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  1. I couldn't play it right away when I got it Tuesday since it took me forever to download the 55 gig patch (thank you Sony for having horrible download code that gimps the speed while playing any game) and didn't play until Wednesday morning. From what I have seen in videos and read online everyone expected the launch to be a steaming pile of doggie do. That wasn't really what I experienced day one (even if they opened servers early so technically day 2 I suppose). I played for about 6 hours and lost track of time until my wife called and asked if I wanted to have lunch. In that time the game crashed one time on me (while not super, I've had most other online games do that at least every now and then in the same time frame). It lagged about 1/2 dozen times (once again not great, but have had it happen in many other multiplayer games) and lagged bad twice. I ran into one possible bug but after talking to a friend of mine he ran into the same "bug" playing the beta where a scorched mob had an extremely high number of items when killed (like 20 guns and 10 pieces of armor) so maybe that was a boss kill or planned so many not a possible bug. Other than that I didn't encounter any bugs that I noticed. Honestly I'm not noticing the missing NPCs. When I play Fallout 3 and 4 I spent most of my time just roaming and hunting. For a launch I'd say that was pretty good stability compared to most launch titles. I'm enjoying it pretty well and can't wait to play with my friends tonight to see how that works out. The only two big issues I'm having with enjoying the game is the decay mechanic with food and water and that moving your C.A.M.P. is tricky at best. I'm assuming the decay mechanic will be tweaked over time or at higher levels get less an issue and I'm also hoping the C.A.M.P. issues improved.
  2. Yeah, nothing like 7 Days to Die's kill 2500 players trophy which is mathematically almost impossible legit. At 1 legit kill every 60 seconds it still takes 41 hours.
  3. All of them look pretty straightforward except for two. One being that you need to be at ground zero when a nuke drops. Not sure how hard/easy that is without working in conjunction with someone. Sounds like either some random will need to drop a nuke on you. Having not seem any footage of a nuke being fired and targeted it sounds like something that might be a bit of work and require boosting. Otherwise you would need a code to fire one then target basically right where you stand and have it hit you. Maybe it is easier than it sounds but will be one of the later ones I would imagine a lot of people get. The other being to kill a wanted person. This sounds a bit rare to do without boosting. Once again haven't really seem a whole lot of pvp especially griefing pvp to flag someone wanted since from my understanding they have to kill someone that wasn't flagged pvp. On top of that you have to locate that person prior to them logging off. Since it takes a bit of work to kill someone not flagged for pvp I would imagine most that do it will be fairly well geared and/or in a group. Also will it count if you are in a party and you don't get the kill shot, etc. With that said. Sounds fairly easy to boost. So 1/10 if boosted, 8/10 legit.
  4. Isn't that true of about 98% of all games released?
  5. Yeah it is good they fixed that issue, but they still haven't fixed the issue where exploding gems don't activate windows. I forgot the number but one of the frost window levels with 2 rows of windows is impossible without power ups because you can only activate the top of the windows since they go full two bottom rows. I guess you can get lucky and get two Snowflakes together and explode everything, but due to that level the odds of that are extremely small naturally.
  6. Yeah, the delve related trophy is a huge grind. I'm not seeing myself getting it for a long time. I've gotten to level 210 with all seeing eye faction but I'm not seeing a way to beat it until I level the treasure up an insane amount. The delves are the worst. Can spend 20-30 minutes doing one at higher levels and then get unlucky on the last match and get basically nothing. Nothing like 20 minutes to get a few 100 glory. Guess it is better than 0 glory, but honestly the only reason I run them is for the new shards and gold to level the treasure horde up. Quite the vicious cycle... Then again at least another week or so before I can get the new trophy they just added since the Doom Tower (or whatever it is lol) event doesn't start for a few days.
  7. I would say the majority of the trophies are completely doable. Couple of drawbacks to the game are that it is extremely card dependent and with the game being so well established it gets harder and harder to get specific cards over time. The game is highly focused on PvP and after a while I stalled out on PVP until I got one great card then I jumped up in my win/loss ratio and hit another stumbling block until getting another great card to complement it, etc. Until that point I basically did a bit of PVP each week but after that I am able to get to Rank PvP every week in one day. The other drawback is that after the latest patch there are basically multiple daily events going on that if you don't participate in will result in missed loot. Basically plan on putting in 1-2 hours minimum each day to do everything available for maximum rewards. On top of that each event has a list of items that can be bought via in game premium currency to make them easier or to get specific cards. They give a good amount of ways in game to earn the currency, but not enough to even keep up with all the events. Oh and the latest patch added a trophy about a month ago that I've only heard of one person getting so far and that was on the Xbox. So considering that the game has been out over 2 years and there are people playing it 5+ hours a day regularly resulting in no one of the PS side of things (that I'm aware of) completing a trophy in one month sound like it will be a tough one to 100% assuming no new trophies are ever added.....
