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  1. Its not possible. On PS4 you always get the latest version when downloading digital.
  2. I live in Sweden so i dont think customs here are very strict at all. And if they are im only out 21 bucks.
  3. Yeah i gotta give them props for atleast making the censor screens funny while still descibing the scene you are missing out on.
  4. Im fine with it beeing delayed. We still have some games that look promising releasing this year. Detroit Become Human, God of War 4 New Beginings, Red Dead Redemption 2, Yakuza 6, Dark Souls Remastered and Spider-Man. So next year will also be good with The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone.
  5. Yeah even though i know what happens in the censored scenes i want to be able to see it. Some of the funniest moments are the censored scenes.
  6. Thanks alot! Guess i'll order from the US then!
  7. So played this on PC and loved it. Decided to plat it on PS4 but i refuse to play a censored version of the game. Is there any other way to get an uncensored copy other then using a NA account? I have a NA account but can't bother getting gift cards since that is the only way for me to buy from the NA store. Can i order from Amazon in the US for example? Console aren't region locked anymore or am i mistaken?
  8. All i see i case select. i want to do hardest difficulty but keep my levels and blueprints.
  9. For anyone with 1.04 that plans on using the glitch. Quit the game before you load the save otherwise you wont get the trophy. I loaded mine ingame and didnt get it. So i saved once on nightmare after the first ingame load to get normal to nightmare, quit the game, booted up and loaded save and finished the game and that got me the trophy.
  10. As long a new game+ works the same way im guessing it will work. Meaning you can start a ng+ at anytime. I have no personal experience with the PS3 version.
  11. Im only about 14 hours in and have not encountered a single bug yet. Might be cause ive only played singleplayer so far.
  12. I can not say for sure but i doubt that it does. You could try it out and see if the stamina grows.
  13. REmake RE 2 RE 7 RE 4 RE Rev 2 RE Code Veronica X RE 3 RE Rev 1 RE Outbreak File 2 RE 6 RE 5 RE Operation Racoon City RE Darkside Chronciles RE Dead Aim I still have to play RE 0 after that i played almost all of them.
  14. Is it supposed to be this way? Really annoying to start a hard level with only 3 lifes when you need to get all boxes. Do you seriously need to farm extra lifes to do the harder levels if you suck at the game?