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  1. I would assume the dev has a deal with Tour de France or something to make a certain amount of these games or something.
  2. Yeah in ended up with a surplus of 750 mana by the time i platted the game. You get a fair bit for doing the point of interest and the flashbacks aswell.
  3. Pretty sure my LG C11 does the same thing. But i stream all my content from my PC either Via Plex or whatever it is my brother setup. I stream any and all apps from PC to TV and i never have to worry abut Bandwidth. What annoys me is that whenever i test my down/upload when testing internet connection on my PS5 i always get 250 down but only about 10-12 upload. No idea why really but it's annoying.
  4. Well i can access the store now when i'm connected straight to the internet. Been working for about 4 hours now. But 5 minutes after i plug my PS5 via the router i can access the store for about 5 minutes before it completely dead but i can still play online games like DBD. It's really weird. Hopefully it's a problem with PSN for you, and it'll likely get fixed fairly fast. I hope!
  5. I'm wired for life! Just tried to connect PS5 via wifi to see if that would solve the issue. In cables i trust! I did the DNS thing a while back but i'll surely do the port forwarding thingy as soon as i get myself a new router. I will keep my eye out for that. Thanks!
  6. I figured out the problem when i connected my PS5 straight to the internet without my router and it's been working for several hours now. Tried connecting the PS5 via wifi but still have the same issues. Reset my router to factory but it's still happening. But the ps store load fine on browser and in mobile app even though they are connected to the same router. Guess i'll have to spend another 200 bucks on a decent wifi router. Thanks for the help peeps appreciate it!
  7. Really? it's been like this for 48 hours for me, that why i thought it was on my end. Well guess i'll just have to wait and see. Can always ask a mod to delete this thread if that's the case. The store/ps+ loads fine on app and in my browser. Thanks for the answer. I've also gone from Nat type 1 to type 2 for no reason at all.
  8. I get this message after my PS5 and been on for a while. I still have internet connection and can play online games but my store/PS+ tab and my friends list and other online feature won't work. If i reboot the console it works for a while but as soon as i start a game it goes "offline" again. Anyone have any idea why this started happening now? I've restarted everyting that has with internet to do, router and such. Edit: Whenever i rebooted and things "work" I can't switch tabs in the store. Nothing loads anymore and it looks like this.
  9. Thanks! Then i won't go totally out of my way to get exactly every mana i see. I have bought all Fey and Silas magic and still have 350 mana over for whenever i unlock the next spelltree.
  10. OR will you find enough exploring the map? I've recently entered 2 other region and there is so muss less mana to find compared to in Preanost. So i'm wondering will i need to farm exp for levels to get enough mana to buy all spells?
  11. So are any armours/weapons missable? Judging by the trophy % it seems like it's not, but the guide states that they in fact are missable. Would like to know before i jump into the game.
  12. That is correct 👍🏻
  13. Anyone know for sure what is needed for this trophy? Powerpyx's guide mentions that you only need to get the ligaments to show and that you don't have to remove the entire limb. I focusing mainly on legs since that what he suggests. But other say you need to focus on shooting of arms and/or melee finishers.
  14. Only 3 chapters in and i'm loving this game so far. The combat is so darn fun to me. Story is corny but entertaining so far. Really looking forward to platting this game.
  15. Just like Pete mentioned. As soon as you got the ultra hard trophy you should start a NG++ on story and start working towards the currency. Doing side missions and other stuff on ultra hard will just take longer and more effort compared to starting a NG++ on story. It’s sucks that you can’t change difficulty from ultra hard to story when you are done with the main missions.