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  1. Aha so i have to buy a physical copy now =(
  2. So i was looking through one of my list of games i have an intention of buying at some point and noticed that White Night can not be found in the store anymore. Does anyone know why and if it will ever be put up on the store again?
  3. Why the hell isnt it avaible in Sweden? So annoying that half of the easy platinums never get released here. Nubla is nowhere to be found either.
  4. i Preordered today and got it. Im would assume this offer is valid up until launch, sometimes even a few days after. I think this is worldwide. Im in EU. But check the PS Store. It should say something like this when you are at the TWD Final Season page: Pre-order The Walking Dead: The Final Season to receive: -The Walking Dead Collection -6 profile avatars
  5. The 3rd one, The Last Frontier is by far my favourite season so far. Even better then the first one. Its not as predictable as the previous seasons imo.
  6. Yeah it would have been awesome to get 3 plat for the main games and maybe even one for the Michonne series.
  7. Guess we can asume this is the NA version of the game since the 2 people that have it are in SA/NA. Hopefully we get it here in EU soon.
  8. Yeah if he is flagged for getting 75% of documents 13 seconds before finishing the game this should be lifted.
  9. Finally reached 200 =P And i actually waited to get the last trophies for AC Rogue instead of getting a indie game as my 200th plat. #200 Assassins Creed Rogue
  10. I asked Zodiac Interactive about an EU release and they said to expect it this summer.
  11. Have cleared about 20 rooms and not found a single competing cube =P Edit: Seems you dont meet any competing cubes on your very first life. Only started meeting them after i cleared the game once.
  12. For anyone wanting to avoid this bug. From what i found out in other forums with people who has experienced the same bug, it seems like everyone fast traveled immediately after getting the templar armor. So wait a while after getting the armor and walk out of the room you get it in to avoid this bug.
  13. Ill definitely do that. Hopefully no more game breaking bugs.
  14. Used my back up and picked up everything except animus fragment. Also renovated everything again. Will do a backup every 2 hours from now on.