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  1. One of the reasons I have this game is because the trophy guide says there's no online trophies, so it's really disappointing to hear the grind will be worse once the offline is removed. I don't think I'll have time to start it before the shutdown either. Can we get a trophy tag that's something to the effect of "online not required, but makes it significantly easier"? That way I can avoid this type of the game in the future.
  2. At least there's an in-game counter. 10K battles without knowing how many you've done would be an even worse nightmare.
  3. I thought FFXIII was supposed to be a good game once you finish the tutorial. But since the tutorial is like 30 hours long nobody ever gets that far. Edit: FFX is definitely worse than FFVIII. I'd say either FFX or FFVI are the worst of the main series.
  4. I was hoping for a new stack because this is a fun game. I did not want ridiculous grinding though! 😡
  5. Episode Ardyn on sale! 😀 It's still too disproportionately expensive compared to how much I picked up Royal Edition for (I think it was $10 or $15), but I think the overall price is pretty good for everything FFXV. Hell, Comrades alone is pretty much worth what I paid for the Royal Edition.
  6. 16 FPS doesn't sound good even if it's a menu. That sounds like there's probably noticeable lag from when you press a button and the cursor moving on screen.
  7. Possible series? The PS Blog says Rainbow Skies is an indirect sequel to Rainbow Moon. Rainbow series: Rainbow Moon: Rainbow Skies:
  8. My normal search method pulls it up straight away:
  9. Just from the screenshots in the store, Fell Seal looks pretty good. But only 25% off? It's like they don't even want anyone to buy their game.
  10. I find myself wanting to rotate all rings at the same time. Is there a way to do it? Also the game speed is pretty slow once you've got everything set up, is there a way to increase the speed during battles?
  11. Hiya o7 Just a quick question: I saw you recently got the Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes platinum on Vita. How did you get the online component to finally work for you? Thanks in advance!

    1. Milktastrophe


      I never had an issue with the online, I've always been able to connect, so I didn't do anything really. While trying to find someone else who can connect, others have tried changing a bunch of internet settings, but it never helped. It's not just my wifi, I've connected on hotel WiFi too, so I dunno if that means it's not some special setting.


      At this point, we really don't know why some people can connect and some can't.


      Having said that, since you've changed your name before, that might be a contributing factor to your connection issues. Although other people who have not changed their name also can't connect. I've asked the dev why the PS4 version doesn't have multiplayer and he said that Sony forbid it, which made me think this multiplayer is not compatible with the name changing and Sony wants all PS4 games going forward to work (and probably don't care about Vita).


      All I can say is good luck if you keep trying!

  12. I wish I could downvote the OP and give you more than one upvote. Thanks for posting what OP should have!! Anyway, I'll never be able to plat this one because I'll never be able to get the Loser trophy.
  13. You can add Tera to the list if you want. Two of the trophies are more difficult in the latest patch, but it's an MMORPG so there's no downgrading. Arun Boss - two of the bosses were made more powerful so you pretty much can't do them solo anymore. Shara Boss - used to be you could kill one of the enemies on the list (gluttonous fangspawn) over and over and this would pop, but they fixed the glitch so you actually have to do the requirements now. No idea what patch fixed/changed these. Tera (AS)'s version started with the "fixed" trophies. Interestingly, Arun Boss used to be the easier one, but now Shara Boss is the easier one.
  14. I heard Disney is going to buy Sony because of this, in order to get Spidey back. For the Disney PlayStation 5 they're probably going to change the platinum trophy to a picture of Mickey mouse.
  15. It's because it has "hips" in it. That's far too sultry of a body part to include in a username.