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  1. I think you can. I think the gear dropping is based upon the level of the mission started but after the initial run throw I did with my cousin I did everything solo. Just curious though why delete your save data and not just the game. I mean save data is usually pretty small (MB) compared to GB that games take up. I've been playing on my PS4 for 4 years and I've never had to delete save game data just video and games themselves. Would seem like you are shaving pennies off to save up for something that costs $100
  2. While I'm not terribly excited about going back to this game for the 33rd time to get one more trophy at least this one you actually need to play the game to get. The collectibles you don't even have to win a match or find all of them for. Not impressed by the look of the new map, but nice to see some new things to keep up with
  3. I don't mind companies coming out with more content with additional season passes, but this one doesn't sound like additional content and no way sounds like it is worth the price tag, plus you don't even know what the 2nd drop is going to be. Could just be an extra 5 levels with a new mode that removes guns. Oh yeah I heard that the new mode removes skill trees... Who asked to have skill trees removed from the game?
  4. Yeah this 2nd season pass is one more reason for me (a loyal customer since B3 was originally released) to never ever buy another gearbox game. And at $30 the season pass can DIAF.
  5. Just got on tonight to do my dailies and all my quest progress seems to have been cleared all the way back to the intro quest to find flowers. All my characters are still leveled to where they were and all my bought items are still listed and I have all my currencies but this is a bummer. I mean on one hand might be a decent way to earn XP again, but would have rather not have to go back through stuff to get to where I was before. Anyone else run into this problem?
  6. I can't remember how many I needed, but it was more than a total of 50, but a lot of mine were duplicates in the starting zone that Zombies and Plants share quests in so I think the trophy just counts unique medals. I.E. The gnome medals don't count twice. Didn't do the math to see if there are enough shared medals to make this true. In any case seems a minor issue since there is a lot of game play to get 10 characters leveled up and do the quest lines to kill the bosses in each zone so I figured why not try to 100% the medals. Well except for the stupid gnome bomb game matches where you have to compete against elite zombie football players. Who thought that was a good idea I don't know because the zombie side of that challenge was super easy in comparison.
  7. Agreed. From what I read there is only 2 content drops for the DLC. The initial is just new skill trees and a new mode. Haven't even heard anything about 2nd drop next year. But yeah I am ready to be done with the Borderlands series at this point. If they drop new "content" that isn't actually new content and add trophies for it I will seriously be done with this company. Borderlands was one of my top 5 franchises and they successfully shat on the series enough with B3 that after me buying Borderlands/B2/Pre-Sequel on 360, then buying the handsome jack collection twice along with the original Borderlands remastered on PS4 B3 was a complete let down.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of DLC that doesn't extend the main game. I mean if I wanted to play a different game I would buy a different game. With that said, I enjoyed the Vietnam DLC a lot. The space one with Hurk I kinda hated but loved the dialog. The 3rd was entertaining to me personally but hated the scoring system and how a decent number of areas enemies just materialize right around me because I went too fast through something or that so many areas you all but had to cheese. I'm still working through 2 of the zombie maps that sound like I need to do a co-op session for because they sound near impossible for me personally solo (the one on top of the buildings, and the one where your racing around in a jeep). The trophy for the 5000 kills is the type of trophy that should never exist IMO. Just a grind for DLC that has really nothing to do with the main story just so they can probably say that people are still playing the game.
  9. Some people must because I saw the same people multiple times when doing the MP trophies a while back, but yeah it was horrible IMO. Forcing people to do MP in essentially a solo game (I know you can co-op in the game, but the story is single player oriented).
  10. Another couple of tips for anyone new to the game is to do the scenarios first if you can figure them out when you first start. Most of the other trophies besides getting the 5 gold medals in scenarios can be received naturally by playing through the scenarios without the need for a regular game. The second is once you have a building running on its own (even early on) and are making a profit save your game, turn off the nightly recap of the days earnings and let it run overnight. As long as your building didn't collapse you should wake up in the morning with a ton of money and the other resources. This was especially true on the hotel challenge because it was very slow going for a while but once I got the building stable with maintenance I did this and ended up with enough cash on hand to buy basically anything I wanted without worries.
  11. I downloaded the 4th DLC and updated to the latest version and loaded my character in and waited about 15 seconds and the trophy for all locations popped without having to go anywhere so hopefully this means it is finally fixed for everyone. Previously I had all the planet specific location trophies completed after the 3rd DLC + patch but not the one for all locations.
  12. Anyone understand the point of the Quickfire related medal in the Catwoman Campaign challenges? I trying to finish up the last 4 or 5 challenges I need for the dlc characters and was wondering if anyone knew the point of the quick fire related Medal that gives you an auto kill when quickfiring gadgets with Catwoman? Am I doing it wrong or does she not have a quickfire gadget that it works with?
  13. I just picked started playing this game a few days ago and for the most part everything works fine in the game as far as I can tell, but I've found that getting into a Comet car and starting the comet car mini event when I crash the car and it explodes the game crashes most of the time losing progress in the game. As a result I would save your game prior to getting into a Comet car to ensure not losing progress prior to getting in. I mention this because riding in a comet car while running the mini event is one of the challenges you have to complete in order to get a platinum in the game.
  14. Yeah I got mine when I bought (insert slight shame at spending money on microtransactions) the Campaign pass as it gives free troops by this week if you've been doing the challenges. Not really liking the campaign pass thing right now. In other games I've played you basically just get more of stuff or better stuff in the same arena of items. I.E. 2 gem keys instead of 1 or 1 event in addition to the 1 gem key. In this one from what I'm seeing you get a mythic troop, a level 20 pet for a kingdom, and epic troop you can upgrade to mythic, and 2 weapons. I don't know about most people but the mythic troop and level 20 pet are usually the hard walls I hit when upgrading my kingdoms so these two allow an easy pass for a specific kingdom for money which starts to move the game over from a freemium game to a pay to win type game. With that said for $9.99 it is a fairly good deal compared to the other things they sell by a large margin. In addition this was my first purchase so I am not getting the benefits of being a VIP.
  15. Your talking about the 8 mini maps that are part of the original game? Sadly I already had completed all 8 of those. By the time the fix went in I had found every location in the normal game and completed all 3 dlcs, so no new locations to find except for the 2 added free content challenges which I can't find any new location there either because i finished one and can't get past the 3 pylon part of the other. Right now I think I'd rather redo all the Catwoman+Robin+Nightwing challenge maps on Batman Arkham City than go through every planet again to hit every location again.....