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  1. I spent about 4 hours going through every area to make sure, and then just fought a mimic on the off chance it would work, and it did.
  2. is a final fantasy veteran! (good on you)
  3. about to start the attack on titan game! can't wait.
  4. #55 World of Final Fantasy True Grymoirian 10.31% Rare Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 The trophy images were really disappointing for this game, but that platinum trophy is just the most gorgeous colour. Well, this game was fun. I'd heard that it got worse as it went on, but I disagree with that in one sense - I thought the story was weak and without impact at the start, and the more the story went on, the more I actually cared about what was going on. Voice acting (that for most of the game did my head in) was at certain late-game points very emotional and well-performed. There was little to no challenge in the game though. Really easy for the most part. The occasional boss/intervention quest was a smidge troublesome, but I'm not sure that I even died once in the game, and that isn't testament to my own abilities. The battle system, in which you stack enemies on top of yourself to combine abilities and stats, is good. It seems weird to start but it is actually good when you get the hang of it. It was a joy seeing a tonberry and a cactuar stacked on top one of the characters. There is a good amount of depth in the battle system, due to the variety of FF monsters you can imprism and train (which was great fun btw), yet the issue is that this depth rarely comes to the fore, as a result of the game's dearth of difficulty. The main reason I enjoyed this game is because I love Final Fantasy, and this game really plays with that, to the point it probably could have been called 'Fanservice: Final Fantasy Edition'. Just heading to Cornelia near the start and hearing the Town and Castle themes, man. I loved it. There were a lot of cool settings - Nibelheim, Besaid, and so on, but all touched up and chibi-fied. The game is good, and you will enjoy it if you like FF and don't take yourself too seriously. However, I have a few issues. Firstly, Lann says 'honk' as a subsititute for an expletive far too much: 'What the honk!?'. This sounds awful and it hurt my brain every single time he said it. I understand that he can hardly drop f-bombs all over, but oh my god this word was just a terrible choice. Tama. I loved her in battle, and had her in one of my stacks more or less the entire game. What I did not the-love was her stupid the-style of speaking. WHY ADD THE WORD 'THE' EXTRANEOUSLY!? UGGGGGGGGHHHHH. WHAT THE FUCK. It was infuriating. The chibi aspect was fine for the most part, but I have to warn you - if you finish this game, and don't want permanent mental scarring, don't watch the credits. The credits are actually the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. Legitimately horrifying. A last little note about the trophies: This game is grindy if you want the platinum trophy. Not as bad as FFX, but much worse than FFXV if you're coming off the back of that. Try to keep note of treasure chests, cause you have to collect them all. Luckily though, nothing in the game is missable as far as I remember. Anyway, platinum number 55!
  5. just wanted to make a post as a PSA of sorts - i've been going around for hours trying to find every treasure chest for this bloody trophy, and i've just got it now. the thing is, mimic fights count towards the trophy, and i had no idea. i'd been following a chest guide specifically to avoid having to spend ages chasing up loose ends, but the reason for it was that i'd not fought some of the mimics. this is just in case anyone else is/will be in a similar spot to me.
