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  1. I would say the majority of the trophies are completely doable. Couple of drawbacks to the game are that it is extremely card dependent and with the game being so well established it gets harder and harder to get specific cards over time. The game is highly focused on PvP and after a while I stalled out on PVP until I got one great card then I jumped up in my win/loss ratio and hit another stumbling block until getting another great card to complement it, etc. Until that point I basically did a bit of PVP each week but after that I am able to get to Rank PvP every week in one day. The other drawback is that after the latest patch there are basically multiple daily events going on that if you don't participate in will result in missed loot. Basically plan on putting in 1-2 hours minimum each day to do everything available for maximum rewards. On top of that each event has a list of items that can be bought via in game premium currency to make them easier or to get specific cards. They give a good amount of ways in game to earn the currency, but not enough to even keep up with all the events. Oh and the latest patch added a trophy about a month ago that I've only heard of one person getting so far and that was on the Xbox. So considering that the game has been out over 2 years and there are people playing it 5+ hours a day regularly resulting in no one of the PS side of things (that I'm aware of) completing a trophy in one month sound like it will be a tough one to 100% assuming no new trophies are ever added.....
  2. I was able to get it the day I downloaded the patch. Can't remember but maybe you have to finish the quest chain to unlock things like delving, etc. In any case the other ones are going to be a bear. The one about maxing a faction out seems pretty insane. Level 500 delve with only the cards from the faction? Guess I'll be grinding lower tier delves to ensure loot so I can upgrade my treasure horde. I'm assuming that is what they expect people to do for the most part.
  3. 2500 player kills (even npc kills) is still quite out of whack with the game in general in my opinion. Admitted this isn't my last trophy to get, buy a zombie survival game that has a trophy for killing as many humans as zombies seems a bit odd. I can fully see the trophy for something like 100 player kills, but to put in perspective I'd say for the average person you would kill >100,000 zombies before you naturally killed 2500 players. Adding NPCs that you can kill sounds like a slight improvement, but at the same time I would imagine you still run across well over 10X zombies vs npcs if that. The only way possible I see anyone ever doing this trophy is via a hard grind/boost. I would give props to anyone who engaged in this game and naturally killed 2500 players total. I would also maybe give the number to several mental health groups as that is an insane amount of time to play this game. I think when I grinded this trophy by auto killing via rubber bands and two playstations I estimated somewhere around 30 seconds/kill at the most efficient but since I would die eventually I could only get so many auto kills in a row. Even at 30 seconds a kill I had my PS running for >20 hours just auto swinging and auto rezzing. To kill 1 player I would estimate at least 5 minutes between kills on average which would be something like 200 hours and that's not including down time for finding people, etc. I know developers do these things to get people to play the game more or in some cases think outside the box, but trophies like this that 99.99999999% of the player base would never get naturally based purely on time played seems like a bad idea.
  4. Yeah, I don't know. This just sounds like an awful lot of work to avoid to doing work. All I did for my 50 raiders was just to leave the game running whenever I was doing something else around the house. But in any case to each his/her own.
  5. Possibly, but the main limiting factors are probably the death respawn timer and the fact your character dies and won't auto respawn since you are swinging or shooting. Funy enough I only have 2 trophies left at this point. The travel 1000 km and kill 2500 zombies.Luckily after working on the trophies and the last patches at the end of last year my interest in the game ramped up and I can't wait for the next update later this year.
  6. Thanks for the information. I finished the game finally. Took a really long time because the game was a bit buggy. Lost a save game like 3 times, once on the last fight of the game. The trophies for dungeon master were insanely painful considering I didn't ever see a way to track any of the counts (For the love of God why doesn't Sony implement a trophy tracking system like Microsoft has on the Xbox One?) so I probably did about 100 DM runs before everything popped. Luckily my son has a PS4 so I could run both at the same time. Anyway, I found out my answer and it looks like you only have to do it with the original characters (I think you can't even do all characters at once since the number of character slots is limited). Not sure if you could use the newer characters instead of the original but due to the time commitment I never tried the optional characters. Honestly I really enjoyed the game for the most part the trophies were a chore at the end but trophy hunting is the name of the game.....
