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  1. New campaign to play Destiny 2 for 50 points showed up today, ends in 2 hours. Better hurry, especially if you need to download the game.
  2. Items. Got 99 elixers and you just can't beat that boss? Better not use any of them because you might need them later.
  3. What makes this stack different than the other stacks to qualify you as first to get the plat over everyone else whose already platted it?
  4. I don't know, like counseling maybe? Stop being mean and controlling to your wife and let her play what she wants to play.
  5. Edit: nevermind, it's not new, but it just showed up for me today so anyone that didn't get it before might have it now. New collectible added for January 2023 hard game club. Earn Shardbearer Godrick trophy in Elden Ring. 32 days left.
  6. This is probably a regional thing. Everyone with the issue is in UK or another EU region. In the US store they give you that other version warning, but still let you buy.
  7. I'm able to add Just Cause 4 Reloaded through the app despite already owning the base game from last time it was on Plus.
  8. What's this one called/the description? I don't have this one. Presumably there's some hint to the prereq in the description.
  9. Even cheaper to wait for the next $1 EA Play sale and play it off of there.
  10. You can blame trophies for every Ubisoft purchase I've ever made. Wouldn't have played any of their games if they didn't have trophies.
  11. Sure, a trophy with 83.85% rarity is bugged, it couldn't be that you're just not fully plunging the ball.
  12. I didn't even think about it before, but I also always plug in headphones which I've found can drain the battery faster as well. Right now I need to use headphones, so I guess another thing that might help some is to switch to wireless headphones. I've looked some at the Pulse 3D headset, but a lot of people saying online that it hurts if you wear glasses. I think what I'll probably do is what most are suggesting, and try to get a new controller next time it's on sale. Does anybody babysit recharging their devices like that? I don't see it as possible for people that need to say, sleep or leave the house. If it should remain in a specific range, better to have a limiter within the device that prevents it from overcharging/draining. It would behoove Sony to keep their controllers viable longer to keep people playing longer and buying more games. Well, unless the margins are better on controllers I guess.
  13. For about the past month, my launch dualsense has had abysmal battery life. I timed it today: +0 - full charge +1 hour - down to 2 bars +20 minutes (1:20 total) - down to 1 bar +25 minutes (1:45 total) - down to 0 bars / low battery notification +50 minutes (2:35 total) - dead I have the mic turned off, the light on dim, and rumble and triggers on strong/default (but the game I'm playing doesn't use rumble and is a PS4 game so no pressure triggers so I'm assuming won't make a difference). Normally I charge with the official charging station (these timings are with that), but have also tried charging with USB and didn't notice a difference. Has anyone else had awful battery life and been able to do anything about it?
  14. Similar experience. Having played since the beta, PVP is basically non-existent. There's a couple of PVP world events, but even in those people don't attack each other (if there even happens to be another player, which there probably won't because they're off doing their own thing). Because of this, you basically have to boost all the PVP trophies.
  15. This is the first time it's ever been less than $3 on PSN.