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  1. FYI ~ Barrel trophies are able to be earned again now that the Oktoberfest event is over. I earned the Foreign Objects one today.
  2. It appears that the Time Well Spent and Foreign Objects in the Launch Bay trophies that require 25 barrels are not obtainable during this Oktoberfest event because they replaced some of the barrels with pretzels and haystacks. It also appears no one has earned these trophies since the event started. Can anyone else confirm?
  3. FWIW, you don’t need to drink the seasonal beer for the beerstein to spawn
  4. So I noticed a friend on my list is earning trophies now on an Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack but he’s playing Overwatch 1. Does this mean there will be an OW2 list where you can re-earn the OW1 trophies?
  5. Respectfully disagree. You’re certainly entitled to your own opinion but releasing near impossible trophies with the intent to get you to pay real money to buy them instead is predatory behavior. Look at the Epic Vault Key, Medals, Cursed Gnomes, Soulforge, 20K miles, etc. I could go on and on but I won’t. If you want examples of F2P done right check out Warframe, Fortnite, Idle Champions, etc. They just encourage you to buy cosmetics… Albeit, Gems of War you can earn everything you need eventually, but with massive, massive grinds behind it all. But hell, the entry point is really buying boosted armor from the store which used to be $50 (I think it’s $30 now) which everyone I know considers that basically a requirement for 100% trophies, I already paid for the game, it wasn’t free. This is coming from a daily player in a high level guild coming up on almost 7 years of this garbage. I would never tell anyone to support this game or developers at this point.
  6. ^This is spot on. For example, they released the Win an Epic Vault Battle trophy which required an Epic Vault Key to trigger. Epic Vault key required massive RNG (like 0.01% from an actual gnome RNG dropping in a regular battle). Subsequently to achieve this impossible trophy they dropped an Epic Vault Key in the store that you could buy for $15 to just buy the trophy basically. Now eventually they made the Gnome-a-Palooza (a year later) that made this easy to obtain. I could give tons of other examples (Currently it’s the 10x Cursed Gnome via buying Gnome Bait, Soulforge Level 20, 20K Miles, etc.) but it’s all the same strategy… Milk everyone for real money via trophies, updates, etc. and I don’t appreciate any of it. I’ve played since release and every update they make me regret ever playing this game. I wouldn’t tell my worst enemy to play this game.
  7. I like the positivity by others in this thread but, in my opinion, do not ever play this game. Massive, massive grind (1000’s of hours) and not worth it all. You will hate the game far before 100%. Not to mention, predatory developers should never be supported.
  8. Finished my 20K on Tuesday with this team: Life & Death (Sentinel class) Xathenos Deathclaw The Gray King Wasn’t too bad but the scaling late game becomes awfully tough but that’s where deathmarks and Xathenos ability to scale with difficulty and summoning helps a lot. Avoid the teams with immunity to deathmarks if you can. For reference, I bought 3x T7’s and I think I spent 3500-4000 gems, can’t remember exactly where I started and earned some along the way as well.
  9. Event is up. Anyone have a recommended team?
  10. I’d estimate about 150 hours to get everything except for the mega grind trophies. You can get 30 or so trophies in like 25-30 hours if you just blitz the first 2 campaigns. Canny takes what seems like forever to get through the story, unless you have a lot of help. Not to mention the significant grind needed for the higher level SSD’s in Twine, unless you’re getting carried.
  11. I don’t think so… I linked mine right when I started the game in June.
  12. Yes, everything is currently obtainable.
  13. Yes, I got it on July 26th. Took 1.5 months of rerolling the daily quest every day but eventually got it. US PS4 for reference.
  14. Gnome-a-Palooza trophies are easy, just get 4 Verses, 1 from each of the 4 new gnomes. Then use the 4 Verses to craft the Gnome-a-Palooza in the Soulforge. I was simply pointing out that this weekend/event is a more optimal time to pull an Epic Vault Key from killing a gnome, as it is an extremely rare drop.
  15. Even if you aren’t paying much attention to this game anymore, please be aware that the Gnome Event that started today and goes through this weekend (higher gnome drop rate) and the newly added Gnome-a-Palooza timed event are by the far the best return rate on gameplay/time as there ever been. You need to play enough matches to get all 4 verses to get this going, but once you craft the Gnome-a-Palooza, you will have a great chance in this event to get an Epic Vault Key since every enemy is a gnome for 15 minutes. I’m not sure that’s intended and I actually think it will get nerfed soon so that’s why I’m saying play this ASAP if you still need the Epic Vault Key trophy or just want a bunch of really good resources FAST. Pro Tip: Set up your fastest team prior to the 15 minutes (I suggest Sunbird/Leprechaun) and play on Explore Difficulty 1 to maximize matches. I managed to get in 36 matches in 15 minutes, which yielded 1 Epic Vault key and tons of other great rewards (35K souls, more verses to rerun again, etc.). My friend got 2 Epic Vault Keys in his 15 minute run as well. Good luck!