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  1. There's absolutely no reason not to play through the story of a Pokemon game blind and I think it would be extremely easy to avoid Pokemon news. The only thing you may want to do is refresh yourself on the type chart. Being not very effective is annoying. Chances are you're not going to randomly get good IVs, and you're maybe even less likely to get the right EVs. Just use whatever pokemon look cool for the story. Then once you've finished the story/have access to everything look up and decide what you want breed and grind out maximal IVs, farm EVs, learn your move set. PS Scorbunny is definitely going to be another Fire x Fighting.
  2. Gio carried me last night too!! (We'll I did like 50k damage and he did like 150k, so I wasn't completely dead weight). He was already level 99 with me, so I guess he's still grinding out trying to get the outfit (hope you got it, dude!). I'm pretty sure he didn't get a single time in the whole fight.
  3. Apologies for the delay, I've been pretty much MIA for the past 3 weeks, haven't even played any games. No worries if I'm too late, but for the sake of it here's my spreadsheet: Class of Heroes 2G: 71.12 World To The West: 162.56 Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator: 970.10 Total: 1203.78 1122501122
  4. Easy plats I've played through Now: World to the West SkyScrappers Bridge Constructor Gem Smashers Sound Shapes The Dwarves (kind of hard until you get the hang of how to play) Clockwork Tales Of Glass And Ink Enigmatis The Ghosts of Maple Creek Seasons After Fall The Wolf Amog Us The Walking Dead Toy Story Mania Xblaze Code Embryo Lego Movie Sly 1-4 Hakuoki Magus Barbie And Her Sisters Puppy Thieves (I think this one may be removed from Now) There's plenty of easy 100%'s too.
  5. Ok, so I've just platted Class Of Heroes 2G (woo! fastest achiever!), but I'm not sure what to use for the playtime multiplier. There is no guide anywhere and is not listed on how long to beat (the PSP version is listed with 65 hours, but that version does not include the final dungeon, some extra bosses, or getting 50k kills for the Meat Grinder trophy). A few people on the org site say the consensus from the Japanese version is around 100 - 250 hours (the poll has 2 votes for 100+). There's a post on PSNP, saying their final time was 97 hours (so matching the 100 hour estimate). Regarding the 250 hour estimate, I expect that to be either a naive estimate for the Meat Grinder trophy, or it's an estimate how long to get 100% of the game's in-game achievement percentage (I was at only about 20% on that list when I platted). Further, I've found what might be the optimal method for grinding kills for Meat Grinder, so I was able to plat in 80 hours. I took several notes while playing and was considering writing a guide for this game, and I would put 80 hours as the playtime.
  6. It is possible with PS Now to play with multiple users, even guest users. They don't need to all have PS Now. The only thing you can't do is use a single controller to log in as multiple users, ie- you need multiple controllers for multiplayer. You can even use your Vita as an extra controller using PS4 remote play. I'm skeptical about this statement that you can't play with multiple controllers only through PS Now, but magically can on a PS3.
  7. If you have a PS4 or PC, I believe Twisted Metal is on PS Now. That version should include the online pass. You can use PS Plus to backup your save to the cloud and download it to the PS Now version so you don't lose your progress.
  8. There isn't a single sub-1% trophy I don't have (not counting unobtainable trophies). It's the ones above 1% that give me trouble... Aqua Kitty - Espresso Grande - Normal - 1.62% I've been trying to get this one for years now. I think the closest I've ever gotten is wave 15 of 20.
  9. It did for like 4 months after it was on plus.
  10. Ugh. Dragon Fin Soup, Destiny 2, Roundabout, (probably others I'm forgetting), and now Super Mutant Alien Assault. I'm getting tired of broken games with unobtainable trophies getting given out.
  11. The time on the guide is good because it should reflect how long it would take to platinum the game following that guide. Random votes from random people aren't all going to reflect a time estimate for the same thing. Plus, they won't be accurate as things change in the game, whereas as long as the method in the guide doesn't change, then the guide's estimate should pretty much remain accurate (again this is assuming a scenario unlike No Man's Sky where trophy requirements become more difficult, but in that case the guide and the author's estimate should be updated). For example let's say the Jak and Daxter games had guides that estimate 25 hours to plat. With debug mode discovered, let's say you can now plat in 1 hour. I think it's worth keeping the original guide and the estimate on it, since that's how long it will take to plat using that method, even though there's a faster method. It would be worth getting a new guide detailling the debug method mode with the 1 hour estimate (in cases like this, I don't think the original guide should just be updated, because the new method is totally different). With people voting on times, it'll get split on people saying around 25 hours and around 1 hour, making the average a totally inaccurate 12 hours. I'm not saying we shouldn't have this feature, but it should either not be tied to a guide, or if it is then people should have to vote on how long they think it takes using the method described in the guide, even if they personally took longer, eg because they didn't follow he guide, or if they found a faster method.
  12. I don't think contacting Square Enix support will help. I contacted them before the trophies become unobtainable, to ask if they would become unobtainable and the response was that Square Enix does not have any control over trophies. They claimed that Sony implemented the trophies in their games. Square Enix support is clueless.
  13. I was expecting the rarity to be over 80% based on the title. Well, it's over 50%, so yeah, it's technically common.
  14. According to this thread, caps earned from trading with other players do not count. As for me, mine popped at around 9400, after selling to a vendor.
  15. I'm really interested to see what they say about my stats. The monthly summary emails are always way off for me.