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  1. I have two televisions next to each other, the other my son uses with my old PS4Pro The difference is stark when comparing anything that has a PS4/5 version, the games run so much better on PS5 (and it doesn't sound like a jet engine while doing it) that alone was worth it to me. But each to thier own!
  2. Just as an outsider who was interested in this game Sony have really fucked this up. The game is so grindy and boring people make scripts to play it? I won't be buying or supporting this game, this is everything I hate about the industry. If the devs want to make it a chore to play just make it FTP and monetise the shit out of it, and then I know to not even waste my time looking into if the game is any good because you know from the off it's balanced around getting money out of people. Gaming is getting fucked by this ballshit, and I kind of expected better from Sony but I guess no one is immune.
  3. This was one of my launch games, up until this moment it's still my favourite PS5 game, I really enjoyed it alot you have so much freedom. It also put this developer on the map for me, I ended up playing Jurassic World Evoltion this year which is also made by them and had a blast with that too. So have fun everyone!
  4. I have finished a few Souls games, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls and Bloodborne and found The Surge to be the easiest of them. I do remember the area I struggled the most in is where you are at the moment, it got easier with better mods. I remember finding a mod that could convert energy into HP and that made the whole game much more managable. I also remember farming the hell out of the first area for an hour or two after getting stuck for a bit in the second area which really helped.
  5. I doubt they will delist any old content, but be prepared for future releases to be exclusive in some way.
  6. This will do alot of damage to Playstation, the more casual gamers buy the console to play CoD and FIFA with thier friends, maybe they pick up a few of the big PS exclusives too. Anyone who is a CoD fan will just buy whatever box they can play it on. I was thinking about buying an XBOX before this move, Phil at this point is so full of shit I have no desire to support Microsoft at this point. I do not like the way they are taking the industry, for sure Gamepass is good value but for how long, games are going to be made with Gamepass in mind, which means selling MTX will become the main focus to make money and I basically do not buy games with this kind of business model. Each year I see gaming trending in this way, basically free to play whale hunting and it sucks, if that becomes the main way games get made in the future I will just stop gaming or stick to older, or indie games that are just games, and not just proxies for digital storefronts. I hope Sony carries on as it is, because every year it seems like the way they do business is under threat, and it's just the way I like to game. Like many on this site I do not care for Activision games, but we are a very small minority of gamers, Call of Duty doesn't top the best selling lists every year for no reason.
  7. It took some tries to get the S ranks but it wasn't that bad. Factory 2 took me the longest, around 10 attempts ... Like others have said though better to go for an almost perfect run on the first bit and then just quit out you will have enough points so it was not that frustrating. I have most of the Resident Evil plats and this one was about average for the series in terms of difficulty, the hardest RE content I have done was the End of Zoe on the hardest difficulty, now that shit was truly a test of my patience!
  8. Let me get this straight, in a game where the entire focus is flogging microtrnasactions, and resetting the game every year they also don't even wait two years before shutting down a game some players have potentially spent tens, or hundereds of dollars on? They say "All good things must come to and end" What a bunch of jokers, it's this sort of stuff that really makes me pity where the gaming industry is going, I hope I can continue to enjoy this hobby until I'm an old man but parts of this industry are just a lost cause at this point. Luckily sport doesn't interest me that much, but I really feel for sports fans who deserve better than this.
  9. Seems kind of crazy to me to plat this if you are not into the game. I played almost daily for 6 months and got the PS4 plat, still a huge grind to go for the PS5 plat the thing is I love this game, for me it's a 10/10 so I have had a blast playing it. If you don't enjoy the game it seems crazy to do just for trophies. It's the longest plat on my account by miles and it's not even that rare.
  10. I have taken part in my fair share of easy games, mostly ones that were cross buy with Vita because it gave me stuff to play on the go. I haven't really got anymore outside of those with a few exceptions, I don't really mind either way but it's becoming apparent that this is creating so much shovelware on the store and that's the bigger issue.
  11. Honestly my advice for any Resident Evil Game is to do a blind play through on Normal difficulty. Just enjoy it, the games are not that long - this helps you learn the mechanics and get familiar with the map. After this go and look for a Trophy Guide.
  12. It's not as hard as you might think, it takes alot of play throughs to get the Platinum and by a certain point you will have mastered it. I actually think the hardest trophies out of all the Resident Evil games I have played is the DLC for 7, some of that stuff was really difficult. This, not so much it's a solid 6/10 imo.
  13. You can reassign your Licence boards, my setup was far from optimal but I ended up hardly using my backup team. They all were around level 40 by the end.
  14. This was the only mainline FF game I played as a teenager and didn't finish. (From the PS1-PS2 Era) I didn't like it then, it seems like it wanted to be an MMO with no multiplayer. Even when I went back to it all these years later, that design still immediatly puts me off. The world is mostly massive boring, open enviroments filled with monsters. You see very clearly that this is the same engine used for FF11 & FF14 (The MMOs) So what did I think of it in 2021? It's not very good, my initial impression all those years ago hasn't changed, the Story seems to take a back seat to the sheer number of monsters and empty enviroments. This game's focus is on the combat system and killing thousands of monsters. All I can say is thank god for that 4 x speed, because I would never have had the patience to finish this without it, the game is so slow on speed x 1. I rank it as one of the worst games in the series, along with Type-0. I hated FFXV but I actually think that this is even worse than that. In the past I regarded XIII as the worst game I had played in the series. But the more I explore the games I missed, the more I think I was wrong on that.
  15. I did this yesterday without looking at any guides and was suprised when my party got obliterated in seconds. As many others have already said you just need to survive long enough to get a few stacks of Wither on the boss, which stops him one shotting you. Continue to stack wither until it's doing hardly any damage, and just wait for him to die. He is a one trick pony.