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  1. Well Unity picks up right where Rogue ends with the death of a certain character. That's kinda cool. So i wouldn't skip it. You can rush through Rogue in about 7 hours if only focusing on main missions. It is extremely similar to Black Flag in terms of gameplay. You also get to see the game from the Templar point of view instead of the assassins.
  2. If you have 3 flags that are legitimate i think you are out of luck. Unless you can succesfully dispute 1 of them you will probably remain removed from the leaderboard. But you have to wait for CRT to respond to this dispute to find that out. I just chimed in on Dead Space 2 and don't have enough knowledge to comment on Mortal Kombat.
  3. If you managed to hide all cheated games before you got 3 flags you are good if you have another flag other then Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy you might be removed from LB unless you can dispute it. The Dead Space 2 flag you just got from PSXtreme_ wont be approved since CRT is aware of the glitch.
  4. Check my Dead Space 2 list, there is a glitch where you can duplicate power nodes and credits in chapter 1.
  5. Yeah i just can't be bothered by that. I've moved on to AC Syndicate. Man that game is leagues better then Unity. The free running is alot crisper and more responsive. Can't wait to do the Ripper DLC for 100%.
  6. Yeah i was waiting around for about 10-15 minutes, then i tried fast traveling, redoing story missions and rebooted the game but never got the trophy. Saw online that this has happened to other on PS4 and they never found a way to get it to unlock besides doing another full playthrough.
  7. Bought every single skill but no trophy.... Rebooted the game and still nothing Was planning on plating this game but the hordes of bugs makes it impossible. Anyone know a work around? I last back up was over 20 hours of gameplay ago and i refude to do it all over again.
  8. Yeah earning another trophy fixed it. Just took 1 hour 55 minutes to update my profile....... ffs.
  9. Newest God of War was a joy to plat even the god damn ravens was alright. Wish it had another stack so i could plat it twice. Days Gone was also a fun plat (not a fun 100% though)
  10. Yeah but all the DLC is free, so download that or the content pack and voila you got the definitive edition.
  11. Hopefully this whole pandemic will be under "control" soon and everything can go back to normal or atleast that we only get throttled during internet prime time hours. Atleast now i know it's not only me. A friend of mine averages 8-9MB/s with his 100/100 internet for some reason i get throttled with my faster internet but he doesn't.
  12. Yeah it feels like they went a little to hard on it. I get it that they have to slow it down because of the overall load on the internet and to make sure all people have acceptable internet speed. But maybe let people download slightly faster during late nights and early mornings. A game that usually takes me 3 hours to download now takes almost a whole day. Now you kinda have to plan on what to play and leave the PS4 in rest mode during the night. AC3 which is 60ish GB took me almost 18 hours to download. Yeah on PC i get my max speed on steam and other downloads. Everything is connected to the same stuff. As mentioned above i can get 10ish MB/s after i pause and resume download on my PS4 but it always slows down to a crawl after a few minutes. I also can start 3-4 other downloads and those all download at 2-3 MB/s getting me closer my usual speed if you combine all download speeds.
  13. I know they slowed down the download speed i Europe cause of Covid but it has become so incredibly slow. Usually used to downloading at 15-18 MB/s but now i max out at 2-3 MB/s After pausing/resuming download i can get 10ish MB/s for a few minutes but after that it drops down again. I thought the download speed would be cut it in half but not 90% slower. This is also 24/7 and not only during prime time hours in the evening.
  14. A second update. I have beaten the Ezio collection now and i gotta say if the "remaster" would have gotten some quality of life upgrades i think it would have been my favourite games in the series. Still feel like fairly old games that haven't aged very well when you play them. But the story is probably the best. Also Desmonds present time story is alot better then Laylas story. Something really big has to happens with Laylas story in Valhalla for it to trump Desmonds story.
  15. Anyone know if the devs are aware of the glitched trophies and will fix them? Been wanting to play this game for ages and now i get a chance to play it on PS4 nontheless but i don't want to start it if it has several glitched trophies.