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  1. Oh crap. I utilized glitch and popped only win 5 games in a row one l do not have any other trophies. I played an hour or two today and l got absolutely wrecked. I do not know if there will be an easy way to win games or should l just say goodbye to that platinum as it seems like others already memorized all of the stages so they're all way ahead of me
  2. Is it possible to boost this game? If so how many people are required? And when is the deadline for this stack?
  3. So you’re practically suggesting l shouldn’t be on leaderboard because l have games l hid because l only did their mp part and didn’t want them to be seen also l invited my friends to play Guitar Hero and they happened to launch the game on my account when l was not in the room and just because l don’t want a game that l am not interested sitting at 7% l am not allowed to be on LB? k then. Big brain time. PS: name and shame is not cool to do. I wouldn’t advise giving targets when you do not know their motivation.
  4. How are you so sure about it? Xbox owners got their patch already and l assume it'd arrive to PlayStation soon. However, we do not see any list on psnp or anywhere
  5. #253. Max Payne 3 One of the hardest platinums l have ever popped if not the hardest. What a game it was! I am ashamed to admit l took my time to even play that for the first time. It is a shame they don't make games like that anymore. I wish there was a remake or sequel. Now that NYMHC which was pretty fucking brutal is done maybe it's time to try Wolfenstein ll who knows When l reached that screen, l was like R.I.P buddy.
  6. #253.Max Payne 3. 
    One of the hardest platinum l have ever popped if not the hardest. New York Minute Hardcore was a pain. So glad managed to get it done

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    2. AJ_Radio


      I can't help but give you respect here man. Three hours of playing one playthrough, if you died in Chapter 14 you started back in Chapter 1.

    3. MilanYildirim


      Thanks gentlemen.
      @AJ_Radio thanks man. Likewise. It takes some serious dedication to get it done haha. I am really glad l was managed to get it done. It actually gave me enough courage to try Wolfenstein 2 now. Sometimes it is really nice to feel all the adrenaline while playing

    4. AJ_Radio


      Wolfenstein 2 is on my backlog also. Mein Leben is even harder. 

  7. Agreed. I have a ps4 and ps5 so l boosted almost all on my own. Exfil was fun in it's own way too.
  8. #252. Predator : Hunting Grounds. Now, l have no excuse to watch the movie haha
  9. #252. Predator : Hunting Grounds. 
    I am actually surprised l enjoyed the game. I was the only one from the group haha

  10. Lol, l did not even realized it was supposed to be a story related trophy. I am not using any of them as they're limited and l found out it was glitched on me too by checking this threat. Lol. Still a great game though.
  11. #251. Injustice 2. So many motherboxes.

  12. #251. Injustice 2 Another one from backlog bites the dust
  13. Huh, l bet Neil Druckmann can’t wait to refresh Twitter to “ see “ how people call him “ genius “ with this “ unique “ idea of trophy list. Lol, this is another level of dumb. Now, we have a full game which had a platinum before and not now after remaster on the other hand there are so called games you have platinum because you beat one single level. What a time to be alive!
  14. I already dislike in a row trophies. Imagine a combo breaking mf when you’re at your 9th. Rest looks alright
  15. #250. Grand Theft Auto V I can't believe how this game still rock solid even after 9 years later. Seriously, l cannot think any other game will be as good as this after 9 years old release. It was really good to go back to story as well. There were lots of jokes l missed when l was younger. Oh, what a blast it was