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  1. Metro Exodus Platinum in 2 years, 2 months That’s my longest platinum. Reason it took so long was because I didn’t feel like replaying the game on Ranger Hardcore since I didn’t enjoy it that much. Then I read about a glitch here on the forums that would net me the trophy for Ranger Hardcore and the bad ending. Both of those were the only trophies I was missing for plat so it all played out well for me 👌🏻😀
  2. It’s a real shame they are removing PS3 games especially since they never add any PS3 to PSNow. I’ve been hoping they would add Dante’s Inferno for a long time but I’ve never seen a PS3 game added 😒
  3. I only did let the games begin when I farmed for 50 hives. But in a fairly recent update in April they made it so that all hives on the wartable are random and Let the Games Begin is not always up. The update made the 50 hives trophy more like a HIV trophy taking a lot longer since all other hives have more floors.
  4. #382 Little Nightmares II Primetime Content Consumer 48,59% Difficulty: / Fun: / Trophies: / Time to Plat: 6 Hours Great game! Scarier than all Bloober games combined. Really make me me hope that the Silent Hill Bloober rumor is untrue. Bloober would certainly kill of the Silent Hill franchise, first Homecoming then Downpour and a 3rd shitty bloober game would certainly be the final nail in the coffin. Little Nightmares 2 reminds heavily of games like Inside/Limbo, it just has better graphics and atmosphere. The puzzles were the highlight of the games really innovative and fun. The pacing was another thing that was great, just the right amount of puzzles between each "combat" encounter. Might go and play Little Nightmares 1 now that i know how good the second one is. #383 The Pathless No Path Untraveled 41,20% Difficulty: / Fun: / Trophies: / Time to Plat: 10 Hours Not the worst indie game i have ever played but far from the best. The selling points of the game was No map, No fast travel & No Game Overs. I think the game could have benefited from all three. They really wanted you to run alot in this game. To get each spirits gift you had to run after them for like 3-4 minutes after you've collected all tokens and in the end the gift felt kinda useless. Still i didn't feel like my time was wasted like i do with a fair amount of AAA games nowadays. Still fun to play something different. It's truly sad that you have to play indie games to get these innovative and creative ideas, something most AAA studies seems to shy away from.
  5. 🎈🎁🎉 Happy 10th Birthday Most Recent Platinum! 🎉🎁🎈 Kind of amazing this thread has gotten 50K+ posts in 10 years. Here's to many more!🍹
  6. That's awesome! Hopefully you can do the same with Valhalla in the future. That's the best way to play videogames, after all or most DLC have dropped and the game has been patched and is in its most stable form. I myself play to much video games that if i want something new to play i kinda have to play most AAA games fairly early after release.
  7. This is a bit late but if dark areas are to dark adjust contrast and not brightness.
  8. Considering this is for current gen and PC only it has to be a remake. Atleast i hope so. EA saw Capcoms success with RE remakes and wanted in on the action. Can't wait to plat all 3 again.
  9. Thank god i'm forced to complete all territories for a silver trophy. Can't get enough of that. I really hope this DLC is better than Druids. That DLC was a slog.
  10. Wonder if Dead Space 3 will still have the coop missions? If they remaster the trilogy I really hope they ditch them.
  11. Thank god you guys made video guides. Pretty sure platinum rarity would be under 95% otherwise 😀
  12. #381 Demon's Souls Slayer of Trophies 28,46% Difficulty: / Fun: / Trophies: / Time to Plat: 26 Hours Main reason i really enjoyed this was the impressive graphics and insane load times. I still prefer the more modern Dark Souls games with DS3 being my favourite. There are so many more quality of life improvements on the newer Dark Souls games which makes them more enjoyable to play. Demons Souls is still a great game though. I followed a guide made by @Optinooby to get all highly missable trophies as fast as possible. Great guide and i can't recommend it enough. Most trophies was alright but the collectible trophies was a pain in the ass because of the World/Character tedency stuff. You have to take several online classes before you know exactly how tedencies works = > Platting this game without any form of a guide would be insanely difficult and impressive.
  13. When checking your trophy log the DS plat is no 5001 and seeing that you have no hidden trophies I have no idea how this could happen. Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake?
  14. Biggest surprise was that you could get laid if you played you cards right. I didn’t expect that 😀
  15. Once a week is a little over kill. Even if you have pets and are a heavy smoker once a week is overkill. Best you can do is buy a dust cover/filter. That will buy your console a couple of extra years.