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  1. It seems like most people either accepted or wanted the game to change which in itself is strange to me. To be clear, adding to the story is what was supposed to be good about this game. Changing the story is what concerns me. We are at 10% of the whole game and they have already deviated off course. It was going in the same flow until chapter 17 and 18. You take away the "Whispers", Sephiroth, and saving Biggs and Wedge then this is a Remaster not a Remake. The ending to this first part basically sets the tone for them doing whatever they want from here on out. If your thought is that chapter 18 sucked, guess what? The future iterations of the game will go even harder in that direction. 10% of the game and Zack, Biggs, Wedge, and (probably) Jessie are alive. The "ghosts of fate" can no longer prevent the directors and producers from altering what the story is supposed to be. If people continue to enjoy it, great. I just see it falling apart and interest will eventually be lost on getting to the end of this story. The story and how it was told from the previous game is what kept it alive despite it being graphically atrocious. Already there are out of place spectacle battles, a convoluted plot device with fate, and some kind of multiverse. It does not bode well.
  2. I loved the original, as did many others. I don't think you can play through this game to its ending after playing the original and call it an acceptable remake. The game looks fantastic and feeds on your nostalgia, but at the end of the day it ends up being a sub-par action RPG wearing the skin of the original Final Fantasy VII. I can't say I hated the whole thing. I liked how they expanded upon the story, added depth to characters, and added a few additional characters to make Midgar feel like a place people would actually live. However, those feelings are based on my love for the original and if I didn't have that inner bias and desire to enjoy this more, this game would rank much lower. There are 2 points that upset me most about this reboot. 1) They changed the story. This is the ultimate sin IMO for any remake and especially this one. Adding content to expand the original storyline is fine, but to outright change the story is unforgivable. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie were meant to die in the sector 7 collapse. Their deaths would have really driven the point of how horrible Shinra was especially after the character development that was added in the remake. Instead the entire plate collapse seemed like a silly pointless joke with no actual consequences. Shinra dropped a CITY on the sector 7 slums and not only do Biggs, Wedge, and every notable character survive, but you can detour back to the area in a way that makes it seem like the plate above was only a prop made of paper. Also, the ending was an anime dumpster fire meant for people that wanted more Kingdom Hearts. Here is something that didn't happen in the original: Sephiroth kills Barrett, but he is fine now because the ghosts of fate say it's not allowed. Oh and Zack is apparently not dead, which annoys fans of the original and confuses everyone else. With that said, if we are dealing with an alternate reality where everyone is alive and everything is sunshine, how can this still be considered a FFVII Remake? 2) There is no scenario where this game is completed. Soon they will have to release the next part and then they won't be able to call it just "FFVII Remake" with the exact box art from the original full game. There will be either a DLC expansion or a new game called FF7 Remake Part 2. The uninformed that thought this was the complete original aren't going to drop more money for the next 2+ installments. Those that never played the original and bought this thinking "hey, now I can play this game I heard so much about" will either not finish the game because they were never interested in the first place (only 50% have actually finished the game as per PSN trophy percentage currently) or they will actually finish it and wonder what the hell actually happened because the ending makes little sense. Lastly, the fans that wanted this for so long are presumably the only real market for the remainder of this story. For me personally, I am willing to try one more in the hopes that they get back on track. I know it won't, but I'll begrudgingly do it anyway. Bottom line though, when the next part gets only 25% of the remakes revenue, will SquareEnix even bother with another episode? Not to forget, we don't know if they are going to charge full price for each portion or not. Can we even expect the same (visual) quality down the line? If you read any articles, they did not have an established game plan (no pun intended) for how many episodes this would be and when subsequent parts would release. "We have a general idea of how the story will play out, but we haven't decided exactly [how many parts], nor can we confirm anything," Yoshinore Kitase the freaking executive producer. Even if they start marketing this honestly and call this game FFVII Alternate Dimension, the damage is done and the hype will not be there to carry the project through. Alright, I got that off my chest. Go ahead and throw me your shade, or surprise me and provide a reasonable discussion about this.
  3. This question completely missed the mark apparently. When doing Go for the Gold you choose a faction to help you. I am asking, for anyone that has completed the mission, does choosing a faction to help complete this mission lower your reputation with the other faction? FYI, You do not need to make a separate account. You can just do dailies to raise rep for both factions.
  4. Does siding with the Foundation or Crater for this mission lower the reputation for the side you don't choose? If you have done this mission please let everyone know. The big hold out for 100% seems to be the factions. If I am going to take a big hit for siding with someone, I'd rather wait until the trophy pops.
  5. What's the rule for something like this? To summarize: A boosting session for an extremely difficult single player only trophy. I am assuming this is to set up a more skilled player to share play or otherwise get the trophy for them. I recognize this thing happens regularly, but openly advertising cheating should not be allowed. At the very least, if they want tips they could post to the forum or check YouTube videos. This looks like asking someone else to do it for them.
  6. image.png

    Only one other person has done it; all 5 Star Ocean games platted. I had fun (mostly) and look forward to doing some of the stacks later.

    1. Spaz


      Awesome accomplishment. Be proud of it.

  7. Final Fantasy 7 will be spread across (at least) 3 games with presumably (at least) 2 years between each installment. The PS5 will be backwards compatible, but the first installment will be a PS4 specific game. Do you think they will make the next installments PS4 games potentially after the end of the PS4 development lifecycle, or make the future installments PS5 specific which locks PS4 players from getting a complete story on their system?
  8. I would like to throw a few bullet hell games onto my resume, but I am not sure where to start. What are some bullet hell games (with trophies) that people recommend, or even strongly do not recommend.
  9. They overworked him for Kakarot. He had to announce the whole series. R.I.P. 😭
  10. Late to the party. Started the year about 76.2% (currently 76.24%). Goal is 81.2%.
  11. Honestly I am unclear on the exact requirements. I have heard 10 with everyone and roddick both ways. The way I did it has 10 all around with everyone with each other. It worked so that's what I went with.
  12. Sorry I am seeing this so late. Here is what I did: Build your party up until you get the Silvalent Emblem, do not complete the lost ruins side quest yet. Use publishing to have every character create 7 books. Read each characters book to all characters, this should set affinity for everyone to 8 for each other. Complete the game from that point for several more affinity + opportunities to get to level 10 for the ending.
  13. I am glad that SO5 moved back to this style of PA. SO3 and SO4 are very different.
  14. Not best, but not worst. The final save point registers clear data (you don't need to kill the final boss) and all characters in your team get their soundboard opened up. You need to hit the final checkpoint with every possible character. So you will need 3 plays to get this, save manipulation helps take some of the sting.
  15. Most of the other trophies I can deduce through following the PSP guides. However, the Sound Off! trophy is an unknown. Back in the day, for Star Ocean 2 there was a sound board that worked similar to the Risette and Futaba trophies from Personas 4 and 5. Each character made 50 or so battle sounds and if you heard them it unlocked. Best case scenario: Unlocking a character unlocks their soundboard. Worst Case Scenario: You need to unlock sounds for all 13 characters. Similar to Persona 4 and 5.