  6. #54 Final Fantasy XV The World Wanderer 22.81% Uncommon Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9.25/10 I know that 9.25 seems too specific a rating, but I couldn't shake the feeling that a 9 was too low for this game, and that a 9.5 was perhaps too high. Anyway. Beginning with my 30th platinum trophy, Bastion, I've done a little write-up on here for every game I've completed from that point. Assuming my maths is correct, that makes this my 25th pseudo-review. It's been fun, and a really nice way to chronicle my gaming over the last year. I've got the platinum trophy for a few other Final Fantasy games in this time, and in the unlikely event that you recognise my name, you may also remember that I absolutely adore this series. My first was FFVIII, which I played as a very young child - I was too young to understand the game fully, but I was old enough to be absolutely awestruck. The scene where you land on the beaches of Dollet during your SeeD exam, paired with that amazing music, just blew me away. I was obsessed and that obsession has never left me. I know for sure that there are a lot of people here who understand exactly what I'm saying, and as a consequence of that, know how long 10 years can feel when you're waiting for a game to come out. But anyway, let's start. Fuck yes, this game was great. I was so apprehensive that it just wouldn't live up to my expectations of the Final Fantasy name, but it did. Hearing that Yoko Shimomura would be taking the helm for this game left me feeling some relief - and hearing that opening theme let me know that this game would be good. It was evocative of the main theme for Xenoblade Chronicles, an astonishingly good game, during which I had a similar feeling. Funny enough, Shimomura composed that one too. What a woman. The music in FFXV was very good on the whole. Not as memorable as an Uematsu soundtrack, but nonetheless very good. The story of the game was good, I think. A brilliant premise, and executed well. Unfortunately, I had one of the story twists spoiled for me (a certain event in Altissia, for those who have played the game), yet this moment still managed to affect me even though I expected it. The story became, in true FF fashion, progressively more confusing as it goes on. As far as I'm concerned, FF stories are never incomprehensible, but you do have to think about it. I've always found subsequent playthroughs to help. The main issue with FFXV's story was the pacing. The game has 14 chapters. I spent about 50 hours on the first 8 of them, and maybe another 10 on the remaining 6. This was a bit weird. I'm not saying that every chapter has to be the same length, and for story reasons I understand the discrepancies (the open world was a bit more restricted later into the game), but it came across as perhaps being a bit rushed to me. Not unfinished, but maybe rushed. I also did not enjoy chapter 13 - a 2 hour stealth segment? What the fuck? Nah. Having said this, I still enjoyed the story. There were plenty of nice twists, and I had a good time. The characters. I just loved them. They were amazing. 10/10 characters for me. I've always maintained that even though FFX is my favourite, FFIX had the best cast. Their developments were just phenomenal, and I struggled to see how it could be beaten. Well, this is how. Not by 'out-developing' the characters in FFIX, but by the four friends having the most organic and genuine relationship that I have ever seen in a video game. I believed every single second, and I loved every single second of it. The voice actors were phenomenal (not just for the main four, for everyone) as well. They all balanced each other so well, and you legitimately felt part of their friendship. It was absolutely wonderful to play. Ignis was my personal favourite, but perhaps that's just the Brit in me. I would say that Noctis is also one of the best and most multifaceted protagonists I've ever had the pleasure of controlling, and by the end of the game I felt legitimately proud of him. Is that weird? Maybe. But it's testament to the game's ability to make me feel real-life emotions about these characters. Also, props to this game's villain: he's fucking great. Second best FF villain of all time in my opinion, only behind FFVI's Kefka, who is as far as I'm concerned the greatest fictional villain of all time. Yup. There's so so much I haven't touched on, but the heating in my flat is shit, my hands are freezing and I want to stop typing. I'm sure you'll forgive me. This platinum was a joy to get, and definitely one of the easier FF platinums. If you've never played the series, sort that shit out and get on this game. Really really good. There really is so much I haven't mentioned. Maybe another time.
