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  1. It does count when you select retry so don’t worry, I’m doing it right now, it’s just a grindy trophy so you need to play a lot to get the 100k rings
  2. That’s exactly what I’m talking about, doesn't that consider as cheating? I don’t know how to tag any of the moderators or contact them, can someone do it so they can look into it?
  3. Title^ is it possible to finish the platinum and all dlcs in one day? First one on the leaderboard did it in one day and I think it’s impossible, right?
  4. Life is Strange 2. Amazing game and beautiful story (not like the first one but still fine) I’m now playing Resident Evil 2😁😎🎮
  5. Agreed, I liked the relationship between both of them from the start but once it revealed to be an android I got so upset and asking myself “why would they do that it was beautiful” even when she told me she feeling cold later on in the game I’m like: “stfu” but maybe they revealed that to show us that even Kara knew Alice was an android she still wanted to feel that feeling of been a mother and having a daughter, etc...
  6. Yeah I had it multiple times, never found a solution so I decided to delete the game
  7. I can't find the game in the store? early today I saw it in the store but now I can't find it? what is happening?!
  8. How I do this? I won 3/4 matches then I lost the match and it reset to 0/4, any tips on how to get the lost match to not count?......and now I won more than 5 matches and he didn't count only 2. someone explain how this challenge work EDIT: lol, nevermind got it
  9. Never mind got it Never mind got it
  10. If I get a boost streak from the multiplayer, if I get out to the main menu of the game and come back to the online will it still there...? For example I have 5x bonus streak from the online, now I want to get out to buy some Xp boost from the archives will my online bonus disappear?
  11. I tried and it didn't work All the Campaign trophies not popping even the side trophies like scanning weapon etc.
  12. It's on i checked, tried in another game and it appear normally, I'm tried the online and got the 5 wins trophy.....but the campaign refuses to pop any trophies That's a real weird thing, I don't know what to do...
  13. Topic Describe itself..... Missions trophies and even the scan weapon trophies not popping I tried to reinstall the game twice and it didn't work, anyone know how to fix it?
  14. I won 6 games in row and still no difficulty changes, I think I will keep playing until it show up
  15. In the guide it says (play 2 matches every time your difficulty will get stronger(example: beginning with amateur win 2 matches then play in regular win 2 matches.....etc.....) I played more than 7 matches and the difficulty still regular am I doing something wrong or what???