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  1. Probably the puppy paw stick from the Disgaea series. It'd be great to have a 20% chance to steal an item from someone when you kill them. PS this thread seems pretty similar to another giveaway from a newbie that ended up being a scam. IIRC that one was to post your favorite quote from a game and also had the rule that you could post once a day for more entries. So what's the over/under that this one is a scam too?
  2. New games have fewer owners these days because people have started to realize that buying games for full price is a waste of money when they can just wait a few weeks/months for a sale.
  3. Every trophy should be highly missable and glitchy. You know, so it makes everyone who plays have a heightened feeling of anxiety.
  4. What's the reason to separate walkthroughs out of the guides section? I like the way it is now having them both in the same place so you don't need to check one page for trophy guides and another page for walkthroughs.
  5. It has to be online only so Blizzard can send information about you back to China while you're playing.
  6. I'm still not completely decided on whether I like the time limited policy they've started. On the one hand, I'd obviously prefer the games to be available forever. But on the other hand, I'd much rather know when a game will be removed from PS Now since they usually don't announce it (Adventure Time Nameless Kingdom ended up getting pulled just a few hours after I platted it. That one the dev did say they lost license so it would be pulled, but the announced date was a few days after when it was actually pulled). So far there hasn't been too many time limited games that I want to play that I feel like they aren't giving me enough time (last month I wanted to play just God of War of the time limited ones, and this month is just Persona 5), so for now I'm OK with it if it means we get a few great quality games at regular intervals.
  7. New games added to PS Now for November 2019: Persona 5 (until Feb 4, 2020) Difficulty: 3/10 Playthroughs: 2 Hours: 140 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (until Feb 4, 2020) Difficulty: 3/10 Playthroughs: 1 Hours: 40 Requires DLC for 100% Hollow Knight [NA / EU] Difficulty: 9/10 Playthroughs: 1 Hours: 12 (Many people are commenting that the PSNP Guide has an inaccurate time estimate and this game actually takes much longer to plat)
  8. Here you go. A thread from July 2018 where people are discussing how much they think private servers will cost. In the end it turns out Bethesda delivered for cheaper than what most people were predicting here/what they pay for other games' private servers.[]=en
  9. It's a good game. It was good at release and it's only gotten better (except for apparently a recent bug that caused some people to lose items, but I haven't played for a while so I don't know much about that). If you like Fallout 3, New Vegas, or 4 then you'll probably like this game, although it plays a bit differently than single player Fallouts due to be always online (in my experience, in 76 melee build has far outclassed using guns due to VATs not being very useful once enemies get close). As for the new subscription, that's something that people on Bethesda's forums have been asking for since before the game launched. They've literally been saying there that they want to pay a subscription to host private servers, and this is Bethesda giving the fans exactly what they wanted (plus apparently throwing in some extras). However it's become the "cool thing" to hate on Bethesda and Fallout 76 as if it were Activision/COD, so that's what people are doing.
  10. It's a port of $2 indie adventure game on steam. Considering there's vita lists popping up, I'm assuming it's Ratalaika, so i feel like it won't end up being $2 on PSN, which is a shame because I think we need more regularly priced super cheap platinums.
  11. You need a Korean identity number (Korean online accounts are tied to people's real identities), so unless you're Korean or live in Korea, I highly doubt there's a legal way to obtain a Korean PSN account. While there are sites that advertise selling Korean PSN accounts, keep in mind that buy/selling accounts is against PSN's TOS, and since those Korean accounts are tied to real people's identities, at best you're violating PSN's TOS and at worse you're committing identity fraud.
  12. The only things I knew about Death Stranding before this thread is that it stars Norman Readus (and possibly babies?). What I learned from OP is that it's a walking simulator. So Death Stranding is a hard pass from me. If it's free on PS Plus/Now then I might give it a go if it's an easy platinum, but I sure as hell won't support a non-game by paying any amount of money for it.
  13. The desktop version is better anyway because then you can filter out the crap like avatars and themes and just see games.
  14. I got it to work by switching the DNS to OpenDNS instead of the default or Google. WiFi > advanced settings > DNS Primary: Secondary:
  15. I'm getting the same thing. I can sign in and out of PSN and sync trophies, but I can't open the store to download any games.