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  1. 1L3427c5.png

    40-platinum.png#181 Star Ocean Second Story (Vita) 40-platinum.png

    Flight to the future!
    Complete conquest! Congratulations! The evolution will not stop! !!


    A 2nd stack of my childhood time sink. Even though they never translated the ports to English, I still have a lot of fun with this game. Though I am "over the hump" as far as Star Ocean platinums go, the remaining 5 stacks will take me years to accomplish. Just glad to have another one under my belt.

  2. Lately I have been more interested in buying consoles. PS Vitas are getting expensive and PS3s are starting to get rare as well. Got 2 of each in case one fails.
  3. I would say 6 to 7 is fair. I definitely cursed at the TV several times. 1) Aerith and Tifa vs 6 bloodhounds. 2) Bahamut and Ifrit top secrets 3) Whisper Bahamut sending you back to the start of the entire fight. 4) Witnessing that God-awful ending a second time.
  4. Just realized, I have over 2000 Rare or better trophies on PSNP!


    Everyone's trophy journey is different and if you have more or less than anyone else, you should be proud of your accomplishments.


    My hunting goes between series completions (Fallout, Star Ocean, Dragon Ball, etc.), highly rare platinums (Stardew Valley), and critically acclaimed games (Death Stranding, God of War). I'd be interested in hearing what others trend towards. Happy hunting!

  5. Replaying FF7 Remake after a few months away. I was very hard on the game and though my criticisms are still valid, there are a lot of things that it did right. The story was what it should have been until the last 2 chapters.


    They could have just kept Sephiroth completely out of this remake and it would have been perfect. They shoehorned him in with a bizarre story just for some cheap fan service and to sell some toys. I hope they right the ship for the next game because there is still a lot of potential.

  6. If you guys want to build a team for the platinum it's best to create a boosting session. You will get a lot more help than posting in here and the mods frown on it as well. Good luck in your hunt, and once I decide to buy the last DLC I may join you.
  7. I get where you are coming from, but getting this trophy is one of my proudest and most memorable gaming moments. I spent 2 days frustratingly trying again and again and getting further and further. When I put the final bullet into Fector's skull it was such a rush, I'll never forget it. Lastly, I can come in to a forum like this with a smile. If you want it, go get it. Myself and others will be happy to congratulate you.
  8. If they made 20 stacks of the original FF7 I would have them all. I plan on getting the trophies and never touching this again. I held off on my 2nd playthrough as I had the same experience as @ChaosDivider in that the ending took the motivation completely away. I am starting it back up again, mainly for the remaining trophies. Hopefully experiencing this story again will help me to feel more positive about this remake. Watching the opening movie, I can clearly recall how happy and excited I was seeing it for the first time a few months ago. I want to have that feeling again, but I don't know I ever will.
  9. I bought this game in Japan and never got through it because... Well I don't speak Japanese! If I buy the English version, will I be able to start over and get the trophies I am missing?
  10. August: Far Cry 5 No Man's Sky
  11. Fallout 76 at 5.40%. This used to be UR, very disappointing, but at least people are enjoying it.
  12. I rented Fallout 3 and instead received Guitar Hero Metallica. I jokingly tried to get through a song using my controller and did. Popped a bronze trophy and it will remain eternally at 1%. No way am I dropping $300 for a PS3 game.
  13. 1L877ec2.png

    40-platinum.png#173 Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3)40-platinum.png

    If You Show Me Your Courage
    Obtained all trophies!

    2nd time getting this plat. The RNG is still miserable, but the game itself and fighting mechanics aren't bad. I recommend playing Xenoverse 2 if you haven't. Only 2 more Dragon Ball games to go until series completion! Raging Blast 2 and Battle of Z. 

  14. Someone is asking too many questions...
  15. I have nothing of value to add to this thread. Just wanted to see all the "git gud" shade thrown.