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  1. Thanks, i figured it was the same as TEW 1 =P
  2. As the topic says is it possible to play nightmare ng+ if you play your first playthrough on casual or normal?
  3. You got all 4 difficulty trophies in DMC within seconds, and each of those trophies require a full playthrough since they do not stack. You also completed 10 secret missions and then 22 seconds later you completed all secret missions, thats another 12 secret missions in 22 seconds. Looks highly suspicious to me. As for Dark Souls 2 i have very little knowledge.
  4. Id like to nominate the https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6061-prey-trophy-guide for prey by rubhen925 . Of the few guides i used in 2017 i think this was the most detailed guide ive seen this year.
  5. use the and try it that way. might be easier for you.
  6. Double tap or then for a dash then youll never take any damage and always knock enemies down. There no cooldown on this move so just spam it like crazy and every level becomes easy. Completed the whole game using only that move, except for on last boss who i just jumpkicked to death.
  7. Been looking at this game but after what you have said ill wait for a sale i think. How long is it to plat and how many playthroughs if you play your first only for enjoyment?
  8. So im guessing dmg is always a good choice but what about crit, daze, stopping power,charge shot and burst?? Is crit ever worth it over the other upgrades?
  9. Yeah i have bought all upgrades with miriam so i can spend the rest on the miriam loot boxes. Thanks for the tips guys! Time to level even more! Woho what fun! =)
  10. Currently at stage 6 of shadow wars trophy, level 54. Cant even beat the first wave because my followers all are 40-45- All enemy captains are 50-58 and their bodyguards are 45-52. I spend all the time running around because they are enraged all the time. cant even attack once. no way to humanly possible to kill them. I end up having 12-15 enraged orcs attacking me all at once, and when i leave to heal the kill the rest off my followers. Im playing on easy btw. all my gear has some kind of elemental attack on them, i cant switch gear when i have 12 captain around me since i have to attack one and then another. Do i have to loose on purpose and retake the fucking castle?
  11. Yeah but you needed upgrades to help you alot more since it was 1 shot kill. here you can get hit so upgrades doesnt matter nearly as much. If the other post now is correct and its limited saves with no weapon upgrades and surv difficulty.
  12. Source? If that its itsounds alot easier then 1 shot kill like akumu was. More like dead space 2 with limited saves. The no weapon upgrade will probably provide a challenge but you can still use red gel to upgrade Sebastian.
  13. It doesnt matter if you knew or not, the trophies where earned illegitimately. If you would be allowed unto the leaderboards again it would not be fair against people who have earned all their trophies legitimately. Even if you are off the leaderboards you can still use all other features the site offers.
  14. There is a max 2 hidden games rule so you wont be on the leaderboards for this account anymore. If you really care about leaderboards you need to start a new account. This is purely to keep leaderboards clean and nothing personal.
  15. I guess the same will happen this time also. But to anyone that got the game and have it downloaded, disconnect your PS4 from internet until you played your fill of the game.