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  1. 1L99b92f.png

    40-platinum.png#229 - Deathloop 40-platinum.png

    Into Eternity
    Collect all other trophies.

    I had a great time with this! It was fun going from not knowing anything to knowing every level like the back of my hand. It really helped when I finally switched to Julianna, I could easily tell if Colt had disturbed anything. Very fun game, I can't recommend it enough. I really hope we keep getting gems like this brought over even though its Microsoft company now. 

  2. Bucs vs Pats! I am glad Brady is doing well, but I really dont want my Pats to get thrashed. This is definitely my bias, but this game could be an upset. Gronk is out, Belichick knows Brady, Mac has something to prove. I'm slowly starting to feel that the Pats can win it.
  3. Found from Powerpyx guide: "It seems to be fine if they die from the environment, e.g. by falling into poison gas in Harriet’s hangar, or into meat grinder at Aleksis’s party. You just can’t kill any of them by yourself."
  4. During my Clean-Ish Hands run, do I need to make sure Amadour is spared? I wouldn't be the one killing him, but unless you hit the crane button he is dead. The other issue is with the meat grinder. Several get killed before you can get to Alexis. Do those count?
  5. It's been a while since I posted anything. Work life has slowed my gaming quite a bit. I managed to play Mega Man Zero/ZX collection just before Deathloop released and now I am working on that. I am really enjoying it, but it's hard to get to the level of mastery I would want when I play so sporadically. Luckily it's not terribly hard, but I forget little details like where to find certain weapons and items, enemy patterns, etc. I am making steady progress. Hope everyone is enjoying their trophy hunting journey.

    1. ronin_leon


      Yeah man, I can total related to what you are experiencing. Sometimes my whole weekend is taken up by work and I get little or no gaming time what so ever. 

      Just keep on pushing through.  

  6. 1L865212.png

    40-platinum.png#227 - Yakuza 0 40-platinum.png

    Where It All Began
    Obtain all other trophies.

    This was my first Yakuza game! I can see why there are so many titles, this was a lot of fun. I am very curious to see how the story develops after this point. Though the grind was a little long, overall it wasn't a terribly hard platinum. I probably won't dive into the next one for a while, but I am just glad I have one Yakuza game under my belt.


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    2. PooPooBlast





      And congrats op! Welcome to the club! Just as a heads up, kiwami was great but be mindful that in terms of quality, it'll feel like a step down in every aspect (at least imo) as it's a remake of a 2005 game which was the first in the series.


      By the time they've made 0, the devs have had tons of experience in terms of what works and what doesn't and in terms of storytelling so keep that in mind. 

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. ihadalifeb4this



  7. I loved extinction, but this (literally) feels like a step backwards. There is a lot they can improve upon to make the game better and going back a generation, while generating interest and revenue fairly cheaply, just means we are much farther out from a sequel.
  8. Got bored and deleted 152 contacts from my phone. Kind of crazy to think about how many people come and go, are part of your life and then you lose touch with.

    1. Glowbugg


      I find doing stuff like that every so often is refreshing. Helps me make new memories instead of dwelling on old ones.

    2. AK-1138


      Aye, life may be a series of meetings and partings, but no one ever said it was an equal balance of both 😂

  9. Wall of Shame

    Which of these popular and critically acclaimed games/series should I finally play next:


    A ) Skyrim

    B ) The Last of Us

    C ) Witcher 3

    D ) Yakuza 0




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    2. Copanele


      The Witcher and Skyrim are two fantastic RPG and Last of Us has one of the best stories of the past decade. 


      Therefore, go play Yakuza 0 xD you need that chicken, trust me! 

    3. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Personally, I'd go with the following order:


      1. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
      2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
      3. Yakuza 0
      4. The Last of Us: Remastered 


      This is just my unprofessional opinion, however. I have only played three of the games on this list (Witcher III, Skyrim, TLoU: Remastered), and out of those three, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim were the two games I enjoyed the most (The Last of Us was good, but I sucked at it and never got around to beating it). As for Yakuza 0, I can't make any recommendations on that one (never played any of the games in that franchise, unfortunately), but from what I have seen and heard on this site from various members, it sounds like a solid and fun game, so perhaps you could look into that one first if it catches your interest.


      Anyway, good luck with those four games (whenever you get around to playing all of them)!

    4. Bos10George


      Wow, I am actually really surprised the amount of Yakuza suggestions. I really thought it was going to be a TLOU landslide.

  10. I already had the Stardew platinum and would have done it again, but unfortunately there is no stack. I was yearning for a good harvest moon style farm sim to earn trophies in. I found this and it is EXACTLY what I needed. The intro is a little long and I know nothing about Doraemon, outside of that it is a solid farm sim. At this moment it is only $12.49 when it's normally $46! The list is simple, the game is fun, it really is a no-brainer if you want something more like Stardew Valley or the original Harvest Moon. There is no partner romancing, marriage, or having kids since the protagonist is a child from a Japanese kids manga. However, talking and gifting to increase relationships is a big part of advancing the story to gain useful gadgets and ultimately beat the game. You still have the typical day to day of growing crops, taking care of livestock and pets, fishing, mining, upgrading your farm, festivals, all while managing your stamina and the clock. It's a good and (currently) cheap option if you enjoy this genre.
  11. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Little Big Planet come to mind.
  12. 1L5a9056.png

    40-platinum.png#205 - Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment40-platinum.png

    Obtain all trophies.
    Obtain all trophies.


    I love the show, and this first game had a lot of what I like about the show and a LOT of what I don't like about anime trophy lists. As a dungeon crawler, this was a great time. Figuring how to open doors, mastering the combat, using different skills, etc. made for an enjoyable experience. Sitting on a bench for 20 hours through absolutely meaningless dialogue to max out the affinity for 9 different characters, raising your level to 200 when everything else is done by 140, watching hours of weebie fan service dialogue about how the girls like Kirito, and other fun times made this (nearly) unbearable.


    BOTTOM LINE: You don't need to play this to play the other games in the series. Try it out or don't, but don't plat it unless you are sick like me.

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. Masamune


      Congrats! :yay: The game does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, combat is really fun (I still need to do the vita version). Imo, the game's version of SAO's story is far better than the anime, I really wish the anime would've been like that. 😅

  13. What is the next platinum you will go for and why is it Star Ocean 4?
  14. It looks like Sony finally fixed at least 1 of their mistakes. I heard they added the function to the desktop store a while ago, but the PlayStation app now has the wishlist function returned. Once we get the ability to sort games again, I can go back to spending money on games I will probably never play.
  15. The order of OPs list needs to be adjusted. $70 is the only thing that has made business sense. However, Jim isn't going anywhere for a few more years. What will really tank the company? Firing the CEO so soon.