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  1. Ugh. In one level that's got to be a mistake on the devs part. None of the other trophies even look remotely like they need to be done in one setting and barring using armor to essentially force the situation how would you even do this? It took me half the game killing every animal I saw just to get to 50 animals and half don't even drop food.... But thanks for the tip. Maybe they will patch it soon and it won't be an issue anymore.
  2. For me personally it is 1) Borderlands 2 - They just improved upon pretty much everything over Borderlands 2) Borderlands - This was the original. People coming late to the party and playing it after the others doesn't really give it the credit it deserves IMO. 3) Pre-Sequel - Humor felt like it was written by 8 year olds who were still laughing about the fart there friend made 2 days ago. The game play wasn't terribly great either and the story wasn't really great. To be honest it didn't feel like Borderlands at all to me. 4) Part of my problem might be too high expectations. I mean I was super excited. Even bought the Collector's Edition the morning it was available. The gameplay was great, but the humor just wasn't there once you got past hearing the same odd one liner from a dying bandit. The quests were fairly bad too. Seriously a whole quest chain to go get coffee? OMG so funny that it looped around once to become no longer funny..... Also the fact you weren't really part of the story for most of it, you were just doing clean up while all the NPCs did the heavy lifting. I don't really consider Tales a real borderlands game. If you want to talk pure story that's another list.... Disclaimer: I haven't finished B3 nor any of its DLC. However I have platinumed Borderlands and Borderlands 2 on both Xbox and PS4 Pre-Sequel on the PS4 and have purchased Borderlands+Borderlands 2+Pre-Sequel at least a total of 6 times so it might tell you how much I disliked B3 to the point of not finishing it.....
  3. Yeah I'll be tempted to try this as I'm still working on this. I'm stuck currently on level 25 of the Halloween ones. Stupid rock trolls...…. I've also been tempted to turn the clock up a day but this sounds more straight forward and I don't risk screwing something else up by mucking with time....
  4. Yeah thankfully it doesn't look like any new trophies. $14.99 for the new DLC is a bit steep IMO (at least you get it for "free" if you bought the season pass) for what will most likely amount to only a couple of new content hours and a little variety if you are still grinding out things. Hopefully the finish every mission on the 2nd hardest difficulty won't require these new missions for those still working on that.
  5. Yeah the delves are the worst. 3 days for a new delve is doable but still tight unless you really commit to it. At least they added the ability to buy buffs via gems so that you don't have to grind out the treasure level. Back when I got my first and only 2500 point delve faction I had grinded the treasure horde to like 340 and still couldn't be faction only. The one day faction events are just crap and no where near enough time for any average player to grind through. I mean your talking bare minimum 49 delves with at least 3 (most are 4) matches per delve. So ~200 matches to finish a delve with no random FU computer moves. Even at an average of 1 minute a game which at higher levels is probably no where near how long it would take your talking ~4 hours of non stop delve matches to finish. I could maybe forgive this but it is every Tuesday so screw anyone who has anything they want/need to do on Tuesdays. I have board game night with people from work on every Tuesday so basically I can get in a couple of delves before heading off to bed. I know you don't have to do every event every week, but basically due to my schedule I am cut out of delve events except the new ones. I know my choice on something else, but they should at least switch up the days events occur on so to be more flexible. On top of that delves can be extremely frustrating reward wise. I can't remember how many times I've completed a full delve (all rooms) and gotten treasure chest up to level 10 (Don't even get me started on the two times I actually managed to be able to get it to level 11 but the game stops at level 10) and got like 200 glory and 50 shards and like 5 ingots where as other runs at level 7 or 8 treasure level getting 50K gold and/or 100+ shards. I mean a normal delve can take what like 20 minutes and at the end you get basically nothing. I mean great glory but in a delve I'd rather have gold and shards to help out the next delve.
  6. I love new trophies with games as well, but things like the latest DLC and the one with 100 gold troops is that it isn't a skill thing at all or hey new content look at it and beat it. They are purely a grind and a very very long one at that. It is obvious that they are focusing on trophy hunters with the latest few patches because I'm assuming that keeps people playing and paying... I'm at 21K right now for delve and it is the least enjoyable thing to do in the game for me beyond guild wars events. I was ok with the max out a delve since that was doing something like completing content but the way the more recent delves are the troops themselves suck terribly and are so luck based it isn't even funny. Also (I think they did fix it) one delve if you actually used the troops for the faction only delve you wouldn't actually get credit for faction only because you transform your troops as one of the spells. It is stupid. Also anyone who comes onto a trophy hunting web site for trophy hunters and says something like "Well you don't have to get every trophy for every game", can suck it. I mean you are correct you don't have to get every trophy for every game but you also don't have to be a douche but it didn't stop you from being one......
  7. Yeah I had a decent amount of trouble with Beckett in general. Multiple quest parts resulted in his marker not showing up on the main screen. I want to say it was when a new location was added to my map that I didn't have before. But seriously I would take another Beckett over the astronaut... Sheesh like 40 steps of fetch this, kill this robot, listen to her complain about headaches, rinse and repeat like 20 times..
