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  1. It's been removed on the EU store, but still on the US store for some reason.
  2. Apparently DOOM CLASSIC COLLECTION on ps3 has been delisted because of these new releases. Luckily I still have it installed, but people on xbox cannot redownload their classic versions.
  3. Check each chapter in the Chapter Select and see if that all say completed on 'crushing'
  4. Yes, it does no worries.
  5. It's fine. I'm hiding the trophies now as we speak.
  6. Already stated above
  7. I only said sorry for any confusion, wasn't begging for any bans lifted. I've accepted the ban, relax.
  8. It's been so long ago, I can't remember. I did have multiple ps3's back then, without online at lots of times. I apologise for any confusion, for you and myself. I honestly don't recall any save game thing. :/
  9. Isamu_Kanashii Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I don't remember as it was quite some time ago, but reinstalling the game with the trophy patch caused me some issues and for whatever reason, trophies started popping. I did have save data from before the trophy patch fix and this probably caused them to pop at once.