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  1. I think the issue is by playing while conected to the internet, but logged off from psn.
  2. @B1rvine just the use of CFW is reason for being banned or the use for edit timestamps? Because no need for custom firmware to edit them.
  3. Yes, it's not based on date, but when you synch more than one trophy list at the same time, who goes first? That's why Driver goes first than NFS.
  4. I haven't played Elite, but I prefer the game design instead of the anime ones.
  5. Batman dlc is at 6$. Finally. Now waiting for nioh dlc to have a similar deal.
  6. "Play it six times if you want"
  7. You can do almost everything by yourself if you have 50 accounts. Ace stages is the most difficult part of the games and bubbles can be gotten with a community stage.
  8. Having more trophies (a plat in this case) sure helps to the player as well to the devs.
  9. Finally in spanish!!??
  10. Nice thing to include trophies for finishing the game.
  11. Damn, that looks nice. Too bad is not available on my country
  12. I'm also a fan of musou games and I played it because i wanted a similar experience, but was a disappointing one.
  13. Rainbow stars are sold at 225k coins after you beat the trials of gnomus and are available until you unlock both characters.
  14. Rebirth 3 or Superdimendion. I played Action Unleashed and is really boring.