYS had to have the game on your profile to report them...the most recent change was that you didn't have to be a premium member to any member can report issues, if it hasn't been previously disputed and/or there isn't a report pending.

    3. MMDE


      @PSXtreme_ That's not true. Anyone with premium could report anything before.

    4. PSXtreme_


      I stand corrected...

  4. Nonetheless, he got my point. I like the anime that's why l want and will have the platinum, not the grinding.
  5. Well, l have a life and literally have many better things than doing mindless grinding just to pop a trophy. If there is any way to make it shorter, why not? Eyes on the prize, not the horizon.
  6. Hello all, as a hardcore Dragon Ball fan l was curious if l get the game physically and skip the updates would it help grinding towards Zenis? or does season pass make it easier to platinize the game?
  7. I am looking for a dedicated partner to get weapon manuals. Add me : milanyildirim
  8. Love isn't blind. It's retarded.

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    2. Nimera


      In some cases its even blind :D 

    3. MilanYildirim


      I think you go blind for a while till you realize what a shitfest that love thing is.

    4. Nimera


      It depends on relationships, but i understand your way of thinking.

  9. I can already see myself failing at platinum because of one sit speedrun whole levels trophy
  10. It's the kind of game that needs to be played with your girlfriend. Guess who does not have a girlfriend? Me
  11. 6.99€ slightly more expensive than a footlong Subway sandwich and, l enjoyed a Season of Infamy way more. I'd say go for it. Challenges are not bad as well
  12. Is there any trophy hunter with a Ps Vita in Dublin / Ireland?

    1. Roster60


      Apparently not, you douche

    2. MilanYildirim


      Where are the mods? I am experiencing an offensive language here. 

  13. My Brother’s Keeper In Der Eisendrache, the one must be erased. Black Ops III easter egg trophy Boy! That was fucking hard!! Most likely the hardest EE trophy in the whole series. It was especially harder for PS3 version. I did this shit solo and damn, that took some skils. Feeling proud #YouCouldn'tHaveDoneIt