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  1. 16 games Worms Battlegrounds - 9 Aaru’s Awakening - 9 Gran Turismo Sport - 5 Grand Theft Auto V - 4 Tennis World Tour - 4 Red Dead Redemption 2 - 3 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 3 Madden NFL 16 - 2 For Honor - 2 Tower of Guns - 2 Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty - 2 FIFA 16 - 1 Tropico 5 - 1 Madden NFL 17 - 1 Madden NFL 18 - 1 Yakuza Kiwami - 1
  2. Madden NFL 15. I was banned for boosting for trophies in this version. I will never be able to plat it.
  3. Skill challenges on carrer mode grant you certain hability cards.
  4. I got the Mentor on my 4th season with my female character. The challenges do pop up simulating but I believe it can’t be redone. My advice is to create a new character and never skip a challenge or encounters with coaches and agents. So when you fail a challenge close the game immediately otherwise you lose stamina and may glitch the challenge.
  5. Buy it all. Just remember that you must do it with both a male and a female character.
  6. I really don't know. Keep buying stuff until you get it. But remember to always leave at least 50k saved to the tennis academy event. Also for the Collector trophy you need to reach level 25 on each archetype. So play a season, then reset your player and max out on archetype the repeat with other and the other after that. This process will unlock some skill cards.
  7. All that glitters: you must unlock all equipment with both a male AND a female character. Collector: level up all coaches and do all skill challenge in career mode. I doesn’t need to be all with the same character. Mentor: it’s a random event that costs you 50k. Use the russian agent that gives you 20% more chances of get rare events. This agent also helps to get skill challenges.
  8. It can’t be done with two controllers so you have to do it against the crappiest AI an of the recent years in a game with terrible gameplay. I tried every combination I could think. Sometimes my player just freezes, other times he moves away from the ball. The streak seems impossible to keep, the opponent can lob you, your player may gives volleying and let the ball bouce even the drop volley technic isn’t enough on this severely flawed game. Did anybody here get this trophy recently and can help me with any tip whatsoever?