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  1. Everyone knows TES is better played on PC.
  2. PS5 at 850$ in Chile 😱

  3. One of the most played game right now, just behind Ghost of Tsushima and Fall Guys. Impressive!
  4. Count me in too! Thanks.
  5. It seems it shares. I checked on my profile on playstation page and list all 3 consoles on the same trophy list.
  6. Soul Sacrifice (1926) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1926-soul-sacrifice/Tempestad_cl
  7. Or you work for Ratalaika or they gave you a guide with your game. I find it difficult to figure out all that by yourself unless you played the whole game before. Nevermind, I just noticed the only issue is for the act trophies.
  8. The better news are the french, german, italian and spanish subtitles.
  9. 1 & 2 reload was published by Spike Chunsoft while the rest by NIS.
  10. Steins Gate, Kurisu ending. I cried a fucking lot with it and only stopped after I finished Zero. Nothing memorable in Zero but the bad ending. I probably shed a tear or two with others game, but not like with Steins Gate.
  11. Thanks!. I tried once before and died with a single crash to a wall and then i tried this and got an Ex rank easily at low level.
  12. I think the issue is by playing while conected to the internet, but logged off from psn.
  13. @B1rvine just the use of CFW is reason for being banned or the use for edit timestamps? Because no need for custom firmware to edit them.
  14. Yes, it's not based on date, but when you synch more than one trophy list at the same time, who goes first? That's why Driver goes first than NFS.
  15. I haven't played Elite, but I prefer the game design instead of the anime ones.