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  1. magicka 2 you are the special pretty funny game, and quite a challenge when you are going for the plat solo. enjoyment: 7/10 difficulty solo: 7/10
  2. trials fusion now that was a challenge. had a long brake from the game but picked it up again a couple of weeks ago, and got the 100%
  3. Trials of the Blood Dragon Part Blood Dragon, Part Machine, All Cybercommando a fun little game that was a lot different than i thought. I thought it was a pure trials game, but i was wrong there. also a good challenge difficulty: 7/10 enjoyment: 7/10
  4. well you can still get an a+ even if you get a mistake, but you lose some points for each mistake. so it´s the points you get on the level that decides if get an a+ or not.
  5. trials fusion Is There Anything You Can't Do? Completed every Track Challenge in the first 8 Events that was a hard one, but finally did it only one more trophy for 100%..
  6. super meat boy Maggot Boy Beat The Rapture light world without dying not as difficult as i thought it would be.
  7. ultra rare: 31 (5,5%) very rare: 49 (8,6%) out of 569 trophies. pretty decent i think
  8. super meat boy brimstone boy beat hell light world without dying in my opinion this one was easier than hospital dark world
  9. super meat boy blood clot boy ​beat the hospital dark world without dying don't know if i'm able to get anymore of those no death trophies, cause I struggled a bit with this one, but i'm sure gonna try
  10. amplitude Superhuman Collect all other trophies. 17 0.97% ACHIEVERS ultra rare
  11. likes his GTA games, and maybe basketball with your plat on "NBA 2K15"... good job
  12. Super Meat Boy The Real End You completed the Dark World... you are awesome. 552 ACHIEVERS 1.09% ULTRA RARE
  13. playing super meat boy. soon finished with the dark worlds!!