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  1. How did you manage to get the 100 downs with huntress that fast? It’s basically the only trophy I have left. Only have 2/100 😀 I have only played for a couple of games since I find her extremely boring. New dlc releases the 7th of June 😀👍🏻 The player level reaches 100 and then resets and you are awarded a devotion level instead. I am level 7 / 12 so basically lvl 712.
  2. Ofc you got hatemail, you have to follow the survivor rule book! =D Or the killer rule book depending on what you are playing. I mostly get toxic messages from killers even though i never teabag or play "toxic". But if you run someone for 3-4 gens that apparently is toxic. Whenever i get a good run in i usually end up getting facecamped and smacked on the hook =>
  3. In my experience the toxicity kinda goes away when you hit higher MMR. Might be because there are fewer console players or it might have to do with that people starts understanding that all perks and strategies including camping is a viable startegy. Not fun getting camped and tunnelled but tunnelling one survivor out of the game and thus making it a 3 vs 1 early on increases your chances of success tremendously. Whenever I get a crybaby messaging me about whatever it might be that he didn’t like I usually respond as politely as I can. Most of the time they start agreeing with me and even apologise 😀 For the really heinous messages I suggest you simply report them. Or make it so that only friends can message you. I kinda like to talk to people and try to make them understand that not everyone will follow their rules when playing.
  4. I would just avoid the shitty developer ezpz’s. Avoid Ratalaika and Breakthrough in particular. There are now other developers who port/create games that prey on people addicted to trophies. It’s scummy just like gambling and loot boxes is scummy. I stopped playing the dog shit easy plats almost 2 years ago and it has gotten so much worse since then. Some games have as much as 16 stacks iirc. There are a ton of easy plats out there but a lot of them are high quality indie games worth your money and time. Life is Strange: True Colours for example. It sits at 70%> but is still worth a playthrough if you can snag it on a sale. So don’t be discouraged by the high completion % and just Google the game before buying it. If the games requires you to actually beat it, it’s most likely not one of the shitty ezpz’s.
  5. The first rule of the hatch spawn is it can only spawn on the bottom floor. There are one exception to this and it’s on RPD (the resident evil map) where the hatch can spawn on any of the 3 levels. Hatch can never spawn in the basement for example, only ground floors. I tend to check shack even if there’s no offering for hatch spawns. But other than that it’s somewhat of a guessing game. Sometimes you’ll find it first sometimes the survivor will. Just be glad they nerfed hatch and keys into oblivion. Hatch used to spawn when you had done one more generator than there are survivors alive. Meaning if you had 3 survivors alive and they had done 4 generators they could all use a key to escape through the hatch.
  6. Offering is disabled but as usual you can still get the map at random but the chances are extremely low. It’s the name of the school in Silent Hill 1 from 1999 😀
  7. You can indeed. All killers/survivors are yours to keep no matter what version you are playing. Only thing that bugs out for me when switching between PS5/4 is that sometimes all my bought cosmetics and cosmetics earned in the rift disappear, but there’s an easy fix. You just visit the in game store and you should have them unlocked again. Unfortunately this is only for PlayStation systems. But they have talked about cross progression and hopefully in the future we will be able to make the jump to PC and keep everything. The only trophies that popped for me when I went from PS4 to PS5 was the 4 trophies tied to prestige levels. Prestige 1-3 and P3 lvl 50. I had to earn all other trophies again which was fine by me since I love this game so much 😀 As explained above Auric Cells is the premium currency and Iridescent Shard is the currency you get for each player level. You can buy everything in the store with Auric Cells, even licensed killers/survivors. You can buy non licensed content with the shards making them totally free. They are kinda expensive though, coming in at 9k a pop. But I always save up before each DLC so I get them for free. The next DLC will be original meaning you can spend your hard earned shards to get both the killer and survivor.
  8. If I could boot Silent Hill and it had trophies, even if it had no platinum I would be so frickin stocked to do so. Replaying a classic horror icon 23 years later and earning trophies whilst playing it would be one more thing of my bucket list 😀
  9. Didn’t know that. At least now I got some hope it’ll still release this year. But I got to say it kinda amazing to see developers take the time to put all these accessibility option into their games, mainly PlayStations first party studios. Gaming is and should be made available for everyone. The Last of Us 2 had a plethora of options which was awesome.
