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  1. As the topic says are there any missables in the first episode?
  2. Can you read? I said don't bother about other people profiles only your own....
  3. Is it worldwide? Never heard of that particular sale before.
  4. It's funny to see alot of people here make a thread every now and then whining about other people who get more easy plats then them. Pro tip, just do and play the games you want to and stop worrying about other peoples profiles, No one cares about your profile so you shouldn't care about others. The value of the trophies is what you make of them, there is a rarity system if you really want to put a some kind of value to trophies.
  5. So this method can get you to whatever core power you want in the very first area of the game. Simply gather as much scrap as possible then die where he dies in the video. Kill/Execute enemies until your scrap timer is above 5 minutes then pickup your scrap for a 50% bonus. You get that each and everytime you do this. I started with 30k and got to 10 mill in a little less then 1 hour.
  6. Yes i gave her a staff. Thanks for explaining!
  7. So im currently just working my way to the 2nd boss and there was 2 smelter machines but after i pushed some button there was only 1. I killed it and now have 3 shining coins even though i only killed the very first one and 1 of the 2 that is right before 2nd boss. Have i screwed myself of getting the smelter trophy?
  8. GZ! The most annoying trophy in any fallout game done! Will be smooth sailing for you from here on out =>
  9. The progress trakcer only updates 33% for each area done ie Boston, Frontier & NY. So you might be missing 1 in each area. You gotta uncover the map to get the missions. Google a delivery quests to see starting location. You will also need your homestead upgraded a bit to craft some of the items needed.
  10. I do not have the patinum yet but i have done all the annoying trophies for Assassins Creed 3 Remastered and only have DLC trophies left. This game is by FAR the most mind numbingly booring platinum ever. Kill one of each animal in each area.... Run around for 2 hours aiming at your settlers because thats fun... Do this incedibly annoying optional objective... Complete all this crappy repetetive challenges.. Run around like a moron and deliver these letters will you?... If i didn't have a case of OCD i would have ditched this plat long ago.
  11. I remember using a money glitch by resting a vendor and buy something cheap and selling it for more then i bought it for. But i think it has been patched. But you could google and see if there is a money glitch. Alternatively you can backup your save then sell everything you've got build stores and get the trophy then download you backup again.
  12. I got this like a week after the games release, back then i just built tons of stores and that worked wonders. Still took forever and sometimes you got to 99 and never to 100 but i saved right before building everything and tried again until i got it.
  13. Lol => He certainly would.
  14. Pretty sure it does. There are other video out there that might show it a bit clearer. I spent over 1 hour before i got it to work properly, the problem i had was that i didn't press & quickly enough to be able to work "backstage". Remember to back up your save before trying to get it to work.