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  1. You have to be the one to actually do the team attack. I think it is easiest to have catte-brie in your team played by someone else. She seems to create a ton of team attack chances. I want to say Drizzt was the easiest to perform the team attacks because I think he gets multiple credits for one team attack. Once match with him I think I got like 35 team attacks performed and I only recall actually performing a handful of them
  2. So far this game is reminding me of Minecraft Dungeons. When I played it to begin with I did it only with a friend and had a blast mainly due to stupid ways we died. After the first week or so went by that fun factor wore off and it was a huge grind to get the platinum then they added multiple dlcs after the initial season pass which I still haven't gotten. This feels a lot like that. I only have done one mission and had a blast playing with my son. It had a lot of elements that brought back my time of playing the original Dark Alliance years ago. The trophies for the most part seem like just a huge grind with a few skill based trophies that sadly look oriented towards multiplayer. 2 player requirements arn't bad but that one 4 player trophy seems like it will be a pain to get if you don't have a group playing. FYI the get a 200 hit counter trophy sounded tough to begin with but not even trying I managed to get my count past 100 at one point in the first mission and you can just grind it on the training dummies in the starter zone.
  3. The game just came out and seems a bit buggy when it comes to connections. It took me a couple of times to invite another player to my session and then after we completed a mission we got disconnected (didn't lose anything) and then couldn't create another session after multiple attempts. When playing with 1 other player I only experience lag twice (once was a lag spike both of us saw so could be a console lag instead of network lag and the other I saw a monster teleport slightly). So with the disconnects I can see people not making open lobbies. Also it just came out. I don't know about the majority of people but when starting a new game I tend to want to try it myself before jumping into random parties. I expect/hope to see a few performance related patches coming out shortly since the game interface lags a bit and the load time is pretty slow on the PS4 (so much that one time I thought it was locked). There are a couple of skill+multiplayer trophies so that might be an issue long term. One is 2 players and another is 4 players. The 2 player probably isn't that bad, but I'm not looking forward to finding a group of 3 other players to play higher difficulty mission and not die.
  4. The beginning of this was when they added campaigns. It wasn't pay for trophy but began to become pay to advance in the long run because if you don't pony up the $9.99 each campaign you are at a mythic troop+mythic leveled troop+weapon+mythic leveled pet for a kingdom compared to someone who didn't. To top it off they add forge recipes that require some of the things you get from the $9.99 pass. The stupid war coins that they give to new players for free while making active players pay for them via the $9.99 min purchase price for essentially no benefit at all (I know you can get them in offers but I've only encountered one war coin offer since they released war coins and that was locked behind the VIP level 6 wall and they have only had one day's adventure board challenge since war coin release) and now allowing you to buy epic vault keys is just a naturally progression. I've enjoyed playing the game over the years but the last few updates do seem like 100% cash grabs with pretty much no real benefit to the game. War Coins are useless except for new players but don't really help that much I would image and epic vault keys more times than not seem to give worse rewards than a regular vault key so what's the point?
  5. Glad you got it working. While the trophy was a different style trophy than most I've seen trophies that require you to essentially play the game for a full year need to DIAF. I mean the game is about a 40 hours game. Think originally on 360 it took me 2 weeks of playing to 100% the game. I would imagine 99.99% of the player base just changed their date to get to the next one. Also if you think about it if Batman was in Arkham City for 11-12 months still cleaning it up what the hell was going on
  6. I just got the 15 matches with 3 kills in multiplayer with a shotgun without dying and was told that I unlocked the street sweeper but it actually didn't get unlocked. According to my research it looks like the problem is that I didn't finish all 15 matches after getting the kills so while I received the XP reward I didn't actually unlock the gun. So basically if you are working on getting the Street Sweeper make sure to finish the matches. Update: After starting the game back up yesterday my progress reset to 12/15 and I was able complete 3 matches with 3 kills and get the street sweeper. Was getting it for Zombies and boy was it a huge let down. Shoot speed is great but it hits like a wet noodle and the reload speed is supper slow. I managed to stay in a match long enough to pack a punch it twice and upgrade it once at the armor bench and it become somewhat decent at that point, but still if I had done the same with the other shotguns they would have improved just as much so they would still be a better choice.
  7. I'll try that again when I want to punish myself for some sin I committed :). But I could have sworn I couldn't get that to work properly. Thanks.
  8. Yeah the batman ones weren't terribly bad, but the dlc ones are really really bad. You have underpowered characters that have hands down the worst requirements revolving around limited use abilities is just an exercise in frustration. There are several videos out there that show how to do things, but even matching them but being <.5 seconds faster or slower can make the matches completely different and not doable. I'm down to about 4 or 5 campaigns myself. One for Catwoman and I think 1-2 for Robin and Nightwing each. One of catwoman's royally pissed me off. I kept the auto knock out until the 3rd map and it didn't work because she didn't have anything that could be used to auto knock out.
  9. Borderlands 3 was such a let down that I'm planning on never buying another Borderlands game again and probably not another Gearbox game again. This after playing Borderlands game since they came out with Xbox 360/PS3 time. Bought 1, 2, and pre-sequel on Xbox 360, Handsome Jack collection on both Xbox One and PS4, and bought the remastered version of Borderlands 1 on PS4. 100% them each time with the exception of presequel on 360 since I got it little before moving to XBox One and PS4. The story was terrible. They made my favorite characters cameos essentially (brick and morticai). And I know Tina was voiced by the same person but she sounded so off it wasn't even funny. The list goes on an on.
  10. I think you can. I think the gear dropping is based upon the level of the mission started but after the initial run throw I did with my cousin I did everything solo. Just curious though why delete your save data and not just the game. I mean save data is usually pretty small (MB) compared to GB that games take up. I've been playing on my PS4 for 4 years and I've never had to delete save game data just video and games themselves. Would seem like you are shaving pennies off to save up for something that costs $100
  11. While I'm not terribly excited about going back to this game for the 33rd time to get one more trophy at least this one you actually need to play the game to get. The collectibles you don't even have to win a match or find all of them for. Not impressed by the look of the new map, but nice to see some new things to keep up with
  12. I don't mind companies coming out with more content with additional season passes, but this one doesn't sound like additional content and no way sounds like it is worth the price tag, plus you don't even know what the 2nd drop is going to be. Could just be an extra 5 levels with a new mode that removes guns. Oh yeah I heard that the new mode removes skill trees... Who asked to have skill trees removed from the game?
  13. Yeah this 2nd season pass is one more reason for me (a loyal customer since B3 was originally released) to never ever buy another gearbox game. And at $30 the season pass can DIAF.
  14. Just got on tonight to do my dailies and all my quest progress seems to have been cleared all the way back to the intro quest to find flowers. All my characters are still leveled to where they were and all my bought items are still listed and I have all my currencies but this is a bummer. I mean on one hand might be a decent way to earn XP again, but would have rather not have to go back through stuff to get to where I was before. Anyone else run into this problem?
  15. I can't remember how many I needed, but it was more than a total of 50, but a lot of mine were duplicates in the starting zone that Zombies and Plants share quests in so I think the trophy just counts unique medals. I.E. The gnome medals don't count twice. Didn't do the math to see if there are enough shared medals to make this true. In any case seems a minor issue since there is a lot of game play to get 10 characters leveled up and do the quest lines to kill the bosses in each zone so I figured why not try to 100% the medals. Well except for the stupid gnome bomb game matches where you have to compete against elite zombie football players. Who thought that was a good idea I don't know because the zombie side of that challenge was super easy in comparison.