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  1. What do you think about these trophies, guys?
  2. Guys, what do you think about these trophies?
  3. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Magicka 2
  4. Same problem with pre-order here. Great job, Sony
  5. I have shitty 50kb/s Internet connection, and it's the "best" in my city, so I hope we will able to do this, thanks
  6. Oh, that's brilliant then! Need to find second micro for Poor Boys, still ;(
  7. Thank you so much, man. I'll try it tomorrow
  8. If you have sensor part on your guitar, it's probably it. Try to disable it
  9. Hey, guys. I have only vocal challenges for Ultimate Answerer unfinished. And it's really hard for me to sing, so what can I do with that? Always getting 55k/88k at "Bleed It Out" on expert as maximum. And what about importing songs from other GH games? Is it still possible? Thanks for any following answers