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  1. Level 14 KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Unlock all other trophies.
  2. That All You Got? Complete 3 Replay Challenges in one Score Attack [I want to finish with this game already -_-]
  3. 20 of them on the 15th of April. From Prince of Persia (2008). I was hooked.
  4. Dutiful Deliverer Star Ocean: The Last Hope International 2.49% ULTRA RARE I got this around the 200 hour mark -__- it's not hard per se, just time consuming. And highly missable.
  5. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 - Currently completing side missions and stuff I think you use them either because: 1) you like them or 2) they're ranged and they fit well with Queen, being close range and all that (she's absolutely killer with the glasses ) or maybe 3) all of the above. Did I get close?
  6. Starting my trophy career with Sengoku Basara 3. Now I need to finish it if I want a complete profile if I knew then what I know now... I would have deleted the ps3 account and made a new one. What a boring game, for god's sake.
  7. Two of them were Christmas presents and the other three I bought in a GAME bargain Prince of Persia (2008) Dragon Age 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed III Kingdom Hearts 2.5
  8. Okay, this is embarrassing. Thank you very much for your reply
  9. Hi! I'm trying to have a look at the game sessions while logged in and it always says that there're no sessions found. When I log out I can see a ton of them :/ Has someone mentioned this before? (I use Chrome now, but this happens in Firefox too)
  10. Uh, hello. I don't know if it's already in here but I noticed that since the site update I can't see the cards on the homepage. I mean, every time you enter the old site, you could see user cards getting updated and displayed on the homepage, the background of their last game too. But I can't see the cards now, just Playstation buttons ( X, O, square, triangle) moving over and over in their place as if they're loading, and the backgrounds changing. This doesn't happen with Chrome, though. I use Firefox.