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  1. Hello! I've done a bounty from each safe house (9) twice now but the trophy not the uplay Award are being unlocked. Has anyone ran into this and solved it?
  2. Does anyone have any solution to getting this trophy to pop? I have now bought -All Flags - 2 bedroll -1 theme -3 outfits. My Social club tracker still only says 80% and has done for the last 3 purchases. Any have this issue aswell?
  3. Hey everyone! So for the second time now just as I finish the 20 round version of a underdome my game crashed. The first time I got the trophy in time butthe second even that didn't happen. Has this happened to you? Is this a known issue?
  4. Hello! Just wanted to share a glitch I found whilst going for the 100% in Wolfenstein 2 (Kinda sharing this reluctantly after doing it legit myself....) So, as you know the DLCs are comprised into 3 separate volumes with each DLC having their own. Most guides only tell you that you need to complete all the volumes on IADI or Mein Leben to unlock the trophies, this is false. After multiple tests I can confirm that: *You only need to finish the last *3rd* volume on the corresponding difficulty making both DLC 2 & 3 extremely simple while DLC1 remains quite tough as it's the hardest level in all 3 DLC's. Still, saves alot of time! Best Wishes EphemeralEcho
  5. INFAMOUS "Beat New Game + with Infamous difficulty" Can't say im ecstatic to go through the whole thing again on some hard difficulty. Inbe4 it's permadeath.
  6. As title states: It's the only trophies im missing and it seems to appear rather infrequent, does anyone have any information regarding when I might be?
  7. It actually worked wow haha
  8. TROPHY POPPED! I did like you said: liberated and finished the bounty you got RIGHT AWAY without dying a single time between 9 bounties. 1 session; Trophy popped within a second alongside the ubisoft reward. Thank the lord!
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/b2okbn/feedback_bug_report_march_18th_2019/ Please head to this link and fill out a bug report for this trophy and "A friend in need" to shine light on the issue.
  10. Oh....Could you explain a bit more detailed as to how this is done?
  11. Yeah.... I Hope Massive fixes it
  12. Not quite.
  13. I just collected all 10 Raccoons and didn't get the trophy. Anyone else had this issue?
  14. I'm back to 50 now, all stables, all guns, all good perks. So i'm ready for the future already
  15. I had to delete my character to make it work.
  16. This actually looks pretty challenging and grindy? Thoughts?
  17. Does that make me a sadistic completionist? I never wait for DLC, and deal with the aftermath accordingly....
  18. I got the trophy after deleting my character and doing it again. Sucks but it worked.
  19. Whenever I buy an item I get the 500 Dollars spent in stores award but no exp. Eg.- the store isnt counting my money spent at all. Literally dont know what to do about this.
  20. Perfect Katz-! I've also made tickets
  21. Please tell me if you have ANY way of getting it to work. It just won't pop for me Please send a ticket to R* to make them aware of this issue, and ask for any solutions
  22. Yeah thats good and all, but not helpful
  23. bump
  24. I did buy 1 flag with gold. But i've bought so much after it? man
  25. Just got both the animal trophies! Helpful thing I found; - I didn't need the Carolina Parakeet for the trophy to pop. Theory; If you get the macaws/booby the counter thinks you're "ahead" of whats needed.