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  1. Yes, the community is still very active!
  2. Anyone who knows these guys, the update might take forever to get to console, but it looks sweet! Appears to be about 7 DLC packs with trophies? They are adding trophies to the old DLC's too. Go to about 3:20 or so to see the trophies:
  3. Kind of funny reading this thread and seeing that no one really likes it the new way, so why was it even changed? I'd love to be able to just customize my own, if I'm getting screwed out of all the 1,000's past 10k that I've set up. Seems really illogical to front-load something like this when tons of people are wayyyy past being able to set any of these milestones up.
  4. If you are in a good guild, you'll get bonus turns for maps, as of the new update this week. Making this trophy significantly easier than it was.
  5. Occasionally they have repacked the files which leads to a really large update.
  6. You'll always have the key and can try the trials any time after you've unlocked the key.
  7. I bought my physically from the EU. You can buy it on eBay (if you prefer physical copies of games like I do):
  8. It's a great game and a ton of content for the price. Not to mention the plat isn't too bad other than the bounty grind.
  9. $5.99 in the store this week. Probably worth it at this point.
  10. PS4 Slim
  11. Beautiful, polished game... but like others, can't justify the $60 for it. TF2 players would likely be all over it though.
  12. I gave in and bought the physical/disc version to pop the plat. For those interested, just delete/cancel any patches and let it auto run offline. I can at least get most of my money back with physical purchase though.
  13. I used Iron Skin the whole time and it did not negate the trophy. I would guess that Stomp and other actual enemy-impacting abilities would affect it though, I didn't risk it with that.
  14. Appears the game was patched today, Version 1.27. Anyone verify if this fixed the glitch? I loaded the game up for a few minutes and it autosaved a couple of times, but no trophy still...
  15. I can confirm as well, the 100 days trophy is currently glitched. Ran well over 50 hours and the trophy hasn't popped.