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  1. This list doesn’t seem so bad, but I did share a status update a couple of weeks ago which kind of has a similar tone on my developing stance towards monotonous busy work that pads out trophy lists, and just the amount of overall just needless effort to accomplish simple tasks that just raises the question that I stop to occasionally ask myself in brief moment of self awareness — “why am I doing this?” It was actually Detroit: Become Human that had me thinking about it, especially after having so much fun completing the base game list in Control, and I thought the game itself was fine, but the trophy list was 60% filler and kind of annoying even though it’s, also, not really in anyway challenging, and way less difficult with a fraction of the effort of this list which seems to have gotten you. I think this game is kind of designed to be played through multiple times, so the list doesn’t seem all too bad for what they are going for. I think the initial playthrough, from a gameplay perspective seems like the worst part of the game. I’m doing a normal playthrough completely blind right now, and while I can say I’m on my way to completing chapter 13 and haven’t even come close to a party wipe, but some of the bigger battles, even bigger boss encounters, I’ve been caught with my with my pants down by not expecting it and not having the proper set up to be able to stagger them efficiently, so I spend the better part of a half an hour chipping away at their health. It’s kind of annoying when you get a materia or skill that would have made an earlier encounter way easier, and it in a way reaffirms my belief they designed the game to be played through multiple times, even at the expense of the enjoyment of the initial plathrough in favor of NG+ where you know whats coming and how to effectively prepare. But anyway, back to the topic trophies - I wouldn’t let one list get to you. Truthfully, there’s metric ass ton of trophy lists filled with padding and just annoyances that you really know you are only doing for the digital clip art that shows up on your profile after completing it. That’s not to take away from those that do enjoy the challenge of completing those checklists, but speaking personally, it’s not really what I look for when I come home from work and turn on my PS4 and Xbox, and it’s why the only Yakuza I have platinumed since getting burned out after grinding out 3 is Yakuza 6, because it wasn’t as irritating. Play for fun, you don’t have a 100% profile to worry about, so just do what I’m probably going to do, and finish what you can in the game and maybe keep this on the back burner as a rainy day platinum for you to come back to.... or never touch it again.
  2. Have met a ton of people over the last 10 years due to school then jobs, and surprisingly a ton of gamers, but if someone were to tell me that the world of trophy hunters congregate on this site and .org but are rare finds out in the real world, I would probably believe it. I don’t know where you guys are hiding, and the closest thing I’ve ever seen to somebody representing a trophy hunter IRL is a guy who had a thing for Xbox achievements, but that’s about it. Any people with any type of trophy count other than that one platinum they accidentally got when a Telltale game was free on Plus has been from adding people from .org when I boosting the occasional online trophy. As such, it doesn’t come up in conversations much, and if it does come up, it receives a resounding “uhh, why?” It’s not unusual for people to grossly over estimate how much time I spend on trophies based off a platinum count on my profile that is just unreal to them, when they spend upwards to thousands of hours playing Madden or COD online in a single year which rarely have any trophies tied to their most played modes, so they don’t have anything to go off of when PSN tends to track my gaming habits than them. As with any hobbies — you do you, no reason to be ashamed of anything you are passionate about. Just when it comes talking about said things, I remember a guy I used to work with that training to be a car mechanic and saw the sportier car I drove, as he had me pop the hood and surgically dissect the engine components as he talked to me as if I had the knowledge to be working a major Pit Crew, when I was always pretty open about having enough knowledge about cars to be able to read my dash that explicitly tells me when my car’s maintenance was due. Of course the one way conversation went on, I just smiled and nodded my head until he was done. Trophies are not all that technical, but explaining to somebody the art of placing a piece of tape in the middle of the screen to line up the baseball in that awful boss fight during the Batting Cage mini game in Yakuza 3 because I’m gunning for the elusive Mini Game Master trophy is really only a conversation I expect somebody familiar with the Dark Arts to relate to. To everyone else it’s just a “ok, why?”