  8. It really isn't for the most part. To my knowledge there are only 5 things, maybe 6 that impact game play. Of those only one impacts actual combat potentially 1) Scrap Kits (you can get these free over time by just playing) - These allow you to scrap your junk and automatically send it back to your stash. Not sure about most people but this is practically useless to me as my stash is almost always at 95%+ full so junking a bunch of stuff and sending back to my stash isn't an option unless it allows you to go over stash limit temporarily. 2) Repair Kits - These allow repairs in the field without mats. I have about 20+ of these and have never used one. You can get them free by playing over time as rewards and they pass them out from time to time. Also like previous poster said you can get perk cards to repair gear to 200% of normal durability which saves repairs costs 50%. (Think armor one is Fix it Good and Weapon is Weapon Master both in INT, also for armor you can get White Knight (I think) under Agility if I recall which reduces cost to repair by up to 60%, there is also a power armor perk card but I don't recall the name). In the end the only thing I really needed to farm was ballistic fiber for armor and with White Knight I no longer have to farm at all. 3) Scrap Bot - This is a camp item where a robot collects scrap over time. Yes this is free scrap for Atoms, but honestly it is like 700 atoms which can be earned via in game activity for free I don't see this as game breaking since everyone can get it fairly easily. 4) Fridge - Camp item that makes food spoil slower. This one also costs I think 700 atoms so once again anyone can get over time for free. With that said I haven't seen it in the Atom store last time I checked so it may have been removed. Even if only a few people have it I don't see it as an issue at all. I have a small garden at my C.A.M.P. and just by playing each day I am able to make more food/drink from stuff I pick up I end up selling left overs. In very few cases it might be nice to store a rare meat or plant but if that is the case you can get a fridge backpack via Possum tokens and you can use the perk to make food spoil slower which supposedly works better than the fridge. 5) With the Wastelanders "expansion" they added for $19.99 each or $29.99 for both a planting item for your C.A.M.P. I haven't seen anything about the actual functionality of it but it might allow planting actual crops in it. This only impacts functionality in your C.A.M.P. and the only reason I mention it is because it is only available via actual money. Not Atom purchase option available. 6) 1st Subscription. This is the only real potential "pay to win" type functionality. It provides two things that impact gameplay. Remote Camp - This can save caps since you get a free waypoint on the map but is mainly just a minor time savings. The big issue is the unlimited Stash for junk. This can actually impact individual players game play because it allows you to do things like store more weapons/ammo/etc. since you no longer need to store junk in your actual stash. It also saves a decent amount of time if you are a hoarder like me in that you just fill up go to your camp and stash everything. Prior to that I would play the mini game of bulking extra items to sell to the vendor. Now I just stash and go. Also it allowed me to free up a couple of perk points that I was able to use for more damage for my character since I'm not carrying as much stuff around on my actual character. Hope this helped.
  9. I don't think you can really compare New Vegas or any of the other Fallout games to 76 as far as quest chains go. 76 up until now had a very limited quest chain. I know wastelanders changes that, but in New Vegas you could always save at a point and come back if you wanted to try a different path without having to generate an entirely new character. Also a game in which you grind out gear like 76 sucks if you lose access to content because of a choice you made. I don't know if that will be the case or not I haven't gotten that far to tell but if they aren't different in some way then what difference does it make to even have the factions? I also feel in an online game you should never be locked out of a particular faction with no way to garner relations with the opposing faction in some way. It just doesn't make sense. There are several reason for being upset they added something like 1st. The main reason to be upset about 1st is the scrap storage. I won't go into the grand detail on why moving scrap to an infinite box behind a pay wall sucks but it does in fact affect gameplay for a portion of the player base. In the end it frees up perk points used for reducing carry weight of items to be used for other purposes. That's why it is offensive. It is a thing that should have been in the game to begin with for free. The private servers are an added service (although one that is a bit lame in that you don't really get your new server as you usually get a used one no one is on anymore). The new mini camp is nice, but really is just a small cap saving item so I'm meh about it. The rest are just vanity items type stuff so it is no different than spending caps. As far as being bothered by something. That's really left up to the consumer. I mean I'm probably not bothered by a lot of things that bother you. It is really a personal preference. In any case I did read that you are only locked out of the quest line choices and that there are ways to become friendly with the other faction so it may be a moot point in the end.
  10. WTF is wrong with them. I just read the patch notes and came across this: During the Main Quest you will have to pick which side you work with, but for quite some time you can do quests for both factions until you hit the point of no return. So basically your screwed if you choose one and decide you don't like it or if for some reason one faction has better rewards for you. I had given Bethesda the benefit of the doubt since 76 came out and have clock >500 hours for the game so you know I enjoy it, but I left because of 1st. I came back a couple of weeks ago to play through the new content but this combined with crap like adding new vanity items that you have to are forced to pay money for if you want them when they should have been added to the Atom store instead is complete BS. I guess I'll finish up the new trophies but I'll be saying bye bye to this game again afterwards unless this changes.
  11. While I haven't actually played through them yet, I don't think you will need multiple characters. You can get multiple Allies for your camp you can just only place one and I think you can grind each faction out if you so choose so you can probably do both factions (raiders/settlers) independent. You might even be able to do both at the same time. I haven't seen anywhere that states when you get faction points for one you lose it on the other.
  12. Not sure if this had been mentioned above yet, but DON'T prestige before getting this trophy. Prestige resets your skills and evidently they no longer count. I got every PvE skill and then started prestige because I was still playing the game with a friend and slowly worked on PvP skills. I just finished up all PvP skills and have two classes prestige with minimum skills bought and I didn't get the trophy so looks like I have a few dozen more matches to go.
  13. You say u will have 1 powerup free each day. Are you talking about the random selecting from the 3X3 grid every day? That's hardly a 1 powerup per day as most of the boxes are just extra health. I've gone weeks without getting a powerup from it.
  14. Thanks. Yeah I still find it a bit difficult in the rush of a horde to stop a bomber without just blowing him up, but I've started to find canisters lying around. Basically just have to search around for them like you would breach charges as they show up marked when you get close enough to them. Now to stay alive with one of them
  15. Yeah well that's always been the case. Not sure what to do about it. In the past games I would usually play through the game but then when the DLC came out replay from the beginning with a new character and go in order. But even then you get to a point where you've out leveled the content and only gain one or two levels per DLC.