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  1. 1 minute ago, balotelli_boy45 said:

    Is this game online only 

    they plan on adding single player. The second part says no online connection needed but not sure if that's apart of the update or comes with at launch so might not be online only at launch.


    Does the game have single player?


    The game will include single player, however it will come as an update in Summer 2017. We originally started as a multiplayer only game but were able to secure additional funding to expand the game.  Single player will consist of objective-based missions where you take control of Jason. You’ll get to see missions that will remind you of the movies, as well as entirely new scenarios to sink your machete into!

    We will also include offline counselor bots that you’ll be able to fight against without needing an online connection!


  2. 7 minutes ago, Stargazer2600 said:

    I didnt re order this and gamestop says they wont carry it, anyone know how i can get a copy?

    as far as I know this game was never available to preorder for a physical copy outside of kickstarter and their site which is over with. Digital will be available on release, can't preload it cause MS and Sony wanted them to delay in order for that to happen and they said no.



    I think physical copies might just show up in stores and online on launch but not sure. Digital will be $40 though while physical is $60.


  3. 8 minutes ago, diskdocx said:



    Do you two work for the devs or something? This is an awful looking list. Just a grindathon. 2000+ matches? Yeah, no.

    No, i love Jason. Friday the 13th movies is my favorite movie franchise of all time. I will play the heck out of this game like no other. I've been waiting for years ever since I came across the kickstarter.