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  1. Finished I3 - With player operated vehicles: Got the plat for Biomutant the other day and despite what some people said, I kinda enjoyed the game. I mostly skipped the dialogs as the story was bad and it was annoying having to wait for the narrator to do the translation, but i liked the gameplay enough and specially the weapon crafting. Working on Non-violent: Chicory (i could use it for No jump button too) With a female protagonist: AC Syndicate And some ideas for others That everyone but you has played: Stray Last game you acquired: Scarlet Nexus With minigames on it: Yakuza Kiwami 2
  2. The game crashes a lot while in multiplayer, but no solo. Also, i don't remember crashing during survival multiplayer. Got 100% on ps5.
  3. It seems the trophies are related to areas and you need to teleport to that areas for them to autopop.
  4. Yes, but you have 90 days after buying something from the shop. You have 3 free refunds.
  5. Previously owned skyforged item didn't count for the trophy. I bought a goldforged and then requested a refund and bought the other.
  6. F*** it. More pointless grinding.
  7. Seems fun, but got the peripheral based. Hope I can change it some day:
  8. With the amount of trophies, it seems they forgot to add the platinum.
  9. I can't find the PS4 version. And the one I have installed is locked. Edit: Nevermind, i went to the app and activated there.
  10. Oh wow, i downloaded a few weeks ago, but waited for the PS5 version. Does it means they are adding this new version like they did with chicory? (For YS 8 i mean)
  11. Just to say something, how about switching your console to 1080p?
  12. Or maybe because I pay for extra at the beginning of the month without the deal? Or probably a totally random offer.
  13. 35% for me too. Considering I have to pay a 19% tax, maybe is because of that.
  14. I had to do it twice, but it worked. Thanks.
  15. Red dead redemption 2 and its online trophies. I don't have it, but that also stopped me on buying it