  7. Ok, so evidently the required action to get a Gravity Dominator to spawn is to go onto this forum and post a question asking how to spawn one.... I was able to get one to spawn less than 30 minutes more of play time. I ended up clearing some freeze machines and then it spawned, so maybe the freeze machines needed to be cleared to activate it. In any case now I just need to grind out the 15 online contracts.... Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any other advice? I've completed pretty much everything in the game except for Contracts, 7+ Stories (thanks to the developers for behind the scenes screwing me out of it the first playthrough), and 15 contracts. I can't seem to get a gravity dominator to spawn at all. All I get are Golems or Fracking devices. I think I've done about 10-15 events and they are all golem or fracking, no gravity dominators. And, yes, I'm doing the max out hate for captain to spawn.
  9. I know I'm a little late to the game as well, but I did find you can select the shards on the map like selecting a quest on the map and it will show up in the free roam view making it lots easier to locate shards.
  10. Glad I could help.I still see no legit way for a sane person to ever complete this trophy on console. 1st only 3 other people can play in your world. Having to have someone spawn into your world as pvp seems an insane amount of time. I mean even at one kill every 5 minutes if doing normal non boosting pvp would take you 12500 minutes->208 Hours->8.7 Days of nothing but PVP. I've played the game probably close to 100 hours and I still don't have 2500 zombie kills. Wish game developers would stop putting trophies in like this that are only truly a grind even though some times it is fun to figure out a way to "cheat" the system.
  11. Yeah, I knew what he looked like, he just wasn't there. I ended up saving and reloading my game and then I found him after about 30 seconds of looking. Maybe he got killed off screen previously or doesn't spawn under certain conditions. Thanks.
  12. Anyone else having trouble finding the sheriff? I found him my first test play through then when I started over for a 100% run I can't seem to locate him after going through the town several times. I've resorted to finding the other companions while I research the issue. Also I would recommend NOT buying the shotgun. When I bought it the gun seemed bugged and would take 3 bullets away but not actually fire.
  13. I just got the trophy this weekend so the trophy is doable at the moment. I did do over 2500 kills on one world so maybe you need to do it on one world.
  14. Yeah I'm waiting to see if there are trophies. By far this game has been the biggest letdown for a preorder. I played the Stick of Truth on the 360 2 times through in a 2 week period and enjoyed it the whole time. When I got Stick of Truth with Fractured but Whole I played it again twice through first (damn you missed time that one of my peeps was down during a fight) and still enjoyed it a decent amount. While there were some laugh out loud moments they were far in between and felt most of the jokes fell short or were just way to far for even the bad taste of South Park. By the time I was about 75% of the way through I was just trying to finish to finish because the combat became so tedious and PITA during boss fights. Oh yeah, not to mention you could fight Morgan Freeman as a Black character. WTF? Didn't even tell you that and had to research it to find out. Sadly if they don't add trophies I may pass on the DLC even though I've already paid for the Season pass when I bought the gold edition.
  15. I found a passive way to earn this trophy for those lucky enough to have 2 playstations. I setup a fresh game world with no zombies. Did the 1st quest to get the skill point then found a place to put my bedroll down and created several wooden clubs and then tied a rubber band around the controller so that the swing action went continuously. The wooden clubs work best for this because if they break you still swing if you used a spiked club, etc. then when they break you stop. I then invited the account on the other playstation and gathered enough material to make a bed roll. Once that was done I located where my "base" was setup with the 2nd account and proceed to set the bedroll right in front of my guy swinging then got in front and died. This still requires that you hit the X button on the 2nd account every 20-30 seconds which still sucks. If you manage to disconnect the controller the game will automatically auto spawn you so you don't even have to hit the X on the 2nd account. If you are wireless I just walked far enough away from the house to disconnect from the playstation and then I can walk away and do other things. The only limitation to this method of auto grinding is that eventually your account will die of thirst or hunger and you have to respawn. So probably about once every 30-45 minutes you have to push a couple of buttons to get started again.