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  1. I downloaded it from a EUR store and everything works well. I only downloaded the third pack.
  2. I'm unable to see those packs. Which region does it have them?
  3. Free DLC doesn't include online pass...
  4. Codes worked on my chilean account ( got them with a US account). Maybe the same happen with other American region o even to EU.
  5. It was possible to use savegame by 2010? Considering, also, that this game has locked saves. (here's another post from gamefaqs with glitched relics: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/955368-dantes-inferno/57931088)
  6. Just got an update, but no new trophies.
  7. List of alt accounts for selfboosting https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zugDWDUzyquEDDPolb3Pk4QIJ-_DpE73YIv1whmAP2k/edit#gid=1711770459
  8. I don't know if you knew it, but there's a list with lots of accounts to use (around 120) made for Killzone 2 boosting that some people is using. Anyway, I'm going to be missing like 20 accounts to finish this, so I would like to have access to yours.
  9. I think it happens when you start a game for the first time on an new user. Like if you deleted your PS3 user o did something to your HDD (formated it) and synch your trophies, whenever you boot a game for the first time it will install the trophy set deleting the older one.