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  1. Here's mine, this one also gets you the that's some weird worldbuilding... Trophy. YMS8YX I have easy mash codes for every trophy and started a guide but never got around to finishing it. If someone wants to help finish off the guide let me know.
  2. Her skills have been leaked. She won't have a constellation.
  3. I was able to finally do it without spending money, it's very difficult and you won't enjoy the game, but I do think, unfortunately, that getting good characters is the way to do the abyss, which is a long grind without spending money. If you can manage to clear it then you can play the game without the stress of the abyss and it'll be a lot more fun. In my opinion the top priority for the abyss is getting 2 good shielders, Zhongli being my highly recommend as his shield is probably the strongest, and Diona is also a very good shielder because she's also an excellent healer. Herein lies the problem if you don't already have them: you can't get Zhongli anymore and Diona is no longer guaranteed so requires luck to get. I'd say 5-star weapons aren't required as much as good characters (I didn't have any 5-star weapons). You just have to take the time to grind out lots of primogems and intertwined fate to be able to pull good characters (160 pulls to guarantee the banner character). I went 8 months before making a single pull (because you definitely didn't need to before they added new trophies), and lucked out that they re-ran Zhongli's banner, I was able to get three 5-stars and a number of 4-stars with lots left over. (I ended up getting like 3 or 4 characters to C6 by the end, but didn't use them as it takes too long to level new characters, I just focused on the ones I already leveled/specifically tried for). It honestly may not be a bad idea to wait and hope Zhongli becomes available again if you don't have him. Talents you can probably get by leveling up to 5 or 6 on your main DPS (afterwards requires rare boss drops which are annoying). The failure screen will say you need to level up a lot more, but you'll probably be good. Obviously ideally artifacts should all be maxed 5-stars, but that'll take forever, the artifacts I leveled were to 16, mostly 4-star, a handful of 5-star. The flower artifact is kind of a waste to invest for any character who doesn't have a talent based on HP, so I left those at 0 for everyone else. Similarly for the feather artifact for those who don't use the attack stat. Prioritize leveling artifacts for your main DPS, shielders, and possibly healers. Also make sure to pick the correct set and stats for each character. Character and weapon levels grind up as much as you can stand. You can craft some decent 4-star weapons and you'll probably get some decent ones while trying to pull good characters, so don't really need to go out of your way there. My characters were between level 50-80 (except Traveler was 90), my weapons were between 50-90 (weapons are a lot faster to level). FYI here're my teams that managed to zero star floor 12. - Diluc lv80 (lv80 weapon) - Zhongli lv80 (lv50 weapon) - Xiangling lv50 (unleveled artifacts/weapon/talents) - Noelle lv70 (unleveled artifacts/weapon/talents) - Diona lv70 (lv50 weapon I think, maybe lv60, lv2-3 talents) - Eula lv80 (lv90 weapon) - Traveler lv90 (lv90 weapon, I think traveler had some 3-star artifacts left over from before I could get 4-stars) - Barbara lv60 (lv50 weapon I think, lv2-3 talents)
  4. I guess because the only anemo I have is the traveler? Can't do it with Zhongli, Diluc, Eula, Diona, Traveler, Kaeya, Xiangling, Fischl, Noelle, Yanfei, Barbara. For 11-1 I can only herd the enemies on one half, so the other half the monument takes too much damage because it's impossible to maintain aggro in this game. For 11-2, the first half is a snap, but for some reason the hydro ratio on the second half don't take any damage from my attacks.
  5. No, new spiral abyss is exponentially harder than the previous. Last I could easily 9 star all the way through floor 11 (just couldn't beat those damn hydro mimics). With the new one, not sure I can get even a single star on floor 11.
  6. You're in for a treat with Mecho Wars Vita. NA PSNP: 7.14% PSN: 83.1% AS PSNP: 8.82% PSN: 90.1%
  7. Alright, it's fixed and all the trophies are showing on PSNP now. Here's what I did: 1. Hide Man-eater on PS5 2. Earn another trophy 3. Sync to PSNP, Man-eater is now gone 4. Earn another trophy 5. Unhide Man-eater on PS5 6. Sync to PSNP, Man-eater is still gone for some reason 7. Freak out 8. Sync to PSNTL, everything shows up fine, so it's a PSNP issue now 9. Calm down a little 10. Earn another trophy 11. Sync to PSNP, everything finally shows up again My first two syncs where within like 2 minutes, so that might've just been too short of an interval for PSNP reprocess hidden games (although it did pick up the new trophy I earned).
  8. @Sly Ripper exopshase is able to pick up all my maneater trophies with timestamps, but PSNP isn't listing 2 of them, including the plat.
  9. It's said 31/33, then about an hour later updated to say 33/33, but still showed the trophy cards. Although instead of being the locked image on the cards, it showed the earned icons. Edit: the earned date it's showing is the correct time when I originally got it as well.
  10. Same here, except with Vengeance is Mine. It's updated on my ps5 to say I have all trophies, except it's still showing the cards like I don't have them. PSNP says I have all the trophies, but also that I don't. It now says I have 2 hidden trophies. I think this is a bug on Sony's side regarding trophies and may or may not be specific to this game.
  11. I take it the trophies are still bugged? The game's on sale for $1 right now, but that's way too high of a price if the game is still buggy.
  12. If anyone's looking for an easy game to get the speedrun bonus: Okage Shadow King. I finished it recently and it's really surprising how slow the top times are considering what's probably possible. My final in game time was 18 hours, add 1 hour save scumming for the Feeling Lucky trophy, total plat time was about 19 hours. And this is from someone who had never played the game before/didn't use a guide (except for tiny gear locations) so there were a few spots were I didn't know how to proceed at first. If you plan it out and have the time I think closer to 15 hours is possible, which is half the current fastest time. Even if you spread it over multiple days, you have 3.5 days to still be in the top 25.
  13. Do you want it now that you know it's valued at $920? I believe the rules stated the overall prize was worth $1100, so -$100 for the PSN Card and -$20 x4 for each of the games (I think they're all PlayStation hits games which makes them $20, right?), that leaves the Platinum trophies is worth $920.
  14. It says you have to play for an hour for the "games played" goal, so Ratalaika games won't count there. 😝
  15. They certainly are.