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  1. I dropped around 100 hours on the Switch version and I'm still gonna double dip and buy the PS version day 1. It is ridiculously fun - honestly, it might've been my 2020 GOTY. Super excited to get back into this and go for the plat this time.
  2. I guess the most important rule for me is that I don't need to plat/100% every game I play - If I did, I would either avoid a lot of awesome games with plats outside my skill/patience range, or totally burn myself out trying to get those plats. On the other side of the coin, I'm not going to buy a game I won't like just because it has a super-easy plat. Nothing against people who do, but I personally need to have genuine interest in the actual game. That said, I still make an honest effort to get as many trophies as possible before moving on; sometimes that means getting the plat, sometimes it doesn't. If I know I won't be chasing the plat/100%, I try to aim for at least 70-75% completion. If even that is unrealistic for me, then aim for at least a C-rank. I usually look over the trophy list and the outline of a guide before starting and map out a mental route to my final destination. Sometimes the goalposts move while I'm already deep into the game: for example, I just quit Disgaea 1 at 39% after originally intending to plat it. Just got tired of the grind and it was no longer fun. I try to limit myself to 1-2 story-driven games at a time, plus a couple games that lend themselves well to quick, drop-in-and-out sessions (sports games, roguelikes, etc). Keeps me from just abandoning something before I'm done. Try to make the last trophy I earn for a game (whether it leads to the plat or not) satisfying: e.g finishing the story in a long RPG, completing all quests, etc. Exploits/glitches/etc. depends on the context. I'm more likely to use them if the alternative is countless hours of boring grinding or replaying the game when I don't want to. I try not to use them just to bypass a lack of skill. Avoid guides for collectables until the postgame, unless there are mid-story missables that would screw me out of a trophy if I didn't get all of them No microtransactions for the sole purpose of earning trophies No region stacking, console stacking is okay if I actually want to replay the game on different hardware Certain types of trophies are a hard pass 90% of the time: no-damage runs (especially on tough bosses or long/difficult levels), full-game speedruns, multiplayer trophies when the meat of the game is single-player, etc.
  3. Yeah, the walk-related trophies and the 10-pitch at-bat ones are the only ones that look remotely tricky... aside from that it looks way easier than any other year of The Show. Might actually plat one of these games for once!
  4. #61: Persona 5 Strikers - True Phantom Thief I really liked this game, but then again I'm a slut for anything Persona 5 so maybe I'm a bit biased. It's worth noting that despite the game being developed by Omega Force (the Dynasty Warriors devs), it doesn't really play like a Warriors game. Yes, the combat's in real time, but you're not mowing down thousands of enemies at once while capturing/protecting strongholds and the like. You move around the jails (think Palaces from the main game) and encounter Shadows just as you did in P5, but here they spawn small mobs of usually a couple dozen or so for you to beat up. Like the original game, keeping your Personas up-to-date and hitting weaknesses/technicals are still very important - if you do try to just play it a Warriors game and mindlessly button mash, you're going to run into trouble. Anyway, I think I liked this game so much because it's still a legit sequel to Persona 5, and the devs did a great job of making it feel like a natural extension to the original game through its overall style; it feels like more than just a spinoff despite the switch to real-time combat. Highly recommended to any Persona 5 fans. So, the platinum... Like 90% of the trophies are easy enough. Some missable quests/items, due to the game's "road trip" plot - make sure you do everything in an area before leaving it, since you can't come back (the "real life" areas, at least - their dungeons stick around). Other than that, just play through the game thoroughly, use each character enough to unlock their full moveset, fuse new Personas as they become available, and you're good to go. You also need to at least start New Game + on the hardest difficulty (don't need to actually play it on that difficulty, but it might help - see below) and play it long enough to finish your persona collection in that mode. Everything else can technically be done on your first playthrough. However, that damn Eternal Bonds trophy - if you already got the plat, you know what I'm talking about. Bond is kind of like a skill-tree system with its own EXP bar. The trophy requires maxing out every single Bond skill, which requires your Bond level to be maxed out at level 99. I did literally everything in the game (40-ish hours of content), and my Bond level was barely 60 after doing all the postgame stuff. Yeah... You have three options for tackling this one, each of which is a pretty big time sink: 1. Farm a certain postgame sidequest boss: Easiest method, but easily the most boring since you're going to be repeating the same quest and killing the same guy for like 15 hours. 