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  1. From my understanding you have to complete one of the Story quests after getting 250 in order for the trophy to pop. But also like another person said you will need to wait until the next event since its over now.
  2. Its been a long time since I've played that area, but I would give the same general suggestions. 1) If super surrounded just hope over mobs until you get an opening for a safe attack. 2) Keep your combo up and use it to break weapons. I can't remember but if they grab guns out of boxes or what not then you only have a couple of guns to deal with, so try and break those with the combo 3) Use the baterrang as well. You can quick fire the batarang to knock down/daze a gun user
  3. I honestly never thought it was horrible. It had some call backs to the original Dark Alliance. It had bugs but I only rarely had one that resulted in a failed run. Its not a $60 game, looking at GameStop right now I can order a pre-owned physical copy for $11.99/$12.99 for PS4/PS5 so if you go in with expectations it wasn't a AAA title I would say is best. Couple of cons at this point: If you want to platinum it your going to have some troubles unless you have 3 friends to play with because matchmaking has only gotten worse over time. Also leveling to 20 and getting max rarity gear is a huge grind. They do have DLC but IMO its way over priced and I haven't bought it yet because I'm not paying $20-$30 for essentially another 6 levels and new class that would require a new grind
  4. One other thing that doesn't really save much time, but might make the grind less work, you can hit the Left Thumbstick to have the game play for you on quests. Let's me do other things and just come back everyone once and a while to start a new quest and have it auto run through stuff.
  5. I found another way is to do the daily orders. I got 5 from completing one yesterday, just make sure not to turn them in unless your ready to use them, but yeah by the time you play a full first couple of days you should have close to 1000 soul orbs and its 1 to 1 so I'd say just use them
  6. Anyone know anything about any missable collectibles? I originally thought there were one two missable collectibles from the prologue since you can't go back, but after searching some more I've found several places reporting that you can only get certain missions/collectibles prior to completing certain stages of the main story so if you miss them you can't go back later except in someone else's game. I was excited about this game but more and more little things are detracting from the game as a whole. Missable trophies in an open world game is a terrible thing.
  7. Not sure about the PS5, but the PS4 grouping is pretty dead. I think the last 3 weeks I was grinding XP for levels and drops I managed to get 3 matches and none of them were a full 4 group. The trophy isn't hard to get if you get a decent group but unless you boost it you might be waiting a long time. With that said, it took me a while to get all the trophies and I got the MP trophies just by getting randoms so you might be able to get lucky while playing the game since you have to grind out all 4 characters to max level to 100% it.
  8. I finally got him as well on the docks at level 13 I think. I basically just worked on my shield/grenade challenges and did both sides, fill kill since once you kill some you get additional spawns. It also looks like mobs scale to your level compared to the other zones so you get a decent amount of xp this way if you're not max level already.
  9. I think I was up to level 500+ for my battles at the end and yeah it was mainly a matter of getting the essence train rolling. Essence of Evil is a bit OP and would be totally that if it didn't have the random bonus to the opposing team that can screw up a turn like transforming an enemy troop into a power mythic that gets full mana on their turn or when the card you cast it on gets transformed into a toad and then gets mana on its turn and transforms your card into a toad. All in all I felt the event lacking for that very reason that it didn't really matter how powerful it was just a grind to spend gems on.
  10. I think I read they did have crossplay working but I don't know for sure. My cousin just got a PS5 and was trying to get his progress transfered from his PS4 so we will be trying out crossplay when we get a chance. I liked the game but it only has so much replay ability so I can't imagine playing it through again to get 100% if progress doesn't transfer. The leveling isn't horrible but the looting is annoying. My main character is level 17 and had done every mission and gotten every extra stat point and he is still using a blue level 3 axe......
  11. You bring up another good point which isn't mentioned much. Almost every patch includes new bugs and often times really odd bugs or they nerf things when people get too much use out of them. For example when they add Gnomeapalozza people evidently were getting too many rewards so the end result was everyone had their rewards reduced when popping a gnome a palozza. I heard the journey event this time might have been bugged in that number of turns counted extra turns via cascading matches meaning you go punished for being really lucky because you got multiple match 4/5s when you shouldn't have I started to be a little concerned about the direction of the game when they added campaign passes. I stomached it and bought a few of the $9.99 passes because over all it wasn't too much money to put into the game every now and then since I play it so much and it helped me progress some of my kingdoms. The $9.99 is also a steal compared to their normal way over the top prices for deals. If you didn't get the pass you really weren't missing out. Now they are adding paywalls for new kingdom content on top of that. I'm not sure you're lumping me in with the "professional whiners" but I don't think it is bad to complain about a game that for the most part has been free to play with slightly faster advancement by paying money to what we are seeing within the last year of the game. While I'm sure it won't impact their bottom dime much, its turned me from being willing to pay a little bit of money every now and then on the game to spending $0 ever again on the game because its ever increasing.
  12. I'm not aware of any issues at this moment that prevent you from getting a platinum on the game. The player base seems to have dwindled quite a bit as I've not been able to get but maybe one decent match up in the last 4 or 5 nights of trying. I'm usually trying after 11 PM EST so that might be part of it. The more recent updates say they increased the chance of getting rarer drops, but I'm still sitting on needing 2 more pieces to max out even one of my characters so i can't say I'm seeing much improvement. Would be nice if you were guaranteed at least one legendary drop each run or something like that at max difficulty. Let's face it even before getting to level 20 probably >95% of your gear is throw away from a run. On the bright side you do get 3 new dungeon maps to run through and can get 2 more stat points in the process which is something I suppose.
  13. The frustrating part about the new journey event trophy is that it is the first trophy I can think of that is 100% behind a gem/pay wall and is somewhat luck based since the more turns you take the less points you get. I've seen some people get > 20K miles with 165 matches and others at 190. I think I spent close to 3000 gems on the event and on top of that it took me longer than a delve event to complete and was less enjoyable/rewarding as all you get for that many points on a fresh event is the experience of spending 2500+ gems for a trophy. As a player since almost the launch on the PS4 I am 100% not liking the direction the game is taking in terms of trophies and availability of new cards and resources to upgrade kingdoms.
  14. I agree. I've been playing since they released pets with a couple of small breaks and almost all my level 20 pets came from maxing out delves. But that as well ended up costing me probably like 2K in gems for each one.
  15. While I have enjoyed this game a lot over the 6 years I've been playing this game, I'm not sure I would recommend new players looking to 100% the game start playing unless you are prepared to play for many months if not years. Not only are some trophies behind some decent time walls like has been mentioned previously, getting to the point of being able to complete several of the newer ones does require some large amount of time to build up your kingdoms and troop cards which there are many. One of the most time consuming items is something called Delves. In that case you collect points of which they recently added a new trophy for 50,000 points. Currently you can complete a faction event once every Tuesday for a maximum of 2,500 points. To do this requires I would say at least 2,000 gems which is the premium currency. You can buy gems or earn them in game. Initially earning the gems is really slow but builds. Currently buying them would cost >$50 US. You can also earn up to 120 faction points normally per day. So another 840 points a week for 3,340/week. Meaning even if you never failed a battle the game is going to take you at least 15 weeks to complete. You will fail battles...... One last note is up until a few months ago the game was completely F2P and only allowed faster advancement via tons of money. Then they added 10 week campaigns which put a $9.99 paywall in front of certain unique items in the game. If you didn't pony the $9.99 every 10 weeks you could get the unique items but have to wait months for the chance to get them. At higher levels that can mean not advancing. Now they have added essentially a new campaign that is 5 weeks long which I'm assuming is going to be the same $9.99 paywall for new content.