  7. #53 I Am Setsuna A Tale from a Land of Snow 18.79% Rare Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 7.5/10 I do love a good JRPG, and this is at its core a good JRPG. My overall experience playing the game was definitely a positive one. I'll go through some of the things I liked and didn't like. The music was probably my favourite aspect of the game. It matches the tone of the game perfectly. The music is all performed by what sounds like a single piano, and the way that tracks transition into one another is really nice. Given the story (which we'll get to in a sec) there is an overarching sense of foreboding throughout the game, and although it's strange to explain in writing, the music invokes this feeling, yet also providing a glimmer of much-needed hope. The fact that this is all done with such minimalism is testament to the strength of the soundtrack. When it comes to setting, if you don't like snow, don't play this. Everywhere is snowy. The whole game is snow. Personally I'm a fan of it. The art direction in the game was in my opinion stunning, and I never really bored of it. One thing I did bore of very quickly though was the dungeons in the game - there are a few of them, and to be frank, they were quite shit. All of them were almost identical, uninspired, and just really dull. Linearity in games is not necessarily a bad thing, but this was not good design. You'll know what I mean if you've played this. Luckily they don't take up too much of the game, but there was one dungeon near the end of the game which was just such a slog. This game is clearly inspired by older JRPGs, which is a good thing. However, as the adage goes - 'everything in moderation'. The same should have applied to this game in two regards: its story and its battle system. These two aspects are the bread-and-butter of a good classic JRPG, and both of them are thankfully good. Howeverm as I've alluded to, there were issues. The story of this game is, give or take a few details here and there, the core story of Final Fantasy X. The battle system is that of Chrono Trigger. Both of these games are brilliant - FFX has my personal favourite game story of all time, and Chrono Trigger has an undeniably fantastic battle system. But this game isn't those two. It isn't as good. They tried to make the battle system too convoluted in order to differentiate it, with confusing terms such as 'fluxation' and 'singularity', which were both poorly explained and poorly implemented. Even though the script was well written, the story lacked the heart of FFX's, and I found that even though I enjoyed the story I didn't really end up caring too much about what happened to the characters. Having read that back, it seems more negative than positive, but you should play the game if you like JRPGs. It is a good game. It isn't groundbreaking, and it has issues, but it's a nice love-letter to the games a lot of us grew up playing, and I'm glad I played it.
  8. #51 Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Agent 47 69.83% Common Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 2/10 It's been a while since I've been on here. I earned this trophy over four months ago, but I've been so busy with university since then that I've not had nearly the time I would've wanted to be on here more, and to play games more often. Anyway, better late than never. This game was pretty shit and repetitive in my opinion. Obviously, the last few months haven't left me jaded at all. Just not for me really. Easy enough quick platinum provided you use a guide, but overall it was a bit rubbish. #52 Air Race Speed Air Ace! 19.44% Rare Difficulty: 2.5/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 I just picked this up because it was so cheap, and I was really pleasantly surprised! I wasn't expecting much, but it was quite fun and engaging! The trophies are good for the most part, but I did have to grind out the 1000 crashes for my final trophy, which was a bit of a chore. The rapid racing was quite fun, and it was nice to feel yourself improving more and more as you played. Overall, it was a nice game to pick up every now and again over the last week, and I would recommend it.
  9. #50 3D DOT GAME HEROES Congratulations! 3.63% Ultra Rare Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 I adore this game. I played it for the first time when it came out back in 2009, and I played it again in 2012, on older accounts. Each time I loved it, but I never managed to get the platinum. Third time lucky, eh? In case you don't know anything about this game, it's more or less a love letter to the games which made the industry what it is today. It's a game made more than anything in the style of the 2D Zelda games, but with the polish and finesse of a more modern title. That being said, Link to the Past holds up incredibly well still and that game is 4 years older than me. Anyway though - this game plays very similarly, with a lot of elements just lifted straight out of Zelda, such as the same items, bomb-able walls, fairy fountains, a more powerful sword at full health, und so weiter... What makes this game so good though, is that it takes all these elements, and makes them feel fresh and fun. The world is a joy to explore, killing enemies with your giant fuck-off sword never gets old, and the music is just so evocative of those kind of games we played when we were young. The graphical style is beautiful, and the game is hilarious. It's just so worth playing. And you can make your own character! I spent a good hour recreating my favourite video game character of all time, FFVIII's Laguna. As much as I love the game, some of the trophies weren't so fun - Dash Circuit wasn't tough this time around, and only took a few attempts as I somehow still retained my muscle memory from a few years back. For first-timers though, that's a bitch. FROM Mode is pretty tricky, and Spelunker Mode (one hit kills you) is pretty unforgiving. You almost certainly need to use a guide word by word to get everything possible and get all of the swords, and the Bestiary stuff can be pretty dull. But these are all forgivable because the game is just so great. I sincerely hope someone who reads this decides to pick it up, and hopefully you like it so that I don't feel guilty about making you spend your hard-earned money. Also, congrats to me! This is my 50th platinum. Here's to 50 more.
