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  1. Seems to be up now. Atleast store and trophy syncing works for me. Hope everyone survived =>
  2. Just logged on for the first time today, have this been going on all day?
  3. Would love for someone to help me get some quick levels. Happy to repay the favour as soon as i get some levels under my belt, currently 16. On my first playthrough. PSN Quink666
  4. I met 100s of killers willing to farm when people DC and such, so yeah there are definitely some awesome people aswell.
  5. Quite a few people seem upset about this all over the internet. Hopefully they adress it in the next patch, just hope next patch doesn't take months. Just tone down special zombie spawn and it is still harder. 5-6 specials each swarm wave is just insane, and that playing on hard. Was planning on platting this but i wont subject myself to doing insane with randoms as it is right now.
  6. I still don't get why they made it so much harder if they are also adding an extreme difficulty. Doesn't make any sense really. Those who wanted a harder experience could just play Extreme in a week. I went from farming hard to failing more then 50%. Having 2-3 bulls 2 gasbags and one of the new zombies is crazy, and on top of that you have a swarm aswell. Took some of the enjoyment out of the game. Playing normal awards less XP and currency while playing hard and failing awards even less but is more fun.
  7. Story related. So don't worry about it.
  8. I'm struggling to complete hard now. Was farming it before but now i better stick to normal.
  9. Iv'e done em all now but im still missing the 2nd one. Edit: never mind found one. Hidden beneath on camp icon. They are impossible to see on the map for me. Hopefully this one has a fallen.
  10. So iv'e killed all other but can't for the love of me find the last 2. Killing one doesnt give clues to others.
  11. Yeah i had double bull spawn on normal even. Was farming hard yesterday no problem whatsoever. Failed my first normal today with experienced people. New zombie spawn very raely thank god. Screamers seem to have a ton of HP now aswell.
  12. Holy crap they have made it harder, just failed my first normal ever. With 2 other people that were level 200+. You get so swarmed with enemies. The new enemy type also is really strong. If you dont disinfect the spit you turn into a zombie. You have like 10 seconds to do so. If you are close to zombies you can't do it meaning you will turn, since you can't move for about 5 seconds while disinfecting. Hopefully this will get balanced in the next patch whenever it might hit.
  13. No private lobby for PVP unfortunately. Unless im toally blind. Could only find it for PVE.
  14. Judging only from youtube comments alot of people are saying it harder now. People who played on insane all the time can't anymore and they think the new enemy is to strong or hard to kill.
  15. Will definitely do that. Only 6gb left out of 13 total.