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  1. I got course 6 just following the PS3 import guide. What I did was I unlocked all characters first, winning every match usually by hole 13. Always playing on hardest course. Then by the time I unlocked iceman, I only had Vegas course to unlock. I played one tournament match on second to last course as iceman and birdied every hole. 2 or 3 holes I got eagle. After winning that tournament I unlocked last course by having over 1,500 points. Then I went to training to attempt albatross and course 6 was available to choose. Now as for albatross, that’s where I have a problem. The import site instructions don’t work at all. The ball just hits the trees or hill right away. Can’t even get close to the green. So I will check the video posted in this thread. Edit: ok got albatross! Thanks so much SynysterShadow for the video. That was the adjustments I needed.
  2. This trophy has stopped my intent to get a double platinum from this game. I know I’ll get it eventually on PS5 version. But no way in hell I’m going to play the PS4 version after, all because of this one frustrating trophy. Spent an hour at least on it and still no luck.
  3. Why do I see multiple posts saying this is a free to play game? I had the game in my wishlist since hearing about it, get the notification on PlayStation app that it was available now. I’m all happy to go download it to try it out since I never played the beta, only to find out it’s $40. That’s not free to play to me.
  4. I tried the same thing last night since I had a save ready to go on chapter 9 Eliza and no trophy. Btw last week I started to try the other method for Hard Pass by quitting to main menu after choosing move on. But after doing the prologue, I immediately quit to main menu after move on, hit continue and it didn’t allow me to choose move on again. It was right after the decision. So I stopped since I didn’t want to waste my time if I did something wrong. Figured I’d wait for patch. Now it comes and it still doesn’t work. Unless we have to play whole game again or something. Very frustrating.
  5. This is the only way to do it is uploading save to cloud right before entering gate. And then running through a biome and redownloading save. You don’t want to have to run through previous levels (1 or 4) again every time. I just got platinum yesterday and this is very necessary for biome 2. Where you just need to run through and it only takes 5 minutes or so to check for one room. No luck, quit out, redownload. Try again. Biome 2 is the absolute worst. I was only missing 1 and it took me additional 6 hours or more. Trying to find one stupid room.
  6. I was just about to post that. I just got a direct message from them on Twitter. They sent me that exact tweet. Edit: referring to the tweet from SMG When I posted just now it was on page 29 from yesterday and now there’s 2 more pages what the hell.
  7. Thats the director of all the supermassive games including the Quarry and it seems he responds to people on Twitter. I just looked it up. Someone tweet him or DM him asking him to look into hard pass. Supermassive has an Instagram and Twitter too which you can message or email as well but the link won’t copy into the message. Maybe someone can try contact with the developers themselves and have better luck than 2K who obviously doesn’t give a shit since they’re just the distributor. It’s like calling Sony support for a game made by Naughty Dog. Sony wouldn’t give a shit. It’s Naughty Dog that made the trophies. As an example. Edit: Ok so I just resigned into Twitter I haven’t used in about 7 years just to message Supermassive directly through private message and tweeted the director of the game. He doesn’t allow DM I don’t think. I hope I did it right. Will update if I get a response.
  8. First off, I don’t know why people keep trying to contact 2K games about the hard pass trophy. 2K DID NOT design the trophy. They have nothing to do with it. They are just the publisher. They will always give the corporate turn off, unplug for 30 seconds BS response like someone doesn’t know how to reset a router. Supermassive made the game and designed and coded the trophies. Is there anyone well known at supermassive kind of like Neil Druckmann for Naughty Dog? Or any of the main names on the development team from the credits of the game. Maybe try finding them on social media and DMing them or whatever the kids say today. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter so I can’t do it. I’ve seen a couple of those guys from supermassive in the past when they’ve been on one of the various E3 presentation shows showing off one of their dark pictures games. Just don’t remember their names. You guys are all very dedicated to trying to unlock this glitched trophy and it’s something to admire. I have only done 2 playthroughs myself. Just a blind playthrough on launch night and everyone lives and I can’t imagine playing the game as many times as some of you. Only to just not get the trophy at the end. I’ve guided my girlfriend through 2 playthrough as well. I still have to do everyone dies and infected and butter pops and not looking forward to it. And I’m someone that has platinumed all Dark Pictures games and Until Dawn and just watch stuff on tablet while occasionally pushing a button. I love the game. Just sitting through all the same cutscenes over and over is tedious. I have many other games I’ve been setting aside to to play this game and it takes like 8+ hours a run.
