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  1. I’m not able to get the waste 20 minutes on bicker trophy. I’ve left it on the bicker tab for over and hour and a half total and no trophy. First time was 30 minutes. I was watching tv at same time. Switched over to check if trophy unlocked and no. So then I tried another time for half an hour and still no luck. So then I thought maybe I have to be scrolling up and down on the page so whole time I’m watching tv I’m just moving the analog stick up and down so it thinks I’m reading the posts. 45 minutes later, still no trophy.
  2. I got it on my first play through. I pretty much made sure to order every new drink I saw at each new bar I came to. And I think it was during the mission you have meet Apollyon. I just sat there and ordered the first drink in the bar and chugged it and then while my screen was all drunk I ordered another and another and another. Until I finally got the trophy. So if you want to I’m assuming you can get this in the beginning of the game at first bar if you really wanted to. Just keep ordering the drinks and chugging them. Edit: also I don’t think it’s 40 or 50 total drinks cause I got the 20 different alcohol trophy way before I got this trophy. And by time I got to this I had drunk more. And when I tried this trophy I drank for a good while all in one go just to see if I would get the trophy and finally did.
  3. Hey everyone, I discovered an easy way to boost the seriously annoying trophy Halt State for Orisa. Thanks very much to my best friend Caucasiamation and my girlfriend Dragonlovesfire for helping test this method out and earn this trophy. Hopefully this will help out people struggling to get this trophy. I love this game and it sucked to step away from the objective to do this but this trophy really really sucks. And hey even in the instance of the second clip, me and my friend still made it back to the objective and helped win the match so it was a win win. So this method requires 3 people. 2 on one team and one on the enemy team. You will be grouping up with a friend or boosting partner and jumping into quick play. You will then have another person join game once you are in the game. This may take quite a while depending on luck and if someone leaves on enemy team or not. This took us several hours just because we were having the worst luck with only a person leaving on our same team mid match or after the match and after match ended we would have to start the process over again.Once you finally have the person on the enemy team. The trophy setup can begin. Person going for trophy picks Orisa, your friend on Orisa's team picks McCree, and the player on enemy team picks Winston. Play normally until all 3 of you have your ultimates. Then depending on the map, cause that is important too. King of the hill maps is not too good for this. Run to an out of the way private area where enemies are not fighting.Orisa throws down her ult, Winston ults to instantly gain 1000 HP, and McCree immediately does deadeye. As soon as you have a skull on Winston, Orisa halts him and as soon as you see orb pull him, McCree pulls the trigger.Now it may or may not be necessary for Orisa to ult but it doesn't hurt to use it as well just for bonus damage and if it speeds up the deadeye to take down Winston's 1000 HP in just a few seconds. Other notes of interest, when trying this in a custom private match first just to see if a ulted Winston could be killed in one shot with the time limitation of the halt, we were thinking Dva ult at first, but since Winston has some armor, that only did 995 damage, leaving Winston with 5 HP, so no go. Then we thought Junkrat rip tire. Nope that only did like 400 something damage surprisingly. Then we thought Hanzo ult. That took way too long. Then Pharah ult. That does kill the Winston, but it takes a few seconds so we weren't sure if it would be fast enough. Then we tried McCree and bingo that did the trick. Then we actually did it in quickplay and trophy unlocked for both of us as you see the screenshots in video. We haven't done it for the girlfriend yet. She's fine with waiting for later.
  4. So far I have played 141 hours. I am level 160 and have the platinum. My absolute favorite heroes are the support class. With the top being Symmetra. She's my main usually any time on defense. And I get a lot of plays of the game with her and in the voting cards post match all the time. But I love Mercy and Zenyatta and Mei close behind. Here's my times with each character. Symmetra: 22 hrs Mei: 13 hrs Mercy: 13 hrs Zenyatta: 11 hrs Junkrat: 8 hrs McCree: 7 hrs D-Va: 7 hrs Roadhog: 6 hrs Torbjorn: 6 hrs Hanzo: 6 hrs Pharah: 5 hrs Reinhardt: 5 hrs Zarya: 5 hrs Reaper: 5 hrs Genji: 4 hrs Lucio: 4 hrs Widowmaker: 4 hrs Tracer: 3 hrs Bastion: 3 hrs Soldier 76: 3 hrs Winston: 2 hrs
  5. Me and my girlfriend each have this game and we need whatever the minimum number of players required just to get a couple trophies. Winning a match in each mode and kill 2 players with an explosion. If anyone reads this and needs to boost those as well, just send a friend request to: rockhopper78. What is the minimum to play free for all and team games? No one was playing ranked when we just checked today which is understandable since it's so old now. Edit: Well I have the trophies now. So glad that's done and very glad that Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn't have any multiplayer.