  3. Semi-retired trophy hunter (though, that may be over egging it since my completion percentage is incredibly low, so obviously I’ve been choosey about the games I see through to completion for a while now). Due to the obvious world events going on right now, spending my days off holed up in my living room has netted me about 2x the amount of platinums in a matter of a couple of months than I had for the entirety of last year, when factoring in the couple of games I completed going into this — which, of course is by no means impressive considering I only platinumed like 3 games last year, but still. 


    However, two recent platinums gave me slightly more time to reflect on platinums that I would get no matter the circumstances and platinums that I think I only pulled through because of government enforced free time.


    For the former, I think Control is an example of a game that doesn’t overstay its welcome (unless you are one of the many that despises this game, of which it overstayed the welcome phase 5 minutes after you gained control of Jesse, which I suppose is understandable), pushes the player for 100% in game completion but doesn’t overdo what 100% entails and to see everything the game wants you to see without having to hug a guide every 10 minutes to get the most out of the game, even from a trophy perspective. These are the kinds of games I feel I’m starting to gravitate towards, and ones that even when curfews are lifted, travel is less limited, daily parts of our lives we initially took for granted open back up and life resumes, are the ones I’m still going to probably see through to completion. Maybe its a me thing, but maybe the effort of completing the game from start to finish, enjoying the story and side missions a game offers is starting to replace the platinum rush of seeing that blue icon lit up near the trophy card.


    If I were to reference a game that kind of felt like work, even if it is a 1/10 difficulty, I definitely had some reminders of my distancing from trophy hunting when playing Detroit: Become Human. On its own merits, its a decent game from a creator that constantly pleads with his audience to only play his newest game at the time only once to reinforce the idea of individuality and the gamer created experience that is like no one else who is also playing it. But from a trophy perspective — definitely had me thinking “why am I doing this?” Now, I thought the “kill Connor over and over again” playthrough was darkly humorous, and somewhat entertaining. That gets a pass. One that really stuck out to me was the lone collectible trophy with collectibles tied to unique choices made throughout the game, of which one required close to an hour of backtracking and roughly 6 chapters of work going through unskippable samey cutscenes before the collectible would populate... yeah... I guess the person in charge of the trophies didn’t get Dave’s memo about limiting gamers to a unique experience, which if there was ever a need for a Telltale piss easy list to accomplish this mission, now would certainly be an appropriate time for it.


    It’s weird to get triggered over such a list that doesn’t require much skill, but just a smidgeon of commitment on my part to sit through often times identical cutscenes with unskippable dialog. I still get that stupid itch to get a free platinum — had a laugh downloading the trophy families for The Sims, and had a blast throwing on god mode in Jedi Outcast (an old favorite) and slashing up stormtroopers occasionally turning the cheat off seconds before the expected trophy pop. But for some reason, Detroit felt completely unnatural and the kind of busywork my mind places on a lot of trophy lists, in stark contrast to insanely fun ones like the previously mentioned Control or even Jedi Fallen Order which had a similar philosophy with its trophy design. Maybe I just don’t enjoy putting in a ton of effort into trophies anymore, or at the very least the kind of effort that would ultimately sour my experience on a game I thought was enjoying, but grinded my way to a point where I was so happy it was finally over and I could move on.


    I probably should have probably prefaced this by stating that anyone that read this — this isn’t a declaration of war on trophy hunting, the people who hunt ultra rares or shoot for 90+% profile completion; I do have an admiration for anyone that puts any sort of goal for even their hobby, and proceeds to dedicate time and effort into completing that goal. This is simply an introspective in the form of an easily skippable status update.

  4. Did the increase in level cap make these more manageable in normal mode? I figure you could do what every other borderlands offered post launch, being if you ran into a difficulty spike in normal, just grind away in TVHM, come back with a power leveled character and rip said obstacle to shreds.
