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  1. Cero Z rating games in Japan require a japanese credit card.
  2. User 'Archavix' seems to have all the stacks on their profile. Japanese account, so unknown if that means anything.
  3. This method freezes the timer towards the end, so you do have to have a steady pace up till that point yes, but it makes it much easier. You could do both methods really, there's nothing stopping you doing that.
  4. I personally think it is better. You don't have to really rush around and remember stuff and take screenshots/videos. When you get to the end game you can decide what you think you'd prefer then.
  5. There's a better way to solve the final puzzle using a little glitch It freezes the timer and you can just progress easily.
  6. Best way is to grab the telekinesis spell and do this.
  7. All of my old worlds have 'Trophies cannot be earned in this world' when in the settings menu in that world, none of them ever went into creative mode so I have no clue what's up.
  8. Trophies are up on Exophase, so not much longer to see if they uploaded on here I guess.
  9. You definitely got the required amount of amber in the ants challenge? You should of gotten more chicken afterwards. For the cage, distract the two females so they wont bother you, and from afar throw your arm to break the barrels.
  10. I had this trophy pop for me this way. Done 4 deaths in cemetery hill. 1 - Die in lava near start. 2 - Die by boulder roll 3 - Die by zombie 4 - Die by fire The trophy popped for me after the fire death. I did not complete the level after each game over, I simply tried another death method.
  11. I've tried this and it didn't work? What could I possibly be doing wrong?
  12. It's been removed on the EU store, but still on the US store for some reason.
  13. Apparently DOOM CLASSIC COLLECTION on ps3 has been delisted because of these new releases. Luckily I still have it installed, but people on xbox cannot redownload their classic versions.
  14. Check each chapter in the Chapter Select and see if that all say completed on 'crushing'
  15. Yes, it does no worries.