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  1. Hold L2 to force pull it's tongue out, then a prompt will appear to press Square and you will cut the tongue and should get the trophy.
  2. Are you gonna boost XP with me on RdR 2?

  3. Yo, this is awesome! Will make tracking stuff way easier. Thanks!
  4. You can play most of the added stuff in Chapter 15. The new Insomnia for example, you can do the new quests and fight Omega without chapter select. Just use Umbra to travel to Insomnia. You must find a key in one of the rest areas to unlock the gate to get to the Glaive's base where the missions are. For Omega just head to where he spawns on the map. You can also find most of the collectibles in Chapter 15, something like 68/76 required for the trophy. I suggest doing all that before using chapter select because it wipes your side mission and hunt data. Make sure you make multiple copies of your Chapter 15 save because you will have to overwrite one of them for Chapter select. I did everything i could in Ch 15 then used chapter select to go to Ch 13 to get the last collectibles i needed (b/c there is like ~10 collectibles in ch 13) and got that trophy, then chapter selected to 14 and beat Cerberus to get that trophy (This is also where you will see the new story parts, they re-did Chapter 14). I just deleted those saves after, and went back to my main Ch 15 save where i had beaten Omega and have the accessory that lets me hit max damage etc. I had lots of fun going back and playing FF 15 again, hope you do too.
  5. *EDIT* Apparently my game was glitched and wasn't allowing me to use Phoenix Downs once the missile killed me. I reloaded a previous save and beat Omega first try.
  6. Did you happen to die after skinning the Shark and didn't skin one again when you re-did the Expedition? Only thing i could think of, unless it was just buggy.
  7. I also have a fear/phobia of sharks and some other games with sharks bother me but this one wasn't that bad. One thing i did most the time was take a small boat to above the locations and used Icarus to mark all the Sharks and then killed them all with the bow before diving in the water, so do that and they won't be able to attack you at all.
  8. *Edit* I got the letter to appear after doing a few more missions. It seems that you either need to do a certain set of missions for it to appear, not just Spines of America like stated in most guides.
  9. I heard Submerged Minoan palace under Keos was the problem because it changed from 2 chests to 1 and doesn't count towards the trophy now. Fortunately I had completed that location before the patch, so I was able to get the trophy. So as long as you have done that specific location before patch 1.06 you should be able to get the trophy. Just in case anyone is worried like I was.
  10. The driving in JC3 was horrible, hopefully they improved it. Also, I am glad there are no gear challenges this time around. Ill pick it up later as I'll be busy with RDR 2.
  11. I'm trying to decide on whether to play the game now or wait until after the improvements in a few months. I'm leaning towards the later because they are supposedly making it more enjoyable.
  12. Play the game at your own risk, i put 80 hours into it just to have 1 missing scavenging location even though i got them all. RIP plat.
  13. You should defiantly do Arcade last. Perks obtained from the single player carry over to Arcade, such as better accuracy and less recoil with certain weapons. Also, you will be much better at the game and the Arcade will be more enjoyable when your destroying all the people that did Arcade first and don't have the experience of playing. I could defiantly tell who jumped right into Arcade first, because they were extremely easy compared to the other players.
  14. I had no problem completing any of the challenges by the time id done every mission. And Multiplayer trophies were pretty easy, got them all in about 4 hours legit, but I seem to be better than the average player on there also. You can get the 10 featured map wins fast if you just remember which maps are featured and vote for them. The game is a little buggy but nothing game breaking - and it's only the first few weeks so i didn't expect it to be perfect yet. I defiantly enjoyed it regardless. Honestly the hardest part of the Platinum was distracting 15 enemies with rocks and cans, that took me the entire game and longer. (JK lol, i just saved that one for last as a meme.) Overall i'd say the game is enjoyable and a pretty easy platinum, should only take 35 hours to beat the entire game with some goofing off.
  15. When you complete quests in co-op they only count for the host, you should be able to replay them in your own game and get the trophies. None of the story related trophies are missable but you also don't have to get them in the order they appear in the list, it depends on which region you begin first.