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  1. Lol, works like a charm. Thanks for heads up!
  2. Going to be a noob question but how do you enter that room where you can impale heads?
  3. Just pre-ordered Days Gone. Do not let me down bend studio!

    1. DamagingRob


      It's hard to believe they haven't made a game since the Vita launched.. Hope it's worth the wait.

    2. MilanYildirim


      I know right! Contrary to what many people thing, l actually enjoyed Golden Abyss a lot , so l think it's worth the wait.

  4. My bad. Misread it.
  5. Misread, can be deleted
  6. Well, l never said l wouldn't play, l will play the shit out of it and since l'll be investing a good portion of my life, l'd love to pop a platinum that not anyone can have it. It doesn't change any idea / impression of mine towards the game. I am merely disappointed by the trophy list and well, you know this is a trophy related forum. It's normal that people bitch / pleased about it. Each to their own afterall. p.s. Yeah man, city offers you lots of fun if you know how to grab them
  7. Because it does not feel like " ideal " Mortal Kombat trophy list. Easy platinums don't make you feel as satistified as tough ones. I am not saying all platinums should be hard AF, but don't casualize old school ones.
  8. and you assume l don't have it because it's hard? Have you ever heard of backlog? Giving a break? In case you hadn't realized, l am not a completionist.
  9. Disappointing AF. PS4 will be remembered as disgrace when it comes to trophy. Let's hope PS5 will fix this shit
  10. The Guns,Core & Connoli 2
  11. #158th. Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. MidnightDragon



    4. MilanYildirim


      Thanks gents.
      @Spaz haven't yet but thanks. Moving out messed my routine. Haven't settled completely yet

  12. #157. The Grand Tour Game Hands down, the game that gave me most fun in months!! I was literally smiling out of joy while playing this hilarious, well made game. If you love cars, that game is for you because you can find many cars in this game other game don't have. My favorite racing game of this generation. Fun : 10/10 Difficulty : 2 / 10 ( base game ) 5/10 ( to 100% 2 specific DLC trophies )
  13. @t-rex91 cheers mate. Last 2 gadgets just did not pop for me when l play normally and your method worked like a charm
  14. #157th The Grand Tour.

    fucking amazing game.

  15. I am trying to grind 50 wins with each person and boy, l keep getting only lead balloons , texting , candy fog and slippery smth. I didn't even get one Musical Idiots or Nuisance Call so l was wondering if there's a way or a track for these gadgets to obtain?