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  1. Yeah and there’s also an optional new boss added to the main game combat simulator in chapter 17 if I read it right, after beating the dlc. Which is strange that that would unlock the other trophy for the dlc. I just beat dlc but yeah the end stats say there are 3 simulator missions on chapter 2. Which is where the pride and joy fight would be.
  2. I just saw this game on this list and thought to see what the trophies were. Wow, that is odd for the platinum description. Curious to see what this game is and what the deal is with that platinum.
  3. Oh my God! Thank you OP and to whoever found this fix! I had played this game over 4 years ago and was only missing hard difficulty trophy. I like others was unfortunately affected by the glitch. I had beaten this shit game on hard 5 times and it never gave me the trophy. I even wrote out every qte prompt in the game myself on handfuls of index cards that I used to pause and do the inputs little by little. I put it away for over 4 years and saw this thread and decided to give it a try by playing child’s play chapter. Ok so here’s what I did. First of all I’m playing on a PlayStation 5 now. Original time playing was on a base PS4. Luckily I had my save in the cloud. I downloaded save. Loaded my completed hard mode run and loaded childs play chapter. THIS IS THE CONFUSING PART. It asks you how you want to load the chapter. Without saving. With a new login. With current login, but it said something about erasing your current data. So I’m like well I don’t want that. So I chose top option, without saving. Beat the chapter. NO TROPHY. Then I went back to chapters and noticed I was back in first chapter with no chapter select options. So I said ok let me try one more time. Quit game, redownloaded save from cloud. Tried the chapter again. This time choosing BOTTOM OPTION, current login. Beat it and the trophy unlocked and the platinum!!! I was shocked and so relieved. Finally this platinum is done. Even though I legit suffered through these qte’s on hard 5 times. Game deleted again immediately after platinum. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS INFO OP! Edit: to someone asking above if it matters if you get caught by the guards. I did get caught by first guards and it still got the trophy. Just try loading the chapter with bottom choice. Current login. And choose yes. Took one try after I redownloaded save from cloud.
  4. Hopefully it’s not riddled with a bunch of bugs/glitches at launch like a lot of other games lately. Is this available for preorder? And do they have a deluxe edition with a soundtrack and avatars and stuff? Returnal who? Ratchet and Clank who? This is what will demonstrate the power of the PS5.
  5. Also Outriders has auto pop from PS5 to PS4 and vice versa. I got platinum on PS5 and then loaded up PS4 version and all trophies unlocked on the lobby screen. All trophies are tied to accolades on their servers.
  6. In response to lucky0ne16 since I forgot to quote, I predownloaded it for PS5 version a bit ago. Total size for PS5 is only 27.46 GB. That seems abnormally small. Just to compare, Returnal right now is 55.20 gigs. PS4 version of RE Village is 29.81 gigs.
  7. I’ve had 6 deaths so far. Was at the boss of second biome. At least I think he was the boss. There was no red door. But it was a boss like arena with 3 health bars. The teleporting enemies in second world are real assholes. Loving the game so far. Challenging but fair. And the gunplay is frenetic and intense when you’re all of a sudden in a locked room with enemies and you’re dashing, shooting and just trying to get out alive.
  8. No crashes for me after about 7 hours or so.
  9. I platinumed this on PS4. Was a pain in the ass. I assume like yakuza like a dragon, this doesn’t have cross save. Can anyone confirm? So no auto pop? Excellent game btw but with my backlog and upcoming games coming soon I am not playing this again.
  10. I don’t like roguelikes but I’m giving this a chance since it’s a PS5 exclusive and I already preordered it. But I don’t know how everyone is saying it looks like such an easy list and 1 of 2 difficulty blah blah blah. Are the people saying these things aware this is a “roguelike” game and you have to beat the game in one run and if you die due to a hard boss or not getting certain items in your run, you start the entire game over from the beginning? At least I’ve seen enough coverage of these types of games to know what to expect. This one looks like they throw some bullet hell sequences at you and who knows what else. Also we don’t know what is required for the surveys. They’re all gold trophies so could be hard and levels are randomly generated as well I believe I heard. One last note: I don’t like the trophy images. Very bland. After Outriders and Disco Elysium’s excellent trophy pics, this had an opportunity for some cool art but they decided on the most boring images they could.
  11. Well we have good gear but the fights just drag towards the end. We just finished the boss fight in the desert area. Most fights we don’t both die. But the fight at the big gate was especially annoying and anytime with monsters really where they throw 4 alphas and a brood mother at you with flying enemies spitting acid across the area and brood mothers laying down blue shit all over the ground and alphas leaping across wide distances. It didn’t help that after we finished that fight we fast traveled back to camp to change mods and then traveled back and it made us do the whole fight again. Even though we planted the banner after the fight. Also yeah that is worded bad then if you don’t get legendaries normally as drops cause it says right on there drop rate percentage. And I was watching the giant bomb quick look and Jeff Gerstmann gets a legendary after the chrysaloid fight where you’re supposed to get one and then he gets his second one off an alpha shortly after and he was on world tier 5. So I know it can happen. One more example how bad my drops have been lately. We finished up the outriders legacy quest where you end in the bunker. There are a total of 9 chests in that whole bunker with 5 at the end. I only got blues out of 9 chests. On world tier 13 at that point.
  12. So my friend and I have only been playing the whole game together and we’re nearing the end. We’re level 29 and just reached world tier 14. The game is such a slog fest on the higher tiers and very frustrating. We’re only playing on highest tier to get the best loot but we both have not received one legendary drop the entire game. NOT ONE! And at times I barely get any epics. Blues, yes. How can this be? It’s a +425-450% drop rate. But we have never seen one. We’ve only gotten around 5 legendary guns and that is for mission rewards that you’re guaranteed one and for raising the world tier to the highest levels. All this grinding away at tough fights just doesn’t seem worth it if we’re not going to see any rewards out of it at all. This is definitely not Borderlands where I had legendaries dropping all the time I ended up just passing by many of them. And that was just mayhem mode 1. So has anybody else had this problem with not seeing any orange drops? It wouldn’t surprise me if my game is just bugged. I have seen so many glitches and bugs in this game, I can honestly say it’s one of the most bugged games I’ve ever played.
  13. Thanks for confirming this! I played through game on PS5 first and we just started on PS4 tonight and noticed all levels and mini games we had found were already unlocked. I was worried if I get the last couple mini games on PS4 version that we missed on first playthrough would then prevent me from getting them back on PS5 version.
  14. Hmm, I played this game on Xbox Series X a couple months ago on game pass and followed Makas video guide and got all achievements no issue. Now I tried to do same method on PS5 since it just came out for free and I did not get any trophies at very end in the rocket when it says to save and quit and load back in. However when loading the save at that point it says to, the game crashed. That was the first time it crashed on me. And I did not get any trophies. I have no desire to play this game legit, I understand it’s supposed to be a good game, but I have a pretty big backlog as it is with more games coming this next month I need to get to. Plus I just don’t like survival type building games at all. Not my genre.
  15. You’re welcome!