  8. I was able to get it the day I downloaded the patch. Can't remember but maybe you have to finish the quest chain to unlock things like delving, etc. In any case the other ones are going to be a bear. The one about maxing a faction out seems pretty insane. Level 500 delve with only the cards from the faction? Guess I'll be grinding lower tier delves to ensure loot so I can upgrade my treasure horde. I'm assuming that is what they expect people to do for the most part.
  9. 2500 player kills (even npc kills) is still quite out of whack with the game in general in my opinion. Admitted this isn't my last trophy to get, buy a zombie survival game that has a trophy for killing as many humans as zombies seems a bit odd. I can fully see the trophy for something like 100 player kills, but to put in perspective I'd say for the average person you would kill >100,000 zombies before you naturally killed 2500 players. Adding NPCs that you can kill sounds like a slight improvement, but at the same time I would imagine you still run across well over 10X zombies vs npcs if that. The only way possible I see anyone ever doing this trophy is via a hard grind/boost. I would give props to anyone who engaged in this game and naturally killed 2500 players total. I would also maybe give the number to several mental health groups as that is an insane amount of time to play this game. I think when I grinded this trophy by auto killing via rubber bands and two playstations I estimated somewhere around 30 seconds/kill at the most efficient but since I would die eventually I could only get so many auto kills in a row. Even at 30 seconds a kill I had my PS running for >20 hours just auto swinging and auto rezzing. To kill 1 player I would estimate at least 5 minutes between kills on average which would be something like 200 hours and that's not including down time for finding people, etc. I know developers do these things to get people to play the game more or in some cases think outside the box, but trophies like this that 99.99999999% of the player base would never get naturally based purely on time played seems like a bad idea.
  10. Yeah, I don't know. This just sounds like an awful lot of work to avoid to doing work. All I did for my 50 raiders was just to leave the game running whenever I was doing something else around the house. But in any case to each his/her own.
  11. Possibly, but the main limiting factors are probably the death respawn timer and the fact your character dies and won't auto respawn since you are swinging or shooting. Funy enough I only have 2 trophies left at this point. The travel 1000 km and kill 2500 zombies.Luckily after working on the trophies and the last patches at the end of last year my interest in the game ramped up and I can't wait for the next update later this year.
  12. Thanks for the information. I finished the game finally. Took a really long time because the game was a bit buggy. Lost a save game like 3 times, once on the last fight of the game. The trophies for dungeon master were insanely painful considering I didn't ever see a way to track any of the counts (For the love of God why doesn't Sony implement a trophy tracking system like Microsoft has on the Xbox One?) so I probably did about 100 DM runs before everything popped. Luckily my son has a PS4 so I could run both at the same time. Anyway, I found out my answer and it looks like you only have to do it with the original characters (I think you can't even do all characters at once since the number of character slots is limited). Not sure if you could use the newer characters instead of the original but due to the time commitment I never tried the optional characters. Honestly I really enjoyed the game for the most part the trophies were a chore at the end but trophy hunting is the name of the game.....
  13. Ok, so evidently the required action to get a Gravity Dominator to spawn is to go onto this forum and post a question asking how to spawn one.... I was able to get one to spawn less than 30 minutes more of play time. I ended up clearing some freeze machines and then it spawned, so maybe the freeze machines needed to be cleared to activate it. In any case now I just need to grind out the 15 online contracts.... Thanks.
  14. Anyone have any other advice? I've completed pretty much everything in the game except for Contracts, 7+ Stories (thanks to the developers for behind the scenes screwing me out of it the first playthrough), and 15 contracts. I can't seem to get a gravity dominator to spawn at all. All I get are Golems or Fracking devices. I think I've done about 10-15 events and they are all golem or fracking, no gravity dominators. And, yes, I'm doing the max out hate for captain to spawn.
  15. I know I'm a little late to the game as well, but I did find you can select the shards on the map like selecting a quest on the map and it will show up in the free roam view making it lots easier to locate shards.