  5. I don't mind loading a new area and seeing the structures that people creatively put down to make my life easier, even if it doesn't directly impact my stats (and I spam likes on some of these people that shave down countless time off my deliveries, as they deserve it). You can contribute to bigger projects like roads, where it's rare that one person will ultimately create it, and it's very helpful to everyone in your Bridge Link and it's part of a group project (and this will greatly improve your Bridge Link stat), of which that's one way you can help contribute to your world, even if you aren't the lone genius responsible for putting down that awesome bridge that made the difference between going through a dangerous enemy filled territory and offering a quicker, safer alternative path. If you want to that guy that I walk by their structure and it has 150k likes because whomever was in my Bridge Link put it there, then you are going to have to get creative and go out of your way to find a more efficient route that no one in your group has thought of, which also means sacrificing your bandwidth and resources, but there are plenty of ways you can contribute otherwise in smaller doses (like said, entrusted deliveries are automatic, and easy once everyone in your session has basically networked all the distros in some fashion, and you are contributing by taking their cargo). I guess I'm on the other end of this, where I love seeing what other people come up with as opposed to my own creations, which is why I love the way it is handled. The opening area is incredibly congested, so there's few things people can add to it without stepping on each others toes, so yes, it does improve with more open space given to build structures if that's what you want to do. But keep in mind, i'll respect you if you contribute to a road so I'm not just pouring my own resources into it because no one else in my Bridge Link feels bothered to make all of our lives easier.
  6. For one, it looks like you are only at Chapter 3 when the option to build (or at least contribute to) roads opens up. Two I started after you according to the timestamp on your Prologue completion trophy, so I feel i'm obligated to reply to your "What happens to people who start a couple days late? Are we forever screwed?" I'm not sure how you only have 4 likes, unless it's a gross exaggeration, but the opening area is pretty barren on actual like accumulating opportunities. IF you are struggling as much as you say to get noticed, there should also be Distros with entrusted deliveries that other players don't feel bothered with walking 10 feet to their destination (well, maybe not 10 feet, but it literally takes 5 minutes for most), and these can yield upwards to thousands of likes depending on the cargo and it's guaranteed likes that are automatically given if you successfully deliver the cargo. I was just enjoying delivering entrusted cargo between Capital Knot and the Waypoint section, which I would load up on several 400-600 Max like deliveries from other players just below encumbrance, and walked out of the opening area at like level 40 bridge link just by doing that (I didn't get much likes for the structures I built, and like the other guy said, very few people seem to actually know about multiple like giving, as I had one guy pass my structure 30 times for a whopping 1 like each time, and which point if it's become such a crucial part of your path, please at least once drop 50-100 out of respect, but then again... it doesn't matter, since I'm getting them left and right now). I've contributed to almost every road in chapter 3, and I literally walk away for 20 minutes, and come back to 400-2000 likes. Seriously.. no hyperbole needed. Bridge Link is the easiest category to max out, and I was done with that after contributing to two road sections. I am at about 40k likes right now, and all I'm doing is using other peoples structures they nicely built to help me finish the story, and just kind of minding my own business until I get to the end. tl;dr -- don't worry about it, it works as intended. Just build roads.
  7. You still have to actually be playing Judgment, this app doesn’t sync to your PS4. I think he’s trying to tell you to copy the moves from the app to the actual game, not just simply playing it on your phone.
