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  1. Yeah but you needed upgrades to help you alot more since it was 1 shot kill. here you can get hit so upgrades doesnt matter nearly as much. If the other post now is correct and its limited saves with no weapon upgrades and surv difficulty.
  2. Source? If that its itsounds alot easier then 1 shot kill like akumu was. More like dead space 2 with limited saves. The no weapon upgrade will probably provide a challenge but you can still use red gel to upgrade Sebastian.
  3. It doesnt matter if you knew or not, the trophies where earned illegitimately. If you would be allowed unto the leaderboards again it would not be fair against people who have earned all their trophies legitimately. Even if you are off the leaderboards you can still use all other features the site offers.
  4. There is a max 2 hidden games rule so you wont be on the leaderboards for this account anymore. If you really care about leaderboards you need to start a new account. This is purely to keep leaderboards clean and nothing personal.
  5. I guess the same will happen this time also. But to anyone that got the game and have it downloaded, disconnect your PS4 from internet until you played your fill of the game.
  6. Same happened with Fallout 4 on Xbox, the game was removed from all users who "bought" it just hours after they discovered that they fucked up. But everyone who got it for free and had it removed got a 10bucks discount code. Will be interesting to see how Sony handles this.Here a link to how MS handled the situation: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fallout-4-was-accidentally-free-on-xbox-one-today-/1100-6440639/ You cant get banned for their mistakes. The worst they can do is to take it away and apologize that they fucked up.
  7. Yeah i can confirm there is no way to unlock all difficulties within seconds from eachother since you need to complete Son of Sparda to unlock most of them like Heaven and Hell which later unlocks Hell and Hell after completion. The game require 5-6 playthroughs on PS3 version. Nephilim or Huamn difficulty unlocks Son of Sparda Son of Sparda unlocks Dante Must Die, Heaven & Hell Heaven & Hell Unlocks Hell & Hell IIRC
  8. Son fo Sparda unlock Heaven and Hell difficulty iirc. And Heaven and Hell unlocks Hell and Hell.
  9. It is as you say possible to leave just one mission on Heaven or Hell and get the trophy quickly after dante must die. Seeing as you unlocked this days after when you completed Son of Sparda which unlocks Heaven or Hell difficulty. Cant really see anything wrong with this list.
  10. I have no idea what you just said.
  11. Whats the reason of the flag?
  12. Well then i dont know why you are not able to flag it =P
  13. His Killzone might be another region then yours. That might be why you cant report it.
  14. So i guess the only reporting owned games is kinda bad then? =<
  15. What game is that? I was 100% you meant Sound Shapes but i have never seen another platinum you can get that fast =)