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  1. You could check the other topic you made about this which was posted in a couple of days ago...
  2. As you can see by my list, I haven't touched the story mode yet, and have only gotten the Breach trophies. It's a completely separate mode, but there are some perks and unlocks that I guess I'm hearing you can get by finding stuff in the main campaign. It obviously isn't necessary as I was able to do it fairly easily without anything unlocked from the story.
  3. Just did all the main game breach trophies over the past couple of weeks with no issue (I DID NOT start the mode prior or during the time the servers went down). Can't answer the question of how long the DLC adds to the base list required for the platinum, but the base game only really requires 6-10 hours of playtime. Follow the step-by-step guide over at the .org site, and you should knock this out quickly including DLC trophies (even quicker if you take advantage of the infinite energy glitch, which makes the challenge of this mode fairly trivial, and most servers you can literally sprint through with TITAN and Cloak augs). I can't imagine the DLC taking much longer to complete, but then again, I ignored all Darknet files after the first and sprinted towards the finish line for the base game. Kind of a tedious mode, to be quite honest, but still not nearly as terrible as a lot of people make it out to be.
  4. Platinum #106 Spyro the Dragon Gnasty's Demise Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Difficulty: 2/10 First off -- beautiful trophy tiles. Very colorful, and almost cabinet-worthy. The platinum image, in particular, is something special. There's not much to say about the game, other than it's the same Spyro everyone knows and loves. In my opinion, out of the collectathons from that era of mascot platformers, I would probably say Spyro ranked as among the best (and between this and rival collectathon platformers on other systems such as Banjo, at the time, I would give this the nod). It's cute, it's colorful (of which helps make the graphics that much more amazing), it's a breath of fresh air even if it's really just a tried and true remake, and the 8 hours it took on my play clock to finally play it through to 120%, there was very little in the way of filler or moments where I felt it overstayed it's welcome. It says something when I actively saw every level I came across to 100%, not leaving until I found every secret, and every gem, dragon and egg. I think the only reason why I would not go with a 10/10 for enjoyment is for the fact that the boss fights are pretty terrible (and always have been, to be honest), but it's not a big deal as they are over quick. Overall, I am very glad they resurrected these games. It seems like this generation has churned out a few platformers to show that the genre hasn't completely died off. Highly recommended for both veterans and first timers.
  5. I was all in the moment it was announced that Bioware was cooking up something, and it may not just be the C-team working on it this time around. I was out the moment I started getting Destiny vibes from it. I really hated Destiny.
  6. For what I paid for -- FFXII TZA x2. First for the day one steelbook, second for the Square shop's exclusive bust set edition (that also came with a steelbook that was different than the one with the standard day one release). Altogether, that was 250 for both versions? I don't usually spend that much on video games, rarely pay full price at all even on day one, but that was a special exception since it was also one of my favorite games of all time. So in that case it fits both the bill for sentimental and monetary value. And I love both steelbooks and having them in my collection, and the busts are sitting on my work desk at home, so it was money well spent. I'm just trying to find a good time to sink the 100+ hours I'll need to enjoy the game all over again. I think the only other collector's editions I have bought that weren't heavily discounted to like 19.99 after the fact, and that are somewhat hard to come by are the Spider-Man collector's edition (130 bucks, I think?) and the No Man's Sky limited edition that I got at launch (though that one wasn't expensive, just in short supply, but the demand for that seems to have dropped significantly as you can get a used version of it for around 40 dollars on ebay). I did pay a good chunk for the God of War collector's edition, but you can find that new for as low as 50 bucks now, as IGN's daily deals would have me believe (and it's entirely believable, as I've scored most of my collector's editions ranging in price from 20-40, so patience is everything, I suppose). As far as any other ridiculously valuable games I have, you would have to dig into my old games collection, and you'll probably find a number of them that are price gouged to all hell on ebay in my Nintendo catalog since I own just about every one of their first party games since GCN, and even a hard copy of Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Prime Trilogy still in mint condition.
  7. Don't forget White Knight Chronicles. But there are a lot of games that have achievable platinums that are also very enjoyable. Your profile doesn't give a whole lot of information as to what you find enjoyable (nor does your post), and that would be the big thing. How about the recent Spider-Man? Do you like JRPGs and don't mind putting in 120+ hours in? Then maybe Persona 5 or the recently released DQXI, and another one I'd recommend that is less on the time commitment is the more action oriented Odin Sphere. Maybe WRPGs are more your thing? How about Skyrim or one of the Fallout games (though, once again, about 60-70 hours, so some effort on your part, but there's absolutely nothing difficult about them). Story/interactive movie games? Telltale, David Cage, point-n-click adventures like the remasters of the old LucasArts/Tim Schafer games, nuff said. Action games? Any one of the Uncharted games are completely doable, not gimme's, but entirely doable by most people. I don't know. That should get you started.
  8. I mean, there's a lot to enjoy about the game, be it from a story perspective or just riding around in the world and seeing some of the weird stuff that happens so I don't think there's really any right way to "enjoy" a game of this scope since there's plenty of stuff to see and do, and that does include finishing what appears to be a very interesting story. I probably spent about 20 hours on chapter 2 (and before anyone mentions it, I'm on Xbox), and just started chapter 3 tonight, but after spending so much time in the open world, I'm ready to plow through the story because it's got me hooked now. As far as missable trophies go... well.. I can understand someone not wanting to play through a 60 hour campaign (plus 100% requirements) only to have to do it all over again because of one thing they missed, but I don't necessarily think that means they aren't having fun, but to each their own. I personally would never platinum this game, because a glance at the list and it looks absolutely nightmarish and tedious (RDR1 was, and will probably remain the only R* game I have and will ever platinum) and I'm playing it on Xbox where I don't care about achievements that much, but... as said... to each their own. It's not like the platinum is going anywhere right now, anyway, since the online function isn't even available yet.
