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  1. The moment I saw it I thought it looked like a WiFi router but it looks cool. Like other people have said before, I'd prefer if it was all black and preferably matte for dust. I love black consoles. The design in my opinion looks even sleeker when in horizontal, the stand blends seamlessly with the console. I won't buy it day 1. I'll wait several years for new revisions and such, so I'm waiting somewhat patiently for the slim model and its improvements over the first model :3 I just hope they manage to erase the existence of the move controller... because if Microsoft managed it with Kinect on the 360, I don't know why PS5 shouldn't be able to use that 3D camera like a move controller all in one.
  2. Well, then it's just cosmetic and that's it. It's a bummer but okay. Thanks for your reply, BlindMango
  3. Hi there. I've been observing that the trophies I get from the Blood & Wine DLC of The Witcher 3 aren't appearing correctly in my trophy cards. They aren't doing it in any trophy card, I think, since I've seen other player's card to check if it was a me problem. The issue seems to be contained to this DLC's trophies and that's it, since I've another trophy from the other expansion and it appears as it should. (Lower right corner, as you can see.) My card: Maybe's not important, maybe it will go away. But it hasn't fixed itself in more than a month and I thought to comment about it. Can something be done about it or it's just cosmetic and that's it? It seemed weird to me, I've never had this issue with any other game before this one. Thanks!
  4. Level 14 KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Unlock all other trophies.
  5. That All You Got? Complete 3 Replay Challenges in one Score Attack [I want to finish with this game already -_-]
  6. 20 of them on the 15th of April. From Prince of Persia (2008). I was hooked.
  7. Dutiful Deliverer Star Ocean: The Last Hope International 2.49% ULTRA RARE I got this around the 200 hour mark -__- it's not hard per se, just time consuming. And highly missable.
  8. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 - Currently completing side missions and stuff I think you use them either because: 1) you like them or 2) they're ranged and they fit well with Queen, being close range and all that (she's absolutely killer with the glasses ) or maybe 3) all of the above. Did I get close?
  9. Starting my trophy career with Sengoku Basara 3. Now I need to finish it if I want a complete profile if I knew then what I know now... I would have deleted the ps3 account and made a new one. What a boring game, for god's sake.
  10. Two of them were Christmas presents and the other three I bought in a GAME bargain Prince of Persia (2008) Dragon Age 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed III Kingdom Hearts 2.5
  11. Okay, this is embarrassing. Thank you very much for your reply
  12. Hi! I'm trying to have a look at the game sessions while logged in and it always says that there're no sessions found. When I log out I can see a ton of them :/ Has someone mentioned this before? (I use Chrome now, but this happens in Firefox too)
  13. Uh, hello. I don't know if it's already in here but I noticed that since the site update I can't see the cards on the homepage. I mean, every time you enter the old site, you could see user cards getting updated and displayed on the homepage, the background of their last game too. But I can't see the cards now, just Playstation buttons ( X, O, square, triangle) moving over and over in their place as if they're loading, and the backgrounds changing. This doesn't happen with Chrome, though. I use Firefox.