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  1. Wow, that would be nice. I guess I'm starting it on PC.
  2. Wow, they are really expanding their merch with the sales of their games.
  3. Everything will work as usual, just adding an exception when overwriting timestamps on the servers.
  4. You already gave the date for timestampless trophies, just don't allow it to overwrite any other.
  5. Then they failed. It's an error and they overlooked it.
  6. Sony should fix this issue on their servers when timestampless trophies overwrites others with valid ones. Maybe they are not aware of this.
  7. Yes, but also you can make use of the 3 save slots the game offers. If you have the weapon DLC those trophy will be quite easy, the only difficult battles in the main game are Monsoon (scripted sections) and the battle when you are waiting for an elevator (make sure to make a save backup after this).
  8. Shadow Tactics is tempting me again and now with a theme for the same price... I might buy it this time. It sucks .hack G.U. game discount is 80% and not 90% like EU store.
  9. 90% on Oxenfree. Nice discount there.
  10. Then using your own to create impossible timestamps, like if you have it on your main account is because you did on purpose. Just my opinion.
  11. This should fall under using someone else's save.
  12. Wow, The Witcher 3 price!
  13. Now we wonder why this didn't happen with Tomb Raider too...
  14. You must be missing a spell upgrade. Probably the one you get on the left part of The Abyss by using up+O.