  9. Does Eliza even have something specific to do in chapter 8? What would trigger this trophy in that specific chapter? I’m sure the trophy is just glitched. It’s the exact opposite of accept her help which you only have to say “see more” one time. Should work the same way for refuse her help. I doubt they would make such a convoluted requirement for something that seems so simple that no one is able to figure out what to do for days. End of my first playthrough I only killed 2 hacketts. The mom and Travis when Travis and Laura killed each other. I also got Ryan killed in the same scene. Everyone else was alive. Also in chapter 8 I collected a couple tarots and ended up failing the puzzle and Jacob got left in the cage and the hacketts captured me. I also ended up getting a special scene where you play as Eliza after chapter 9 but that’s cause I picked up one specific card and I had no option to not see more. It went straight into the scene. Again I don’t know what there is to refuse Eliza’s help in chapter 8 specifically.
  10. The multiplayer stuff isn’t even available at launch. It’s like a month later I think I read. I was going to buy deluxe edition but then even that the costumes won’t be there till around July 8 so I just bought the PS5 edition. Going to play it tonight. I prefer a trophy walkthrough for these games. I platinumed Until Dawn and all 3 Dark Pictures games. I always play the games for fun first then look up the trophies after and try to figure out optimal path to get the rest of trophies I missed. Never had a problem until it came to House of Ashes. That one was overwhelming with the different paths and missable trophies. I think I had to play 5 whole playthroughs and long sections of multiple chapters other times just to get one or 2 trophies. All because some of those had very specific requirements for characters that were mutually exclusive and spanned most of the game. It was frustrating but I finally got platinum a few weeks ago after setting it aside for months.
  11. I’m trying to 100% Episode 4 - Boarding Party. I have everything except for the challenge “I Suggest a New Strategy.” It’s for killing a stormtrooper with their own weapon. I already know what you’re supposed to do from looking at a guide and a video. I use C-3PO to activate the terminal near the end and use the turret to shoot the enemies in the room. It’s not registering. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times now. Free play mode and story. This is really frustrating. Has anyone else had any problems with this challenge? I’ve 100% all first 3 episodes and this is first level of episode 4 and only thing that has not worked properly. Edit: I noticed in another video you can use the villain locker to pick a weapon and shoot a storm trooper with that as well. I tried that also. And that didn’t work either. Edit again: I finally got it after trying it in story mode yet again. Got it on first enemies in level by wearing their disguise from pieces on ground and killing one enemy. Makes no sense cause I did that before as well and it never worked before.
  12. I must say I’m pretty underwhelmed by the initial list. I buy most of the games I want when they’re brand new. And I have most of the games on the list. Either through buying them new or a lot were already on ps plus or plus collection. And if I don’t they were games I mostly didn’t care to play anyways. However I never got around to playing directors cuts of Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima so I’m looking forward to those. Things I was hoping to see were Dark Souls 2 and 3, and Sekiro. Because I never played them. I was hoping to see original Spider Man ultimate for PS5 since I didn’t get that version. Only ps4 one, but they don’t even include ps5 version. But hopefully those will come in a later month. What I really hope to see addressed is the question of third party games coming to the service on day one. Xbox does deals with third parties to put games on game pass. I know Sony will not put first party games on the service day one cause the quality of the games would deteriorate. But what about third parties? I mean hell they even have MLB the show on game pass, which I don’t care about, but that’s got to be a slap in the face not to even put it on your own service for fans of that game. If they have deals set to come with new third party games then I’m all in. Otherwise it’s just too expensive to cost $100-$120 a year and on top of that expect people to pay $60-$70 for any new game that comes out, which I buy a lot of the big games when they’re brand new. And then also the time frame on games coming to the service. The way it looks as of now, Returnal is the most recent game, to come out on the service and that came out like 13-14 months ago. So I’m hoping the time frame for new releases to be on the service eventually won’t be as long, so I can cut down on costs and not have to decide if I want to wait a year or more to play the next big game. Anyways that my long two cents.
  13. I still don’t even know what this game is. Is it an action rpg? First person. Third person. Is it a game like telltale walking dead? Is it an interactive Quantic Dream type game like Detroit Become Human, but with vampires? All the trailers I’ve seen, including numerous ones on psn store are all just cinematic trailers. I may be interested, but I would definitely wait for some reviews first to see what it’s about and if it’s any good. But seems like it’s mostly story related trophies for making certain choices and following through on them. Definitely multiple playthroughs required.
  14. Screw that. If I get this game I’ll use the clock trick. I’m not waiting till I’m 53 years old to get one trophy in 10 years. I buy easy platinum games to get platinums, not wait 10 years to get one trophy. I could be dead by then or who knows what life changes will occur for anyone at any given time.
  15. I played this on Xbox game pass and got the 1000 gs. Will be a very easy platinum. It has a cheat option you can enable in the settings where you can just place items anywhere you want and not have to place them where the game wants you to. But that’s only if you want the platinum as fast as possible. There are also some trophies for placing some items in specific ways or spots if I remember correctly. Overall it takes about 2 hours I believe. And is a pretty chill game. Whole game play is just unpacking the boxes and placing items on shelves and drawers, while the rooms get bigger and more items to unpack as you progress. Seeing the boxes get empty and rooms filling up with stuff was relaxing.