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  1. Oh, so this is why I don't see new games being listed in the PS Store anymore, it's sorting by best selling. Sorry legitimate indie devs, people can no longer discover your games as they won't be listed at the top of the new releases section either.
  2. I see you got the trophy. Did the challenge mode stages count? Also this sounds like a big grind, is this trophy something that can be automated?
  3. So your solution is to make the spam games worth more and AAA games worth less? Because way more people play actual games than garbage. For example Jumping Fries Turbo NA PS4 platinum is worth 0.00089 points, 12 times more than Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 platinum which is only worth 0.00007 points.
  4. I played a couple months after release and didn't have a single crash.
  5. I would also be interested for someone to track the opposite. Games on PS+ Essential that were previously offered on Extra, Premium, or Now.
  6. Placeholder time sessions shouldn't be allowed. What should be done instead is the host picks a time that works for them and says: "if another time works better for you, comment/message me and we can try to work out a better time. But until then, this is when the session is happening."
  7. Hyper Sentinel was 99% off in October 2019.
  8. Puppeteer is already available on premium in US, it's not a new edition coming this month. Search for the game on console, PS3 games don't show in the web store.
  9. Whiteboyz has been confirmed that the reason it was delisted was due to Sony considering it racially insensitive.
  10. That's where we're different. My profile is full of bad games that I don't like. Playing them is a hobby, like how some people intentionally watch bad movies. @enaysoft I never said anything about Whiteboyz being racist and I don't think it is. By delisting that game and not Color Slayer, Sony is showing a double standard by delisting a non-racist game due to parodying a musical group of people with color (is it even a parody or more just they're fans of NWA so named themselves similar?) yet allowing a game whose primary gameplay mechanic is to inflict violence on all other colors except the one held by the majority of characters in the game, you know the definition of racial prejudice. I'm really surprised that so many people here seem to think it's ok that Whiteboyz we're delisted.
  11. Except this is how the game actually looks:
  12. Seriously, this game is way more racist than Whiteboyz Wit Attitude. The objective of the game is literally to attack all the non-white individuals in your path. Edit: ok, turns out I'm in the minority and the vast majority of you agree with Sony's delisting of Whiteboyz Wit Attitude despite what else is allowed on PSN.
  13. This thread isn't about easy games. It's about easy trophy lists. Doesn't matter how hard a Ratalaika game is, if you get the plat in 5 minutes from pressing left once, dying once, jumping once, it's an EZPZ. Some of their lists aren't EZPZ, which exposes the fallacy of generalizing judgment on all their games, but most of them are EZPZ.
  14. Arcade Archives are definitely EZPZ. Look at the first 10 results from the search, most only take 5-10 minutes, the longest being 15 minutes. If cost is a qualifier, then you need to remove smobile's break and run games. Those are expensive. Even more so when you factor in they're not crossbuy. Edit: also you need to exclude Ratalaika and Sometimes You and any of these others that physical Vita releases. Autoskip VNs too, especially those that need to be imported, even though they're literally no effort. Arcade Archives lists are the same thing over and over. "Post a high score".
  15. I think someone already said JanduSoft and Sometimes You. There's also Xitilon, Ternox, Green Lava, Auto Slavic (Space Kabaam), Super Power up Pinball, Gumbo Machine, Playstige, Gamuzumi, Otterrific, Arcade Archives. Basically we're at the point where it's probably easier to list all the publishers that don't solely release joke trophy spam games.