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  1. I am reading a lot of articles that state you need to complete a quest with Melthia to open the post-game dungeon with Gabriel Celeste, that is incorrect. After you beat the final boss and get the star on your save you can access that dungeon. The door that Melthia's quest opens is in the same area, but it's just a door that was previously locked and has 2 chests (required for treasure trophy) behind it.
  2. I did a spit take when I saw there were like 8 stacks, but this is the easiest star ocean to platinum by a wide margin. I bet you could do every stack of this in the time it would take to do a single SO4 platinum.
  3. I assumed that top tier publishers like SquareEnix were going to stop doing this. I expect this kind of thing from Ratalaika. That is a lot of playthroughs if you want all the trophies. Luckily the game is enjoyable so far.
  4. It's definitely not 1 minute average, more like 2-5. That's not counting the lag that can last forever when you are staring at the raider before the game starts. The game will start to die, then it will be free to play. Also, season 2 will bring in some interest. I don't see it lasting much more than a year though. Get these trophies before they are gone! (I managed to write this entire post during the prematch VS screen.)
  5. While I appreciate the tidal wave of gifts I am receiving through my friend code, the intent was for you all to put your code in as well 🤣. Not that I am complaining or anything, just want to spread the wealth. FYI - I have gotten about 20 summon tickets along with some warrior spirits.
  6. Friend Codes unlock the fusion dance emote. Mine is B84RY. Enjoy!
  7. Does anyone know how to pre-order the digital deluxe edition for PS4? The store only has the PS5 editions for pre-order. The Square Enix store only has the base editions. I would like to have those pre-order items for my PS4 run.
  8. WD for Sarah seems a bit of a pain. I normally use the celestial ship on Lemuris. There is a harpy for her flying kills there as well.
  9. Any testimonials of people using this? I am hesitant to try it, I am already halfway done (my second stack) so I feel kind of committed. The ology drops would be clutch, I don't mind Arumat kill farming as much.
  10. 1L99b92f.png

    40-platinum.png#229 - Deathloop 40-platinum.png

    Into Eternity
    Collect all other trophies.

    I had a great time with this! It was fun going from not knowing anything to knowing every level like the back of my hand. It really helped when I finally switched to Julianna, I could easily tell if Colt had disturbed anything. Very fun game, I can't recommend it enough. I really hope we keep getting gems like this brought over even though its Microsoft company now. 

  11. Bucs vs Pats! I am glad Brady is doing well, but I really dont want my Pats to get thrashed. This is definitely my bias, but this game could be an upset. Gronk is out, Belichick knows Brady, Mac has something to prove. I'm slowly starting to feel that the Pats can win it.
  12. Found from Powerpyx guide: "It seems to be fine if they die from the environment, e.g. by falling into poison gas in Harriet’s hangar, or into meat grinder at Aleksis’s party. You just can’t kill any of them by yourself."
  13. During my Clean-Ish Hands run, do I need to make sure Amadour is spared? I wouldn't be the one killing him, but unless you hit the crane button he is dead. The other issue is with the meat grinder. Several get killed before you can get to Alexis. Do those count?
  14. It's been a while since I posted anything. Work life has slowed my gaming quite a bit. I managed to play Mega Man Zero/ZX collection just before Deathloop released and now I am working on that. I am really enjoying it, but it's hard to get to the level of mastery I would want when I play so sporadically. Luckily it's not terribly hard, but I forget little details like where to find certain weapons and items, enemy patterns, etc. I am making steady progress. Hope everyone is enjoying their trophy hunting journey.

    1. ronin_leon


      Yeah man, I can total related to what you are experiencing. Sometimes my whole weekend is taken up by work and I get little or no gaming time what so ever. 

      Just keep on pushing through.  

  15. 1L865212.png

    40-platinum.png#227 - Yakuza 0 40-platinum.png

    Where It All Began
    Obtain all other trophies.

    This was my first Yakuza game! I can see why there are so many titles, this was a lot of fun. I am very curious to see how the story develops after this point. Though the grind was a little long, overall it wasn't a terribly hard platinum. I probably won't dive into the next one for a while, but I am just glad I have one Yakuza game under my belt.


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      And congrats op! Welcome to the club! Just as a heads up, kiwami was great but be mindful that in terms of quality, it'll feel like a step down in every aspect (at least imo) as it's a remake of a 2005 game which was the first in the series.


      By the time they've made 0, the devs have had tons of experience in terms of what works and what doesn't and in terms of storytelling so keep that in mind. 

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