  9. If you enjoy the game as much as you are saying, and wish you could get more replay value out of it, I don't see why this would stop you from going further regardless of being rewarded a measly trophy. There's also no trophies for the difficulty modifiers, but that doesn't make them pointless because of it. All of this seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill, to be honest. I'm not that far in, but it's not like they award you the platinum trophy after the first 10 hours and it takes more effort than what is being lead on here.
  10. There's no definitive way to level up (some activities net more XP than others, but no exploits or anything of that nature to my knowledge that'll launch you from 1-50 in an hour), but this game most definitely does punish those that want to speed through the story and you'll find yourself often level gated more times should you not at least do some side quests. As another user above said, Conquest battles are pretty big XP earners, and can go back and forth indefinitely from what it seems (i.e., help Athens take over a region, then repeat the steps to help the Spartans; lather, rinse, repeat). But stopping and smelling the roses every so often maybe beneficial if you don't want to keep getting your story progression blocked. A user on GameFAQs posted a couple of days ago about the XP rewards for quests also being tied to what difficulty you are playing on, but someone will have to verify that (Nightmare, according to his tests of quicksaves before turning in quests, showed that turning the quest in at the highest difficulty level yielded over 2x more rewards than turning it in on Easy). I have not played around with this and cannot vouch for it myself, but if you are getting desperate around end game for the level 50 trophy (or just simply want to progress the game in general) or have quests to turn in, you can see if it works yourself. Also... *ahem*... you can fork over 10 bucks for the XP booster. Not an ideal, and an entirely morally gray feature to have, but it's there if you got the funds in your account.
  11. I would advise canning the trophy hunt if it starts to feel like work. Your hobby should not feel like work. If this is asking for advice on how to continue gaming beyond some sort of trophy hunting obsession, then I would advise buying a Switch or Xbox One or whatever platform there is that have no achievement system or one you would really care about. Play games on that for a while to remind you why you still even buy gaming machines in the first place. If that's not an option, then just purposely let your completion percentage on here tank. I started out trying to 100% all of my games, but I finally said screw it and now I'm not even 50% completion, but at least I'm happy with what I play (though, I own multiple systems, so I do play on other platforms where I don't really hunt for achievements, so it's easier for me I guess to come back from orbit after putting 130 hours into Persona 5 for a platinum trophy or grinding something else).
  12. I'm on the Pro, but I've only experienced what other people have been saying, i.e. -- pretty steady for the most part in-game, but cutscenes for some reason are a little rough and noticeably dip to lower frames quite regularly (though I would say probably in the low to mid 20's but nothing ridiculous... the very early "sacrifice" cutscene was a huge offender of the dip, and was really rough to watch).
  13. I've only ever bought one game for the trophies and that was Mayo, but I actually kind of liked it in it's own little abstract art way. I guess people can look at my list and say Sound Shapes is a contender, but I actually bought that out of interest before learning it was a "taboo" on here and a sign of trophy whoring if you had multiple platforms of the game (regardless of being cross play anyway, though I know a lot more people judge when multiple regions are involved), and I definitely felt that 6 or months it took to finally get the platinum was kind of stressful for a lot of the death mode levels and I can safely say death mode killed any initial enjoyment I had out of the game and it felt like work through and through. To be honest, I can't answer this question. If it's strictly saying "game you specifically bought for trophies", then Mayo wins both best game and worst game I have ever bought for trophies, and, like said, I was thoroughly amused by the banality of it all. If we doctor the question a little bit and rephrase it as "what's the worst game you have ever bought and played through just to get the platinum", then that would have to be Call of Duty Classic. I was still in the "100% all my games" stage of my trophy career earlier on, and if I would have had the foresight that 6-7 years later, I would be sitting at a sub-50% profile with a "meh, I play and platinum what i want" attitude, then I wouldn't have bothered playing through a broken port of a game that I used to love. FUN FACT: I always hated the dam level in high school when the first game released, but in the Classic version, I could not get -- for the fucking life of me -- a single checkpoint to trigger throughout my Veteran run through of that level; needless to say I spent hours perfecting it since it was a virtually permadeath run through of it every time i failed (with the exception that I just had to start hte level over again and maybe not the entire game, but damn if it wasn't a photo finish to the end with the sliver of health I had left from eliminating the last enemy encounter). The irony of the matter is I was able to trigger what appeared to be most if not all the checkpoints on the lower difficulties, when I didn't even need them. Like said, nowadays, I would have just shelved that shit and never looked back. TLDR: Best game I have ever played/bought for the trophies: Mayo Worst game, as well: Mayo (for being the only actual game I didn't really buy out of any interest besides a cheap platinum for a dollar, so it wins by default) If we alter the question to worst game I saw through to the bloody end, even if trophies weren't the immediate deciding factor in the purchase: Call of Duty Classic
  14. @Suparichie123 Has a thing for extreme sports, and tons and TONS of loot.
  15. That would be a little bit of a stretch, considering there is a thread on here you tried to derail a couple months ago when they asked a simple question about which version everyone was getting, and you made it clear your disdain for this new series as well as making the point that you'll never play it (and continuing on trying to rile people up by trying to challenge anyone else to argue you why the series wasn't garbage). Don't know why you would have a change of heart since then, and go out and buy a game you already knew you would hate (and then, surprise, end up hating it after all), but I guess that can go with the saying "A fool and his money...", etc etc. I can link the thread if you like, but it's still on the first page of this forum.