  6. For anyone struggling to get the 200 hit combo trophy, here's a video I just recorded while doing the challenges. I used infierno challenge room 2 and mainly just used the chicken. Peck away as fast as you can on the green skeleton guys and constantly jump over or away from them when they go to swing. If things get a little too hectic, switch to human form and grapple/suplex to thin them out. Then back to pecking away. You should get it after a few tries and also before the red guys come out. But when they come out, suplex them as fast as you can so you don't have to deal with the projectiles. I ended up getting a 291 hit combo total before messing up. Could have got a lot more. Oh well. Hope this helps someone. Alternatively you can also wear the El Portero costume like I did if you plan on punching guys. The costume will make your punches weaker so you can hit them longer. But you will see I didn't even use it. Also this is on hard difficulty so I don't know if that makes a difference as to enemy health or not. But regardless this strategy should work for normal as well.
  7. All decisions made on my first go with no replaying to change the outcomes, although I did rewind in some instances to see how the scene played out differently. But I believe in living with my decisions and having the story unfold that way. Episode 1 I hid the truth (I figured the principal isn't going to do anything about it anyways, so better to hold the info till I have proof) I made fun of Victoria (Victoria's awesome & it's great to go back and forth with this lovable hateful bitch. Need to keep the rivalry going) I intervened to help out Kate I stayed hidden (although I kind of regretted this one after David slapped Chloe) I let Daniel draw my portrait I signed Ms. Grant's petition (I don't want no security cameras watching me any more than there has to be) I helped Alyssa (I'm always wondering what I'll have to save this girl from each episode) I erased the insults on Kate's slate I watered my plant I didn't touch Dana's pregnancy test I reorganized Victoria's photos (again, my rivalry with Victoria will live on) I wrote on a dirty RV I saved the bird I didn't break Chloe's snow globe I didn't leave any evidence in David's garage (why would I want him to know someone was snooping around in his stuff?) I read David's files Episode 2 I told Kate to wait for more proof (I didn't want her getting hurt more if she got her hopes up & she didn't have any proof) I answered Kate's call I tried to shoot Frank (I tried both options & Chloe was more grateful when I tried to save her. Plus I didn't kill him so it was fine) I saved Kate's life (got this on my first attempt. Great scene and very intense cause I didn't want her to die) I blamed Nathan (screw that guy) I watered my plant I helped Alyssa (what a dolt) I erased the link to Kate's video I was friendly with Taylor I accepted Warren's invitation (but I'll always have eyes for you Chloe) I wrote a message I didn't tamper with the railtracks (I didn't even know this was an option or what you even do to do it. I just cut the wire) I gained entry to the Vortex club party (can't wait to go to this party and snoop around in episode 4) I didn't help Warren (I didn't know what to do to help him. I had it blow up in his face) I told on David to Mr. Jefferson (same with Nathan, screw the step-douche) Episode 3 I left the money (man I was so tempted to steal it once I saw how happy Chloe was. But since it said it was for handicapped, I couldn't) I kissed Chloe (as if there was any other choice. I like where this is going) I sided with Chloe (This was a no brainer. How am I going to get in Chloe's pants in the end if I side with step-douche?) I kept Frank's dog from harm (no way I'm killing an innocent dog. I did find it hilarious that it's an option to throw it in the road though) Chloe has David's gun (since I tried to shoot him in ep 2, she took it. I wonder what the consequences of this will be) Lisa is dead (this is why I don't own plants in real life) I "helped" Warren with his exam (the least I could do for him getting his ass kicked for me. He's certainly not getting any at the drive-in) I am on the Vortex club party list (next ep is party time!) I didn't change the Vortex club party list (even though I saw the list, I didn't know this was an option or I would have probably done it) I erased the cop's answerphone message (I didn't want Joyce or David finding out Max and Chloe were there) I helped Alyssa I warned the homeless woman I took a photo in the past I left a mark on the fireplace That ending to ep 3. Wow! I don't know what the hell will happen with that. But I need to fix things pronto. Poor Chloe. Can't wait for ep 4! Love this series.
  8. Here's my video for Explosives Expert. I only had 2 trophies left to 100% this. This one and World Peace...For Now. I could not for the life of me get the explosives trophy through the first 2 playthroughs on normal and advanced. I tried treaty violator, explosive barrels and everything. I figured there's no way possible to get it on expert because the guys are too strong. So I figured I would just finish on expert then try countless times on normal near the beginning to get my last trophy. But I lucked out huge! On final mission on day 9, on expert difficulty, near the end of the game I just used my dart persuader on a grenade launcher specialist (black suit) and he exploded himself plus 4 others for the trophy! I had no idea this was even possible and I was in no way trying to get the trophy here. But I guess I got lucky and ended up getting the most annoying trophy right before beating it on expert. Now I'm finally done with this game!