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  1. Honestly my advice for any Resident Evil Game is to do a blind play through on Normal difficulty. Just enjoy it, the games are not that long - this helps you learn the mechanics and get familiar with the map. After this go and look for a Trophy Guide.
  2. It's not as hard as you might think, it takes alot of play throughs to get the Platinum and by a certain point you will have mastered it. I actually think the hardest trophies out of all the Resident Evil games I have played is the DLC for 7, some of that stuff was really difficult. This, not so much it's a solid 6/10 imo.
  3. You can reassign your Licence boards, my setup was far from optimal but I ended up hardly using my backup team. They all were around level 40 by the end.
  4. This was the only mainline FF game I played as a teenager and didn't finish. (From the PS1-PS2 Era) I didn't like it then, it seems like it wanted to be an MMO with no multiplayer. Even when I went back to it all these years later, that design still immediatly puts me off. The world is mostly massive boring, open enviroments filled with monsters. You see very clearly that this is the same engine used for FF11 & FF14 (The MMOs) So what did I think of it in 2021? It's not very good, my initial impression all those years ago hasn't changed, the Story seems to take a back seat to the sheer number of monsters and empty enviroments. This game's focus is on the combat system and killing thousands of monsters. All I can say is thank god for that 4 x speed, because I would never have had the patience to finish this without it, the game is so slow on speed x 1. I rank it as one of the worst games in the series, along with Type-0. I hated FFXV but I actually think that this is even worse than that. In the past I regarded XIII as the worst game I had played in the series. But the more I explore the games I missed, the more I think I was wrong on that.
  5. I did this yesterday without looking at any guides and was suprised when my party got obliterated in seconds. As many others have already said you just need to survive long enough to get a few stacks of Wither on the boss, which stops him one shotting you. Continue to stack wither until it's doing hardly any damage, and just wait for him to die. He is a one trick pony.
  6. If is anyone who is struggling with this battle, I used this method: My party was level 78-80, and I beat the Judges in 3 minutes with this method, it's very broken but I wanted to be done with the game because by this point it was becoming a chore to finish off.
  7. I have all the DLC and you can use the rides in all modes, sometimes they do need to be researched first though. Also some parks have specific limitations which means it may not be possible to use all the rides for that mission. I'm pretty good with these kind of games so I found it maybe a 5/10, there are for sure some tricky missions near the end but the hardest missions which usually revolve around building complex coasters can mostly be skipped by downloading a working example from the Frontier Workshop if you want to do that. I think it took me about 40 hours. It can be quicker if you want to download coasters from the workshop for the hardest challanges though. Personally I thought it was an excellent game, the first game since forever I am still playing after getting the Platinum. It doesn't make the game any easier, just gives you more options. I have all the DLC and can honestly say the amount of choice is overwhelming, after 50 hours of play I still have not built everything at least once. Can't speak to the PS4 version, but after earning the Platinum on PS5 I never hit any performance problems. The game runs very well!
  8. There is no indeed no save transfer, and I echo @viaene96 this is such a great game ... For sure the best game I have played on PS5 so far. I was bummed when I finished the trophy list already, and am tempted to play the PS4 version to do it all again.
  9. It took me about 3 hours total I guess to collect all the fish needed for the Platinum. Which to be honest is a drop in the bucket if you look at the entire length of this game. I would ask yourself first: Do you want to collect shit in the open world for 60 hours? If the answer is yes, you can manage 3 hours of fishing.
  10. I also thought it was well, rubbish. No idea how it got such high praise.
  11. First DLC I have purchased that doesn't have Trophies since I started trophy hunting. This game is such a joy to play I just couldn't resist adding a horror, and adventure wing to my parks.
  12. I have found most of the skills kind of rubbish to be honest. I would say that the vital ones are the slowdown dodge, I think some of the harder bosses would be almost impossible without it on the harder difficulties. Also the skill that slows down time when you are almost dead is very handy. Apart from that take whatever you want. There are not any skills that will speed up the game, there is an absolute shit ton of stuff to do and collect and you need to do it all. As for Abilities I have most unlocked (but only two at level 2.) I hardly use them, for normal enemies they are overkill and against bosses they seem to just get me killed (Playing on Hard Mode.) This game seems to be much more grounded compared with Odyssey, but boy do I miss those over the top skills and abilities.
  13. I just want to echo this, I am a good way through the campaign and haven't ever even hit 50% on what I can build (PS5). Most of my parks have around 10 attractions and usually space in the map becomes more of an issue than the build limit. If you want to go crazy in sandbox mode I think this is the only place where you might run into problems. It's also worth nothing "More" isn't always better, making a park with loads of tiny details and well thought out layout is way more impressive than building massive roller coasters everywhere in a barren wasteland.
  14. I admire the dedication here, I wanted to play this game but this developer has a history of making janky games and never fixing them, I just don't want to support a company that can't do some easy fixes to make thier trophies work.
  15. If you are playing in VR I noticed some trophies didn't pop until I went to my trophy list, and even then there was a large delay. I had the same problem with this trophy I was certain I had crafted everything then an hour later when I went into the system menu they suddenly popped. Other trophies just popped fine when I still had the VR headset on, it was very strange