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  1. #348 Blood & Truth Platinum Trophy Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Time to plat: About 15 hours My Very First PSVR Platinum. Gotta say VR is kinda cool but it not something i'll play for several hours per session. I get a headache after about 2-3 hours of gameplay. Was truly awesome to first experience VR through such an awesome game. From the few VR games i tested so far this one if without a doubt the top game. I don't feel like any other even comes close. Maybe The Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners will top it, we'll see =>
  2. Not a chance TES6 will be Xbox exclusive. They can make so much more making it multiplatform and MS need to make back the 7.5B. Minecraft dungeons still released on all platform even though its a MS product. Only dev i'll be missing is Tango and ID.
  3. If only inches was a real measurement => But yeah it seems like a big boy.
  4. I have gone through all setups guide online but didn't know the start and select button even were on the move controller. I'm retarded => Thanks. Btw how do you fix it when you have to stand to the right of the camera instead of in the middle. I've done all the camera settings, but as soon as i boot up a game i have to take 1-2 steps to the right to be in the middle.
  5. Just bought a PSVR and have been setting it up. Tried playing the Until Dawn game but my "VR hands" are so out of place even though i reclibrated tracking light on move controllers. My left hand is basicly off screen and sometimes uoside down. No idea how to fix it since i don't know what to google exactly. How can you easily fix the controllers while ingame? Also are all text supposed to be hard to read? It's all really blurry. Even if i adjust my headset in the optimal position it still barely readable.
  6. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/9997-final-fantasy-vii-remake-trophy-guide
  7. Man i got lucky and got the trophy after 20 - 25 minutes. Got the same combo both rounds and my favourite one aswell. Had 44 pull ups in the end and Jules only had 37 which is the lowest i've ever seen him get.
  8. Man i wish preorders were up in sweden...
  9. My trophy popped when i myself and 2 other survivors were injured and i healed a person from dying to injured state the 4th survivor was healthy. So seems like only 3 people including yourself have to be injured/dying/hooked.
  10. There is something unappealing about the graphics, cant quite put my finger on it. Something seems off. Maybe it will get better before release.
  11. Really? Well than it should be no issue getting it at all then.
  12. If only you could earn trophies in KYF. Plat would sit at a 30% rarity or higher => Wiki says a health state is simply getting on survivor from injured to healty. https://deadbydaylight.gamepedia.com/Health_States I've counted full heals yesterday and today and im at 12-13 heal while the other 3 survivor are injured and no trophy pop yet. But as with all other trophies it'll pop eventually.
  13. Only reason ill pick up a XboxX at launch is if they announce Ryse 2, otherwise i'll just stick with PS5 simply because of the upcoming God of War. Can't think of any game that is coming to Xbox that is worth shilling out 500 bucks just to be able to play it, while PS has a bunch.
  14. This has done wonders for que times at higher ranks. Gone from 20-25 minutes to 1-3 minutes. Actually a joy to que up now knowing you'll get a game that fast.
  15. I'm just surprised that PS4 owners will get it for free seeing how Behaviour likes to charge their player base for everything in a game that already costs money to buy. Can't wait for 60 FPS though.