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  1. What's even funnier it's they are genuinely boasting their legacy in game added to every PS5 - Astro's Playroom. Sony was like, "here's our heritage, we love our past so much!". Bonk! PS3 and Vita are now dead. It's a bit like praising your kid at friends' party, but bullying it at home.
  2. You have to wait. Greyed out fields mean the server has crashed. So does the endless "waiting for opponent" message on both sides during the match. Other indication is lack of update on My Matches page when you quit the lagged match and back to main multiplayer menu and it still says old value of currently running matches.
  3. Zeno Clash 2 on PS3. Oh god, how surrealistic therefore awesome artstyle this game has! Combat is so-so, but plot and overall aesthetics are great. Hidden gem, though not for everyone. I HIGHLY recommend against NG+ and NG++ in LofF. I almost broke my controller on him and decided to give him a try two more times on regular restart. Works like a charm for that throphy. Seriously, he is just cheap and cheating on NG+.
  4. This was a Plus game, so even if effectively delisted, you can still download it from Account Managment's Download lists (given you added it when it was in Plus). Applies to EU version as well, I'm downloading right now.
  5. Meanwhile, at Skyrim...
  6. Dude, so massive, that I had to buy second PS3 due to lags on my primary PS3 because I downloaded everything I ever bought on that system...
  7. I'm in, if you let me. Years back did Kill Your Completion and then abandoned gaming alltogether (unrelated). So this year I'm going back to what I used to have, and that is over 90%. So: Starting: 70,72% Target: 90% or more
  8. Westwood was killed in 2003, Red Alert 3 came out in 2008. It's unrelated (game was made by EA Los Angeles, not Westwood).
  9. I'm gonna support side that says that none of physical forms are actually dying. They are being pushed to make room for new ways of distribution, so they can share market. I'm working in the oldest of physical entertainment media - books - and we've heard all those harbingers of paper books' fall because of ebooks. Nope, not happening at all. We just found another way to distribute books. As for overwhelming digitalization of distribution of games - one or two of future cases when gamers ceased to be able to reach theirs virtual library and we will have renaissance of physical copies of games
  10. Whoa whoa, since we're all slowed down it's time for reflection... and... you're right. Dammit . But I found changing subject of sentences between posts confusing. That's all I have for my defence
  11. Whaaaaaat?! Where? Point me in his direction! Need to ask him some serious questions. Mainly - how can you be that bold in life. And did he ever earn that much for a trophy :D. Hell yeah, if you can get 650€ for a trophy, that's a good salary. Just wishing trophy hunting had health insurance and taxes included... 🤑
  12. Slow down, he's Polish (according to profile nationality here) . So, yeah. It makes me sad, since it's my folk. Imma gonna punch some tribesman in da head!
  13. Yeah, it's a bit cliche and generic. That's what makes me wonder if they really had this game in three years of development, or just scrapped whatever they been doing and threw all resources to salvage what they could to at very least please the CoD or FPS audience in general after BF1 exploded and IW inploded...
  14. I think it works for the whole european store - mine, Polish, has it free. Yay!