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  1. Anyone know a way to not get disconnected for inactivity. I had to step away and do something for <1 minute and got disconnected for inactivity. Next time I rubber banded the controller while waiting for a match to pop and still got disconnected while in the match. I'm not trying to grind over night (yet lol) but with how long it takes to join a multiplayer match especially none deathmatch ones I would rather not wait 10 minutes not be there when the match starts and get disconnected.
  2. LOL Yeah, I can see how it would be funny. It was mainly frustrating because it was the first time we went through together. 2nd time through and it was pretty clean. Least I got the scorched queen event done after the guy stole my launch.
  3. Ugh this was the worst. Me and my team mate spent about 1 1/2 hours going through to launch my first nuke because we had never gone through and went to repair all our gear to make sure we were 100% ready to target the prime fissure then while I was adjusting my perk cards right before launching some guy rolls in and launches the nukes instead. I'm like WTF? Who does something like that?
  4. Guessing you already got past this, but make sure when you buy the shield you exit the vending machine for it to register. When I did it I bought and sold the shield without exiting and it didn't register. Once I bought and exited the vendor it registered.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions about grinding close to the exploding claptrap doors on IMAC. I ended up finding a good high damage high mag assault rifle and was able to kill them as they came out for rapid spawns. Last night I finished up the Oil Can and the pizza collectible trophies and got 5 bobble heads. Combined with the few bobble heads I got previously I'd say I'm more than half way to the bobble head trophy, so hopefully one more night of farming and then I can grind out levels and work on the Raid Boss trophy. Man leaving the door open for the multiple chest reward for completing the Claptrap DLC allows easy farming of high quality gear. Guess since it was the last dlc they didn't mind people being able to farm the chests easily compared to Knoxx where you could only legit do it 3 times.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the rushing to killing the claptraps as they spawn but my weapons aren't quite up to snuff to one shot them consistenly. I guess I'll go level up a bit and try and get a slightly better gun to take them out quickly.
  7. Anyone have any suggestions for grinding out the collectibles for the Claptrap DLC? I tried using several MINOC passive attempts (one was ducking behind several different rock locations, one was hiding inside the rock where they never see you, the other was to just keep dying overnight) and I've only managed to snag maybe 2 collectibles from running my PS4 overnight. I recalled being able to do this on my 360 originally, but it seems they may have patched it as even running over night I only see maybe 20 items to try and pick up. So far the best I've seen is to grind the junk yard area, rinse and repeat. The junkyard usually gets about 1-2 collectibles each run which is livable except for the fact that I've not gotten in bobble traps in the last 15-20 runs. I think I might have 3 or 4 bobble traps meaning I'm in for a very long grind currently.
  8. Gah this is the one group of trophies I'm not looking forward to. I mean doing it legit takes hours. Remember doing it way back on 360 solo and got tired so I put the game on pause and went to bed. Next day game froze and I was like "NOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY???!!!!!!!!" lol
  9. Yeah the only people I've heard of getting the 2500 faction trophy used the multiple Lady Morana tactic of hoping for random wins. My luck is never ever ever good enough to get that work. Often times I don't even get one auto kill after 3 30%+ attempts while the computer can get 1 on 20% chance kills the first time. I'm working on seeing-eye and its going slow but steedy. Currently my horde level is about 70 levels below my highest delve level so I've got some room to wiggle. It is really frustrating though for the time spent to reward. The higher level delves take a decent amount of time and if trying to level them up a failure often times results in little to no rewards for 15-20 minutes of game play. Nothing like getting 100 glory as a reward for losing right off the bat due to the computer "cheating" and lucking out in round 2.
  10. OK, sounded like cross platform stuff to me. Didn't even know that was something allowed by Sony anyway. Microsoft started this gen of consoles off with some anti-consumer stuff, but the last year or so Sony seems to be working towards tipping the scale to their side in this regard.
  11. Yeah when I originally read the new trophies I was like frick. Great I have to work at socializing outside my guild to get these things. Glad they made them like they did. Not that socializing in a game is bad, I just hate when companies force it especially since the game isn't really true multiplayer beyond a chat window. Is kinda nice though that you can actually help out other people by giving props to them and eventually they will get rewarded for it. Yeah I doubted very many people have made it 1250 (I haven't and I've been playing for like 3 years), but since we got a level 1000 trophy not terribly long ago I figured it would only be a matter of time before that occurs. Now just got to work on that stupid delve trophy... Ugh Seeing Eye I'm looking back at you. Seems it will be harder though (unless I'm just seeing things) as it seems the drop rates for good items from portals has dropped quite a bit. Having a real hard time getting all my troops to mythic in my last two delve kingdoms. Think I've gotten 5 or 6 troop cards from the last 20 portals I opened and only one crown. The rest were first 3 tiers of treasure cards which are all but useless after leveling your treasure room up to level 100 (even using them for that is expensive)
  12. Are you saying online co-op isn't working currently? All the trophies look like they can be done offline with local split screen as far as I can tell so I haven't tried going online.
  13. OK, so it sounds like you have to do X of something for each tier. Like most damage <50 for 1 <150 for tier 2, and 150+ for tier 3. Wish they would explain this type of stuff. I mean they add trophies with each patch so they must know people care about these things. I'll play around with it and if I can figure out anything I'll post for future trophies hunters to use for generations to come. Thanks Yeah that has to be it. Do something over a certain amount. I just got it for exploding >100 gems using Infernus. Ugh confusing trophy, but it is down. Nice to basically getting 3 more trophies for basically just playing the game. Was expecting one of the next trophies to be reaching level 1250 or something like that.
  14. Appreciate the information. Hopefully more information will come out, although this seems like one of those trophies you just get basically by playing.
  15. Anyone have any information on what highest level MVP means for the trophy? I've done a couple of PVP matches post match and the MVP screen doesn't show anything related to levels that I can see. Not much in the patch notes regarding this either.