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  1. More or less l am thinking about that too ( even though l spent 1500€ on TV and PS5 bundle ) l am getting tired of this anti-customer l am riding my high horse attitude. I hope Microsoft fuck them well on this generation so these fucktards can start make sense again. I swear one of the worst company ever
  2. That's a way of Sony saying FUCK YOU to all of us. Well, FUCK YOU RIGHT BACK SONY
  3. Awesome stuff. That game has been sitting incomplete on me for soo long due to missables. Thanks for guide!
  4. #224th. Battlefield Hardline This one took a little bit to platinize
  5. #224th. Battlefield Hardline. Finally after almost 6 years it's done :D 

  6. #222. Remnant : From The Ashes. Is it me or a soul like game with guns was not a good idea?
  7. #222. Remnant : From The Ashes.That was an odd game

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      Congrats! 🎉

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  8. Auto popping has always been a thing, did you forget Sound Shapes? What's the next step lol? Ratalika games should be removed from LB?
  9. l was pretty disappointed as well. I loved every bit of Doom 2016 but Eternal was such a meeeeeeeh to me for few reasons. First, game is way too hard. Before any of you says " git gud " let me stop you there. It was not like too hard l cannot play. It was too hard so l did not feel like l was playing as Doom guy ( overpowered ) even on lowest difficulty game failed to make me feel that way because your health and armor can drop 0 in an instant. Second, platforming. I mean, do l even have to explain? Hello? This is Doom, thanks. Thirdly, chainsaw thing. It got super repetitive after a while whenever l am right in the action l had to look for some lamest demons so l can cut them in two in order to have my ammo back. The only good thing l could say about game was weapon mods. It felt nice but rest was such a disappointment.
  10. It's standalone, you don't need actual game to play it
  11. #221. Little Nightmares ll There're somethings really wrong with this game. It starts even in the beginning. Game wants to you run by pressing square, and guess what? I guess devs don't feel in their hearts when l do that because this game decided on 7th time l was pressing square button which makes you run because that's when l passed that encounter which all you had to do was pressing the damn button. That's not even only part. This game is so brutal if you are half miliseconds late to react a platforming or whatever, you are dead. Fuck you devs for punishing that way so your shitty game would last long. FUCK YOU! P.S : if these stupid things wouldn't have happened, it would have been a decent game.
  12. #221. Little Nightmares ll . What a shit game that was.

  13. Followed PS5 stock alert, turned on notifications when l get one, l clicked on smyth toys and voila.
  14. I want to smoke whatever those who say this game will be on plus soon . There’re only 2 AAA ps5 exclusive ( consol wise ) games, Godfall and Demon’s Souls and you guys think Godfall will be on plus soon? k then.
  15. #220th Demon's Souls I wasn't really impressed when l heard DeS was getting a remake, how wrong l was. That game was awesome in every aspect.