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  1. #359 Silent Hill 3 HD I Guess it's Time to Roll the Credits 15,40% Difficulty: / Fun: / Trophies: / Time to Plat: 10 Hours What a sentimental journey this was. Silent Hill has to be one of my favourite franchises. Top three probably. I love all 4 main games alot but the other two AAA Silent Hill games are not to shabby either (Homecoming & Downpour). Was years since i played a SH game last. But i played through each four main entries when i was younger. It's a very easy platinum and you can get the plat by only playing on easy if you feel like it but playing on normal or hard is recommended. It's makes the game slightly more intense. Trophies are fairly basic, unlock all endings, get all special weapons and kill all bosses within a certain time limit. Not special. Not like Silent Hill 2 which require you to 10 Star the game which is pretty difficult. SH 3 is one of the better Silent Hills games aswell, but all 4 are very good. The game can occasionally crash loosing you some progress unless you save very often. The 333 kills can also be farmed so you can get the plat in only 3 playthroughs. Unfortunately the HD collection isn't as good as the original, but it's the only version that has trophies. If you never played a Silent Hill game but are a fan of horror you really should play them, though i recommend playing atleast Silent Hill 1 before playing Silent Hill 3. I really hope Konami either makes another SH game or sells the IP to a competent studio, but we all know that wont happen. Kuck Fonami!
  2. I usually just put the plarinum of my favourite games or franchises in my cabinet, if any happen to be rare or ultra rare that's just a bonus => Have been going trough my trophies to see if i could spell something funny or interesting but so far iv'e not gotten anything together. So far i'm only sticking to platinum trophies since i see no real use of just throwing normal trophies in there.
  3. Yeah none of the game are super popular among other gamers but I really love them. The story of Jericho is what is the best part of the game. Really like the time travelling stuff while trying to get to the firstborn. I generally like games that have either gods or devils involved in the story. Dante’s inferno is another game with a really dope story. Travelling through all the levels of hell. Also like the unique gameplay of switching characters constantly even if the AI is dumb af, always dying is something I enjoyed. Clive Barkers Undying is another really good game. Alan Wakes story is very Stephen King and he also happens to be my second favourite author after Tolkien. The flashlight gameplay and constant narration in the game is also fairly unique if you ask me 😀 Same with Dante’s inferno when Virgils tells you about each level of hell. I generally like game with a lot of narration. I have played the first Condemned game on Xbox 360 and got all achievements. I have been looking for a copy of Condemned 2 for PS3 but no luck so far. Unfortunately no trophies for the PS3 version but it’s the same with Jericho for PS3. I still only own a physical copy copy Jericho on PC. Been looking for a PS3 disc in my country but it’s really rare and the ones I’ve found is usually over 40 bucks which is to steep for me. I thinks it’s cool that you actually heard about Jericho, most people have never heard of the game👍🏻. Barker is a horror genius. Need to read some more books by him.
  4. Guess I’ll give this a go then. If I get a lot of crashes and stop playing I will probably still have more than 1% trophy completion.
  5. Is this game still crashing like crazy? I started it when it was free on PS+ years ago. Got one trophy then I ditched the game. It crashed 6 times in less then one hour of gameplay. Would really like to go from 1% to 100%.
  6. Clive Barkers Jericho and Alan Wake! Both those games have everything I look for in a game. Dark and interesting story with a few twists, interesting and original gameplay mechanics. I replay these two games on an annual basis. They are both horror masterpieces. if I ever see a upcoming game that’s similar to any of these two it’s a day one purchase for me. Unfortunately there hasn’t been one in several years.
  7. You should play some Dead by Daylight. The people there are equally brain dead. Best thing you can do is either make it so only friends can message you, I don’t recommend it though or you can report them. It does the job. They either get a temp ban or a warning from Sony. You get notified if the report was valid or not just a few hours after the report. I myself enjoy the toxic messages. I always a good laugh to read some of the messages. You have to be a certain type lowlife to get upset enough to send angry messages to someone over a video game. Report and block!
  8. For me it was Dead Space 2. I practised so much for the hardcore run. I really wanted to get the platinum. It was all I was thinking about for a few days and the day before I am about to start my run I realise that I can use a power node glitch to make it significantly easier. Just like that almost all nervousness disappeared.
  9. #357 The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series EU The Long Walk 45.32% Fun: / Trophies: / Difficulty: / Time to Plat: 34 Hours This will be the last time i play a Telltale TWD game. Played each season several times now and seen pretty much everything all the seasons have to offer. Season 1 is the best by far, it's the season that started it all. Season 2 & 3 are also pretty decent. Season 2 has stronger story but season 3 had better characters like Kate which most peoples romance option. Season 4 is a travesty, AJ is the most annoying video game child in any game i have ever played. Really wish they gave us an option to have him killed in the first episode, that would drastically improve the remaining 3. But unfortunately it's not possible and you are stuck with this useless brat for the entire season. Michonne is even better then season 4 but only by a little. This collection is the best one out there especially for people new to the series, as this is truly a Definitive Edition with all seasons and improved graphics on S1 & S2. Best part is that you only have to beat each season to get the platinum, the misc trophies in Season 4 and in 400 Days was removed allowing people to purely focus on the story.
  10. Resident Evil Revelations 2 platinum sits at 3,26% and that’s only because the first episode was free. It’s a pretty easy platinum. Invisible mode is the only challenging part but still only a 5/10 The Never-Ending Nightmare 3,26% Lords of the Fallen sits at 4,24% and is really easy. Low % only because it was free on PS+ and there is no good collectibles guides anywhere online. It’s a great game overall just a slower souls like and there is a level up glitch that still works today making the plat even easier. Lords and Judges 4,24% Dead Space 3 is at 4,35%. Only low % because it was free on PS+ iirc. There is a glitch where you can use foam finger for hardcore making it a very easy platinum. Brave New World 4,35% Blood and Truth 4,91%. Same as Lords of the Fallen no good collectible guides plus it’s a VR game so it’s annoying to follow a video guide. Platinum Trophy 4,91% Finally Outlast 2 1,33%. Might be somewhat controversial but I don’t consider this super hard. I did get the plat before they fucked up enemy AI. But you just need to memorise enemy locations and where they spawn depending what route you take. Most annoying part is unskippable cutscenes. Omnipotent 1,33%
  11. Never heard of a Vtuber before i read this thread. I would probably kill myself within 30 minutes of watching one. Thank god i didn't know what they were for so long.
  12. Never heard of the game before this thread. But will certainly buy if the price tag is right. You should always support devs/publishers with the balls to tell the cancel mob to basically fuck off.
  13. That’s great news. I’ve been holding off on buying any new games since I’ve been hoping to get a hold of a PS5, but it’s impossible. Will probably pick this up now that I know it performs well on base PS4. Otherwise I will start the PS5 generation with a massive backlog.
  14. How does it run on base PS4?
  15. Fallout 3! The character creation is basicly the intro/tutorial. Wish more games did it like that.