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  1. So are all echoes unlocked after you defeat main Delver boss? Any of them missable? Can't believe there is no guide out there for this trophy.
  2. Ofc im only 2 points away from getting it then... Thanks mate! Was looking everywhere for the answer.
  3. Rocking the scarab set but can utilize the full 6set since i can't get more than 3 batteries. The game have explained everything really well but not how to increase you batteries.
  4. Instead of starting another thread i'll just ask here. Do you really have to focus to find the 20 full sets or are alot of the just from cutting limbs off?Also for the 50 weapons do you need quests and such done or are the main part from just severing right arms?
  5. Yeah challenges before Surv 2. Will make it even easier in NG+
  6. " I sell hardcore drugs" The whole intro is the best imo. I think they nailed the father/daughter relationship between Joel and Sarah.
  7. No it harder, less of everything. You need to play MP to get platinum btw.
  8. Or just stealth it and use just one single smokebomb for the final part and wait for door to open, no kills even needed. Saving that molotov and nailbomb for later.
  9. The HD version if especially glitchy. They managed to screw it up so much compared to the original. But thats why people prefer to play the old PS2 version or play it on emulator.
  10. Thanks a bunch guys! Now i know what to look out for when i start playing.
  11. This is way to go. Will minimize playthroughs while also making Grounded easier since you start will all/some upgrades, not that it's hard if you played through the game once already.
  12. Start by click "login and play". The simply play fanorona.
  13. As the topic says. Anyone who have beaten the game and know what trophies are missable?
  14. I got so lucky that i got the platinum on my 3rd attempt. But after alot of practicing on nightmare. The Nick and Laird section where you sneak by him and shimmy along a edge and then walk a long log is the part where i died every single time. When jumping of the log there is a 50/50 chance you get shoot and a 80/20% chance you get one shot. Pretty sure you can force enemies to spawn in certain positions by taking a certain route. Thats what i did (If i'm thinking of the right encounter, was a long time since i played). There is 100% strategies for almost every encounter except certain Nick & Laird encounters. If you can get past the last N/L encounter you should be golden since the last part of the game is easy if you have practiced and know where to go. Had 0% battery when i reached the water part with Val but managed to get past it just by knowing the route inside out.