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  1. I had this happen to me too on my PS5. I loaded up my save on my PS4 and immediately got a wanted level.
  2. The last four (FOUR!) trophies I needed for the platinum glitched on me. Bullseye Piece de Resistance Bottom’s Up Fresh Threads Attempted to reload, tried a different console, tried a few of the collectibles again, and nothing’s going. Checked Ubisoft Connect and saw that it only tracked roughly half of all the collectibles. Definitely did not enjoy the game enough to attempt a second/third/fourth pass through. What a friggin bummer.
  3. This is my first ever post on these forums, and I came here to say that this list is garbage. edit: apparently this is my second post
  4. Someone over at confirmed that it's cumulative. He's the only person I've seen confirm it thus far, but based on what's been said above, I believe it.