  10. All maps are free no matter if you own the DLC. It’s a good pack and it will get you everything up to the All Kill chapter minus the licenced killers. I tend to buy all non licensed killers/survivors with shards and only pay for licensed ones. If you play enough to save 18k shards each DLC you get them for free. If you are buying killers survivors one by one, like the newer DLC’s newer buy them with auric cells but buy them in the PS store. Instead of paying 5 bucks a pop you’ll get both the killer and survivor for 8ish bucks (rough estimate since I don’t use dollars/euro). You’ll save quite a bit of money that way.
  11. Simply put using using anything the game offers can’t be considered cheesing. Cheesing is when you circumvent the fog gate and the boss just stands still while you whack away or when you force the boss to jump to his own death like Demon of Hatred in Sekiro.
  12. Still no release date? I’m starting to think GoW might be delayed. We’ve gotten almost no news about the game and considering it’s probably everyone most anticipated game of the year I find it strange. Really hope we get a release date by end of summer.
  13. There’s is a perk called Plunderers Instinct. It’s a default perk any survivor can get in the blood web. Opening chests there is a fairly high chance you’ll get a key. Other than that you can use Bill and equip his perk called Left Behind. Iirc Bill is a free survivor, at least he was when I started playing. The perk shows the aura of the hatch when you are close but you have to be the final survivor alive for it to work. Best thing you can do is to play the entire game stealthily and wait for you teammates to die. After that remain I stealth mode and wait for the killer to close the hatch, because after he closed the hatch he will start patrolling exit gates. Remember that it takes about 2-3 seconds to open the hatch. You won’t be the best teammate that trial but you have a higher chance of getting the trophy. When playing stealthily you need to move for a few yards every now and then otherwise you’ll get afk crows above your head making you a lot easier to spot. Alternatively you could play with a friend that can drop you a key and then run to the killer and die. If I could send you some keys I would. I have probably 300+ red and purple keys.
  14. Np my pleasure to help! It’s always nice to see new people pick this games up considering the game is 6 years old soon. Btw there will be a 6 year anniversary event in June?! July?!? Not sure. Then there will most likely be double or maybe even triple blood point gains for each match. Plus you get BP offerings in the bloodweb that when used also doubles everyone in the matches BP and all 5 players can use those anniversary cakes to give 5 times more BP. You can get some crazy amount of BP then. Most you can get is 32k * 7 if everyone use offering and you use the right perks while maxing each category. 224k points per match doesn’t sound bad right? 😀 Just so you know even I after roughly 1500 hours in total I’m still improving daily when i play, there is so much to learn in this game especially considering we get new content every 3 months. Going from 5-10k to 20k+ is amazingly done. Keep it up! 👍🏻
  15. For hex totems there is a perk called Small Game that any survivor can get. I would use that perk and look for totems. But the killer must bring hex perks otherwise all totems will be dull totems. Alternatively you can use a map with a addon called Red Twine (yellow) to find totems really easy. What gives you the most blood points would be using blood points offerings and David’s perk Were Gonna Live Forever. But to get the most points without any of that I have some advice. Objective: Coop working on gens will get you double the points compared to working on a gen alone. Dwights perk Prove Thyself doubles coop points when doing gens. A lot of survivors prefer to work on gens alone for the sole reason it is more effective. Having 4 survivors working on 4 different gens increases chances of survival compared to having 4 survivors on the same gen. Altruism: Safely unhooking will give you 1000 + 500 more points after 8 seconds. Also healing others gives you a decent amount and coop healing a srivivor with another survivor gives more. Boldness: Beeing chased and escaping will give BP based on how long you were chased. Pallet stuns gives you 1000 points per stun. But what you might find easiest is to do dull totems for 1000 per totem. 1500 for hex totems. But doing dull totems is a waste of time and will make it harder to escape. Plus a lot of survivors use Boon totems and if you break all dull totems they can’t use those perks at all and boon totems are very strong and can give everyone in the team self care for example. Btw blessing a totems with a boon gives 1500 points and can be done several times per trial. Probably the easiest way to get boldness without screwing your team over while breaking all dull totems 😀 Survival. This category is the hardest to get points in. Surviving gives you the most, 5000 points. But there are a lot of things that give small amounts of BP, such ass breaking different killers traps, self caring, hitting great skill checks with certain addons when using a medkit. Perks like Decisive Strike (Laurie Strode) and Deliverance (Adam Francis) both give 1500 points when you use them. There is no amount considered good at the end of the game. I have games where I escape with 10-12k and games where I die with 25-32k and vice versa. It all depends on how long the game was and if you managed to do something to get points in every category. Considering that 8000 is the max you can get in each category it’s a good idea to try and focus on something else when you are close to maxing one category out.