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  1. Not quite.
  2. I just collected all 10 Raccoons and didn't get the trophy. Anyone else had this issue?
  3. I'm back to 50 now, all stables, all guns, all good perks. So i'm ready for the future already
  4. I had to delete my character to make it work.
  5. Does that make me a sadistic completionist? I never wait for DLC, and deal with the aftermath accordingly....
  6. This actually looks pretty challenging and grindy? Thoughts?
  7. I got the trophy after deleting my character and doing it again. Sucks but it worked.
  8. Whenever I buy an item I get the 500 Dollars spent in stores award but no exp. Eg.- the store isnt counting my money spent at all. Literally dont know what to do about this.
  9. Perfect Katz-! I've also made tickets
  10. Please tell me if you have ANY way of getting it to work. It just won't pop for me Please send a ticket to R* to make them aware of this issue, and ask for any solutions
  11. Yeah thats good and all, but not helpful
  12. bump
  13. I did buy 1 flag with gold. But i've bought so much after it? man
  14. Does anyone have any solution to getting this trophy to pop? I have now bought -All Flags - 2 bedroll -1 theme -3 outfits. My Social club tracker still only says 80% and has done for the last 3 purchases. Any have this issue aswell?
  15. No legendaries required.