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  1. I struggled with the Pull Ups Mini Game for about 45 minutes, and died to a few bosses here and there. I think I actually died more to normal enemies than bosses in Hard Mode, several times I would get "Stun Locked" by enemies, especially in the sections where you only had control of a single character. I did the final VR mission on my second attempt, and wiped once at Hell House on Hard Mode but apart from that it was not that bad, I never used MP for anything but healing and buffs. The boss battles were by no means easy, you can't just spam your way to victory and you do need to think about what you are doing and react to what is going on during the fight or you will struggle for sure. I'd 5/10 is accurate, I'm pretty good at this type of game and had a good grasp of the mechanics early on which made things easier for me, but this will not be the same for everyone!
  2. Just want to add a small tip, I did this last night and the first time I wiped during the last 15% or so. He spawns two mechanical sub bosses at the very end of the fight which can really mess you up if you are not ready for it. So I saved Aerith's level 2 Limit Break on my second try until he spawned those two extra enemies, and then used it. This makes you immune to physical damage and gives you the room to clear them out before getting back on the boss. I didn't use any elemental spells, I did it just using mostly healing and Aerith's Ray of Judgement. Also having Arise on both Aerith and Cloud is handy incase something goes wrong so you can get back in the fight.
  3. For me, working through my last PS3 games. My PS4 backlog is so large at this point it's impossible to finish. As for PS5 I will get it on day one, as for games in 2020 I think I will not buy anymore games for PS4. I am assuming the must haves will get upgrades for PS5 and I would rather play the superior versions of those games.
  4. Playing through Final Fantasy Type-0 this is quite a quick and easy one - I guess it will be 30-40 hours. But ... it kinda sucks, it's like a budget FF game and I can't really recommend it. It's just not very good in my opinion.
  5. For me getting the plat or "100%" means I have finished the game, and can move on to something else. There are some games I don't plat, usually games that require more than 100 hours I find simply too long. Before trophies I would always aim to finish a game on it's hardest setting (if it was not crazy hard) and finish all the side activities etc. Collectibles never interested me, but my old gaming habbits net me the Platinum in most games, or maybe 80% of the trophies anyway so I may as well finish the job! I also like having a record of all the games I "finished" over all these years.
  6. Mad Max I got the scrap camp glitch, no way in hell I was going to replay the whole game just for that!
  7. Lone Survivor: Director's Cut 4.90% Rarity Took me 6 days to get the plat. This game was on PS+ so I guess that's the main reason for the Ultra Rare, because the game was not that hard.
  8. I did them in order, ended up skipping the High Road Relic in crash 1 and did the DLC level relic instead, it counts for the plat altho that bonus level is also hard as nails. I must have spent 3 hours on the High Road alone before giving up. The first game is not easy! 2 and 3 are easier but not a walk in the park either. Good luck!
  9. The Bunker, same team I believe. I enjoyed both of these games too!
  10. Easiest: Slyde Hardest: Divinity: Original Sin: Tacital mode was brutal, there were battles I had to replay over and over to the point I thought I would have to restart, and then get through by the skin of my teeth.
  11. Casual gamer to me is like the guy at my work. He plays Fifa and CoD. If I mention a game like The Last of Us or God of War I just get a blank expression. I also don't think a casual gamer would be on a gaming forum or news site.
  12. Had a goal to get to 90% completion since forever, and finally got there this year. I'm happy to keep it above 90% and not aim any higher now ... There are games I want to play without feeling the need to platinum them due to the time sink. RDR2 is a good example here. Other than that I guess I am aiming for 300 by the end of the year. Currently on 267 with 27 earned so far in 2019. It will be tight but I might make it, XCOM2 is going to be number 300! I said to myself two years ago to stop chasing plats at 200 but here we are!
  13. I buy them mostly for the Vita ports, I have been playing it for almost 6 years now but releases are drying up. PS4 version is a bonus, trying to finish XCOM for Vita on Impossible at the mo, sometimes it's nice to take a break from those gruelling games for something easier!
  14. I spent exactly €500 last year on PSN which was much less than I expected. I did make a real effort to play games out of my backlog though, I think this is the first year my backlog ended the year lower than when it started. It's very uncommon for me to buy a game that is not at least 50% discounted, the last game I purchased at full price was The Witcher III back in May 2015. I only buy digital games. Most expensive game from 2018 was AC: Odyssey Gold Edition for €65. For 2019 so far nothing - I will be back ;-)
  15. First Bioware game I am not buying since Baldur's Gate II (PC released in 2000) though I skipped Jade Empire because I didn't have an XBOX. If it turns out to be a great RPG with a great story I might get it later, but I highly doubt that will be the case. I just can't see it working in a game that is also focused on multiplayer and is designed to be constantly expanded. I hope BioWare lives long enough to make Dragon Age 4 and gets another shot at Mass Effect, I am worried about their future in Anthem fails.