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  1. Silent Hill 3.... Story time. I was playing this game and got stuck. Going between several rooms, one of the rooms was full of Mannequins and their parts. I must have come into this room at least 10 times trying to figure out where to go. Eventually I get frustrated and just AFK in this room searching online for a solution. 5 min later I hear a very loud scream and a crash. I come back to the game and a mannequin fell over and is bleeding... This did not advance the story at all. It served just to scare the hell out of me and creep me out.
  2. Since there were a lot of good answers already, I will be contrary. Check out this delicious Radscorpion fillet from Fallout. Nothing like a mutant scorpion the size of a Buick to get the Pavlovian response a-going. But really. A lot of RPGs have a cooking element that makes my mouth water. FFXV actually put work into showing you what the food looked like for 100 amazing looking dishes. Star Ocean (shocker) also has a lot of great food you can create and buy. Dammit... now I am hungry.
  3. Borderlands 3 is more than likely the only game I will actively seek out to play. Final Fantasy VIII deserves another look since it's been 20 years since I played it. Other than that, I am sure I will play some of the others if they come on sale or eventually get offered up as a PS+ game.
  4. I wish I studied the BT guide more thoroughly, could have saved myself a lot of pain. Oh well, I will post my suggestions once I have the plat.
  5. Am I missing something with this boss? Why does it require you to be at a level high enough to decimate him quickly? I am working on getting a bee shield and using the Firehawk method, but it just kind of upsets me that I even need to do this. The last fight I had with him he couldn't beat me and I couldn't beat him. Is there an actual legit way to stop him from healing himself that I am not hearing about?
  6. Super Neptunia RPG! Mostly because I don't buy stuff new, but I bought that because the series is awesome and I want to support it. Also, Star Ocean 4. Even though it did not come out this year, it's going to take me most of the year...
  7. Platinum #133 Dragon Ball FighterZ


    Trophy Triumphant 
    40-platinum.pngAcquire all trophies.40-platinum.png

    Finally done. I really wanted to hold this for a milestone but I got impatient. Absolutely amazing fighting game if you like the series or not, but an absolutely horrible trophy set. The stereotypical weeb game senseless money grind is getting old, but here we are again. Fun fact, you can buy literally every item in the store for around 3 million, the trophy requires you to farm 20 million. 


    Outside of that, smooth and beautiful game. If you don't care about completion, try it out.

  8. The hunt for the Star Ocean 4 Platinum is ongoing. I played this game years ago and gave up because of the massive amount of time and requirements to get the platinum. I love the series so it has become something of a white whale for me. I caught back up to where I was all this year's ago and I am grinding away towards the platinum.


    It feels odd not getting trophies for weeks at a time, but trophy hunting has always been a personal journey. I may never have 5000 platinums, but this challenge is here in front of me now. It will not be a quick or easy journey, and I am ok with that. I'll take breaks when I need them and live my life like always, but I will keep pushing forward until it's mine.

    1. BB-BakkerJ


      Good luck! Perseverance is all it takes. After 7 years it is still my proudest platinum.

    2. dertswa687o


      Good luck!!!

  9. So I sent a typo while trying to spell "Birthplace" and hence the Birthplat was born. What is the next platinum you earned following your birthday? A Birthplat if you will... Also, if you have kids, what was the platinum you got after they were born? My Birthplat was from Zombi and my daughters was Resident Evil 7. Apparently we have a zombie theme going. Lets hear them!
  10. This milestone means different things for different people. Some people can spam 100 trash platinums in a week, while others methodically choose lengthier games and can take a few years given their lifestyle. Your goal is very attainable. What I would do personally, is pick out several games that take a little longer that you would enjoy but have a few quick plats in the bank if you start falling below your target. Inevitably life will happen and you won't be able to finish a game in the time you thought so its good to have your Ratalaika and click-a-thon Japanese games ready if you are trying to set a time limit. An even better idea is not give yourself this goal at all. Play and enjoy whatever you want and don't stress about a number that ultimately you're the only one that truly cares about.
  11. Final Fantasy 7. The opening just shows a flower girl (Aeris(WITH AN S!)) with a glowing green light. Then she stands up and you realize its just the sparks from something broken. Then she starts to walk and you realize she is in an alleyway, then a few cars pass by and you realize its city. Then it continues to pan back and you realize its a massive city with a giant tower surrounded in green flames. Just as you start to realize how huge it all is, the music hits a crescendo and the "Final Fantasy 7" logo shows in the center. Every time since the first time I have played this game, the opening has pumped me up for how massive this game was. I really hope they capture that same wonder and awe with the remake that got me excited to play the original over and over.
  12. Thanks! I'll be on the wall of Fame eventually... In like 2 or 3 months... 😱🤢🤮
  13. My thought is to run through 1st play on Earth mode and keep a save just before Faize runs off. After unlocking literally everything else besides hard runs and Faize BTs. I would load up that save and run Faize BTs. My question is, will that work? Since its technically on my 1st play would it give me the option to use Faize? I would have the completion data saved so I would think it would work. Has anyone tested this?
  14. Platinum #127 Star Ocean: Second Evolution


    未来への飛翔! (Flight to the future!)

    (Complete conquest! congratulations! Evolution will not stop from now on! !) 40-platinum.png

    I love me some Star Ocean. I played the hell out of this game on PS1 and was bummed when I found out it was unavailable in the U.S. store. Lucky for me, I know a lot of trophy hunters that stack their trophies from different regions who could teach me how to buy and play this game. Even though it was completely in Japanese, I still love this game. I followed a GameFAQs guide and used a camera translator app to get through it, but still had a blast. I hope they remaster or remake this one day in English.


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    3. Bos10George


      @DrHambone About 90 hours for 2 playthroughs. 2nd (Rena) Playthrough was when I did all the secret bosses. Very easy with a guide, but there are a lot of finer details where you will need a translator app. Such as item creation, selecting the right gear, or just making sure you are answering a question correctly.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  15. When you have ALL the trophies, you have the most and the rarest.