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  1. I play with far less Urban Evaders so that’s a massive plus. My biggest issue with mmr it the killer perk variety. Everyone is try Harding with 4 gen slowdowns making every game feel the same. Also killer rage quit a lot more now since the can’t loose “rank” anymore. As soon as they notice they are about to loose they baby rage and dc. My escape rate has gone up drastically since mmr. I’m being matched with competent teammates 75% of my matches.
  2. Hopefully we don’t need to play Co-Op/Curators Cut for some collectibles like in Man of Medan. Have a feeling this game won’t have a supernatural element either. It’s clearly based of The Exorcist: The Beginning since we see Pazuzu clearly in the trailers. Hopefully it’s not just a chemical or people going crazy and an actual real threat this time.
  3. Yeah Furi was great. OP might have claimed it when it was free with PS+.
  4. This looks pretty dope. I have moderately high hopes for this movie. Pattinson have lots of talent and I think he can pull this off. The Batman movies is basically the only super hero kind movies I watch. Doubt it will be better than any of Nolan’s Batman movies though.
  5. You should make it a habit to upload all your saves after a session, no matter the game. I was lucky enough to never have any corrupt saves. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you again 👌🏻
  6. That's kinda nutty. Hopefully they only do this on games that feature leaderboards. I can't imagine them banning for example boosting a game like Dead by Daylight, where there is no leaderboard or something similar.
  7. Don’t remind of that. I remember farming for hours for the Proof of a Concord Kept. I never want to fight another silver knight again ever 😕 I’m hoping for an enjoyable trophy list and some actual story this time since GRRM is involved.
  8. I tried it a little bit during beta and it's about this hard <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> If i remember right devs have said that they will tweak the difficulties a little bit. I've seen some streamers trying it and failing miserably. Seem to be alot easier in solo, but that doesn't reward trophies for some stupid reason.
  9. And Rover aswell as The King. He did great in both of those aswell. I have fairly high hopes he can pull of Batman as long as he does his own thing and doesn't try to imitate other actors who played Batman.
  10. Jack Nicholson is the best Joker by a mile. Ledger was very good but not even close to my boy Jack! I didn't even know Hamill did Joker, but most likely since i don't watch Cartoon Network or whatever channels it's on. Come on, someone just voice acting winning over an actor actually you know, acting? Not in my world =>
  11. #391 Alan Wake Remastered Platinum Trophy 5,79% Difficulty: / Fun: / Trophies: / Time to Plat: 17 Hours Alan Wake is my top 1 game of all time shared with Clive Barkers Jericho. Got all achievements on X360 back in the day. It was my first 100% on that platform. It was such a joy to replay this on Playstation this time, getting the platinum (Hopefully 100% today). Game is very unique in story telling and combat and i love every single aspect of it. Trophies are a mix of everything, beat all difficulties, complete encounters without taking critical damage, speedrun a chapter, pacifist playthrough of a chapter and weapon related trophies. No trophy is particularly hard and the game is about a 4/10 difficulty wise. Only thing i dislike is the amount of collectibles, it's a very short game with well over 200 collectibles. Even though the collectibles suck i can't recommend this game enough. 100 Coffee Thermoses out of 100
  12. Most people i play with who run with UE instead of Fixated are usually at the bottom of the score board by alot. Meaning they did nothing except beeing mortified of the terror radius crouching on the edges of the map. Fixated does the same thing UE does but far better, you move faster and don't leave scratch marks. Maybe 1 in 50 UE users are useful teammates. It's good that you are the exception and not the rule. Game balancing. No more 4 man escapes will be possible, only 1 man. Huge key nerf cause killer complained to much =)
  13. Not really a problem with the perk but with the players using it. The only urban evade around the map self caring and not helping their team. There is kind of a meme about Urban Evaders and it comes from people playing this like it's a stealth game. Slippery meat is only good if you are SWfing and run luck perks and offering. You will almost always get off the hook with 4 salty lips and the Ace luck perk. But yeah there are a ton of useless perks in the game unfortunately. That said UE is not the worst but definitely in the bottom 5%. If you want to be stealthy and not leave scratch marks just use Fixated instead. That perk actually makes you move faster. Crouching is something you should only do on certain occasions. Noy like some who crouch 75% of the trial.
  14. Shot the flag then the photo light thingy by the left crowd then wait 12ish minutes. Doesn't work. You need to shoot the light aswell.
  15. This is truly pathetic. I know this is a MP game but still players should at least have the option to progress normally in solo play. The more news i get about the game the more it seems like i made a good decision in cancelling my pre order. Will almost 100% pick this up in the future since i love L4D clones but i will not buy it in it's current state.