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  1. I actually didn't know that. Will have to watch them all before thursday =>
  2. Love FMV games. Is this the same developer as The Bunker and Last Shift?
  3. Would be nice to have a recap trailer since i can barely remember what happened in episode 1,2 & 3. I remember that the father got killed by a cop i believe, then we met Captain Spirit and in the last episode i got laid which was nice it it been an eternity.
  4. Hope this qualifies as an anime but the last and probably only i have ever seen was Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust all the way back in 2001-2002. Was actually a really good movie.
  5. Ohh shit. my bad then. Is there matchmaking? If not i might actually skip this game or wait for a sale. I despise online coop in singleplayer games.
  6. Seems like 4-6 playthrough so im guessing 4-5 hours per playthrough. Since it not a full price game i assume it fairly short.
  7. 1 controller couch coop from what i understand. Saw it in a recent dev trailer.
  8. So we have a similar list to Until Dawn. Looks like an easy but entertaining platinum. What's your thoughts? List in spoilers! Source: http://www.powerpyx.com/the-dark-pictures-anthology-man-of-medan-trophy-list-revealed/
  9. Well if other from portugal are getting it so should you. Have tried viewing the mail as plain text in a email program? That's the other option to get it to show up. Thunderbird works for this since most people in the thread used it. It's worth a try atleast.
  10. Thats odd, my only guess then is that maybe Portugal didn't get a code. There is a code giveaway here in the forums somwhere that you could try and enter.
  11. Thats what i did. You don't see a 10 digit code repeated 3 times in total?
  12. I have almost always replayed Clive Barker's Jericho and Alan Wake every single year. Both games are horror masterpieces imho.
  13. I tried viewing the source but found no code. Download the mail as a .eml and just drag it into chrome and you should the 10 digit code 3 times total. I had to download Thunderbird to save mail since it wasn't a option in web browser. When i read the mail in browser it said nothing of an offer or a code. So don't worry if you can't see anything just do what mention above and you should see one.
  14. Holy shit that actually worked! Somehow when reading the email in chrome i just didn't see the code or the offer. Downloaded Thunderbird and saved the mail as .eml and opened it in chrome and all of a sudden i could find the code. Is playstation aware of this issue?
  15. Got the mail but no code. I spent plenty of money in the store every month but i guess that not enough...