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  1. People are bringing up Rapture and Ethan Carter, both of which are garbage compared to Edith Finch. Edith Finch actually had some segments with gameplay. And the Barbara story was generally interesting. I'd definitely give a campy horror comic book simulator game a try. If you're looking for a good walking simulator, The Spectrum Retreat is the best I've ever played. One of the best parts of that one is you can basically skip all the walking simulator segments by using a walkthrough to know the passwords to the doors and just play the puzzle game segments.
  2. Ok. PS Now let's you download games too (only for PS4 and PS2 games).
  3. I don't know anything about Xbox Game Pass, so what makes it better than PS Now? How is 200 games better than like 700?
  4. This has been an issue since before name changing, so I highly doubtful those changes will address this.
  5. It is messing up the rarity! For example Robot Destroyer in Attacking Zegeta is listed as 0.49%, however nobody has gotten that trophy.
  6. So did the dev lie about getting an ESRB rating too? It seems it's more expensive to get an ESRB rating than PEGI since ESRB did away with their free rating. Unless IARC's free rating is an ESRB rating? Does PSN Store even accept IARC ratings yet? Is the game going to get pulled from the US store too?
  7. You can downgrade digital games. Here's the instructions for that for PS4.
  8. Don't worry, Sims 4 will also be in that sale. It's in every sale these days.
  9. Let's get this thread back on track: I always liked MrUnknown, because I have 50K less trophies than him, yet I have more ultra rares than him. That makes me feel better about myself, especially when I don't have much time for games these days. 😆
  10. Too bad it's a Vita exclusive.
  11. He can't be #1 since he quit this site. 😝 Even if he was, there totally is something after becoming #1: defending your title.
  12. I would delete some trophies and then re-earn them so they're out of order an my list, giving me impossible timestamps. 😈
  13. You need to wake up, brother, the PS4 is really just a conspiracy to get us to use more and pay for more electricity and internet. I mean, come on, sleep mode and automatic updates? What more proof do you need?
  14. Yes yes, we know. You have to pay for the internet to download the game. You have to pay for the electricity to power the PS4. You have to pay for the food and water to power yourself so you can play the game. Wake up, sheeple.
  15. Take a look at Linger In Shadows if you want to see some long trophy descriptions.