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  1. Think it's just how it works. Been playing it, and it's doing the same for me. Like the gun is right in my face. Some text is above my head, and other text is on the left or right side almost off-screen so it's hard to read the text.
  2. Were you playing offline by any chance? If so, that could be the issue. I was stuck on a blackscreen for almost 5 mins a few days ago when I had no internet. As soon as my connection came back, I could get past the screen fast again.
  3. So stupid question time! I played the game near release, then went on vacation. Last thing I did was to transform Yuma intro a dragon during a boss fight.. Now I went back to the game, and can't figure out how to do. Is there specific points you can do it or do i need to go further (currently Chapter 3) before it becomes a thing on my own will? Or can I just not find the button? Tried R1 during combat and nothing (That brings up B.A.N.D). Kinda need it for the Silenced Dragon trophy. Edit: NVM. Figured it out, finally.
  4. As far as im aware, at least back when I played on PC, any IP from Africa was banned due to a lot of theft and other scam from it. (Enmasses words, not mine!) - Think there's an article about it somewhere, so that's probably why its not available on PS4 for you either. Edit: Found the post - http://support.enmasse.com/tera/does-en-masse-ip-block-based-on-region We Block IP Adresses from High Risk Areas Asia and Africa are included on the block list (with some exceptions). While we appreciate that there are players in these regions who would enjoy playing on En Masse servers, a significant amount of internet traffic we see from these regions is from cyber-criminals relating to account theft, gold-farming and other hacking behavior. Your best bet is to create a new account in a region where the game is available and download it from there. Again, Enmasse won't say this outright, since it is kinda against Sony's ToS (but not even Sony cares), but that's what they suggest users to do if they can't access the game from their region.
  5. Just gonna confirm that killing 15 Gluttonous Fangspawn in Sienna Canyon does indeed pop the Shara Trophy. Its most likely glitched, so if people are high enough level I would recommend doing it now in case it gets fixed in the next patch.
  6. Well, your scores are meant to change. The Bounty scores you need to beat doesn't change. All you need to do is reach #1, and you are doing so by just killing & collecting stuff in the fields. Everytime you head back to town after doing so you will receive a bounty score (it will show you different things you have done that caused your bounty to increase). You just need to reach 10 million which is a huge grind.
  7. Cash grab? Don't think you actually understand the meaning of cash grab. Hack and Slash? You obviously have not watching any gameplay whatsoever. This is not even close to a hack & slash game. "Game is a huge let down". Is that so? Have you played it? No? Then you don't know if the game is a let down or not. Love how judgmental people are BEFORE a game is out, and without even trying the game.
  8. There's people playing, but not a lot. It's mostly die-hard fans playing. So if you want the plat, which is still obtainable you will need to boost otherwise the plat is gonna take ages. I currently have 1 MP trophy left, which is a pain cause nobody is ever boosting, and the people playing legit are crazy good so you can barely get any kills.
  9. Yeah. Guess it just took a while after the sync on PSN, and the update on here for it to register properly. But everything works as it should now it seem!
  10. Well, earned 3 trophies, synced, and updated my profile, but still shows nothing.
  11. If you know the game you can beat it extremely fast. So someone most likely just dropped all weapons, and the people did a speed run of the game with fully upgraded weapons. It isn't as difficult as it sound if you have a mate with everything upgraded.
  12. Looking for help with: The End? The End Sniper Duel On A Rail Into the fire PSN: Rawanz~
  13. Please P4P. Will play others aswell, obviously~ http://vita.lbp.me/v/jjk9t