2. Farm a certain early optional boss in New Game+ on the NG+ exclusive Merciless difficulty (side note: Merciless is way harder than the other difficulties, but you get way more Bond EXP, in addition to regular EXP, money, etc.): Fastest method, but will still take a few hours, plus you'll want to fuse some OP max-stat Personas before heading into NG+, otherwise Merciless will kick your ass. 3. Just play through Merciless NG+ normally until you're maxed out: At least as long as method 1, but IMO the most fun since you're not just mindlessly farming one guy over and over. Also manageable if you built those OP personas I mentioned earlier. I did a combo of 2 and 3, just playing through the game again while making a detour to fight the boss in 2 whenever I had to leave and re-enter a jail. Took an extra 15-16 hours, but at least I didn't hate myself by the end. I hate when they add one trophy that requires so much extra time after you've done literally everything else, but at least there are ways to make it kind of bearable here. Don't let the rant about that trophy scare you off, though. If you enjoyed the the world of Persona 5 and want more adventures with the Phantom Thieves, I still highly recommend picking up Strikers - it was an absolute treat to play through. Much smaller time commitment that the RPGs, too, although still pretty long. Difficulty: 4.5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Plat Time: 55-65 hours
  5. I got them super early too. They both popped when I was replaying the tutorial level and Etna leveled up. I only had a few minutes to play so far, and I'm pretty sure my combined level is barely over 10, definitely nowhere near 100. Weird.
  6. #60: Trials of Mana So... I have mixed feelings about this one. I picked it up due to nostalgia: when I was a kid, I played a fan-translation of the original SNES game (then only known by its Japanese name, Seiken Densetsu 3) on an emulator and fell in love with it. I thought it was such a cool, unique action-RPG with that classic Squaresoft charm, and I though the whole "choose your protaganist" thing was kind of mind-blowing. So, for the first few hours of playing the remake, I fell in love all over again, since it was very faithful to the original while including a bunch of QoL improvements on top of that. And then, about halfway through my original playthrough, the nostalgia started wearing off, and... I was just getting kind of bored with it. Which is especially bad considering my first run only took 20-ish hours. Combat was pretty fun for a while, but it's really kind of bland and same-y, no matter which character/party you use. It's either just basic hack-and-slashing or using items/spells by picking them from a menu and standing there while they go off. There's also the classic RPG "let's recycle the same 10 enemies with stronger palette swaps" thing going on, too. It all just got old after a while. It's also way too easy on hard mode - you unlock harder difficulties on new game +, but honestly I was tired of the whole game by then and just rushed through NG+ without really trying them out. The whole "choose your team from 6 heroes" thing isn't as cool as I remember, either: the very beginning, the final boss, and the second-to-last dungeon depend on your choices, but overall the game's like 90% identical no matter who you choose. Also, the English voice acting is terrible, and this is coming from someone with very low standards when it comes to dubs. So, yeah, I was pretty disappointed with this game, although it was still fun for a while and maybe I'm being kind of harsh for personal reasons. Anyway, the plat's easy-peasy, that 40% completion rate doesn't lie. You do need to beat the game three times, but you'll get most of the trophies naturally on the way. Just need to watch out for the cactus sightings (which carry over progress between runs), buying a specific expensive item (which you can probably afford hundreds of in NG+) and making sure all 6 characters are in your party at least once (while also making sure that you'll fight a different final boss on each run). One boss needs to be defeated on hard mode (which, as I said earlier, isn't actually hard), but nothing else is difficulty-specific. Three playthroughs sounds exhausting, but it's super easy to blast though NG+ really fast: items, equipment, money, and levels from characters you've already used carry over, and you get an equippable ability that triples exp gain. Not to mention the skippable cutscenes... My first playthrough took about 20 hours, the second took 10, and the third only took 6. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 at first, 4/10 by the time it was over Plat Time: 35-40 hours