  10. #49 South Park: The Stick of Truth South Park: The Stick of Truth Platinum Trophy 16.47% Rare Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 This game was just a joy to play. An absolute joy. Obviously the main attraction is that it has the South Park name, and the chances are that if you're a big fan of the show you've played it already, but if you haven't it's everything you'd want from a South Park game. There's loads of fan-service, but it never comes across as pandering or annoying. It's actually great. A lot of the songs from the show (which are my personal favourite part of the show) make an appearance, and it all just feels so similar to an episode of the show. Outside of the South Park name, the game is a pretty solid turn-based RPG, with a deeper battle system than you'd expect at first glance. I think I could go on for a long time about everything I liked, but the best way to see what I would have said is just to play it yourself and take it all in. Also, I would recommend just enjoying your first playthrough, and doing a quick second one with a guide to mop up anything you've missed. The game doesn't take long, especially if you skip cutscenes on your second playthrough. The game is worth just getting immersed in.
  11. #48 Tricky Towers Grand master wizard 0.71% Ultra Rare Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 7.5/10 This game was really fun, and probably my favourite PS+ title since Rocket League last summer. Some of the trials and gold trophies were really really tricky, and they took me quite a lot of attempts - there was definitely a slight luck element too, as is natural with games like this, and it helps and hurts in equal measure. Aside from the single player stuff, the game is also great fun to play with a few friends, be it local or online. Big fan of this one. I'd recommend it, it's free (for now)!
  12. i am really really looking forward to this one. from what i've seen in gameplay and trailers and such, everything looks good - amazing visuals, stunning music, giant boss fights, blah blah blah though i have to say, in terms of peak excitement, i adore the fact that the spoken dialogue in the game is in icelandic. as someone learning the language this is really cool, cause you don't get many chances to hear it. i've looked about and not found anything more conclusive than 'summer 2016' in terms of a release date so i'm not 100% sure when it's dropping, but i'll be getting it as soon as it's out. anyone else as hyped as me?
  13. i think FFXIV: A Realm Reborn shouldn't go unnoticed! yeah it's an MMORPG as opposed to your standard RPG but it's a damn fine game
  14. #44, 45, 46, and 47 ARCADE GAME SERIES: PAC-MAN ARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. PAC-MAN ARCADE GAME SERIES: DIG DUG Retro Gamer Retro Gamer Retro Gamer 36.97% - Uncommon 52.59% Common 37.44% Uncommon ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA Retro Gamer 28.56% Uncommon Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 6.5/10 The difficulty and enjoyment are for the four games as a whole. Sorry if the formatting is a bit of an eyesore - it just seemed to make sense to group these all together. These games are all classics, obviously, and they're all pretty good. My personal favourite of them is Galaga, and my least favourite was Dig Dug, but it was admittedly the only one I hadn't previously played - maybe I need to take off my nostalgia glasses, but it is what it is Some of the trophies across the board were genuinely tricky, and would have been much harder without save-scumming - the Galaga 'Perfect' trophies probably being the hardest. That being said, the games are good fun and the platinum for all four can be achieved in a short amount of time. I feel like these games are somewhat exempt from my short pseudo-reviews, so you'll already know what to expect from these.
  15. #43 Gravity Rush It's All Relative 15.60% Rare Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 This game was a real pleasant surprise! I'd heard it was decent, and it certainly was - it was an engaging and innovative game, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the DLC has to offer now I've got the platinum. I found them a bit confusing to start with (especially the Gravity Slide), but the controls soon became very natural and worked perfectly. The story was good, but didn't really stick with me for any reason - the main aspect of the game that will stick with you is the freedom you experience through the inventive gravity system, which brings something new to things that are commonplace in games, such as battling and making your way from place to place. I liked the upgrade system, and I thought the challenges were the right level of difficulty to make them tough at points but still doable providing you don't fuck up too much. My only real gripe with the game is that it was a bit short, but it was nice to have the freedom to explore the city in my own time. If you own a vita, this is a must-have - I found it for about £6 in CeX, which is definitely justifiable considering how much I liked it. Looking forward to the sequel already! Edit: Also this platinum was my 2000th trophy! That's pretty sweet. Here's to 3000!