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  1. 7/10. Short and simple, plus good use of a hyphen.
  2. Nice idea, but auto-detect is near impossible (Or at least very tedious) due to a majority of cheaters have modified firmware which with the use of third party software can easily change trophy time stamps (Similarly to what Modio has on XBL). EDIT: Just noticed the obvious, in any case, wouldn't really work since sadly there's games where platinums can legitimately be obtained within minutes, and many non-platinum games can be 100% within a few minutes. Although it probably can be done for specific games, but then it's just a tedious process to autoflag based on specific games. Auto poppers usually get caught out pretty quickly anyway.
  3. Loved the anime so it'll be an obligatory purchase, but most likely be towards December (I've already got a huge pile of games to get through - Plus World of Final Fantasy and a few others take priority)
  4. The portability. Since I spend what feels like forever on a bus (commuting), just makes the world of difference. Well, that was the initial idea anyway. Sit back, play HDN as a pass time. Eventually gave me a headache (staring at a screen for 9+ hours per day). So now I play it at home most of the time especially now that I have no working PS4 controller (Ended up loving HDN). Should probably invest more money into games for it as I've only got the two HDN games (See profile), Senran Kagura, and a bunch of Lego games.
  5. Minions: 57 (Rarest: Wind-up Y'shtola) Mounts: 20 (Rarest: Wyvern) http://www.xiv-minions.com/user.php?name=Kaurhz+Stormhex&server=Cerberus
  6. Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin
  7. Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U. Only got around 34 more lily pairs to go!
  8. PSN: Kaurhz Well, guess I'm back here. Looking for other (relatively) active players, be it to talk to (ideally; I don't bite), or compare trophies. Play a wide variety of games ranging from RPGs to FPS. Other games I have yet to play include Megadimension, TLOU, Uncharted 4, until Dawn, FF X/X-2, Nights of Azure, Diablo III. The games I'm willing to play online from my list are (Just send a message on PS whenever): Resogun (Can't say I'm any good) Black Ops 3 (Again, not very good, yet. Both Co-op/Multiplayer) Battlefield Hardline (I only snipe) GTA V (Missions, boosting, whatever) Zombie Army Trilogy (Co-op) Saints Row: Re-elected (Co-op) Final Fantasy XIV (If you're on Cerberus) Sword Art Online: Lost Song (Co-op extra-quests) Diablo III (I think)
  9. Between 5-7. I'll progress through a game taking the trophies into an account. Though if it's going to ruin my gaming experience then I usually skip it out. Plus I refuse anything less than an 'A' rating average or 62% completion (Want to go for 70%). Maybe I'll go a bit ore serious when I'm not busy with other obligations.
  10. I'd like to add: Hyperdimension (Mk2 and Victory) Senran Kagura Fairy Fencer F Mind Zero TALES OF HEARTS R The Guided Fate Paradox Agarest: Generations of War 2 ORESHIKA: TAINTED BLOODLINES AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed Disruptive Publishers
  11. Provided I can redownload, see them for the PS3 and choose them, then it's fine. But if I'm going to be buying content that I can't see, use, or access then it's entirely different. I'm more convinced it's not account related but something else.Given I've had 2 accounts that have the exact same issue. Went and bought a selection of the same avatars on two accounts. The exact same avatars are missing from both accounts and the ones I can see are the exact same. EDIT: Thanks!
  12. I'm sure this has probably been made several times, but it's really getting on my nerves at this point. When I put my account on the PS4 I bought a fair chunk of content on the store, a mixture of avatars (PS4, PS3, and Vita), themes, games etc. Initially all the avatars that I bought would appear. However overtime the avatars started disappearing, specifically all but one PS3 avatar, and a few Vita avatars. Does anyone know whether the problem is related to not having a PS3 console? Or whether it's just.. Being an a$£$hole. If the latter, does anyone know any solutions? If no solution, will the problem resolve itself once I've bought a PS3?
  13. If this happens, Battlefield: Hardline will be the last multiplayer game I ever play. Last thing I want is to be in a lobby with several children all claiming to be my father. Or claiming to have screwed my mum.