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  1. So I'm tackling the Platinum and I used the trade duplication to get over 1,000,000 col and I ran into the problem that the trophy wasn't popping. What fixed this for me is once you have any amount over 1mil just sell any item to a vendor and it'll pop the trophy. Hope this helps someone out there skip the needless grind!
  2. So I'm going for the Platinum and the last trophies I have to do are: Burst Master, Rush Master, and Neithardt would be proud. I've gone through 3 play throughs (curse you chest grabber) and am above level 70 with every character. The method I've been using is my main party is Rean, Jusis, Gaius, and Fie and I'm in the school house depths first area. The first door on the left leads to a very small area with an enemy that is "weak" to slash and thrust. Every time you leave this small room and come back it respawns the enemy. Does anyone have a better method to farming this endgame?
  3. There are a few that come to mind, but honestly there are so many great games coming out in the next 6 months it is kind of ridiculous. Monster Hunter Worlds Code Vein Dragons Dogma for PS4 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online *On a side note: SNES classic (not really a game but its going to be awesome)
  4. so I've been digging through the internet for a few months off and on while i go for the platinum for this game and i can't seem to find a concrete answer to the best ways to farm for impure objects. Basically the only thing i can see everyone agreeing on is that they come from the shiny bits scattered on each map but that seems to be about the end for that. I'd like to have the PSNP community come together on this and share your ideas for the best ways to farm these for the trophy so we can get it added to the trophy guide and really clarify that section for other trophy hunters! EDIT: So for all the digging i've done the past few days, and some input i got from people who have recently gotten this trophy, what i've come up with is: - The "shiny spots" that require the Eye of Truth yield the best chance of producing an Impure Object. - Multiplayer improves the odds but its unclear by how much. - On large hunt maps (more than 1 area) the "shiny spots" that are in abnormal locations give Impure Objects and Eye of Truth Masks (it is worthwhile to remember locations you got Masks from). - It IS possible to get impure objects from missions with 1 room other than the starting area. - It IS possible to get Impure Objects from any and all "shiny spots". - They are obtainable on all mission difficulties. Some missions that have been used to farm them effectively are: Chapter 5-2 Tengu of Destruction Chapter 5-16 Signs of Disaster - 4 Chapter 6-12 Endless Waves Phase 3-10 Chimeras of the Night Phase 4-8 Swimming in Sand Phase 6-18 Raining Destruction Phase 7-15 Crush and Grind Hope this helps anyone trying to get the Trophy! Happy hunting! Special Thanks to Scorchy_, Cry_for_Turtle, Yoxi-reborn, and JKii for their contributions!
  5. I beat the game on 2 separate characters without duping or glitching, when it came down to "all spells, all miracles, and all unique weapons" i duped boss souls in second playthrough. I used the "other players" for pure bladestone, cause after a straight week of killing and not getting it i broke down and went to the forums. i am currently SL 210. i backed up my character at SL 76 before duping souls to level up only because the guy giving me pure bladestone is SL 230 and i needed to get into his soul range. TBH i agree, if you went through the 3+ playthroughs to get all the boss souls legitimately you've impressed me for sure.