  8. A lot of people suggest the "3 column wall" method to somewhat cheese this. I can actually vouch for it, as it's a good noob-friendly way to cheese puyo. Fill up half the screen left or right with a 3 column walls, and do it quick without any consideration as to where everything goes (i.e., just let that shit fall), and then work on the half of the screen that isn't filled up. The goal of this is when you "accidentally" clear a row or several in the wall, the bricks or whatever they are called will come tumbling down and create a chain reaction. If you get a five or more chain reaction, then it's pretty much lights out for the opponent. With this method, you should regularly be able to chain clears fairly regularly, but there will be times where you'll get cheap shotted by the enemy, and they will put you out of commission with an unlucky (well, for you anyway) chain on their side. Please keep in mind this isn't 100%. You will and probably (emphasis on this) most likely will get an unlucky roll coming your way from the other side that'll nuke your round with one unlucky chain. However, for those that have trouble with it, it's the best thing you can do unless you are some sort of puyo puyo god. EDIT: Just noticed someone suggest this above, but there's a video for this above.
  9. They are pretty rare. It took me a couple weeks before one popped up from when I started playing. I don't know if they show up in the shorter timed towers, but they definitely appear in the 3 day ones (that's where I finally found one). I either got solos or only me and another guy before finally get a three person one that you need for the trophy. Thank god you only have to start the match and not actually win it or anything. They will always prompt you for teammates, FYI, but you really won't know if you have a three person one until the character select pops up. EDIT: ALSO, keep an active eye on "most recent achievers". If you notice an influx in people obtaining the trophy on this site, then there's a good chance there's one going, so act on it before it's gone and you have to wait again.
  10. Auto pop from PS3 would be my guess, since quite a few of the trophies can be automatically unlocked from a previous save.
  11. Survivor works better since it’s only one round per match. I worked on the first 4 opponents simultaneously, one after the other and the process only took a couple of hours. Just make sure to hit the tower select option and never quit back to the main menu or you’ll get different opponents. You won’t get credit for completing the tower like in your suggestion, but the head grind goes by way quicker.
  12. ^I think you may have confused this thread with the most recent platinum thread. That or you found a bizarre place to boast about your trophy accomplishments.
  13. No real opinion on the shareplay thing, but paying people to get you trophies on a list where 55 out of the 58 non-platinum trophies are hand outs, with only 3 that require anything but basic button presses to start a match (the two for story, and the 50 online matches, but I guess you could even maybe AFK that if you don't mind potentially getting hate mail; the rest can be done with AI bots or simply require you to run around the Krypt) seems extreme. You're free to do what you want, but I wouldn't immediately open up paypal the moment a trophy or three give a slight bit of pushback on an overall TellTale-level easy list. Currently running through the strategy ones (working backwards, though I've only got a couple of basic tutorial levels left before that's done), and coming from a player who went 7-44 in my 50 game run online (which is more like 6-44 for the actual ones that counted, since i guess i got a win from a disconnect that didn't count towards the trophy), the only thing impossible so far that I've run into is actually making any practical use of these moves which are way above my skill level and I'll perform them once to complete the tutorial and then probably forget most of them existed. I'm terrible at fighting games, it's my worst genre and one I'm not overly committed to, and this will be the second fighting game platinum I will obtain with the other being -- you guessed it -- Tekken 7. My tip for those that are in my situation -- when you run into one that seems impossible like I have just now, just take breaks. Honestly, it's the best advice anyone can give you dealing with anything difficult video game-related. If you narrowly fail one you were one button press that didn't register away from passing -- take a break. If you've been at the same move for twenty minutes -- walk around the room, maybe turn off the console, buy a TellTale game before it gets delisted and play that for a little bit, then come back since it starts you where you left off. After you took a little time off, you won't be as shaky, you'll be refreshed, and in a far better place to enter a 20 input combo that demands surgical precision and timing, and you may even get the stupid thing on the first or second try. Then play up until the next "impossible" tutorial, and see how many you can get done before calling it quits again for the night. If it takes you a week to get everything done, fine. Month? Fine. You'll be 10 dollars richer (well... at least you won't LOSE 10 dollars paying a stranger to do it for you) if you do it this way, though, so at least there's that.
  14. Pretty sure the platinum name is more a reference to biker outlaw culture which is a big theme in the game, and not to potential rarity.
  15. You could check the other topic you made about this which was posted in a couple of days ago...