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  1. I take it the trophies are still bugged? The game's on sale for $1 right now, but that's way too high of a price if the game is still buggy.
  2. If anyone's looking for an easy game to get the speedrun bonus: Okage Shadow King. I finished it recently and it's really surprising how slow the top times are considering what's probably possible. My final in game time was 18 hours, add 1 hour save scumming for the Feeling Lucky trophy, total plat time was about 19 hours. And this is from someone who had never played the game before/didn't use a guide (except for tiny gear locations) so there were a few spots were I didn't know how to proceed at first. If you plan it out and have the time I think closer to 15 hours is possible, which is half the current fastest time. Even if you spread it over multiple days, you have 3.5 days to still be in the top 25.
  3. Do you want it now that you know it's valued at $920? I believe the rules stated the overall prize was worth $1100, so -$100 for the PSN Card and -$20 x4 for each of the games (I think they're all PlayStation hits games which makes them $20, right?), that leaves the Platinum trophies is worth $920.
  4. It says you have to play for an hour for the "games played" goal, so Ratalaika games won't count there. 😝
  5. They certainly are.
  6. The exception to this is if you get matched with Gio, assuming he still plays. That guy is insanely good. If I remember right, for my Ardyne and Ravus (sp? can't be bothered to check) he didn't take any damage and completely the mopped the floor with the bosses in a matter of minutes. I don't know what build he uses, but I don't think it was the dragon whisker one that most people recommend. Normal people should just do the dragon whisker build you linked because it's really good and easy enough to get. The Kenny Crow fight is a lot easier since his attacks are so exaggerated. Anyone who follows the dragon whisker build should have no problem soloing him.
  7. I pulled an all-nighter.
  8. It seems like the hardest is actually Stay. But I don't understand... How is there a Ratalaika game with an ultra rare platinum!?? Did he not do the PlayStation ports and the publisher list is wrong on here?
  9. Are the DLC trophies free updates or how much do we need to pay to get those? Edit: just saw one of the trophies specifically says it requires 8 players. I thought this game could be solo'd even though it's an MMO. Since that's not the case this will probably be a pass from me.
  10. You tricked me into thinking we're finally getting a My Name Is Mayo sequel. The article calls the game My Friend Pedro. (Oh well, still hyped about finally getting a Napoleon Dynamite game!)
  11. What kind of insidious viral marketing strategy is this to release the title of the game but not the subtitle!?
  12. There's this one too:
  13. ps-timetracker doesn't have any trophies! 😨
  14. It probably works like PS Now. If you download a game from PS Now it shows as bought on the store, with a license expiration for whenever your subscription ends. Unfortunately it appears to be smart (dumb?) enough that it doesn't also give you the other versions for cross-buy games. I never thought much of it, but I guess this is the problem with this approach, multiple subscriptions can conflict with each other, especially if you plan to keep one subscription longer and don't have the option to re-add lost games. For PS Now, if you stream the game instead of downloading, it does not mark it as purchased in the store, but I'm guessing EA Access doesn't have a stream option.
  15. It seems you may not know what money is or how businesses work.