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  1. Hopefully we get a save function in the future. One that deletes on death. https://www.gamesradar.com/returnal-devs-hear-the-community-about-save-options/
  2. Yay another game with buggy trophies, this is becoming the standard of all new releases. I have downloaded the game but won’t even launch it until I know they have patched the trophies and sound bug.
  3. I always upload my saves. But only the saves that are needed. You don't have to upload an autosave that was made in the tutorial level of the game for example. Just upload your finished gamesave or 100% save. Otherwise some games will take up 20 slots when you only need 2-3 including the profile save. Theres also a ton of games that don't have NG+ or similar where uploading a save for future use is pointless if you already beaten and platted the game.
  4. I hope it's not autopop. I want to earn all trophies again!
  5. Aha well orlog you can do all over again if you start a new game, as soon as you get to England. The settlement trophy is the tricky one. Guess you are forced to wait for a patch, because getting level 6 from a new game is probably 25 hours+ if you skip as much as possible.
  6. Nothing autopops all trophies. But it autopops what it does. Atleast quite a few.
  7. 3D audio is even more impressive in VR. I still have to get a headset for my PS5 but have no idea which to buy yet.
  8. Kill an enemy or complete a quest to start auto pop. Seems like only completing quests works after latest patch.
  9. Just had my 4th crash in total happened on the first boss for the 2nd time. Still wouldn't have beaten the boss even if i had no crash so not that annoying. But there are 4 more bosses after the first one. A friend is saying that he has had no crashes so far after about 2 hours of playtime. Will try and reinstall tomorrow and see what happens. After reading on reddit this seems like it is happening to quite a few. Not a super active reddit and i already seen 5 people who had issues. Hopefully it get fixed fairly quickly.
  10. Had 3 crashes in total so far. Since there are no saves in this game that's a big issue. Avoid this like the plague. If you have as many crashes as me you can not possibly beat this game because of the no save stuff. This is with day one patch installed btw. Very disappointing. Gameplay is a blast.
  11. You really shouldn't double dip during a Pandemic. High risk to catch the coof.
  12. Achievements is the more common name, both Steam and Xbox uses it and they prob just forgot to change it for PS. Only Playstation that wants to be different. Achievement is a better name imho. Since you actually avhieve them instead of just getting a Ratalaika participation trophy =>
  13. It already runs at 60on PS5? Well then I’m just hoping for a new stack 😀
  14. Yes. You also get a new weapon in your weapon locker. There are some trophies tied to that weapon.
  15. I really hope we get a new stack. Would love to plat this again at 60fps!