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  1. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands TPS's season pass were on sale during the "Totally digital" sale in May 9 bucks each if I remember correctly
  2. I bought the season pass of this game during the Totally digital sale a few weeks ago and installed the dlc after I started the game I tried to go to Deck 13 1/2 but the game shows me an error message I tried deleting the game and reinstall all data but that doesnt work too Also I cant acces the Downloadable content from the main menu Anyone had this problem ?
  3. Im asking for the PS3 version The PS4 version has all DLC
  4. 10 games for me, I thought it would be more Super Meat Boy - 16 () Nom Nom Galaxy - 4 () Mighty N° 9 - 14 () Medal of Honor Warfighter - 1 () Worms Battlegrounds - 1 () Spelunky - 5 Shadow Warrior - 2 () The Crew - 1 () Dont Starve (PS4) - 2 Dont Starve (PSV) - 2 Max Payne 3 - 2 ()
  5. I really would like to see some old racing games been remastered, like: Gran Turismo WRC (Evolution games) NFS MW/UG2/HP2 Burnout 3 & Revenge Also THPS games and Coolboarders
  6. I love this giveaways, good luck everybody 2 games that I really love to see in the future: 1) A Tony Hawk game with a really good developer like Neversoft (Screw you Activision and Robomodo) or Skate 4 2) A new Max Payne game, best game mechanics that I ever see.
  7. Spelunky: All levels are randomly generated Dont Starve: The entire game is RNG Borderlands games are tied with RNG fir weapon drops
  8. My rarest platinum of 2018 so far: Mighty NO. 9 Trophy Mater Earned June 18 2018 Trophy Rarity: 0.95%
  9. MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Platinum trophy PSNP: 2.95% Very easy ultra rare trophy and very fun arcade game, I enjoyed it a lot, it has very good gameplay the only difficult trophy is to win 12 people: To the Victor
  10. Plat # 139 Megaman Inafune "Its better than nothing" edition(Mighty No 9) Trophy Master Everybody knows the history behind this game, all the problems before and after his launch. Don't believe everything that comes out in the reviews, it's a good game, I liked its gameplay very much, it's ugly, but it's very entertaining
  11. 7° Entry "I'll show you!" - Sir Daniel Fortesque from Medievil
  12. 6° Entry "Thanks, Guru. You always know just what to say" - Bentley from Sly 3: Honor among thieves
  13. 5° Entry: "I was right behind you, Jak! Really... I was." - Daxter from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
  14. 4° Entry: "Did he just slide down a sewer pipe?" - Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank (2002)
  15. 3° Entry: "Medals won't help me sleep at night." - Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
  16. 2° Entry: "COME, BOY!!! ONE MORE TIME!!! ONE MORE GAME!!!" Nitemare from yugioh forbidden memories (PS1)
  17. First Entry: "Bring it on BITCH!!!" - Paulie from Tony Hawk Underground 2
  18. Plat # 138 The Crew PSNProfiles Rarity: 1.16% Very good game, it took me 160 hours to plat. I think I had lucky with the trophies not bugging. There is still no explanation from Ubisoft why it happens and maybe there will never be.
  19. Im not sure, I would like someone to confirm these. When I do the "Coast to Coast" trophy I started with a friend, then he had a connection error and I finished the race alone but still got the trophy. I don't know if this apply to "Enduring Spirit" trophy.
  20. 1. Super Meat Boy 2. Shadow Warrior 3. Max Payne 3 4. Hot shot golf Wolrd Invitational 5. Serious Sam 3 BFE I enjoyed every game I played, but these 5 in particular were the hardest ones. I wasnt sure if I would be able to complete these, when finally I got them it was a great satisfaction and pride
  21. Plat # 136 - Serious Sam 3 BFE You're not serious! PSNP Rarity: 2.66% Ultrarare Very good game and very difficult platinum. I really enjoyed this game, for the ones how dont know the franchise is like an OLD SCHOOL FPS with hordes and hordes of enemies Highly recommended to those who like DOOM or Duke Nukem 3D
  22. Awesome idea, good luck to everyone My fav game is THPS2, I dont know why I love to play it
  23. I really enjoy MX vs ATV series, but it seems the developers are running out of ideas for the trophy list, is an identycal list like Alive and Supercross.
  24. Plat # 134: Hot Shot Golf World Invitational (PSVita) All our thanks to Hot Shot Golfers PSNP Rarity: 2.01% (Ultrarare) Very good game, very addictive, never gets boring. First time playing the Hot Shot Franchise, I really like it. Very hard plat, the double eagle trophy took me like 200 attemps
  25. I watched it last month on TV and as a big fan of the series I didn't like it. As a 15 years old franchise it should target a more mature audience, instead of that childish style