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  1. Thanks for the replies, sounds like it would take about 20 hours then (I'm a little experienced). And yeah, my bad. I don't know how I didn't see that trophy guide before I posted but thanks nonetheless.
  2. Since there seems to be no published trophy guide for this game yet, I was just wondering how long it took those who have the platinum. I am just trying to decide whether the trilogy is worth full price or not
  3. Thanks for the responses, and yeah its not very hard to do a speed run in under 15 hours. It's just in case I accidentally go over the time limit. Currently at 1 hour 39 minutes after Deep Jungle so I should be able to get it easily either way.
  4. In the ps3 version of the game, I know if you went over 100 hours then the clock would reset to zero. If you finished the game before it hit 15 hours again, the speedster trophy would pop. Does anyone know if that's the case this time around as well?