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  1. Thank you for your reply. It’s not worth it for me to jump through all the hoops and workarounds mentioned before in the thread. I’ll pass
  2. Do I understand that correctly if I play completely offline by toggling internet connection setting on PS5, I won’t have buggy trophies?
  3. Did someone mention there’s another arena DLC coming in near future? If so, I might hold off playing until the second one drops
  4. It really is random. I’ve gone through over 350 floors over 3 runs before I found all
  5. On random ones. You’ll hear a meow once you spawn
  6. There’s only 1 save slot
  7. It would be helpful if you could post some locations for set 6 please if you find any. I sent all locations from set 4 and 5 to @purlinka, so hopefully they end up on the map soon
  8. The update is live now. 8.2 GB
  9. I guess the people who are having trouble are those who don’t play racing games? Because I thought the race is not difficult at all. I'm also guessing the lack of ABS on sim driving difficulty messes with people’s breaking cause their wheels lock up.
  10. Oooof 😬
  11. Basically this
  12. Which ones? Can’t see
  13. I care about resolution. If you don’t, more power to you.
  14. It didn’t. It asked you if you want to download the pre-udder DLC.