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  1. I'll take anything new for the game. And this looks really solid. Co-op is definitely a nice surprise. Just a shame you apparently can't co-op the new tower. But oh well.
  2. Does anyone know if this has ANY improvement on the PS5 since there's no native version? Mostly interested if its 60 FPS. Most Youtube videos just say 4k/60FPS, which is not an indication of anything nowadays since the videos are just recorded like that. And can't really find any info.
  3. Does anyone happen to know where to find Pacification? Swear I looked on every map, and can't seem to find it. Edit: Nevermind. Found it 20mins later in Tatefushi Academy 2F.
  4. ^Ah yes. That makes sense. Forgot NA doesn't get the DLC at all for some weird reason. Also yeah. It shows a price for me as well, so I imagine we may have gotten some special version like a review code or similar. And for EU folks in case people cannot see your DLC to claim in-game, try to restore license. I did and suddenly it all showed up and I could claim it in-game. It seem sort of buggy with the code.
  5. The code you are getting gives you Ultimate Edition for PS4 and PS5. So you get a bunch of DLC, you can claim in-game, P2W stuff(Yes. literally P2W), SP+2000, Costumes, food materials and so on. Pre-order codes still has to be claimed from Bandai's website (can be seen under your purchase).
  6. Well, im at a little over 5400 and just launched the Cerberus Headquarters mission where it normally would pop I believe, and got nothing. And can't even contact Hackett via the War Room anymore. So this is definitely an odd trophy in this version. Edit: I just loaded a save before launching the mission, and launched the final mission again. This time it popped and I did nothing differently.
  7. In the same boat here, with Pyromaniac. Nothing counts. Everything else did for some reason.
  8. Can also confirm Insanity cheese does indeed work. And as Varun said: If you beat the game legit on Insanity, you can skip half the steps and just do the delete files > load ME1 > Exit Launcher > > Boot up ME1 again > Load save file and beat again. No more headache from all the cheap crap i've been fighting against in ME2. Done it twice already (PC and PS3). So being able to skip it this way is fantastic. Even if it does effect Service Medal Trophy I would rather replay all 3 games again, over doing Insanity on ME3.
  9. Well. I just rekindled my relationship Liara in ME2, and I did not get Paramour II either. So guessing there's a good chance it doesn't count for the trophy which would be unfortunate.
  10. Might been mentioned somewhere but just throwing it out there: You can unlock some (not all) of the "Use x abilities 25 times", by spamming them on the Mako. Shouldn't really have to. But its possible to do.
  11. I wouldn't worry about the Ally trophies. I literally got 2 of them just doing "Go here, talk to this NPC" in the Citadel.
  12. It's available from the start. No need to unlock it this time around.
  13. Biome 1 one did. Still no sign of Ice one yet.
  14. Yeah. Been playing online since release. And no, no video or picture, since I disabled it. Edit: It just randomly popped.. Not even on the same biome or anything. No idea what the heck happened, but it popped.. Now if the other biome trophy would pop as well, that would be swell.
  15. I tried to restart the game twice before posting, and still no luck. :/