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  1. I'm stuck on how to find verdant music festival? I have done three years on the game stuck looking for the festival. can anyone help
  2. No I hid it because I don't need the hassle, I gave my reason above.
  3. I didnt forget about sonic i owned up to that. Anyway silent hill 2 Game hidden.
  4. I don't have other games out of order, I just don't understand if 22 people had the trophy out of sync then surely 22 of them are cheats?! Anyway If MMDE wants me to hide the game I will.
  5. How am I one of the 12 and not part of the 10 out of 22. I explained how it is out of order.
  6. stuarta1001 Silent Hill 2 HD Flagged again? When I played the game the dog key trophy never popped. when I checked the trophy guide after I finished the game, I reloaded a previous save and still nothing. I deleted the save data reloaded and then it worked.
  7. Done, Thank you so much for your help.
  8. stuarta1001 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed I have hidden the game, I'm so sorry for the trouble and it will never happen again. Please can I be put back on the leaderboard. Many thanks
  9. Is it done with one rider or with three riders?
  10. I need some help with the clean sweep trophy. I played tour de france 2017 in tour, I won the yellow and green jersey at the first stage, then won the pokadot jersey second stage while keeping both yellow and green and no trophy. I then selected a new rider won all three jerseys at stage 3 and still no trophy.
  11. Yep, But I didn't hit the instructor.
  12. I just got the trophy, Start as a hacker go downstairs to the area the soilders are doing pushups. pick up an apricot behind the instructor throw it over him run to the radio on the right and turn it on. the guards start to dance, Howdy partner challenge pops up followed by giddy up trophy.
  13. Has anyone else had a problem with the mission Empress Sela mission?! The game always crashes with error CE-38700-8. I have unistalled the game and re installed the same thing happens, Then I tried dropping the mission then going back to the mission but the same thing happens again. I'm level 28 and I don't want to start again.
  14. Thanks, I thought there was a problem with my PSN that I couldn't get it.
  15. How comes this game has been platniumed already when the game comes out tomorrow?