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  1. Those poor visual novels, they never did anything wrong.
  2. ドリームクラブ ホストガール オンステージ : 15 Trophies Yomawari: Night Alone: 2 Trophies Minit: 15 Trophies Total: 32 Thanks for the event @Beyondthegrave07. It was fun.
  3. Bongo Cat is the absolute best. 😺

  4. So it looks like the last four episodes of Satsuriku no Tenshi (Eng: Angels of Death) is going to be aired separately. (Starting from October 5th) Kind of annoying, wish they'd just finish airing them all together.
  5. +15 Trophies from ドリームクラブ ホストガール オンステージ Finally got that silly free game out of the way.
  6. Claire still gives me nightmares, but not because it was a scary game.
  7. It's so sad, I go to the game store here and it has a whole wall of PS4 games. I look at the Vita selection and it's barely half a shelf. At least I've managed to amass a decent physical vita collection.
  8. Wild Spirit Found the Tsuchinoko Dawn Cleared Chapter 7 Sis Talked to Sis a total of 12 times Kidnapped Kidnapped by Mr. Yomawari Monster Cat Picked up the Big Bell Now just the collectible trophies and a few others left.
  9. Been wanting to try this one out since it seems like it has a cool concept.
  10. Sounds like fun, I'm in. (voted in poll) Might continue Yomawari or try out something new. Danganronpa.
  11. It only hurts a lot little. Rhythm games and visual novels definitely don't feel right on anything but a hand-held. Main reason why I've put off buying games like Clannad for the PS4.
  12. Oh man, I'm so excited for it. It's so cool to see all the girls together. (Though my phone memory is already crying.)
  13. Evening Cleared Chapter 2 Indomitable Suffered a Game Over a total of 30 times Cat Fed a cat Midnight Cleared Chapter 3
  14. B-but I like Idolmaster too. Though Love Live is obviously the best idols.
  15. Haven't played them myself, but the Mugen Souls games are a real grindy game.