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  1. I’m happy this is happening. With cross play becoming very common, cheaters on PC will definitely ruin fun at some point. So this, in theory, a good solution for that. Wish Rockstar would implement this in their games on PC as they are giving too much control and gamers’ personal information over to cheaters without any consequences. With a few simple steps, cheaters can even permanently get you banned by R*. It’s totally nuts.
  2. And I was finally hopeful. Was going to pick this game up after the update but might have to wait again. Or will just play on PC, dunno.
  3. I doubt there’s anyone with more trophies than a number 1 person on the leaderboard without being a member of one of the trophy websites. People who are passionate about something to such degree will seek some sort of recognition and inevitable end up on the leaderboard.
  4. A positive change. Always puzzles me when I see this kind of stuff in games.
  5. Okay everyone, I’m going to add to the discussion with the following statement: The game is free, but the access to it is paid.
  6. I decided the trophies are not worth my time. If they lower requirements in the following updates, I will happily come back to finish the remaining trophies. But as of now, not happy with the devs for such stupid requirements.
  7. At the top back of the car there are 4 bars, they light up one by one once you start building your shield.
  8. Ive got Crashendo unlocked. The tip is as usual, rely on luck and hope you get 3 wrecks in Mayhem.
  9. Can confirm the trophy requirements are complete bullshit. I hope we can boost them in a party of 4 in Mayhem. Edir: I’ve created a boosting session. Feel free to join
  10. I’ve done these trophies mostly solo in 4 days. Had some help with stage 7 only.
  11. Haven’t had any luck in Gridfall after 6 or so tries. Went to play Stockpile and got it first try. It’s actually a very easy trophy.
  12. Is it okay that I like everything?
  13. Taking in consideration your knowledge about PS4 exploits and cheating in general, what’s your take on the time stamps from the future? Was there any sort of exploit at the time that would allow to do this?
  14. It would really help if you could post the reason you’ve been flagged.
  15. So which trophies have you unlocked when you played with your friend? Did you sync them?