  7. #59: Concrete Genie - The Artist of Denska A bunch of you have probably already gotten this plat this month since it's free on Plus. I'm glad it was, since it was a fun, charming little game that I completely forgot existed until a few weeks ago. Liked the art style, atmosphere, and unique take on puzzle solving, and it was a brief, yet satisfying experience. This might be the quickest and easiest plat I've gotten so far. Couldn't have taken more than 6-7 hours - the game's pretty short and really easy, and the game world's very small so collectible/misc. trophy cleanup took very little time with a guide once I finished the story (you'll probably get like 75-80% of everything naturally by the end). A couple of trophies (most notably the "all Moments" trophy) are apparently buggy though, so watch out for that - luckily I had no issues. Also worth noting that there are a couple VR-only trophies - not required for the plat, but if you don't have VR you won't have that 100% in your list, in case that bothers you. If you do, the VR stuff's pretty cute but forgettable side content, and it takes like 20-30 minutes for all three trophies. Overall, I recommend this to anyone who wants a fun, low-effort diversion to sink a few hours into, especially if you have Plus and can play it for free. Difficulty: 1.5/10 Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Plat Time: 6-7 hours (add 20-30 minutes for the VR content)
  8. Total games: 35 Top 3: Persona 5 Royal (134hrs), Assassin's Creed Odyssey (129hrs), Assassin's Creed Origins (81hrs) Top genre: RPG (230) Total hours: 1188 - 1124 local, 64 online, 153 VR Days played: 340 Top day: Monday nights (this feels inaccurate tbh) Total trophies: 1016 - 16 plat, 107 gold, 299 silver, 594 bronze Top online game: Star Wars Battlefront II (57hrs)
  9. #58: Yoku's Island Express It's a pinball Metroidvania (pintroidvania?), which sounds really weird on paper, but works surprisingly well. If you like both genres, it's definitely worth a look. It's not some sprawling epic that will seriously challenge you, but it's still a fun, breezy way to spend a couple days, especially if you need a "palate cleanser" game. Also really cute, with really pretty graphics and surprisingly good music. However, you'll 100% it in 10 hours tops, and I don't really see much replay-ability, so I'd wait for a sale if you're the type who wants to get a lot of bang for your buck. Plat is super easy, like the game itself. Beat the story/sidequests, get all the collectables, etc. Even though hunting around the map for items might seem awkward/annoying since you can't simply jump anywhere like a normal platformer, the map's not that large (plus there's limited fast travel), so it's not much of a hassle. You can find ways to track most of the various types of collectables, and you'll probably just find the rest on the way if you're thorough. Like I said earlier, the plat's easily doable in around 10 hours - I think I did it in 8 or 9. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Plat Time: 8-10 hours
  10. #57: Cosmic Star Heroine - Heroine I bought this game like 3 years ago, but sat on it until a couple weeks ago since it got buried in my backlog. And I wish I played it sooner, because it was a very fun little RPG. I love the game's aesthetic: it's got a cool 80's sci-fi feel, plus 16-bit-inspired graphics and an amazing soundtrack. I liked the combat too; it adds some strategy to the usual turn-based encounters by only letting you use most abilities once before you have to spend a turn recharging them (some can only be used once per battle regardless). I also appreciated having status-inflicting moves that avoided the "completely useless on bosses" trope. However, the game's very short for an RPG - my "right before the final boss" save file clocked in at just a shade above 13 hours, and I did everything else required for the platinum by then. That may be a pro or a con depending on your preferences, but I personally found it refreshing to play an RPG that wasn't a huge 100-hour commitment. The plat was very easy: the game itself isn't too hard, and you basically just do everything and watch out for a couple small things early on that you could easily miss. The guide on here did a very good job of listing all the trophies in the order that you can get them, as well as what missables to watch out for, so if you check it out every now and then you should be good. You also get four save slots and the ability to instantly save anywhere, which should help. Aside from one trophy that requires you to beat the very first enemy in the game on the hardest difficulty, nothing is difficulty-specific. My biggest gripe with the trophies is that some of them related to beating certain bosses refused to pop on the first attempt - I had to kill the final boss 3 times before I got credit for beating the game. Repeat attempts took barely any time on the lowest difficulty, but still. Make a save anytime you're about to fight a boss and you should be good. Still highly recommend the game, overall. Difficulty: 2.5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Plat Time: 13-15 hours
  11. I really liked Mass Effect Andromeda. Sure, it's not on the same level as the main trilogy, but it still had plenty going for it. The combat was really fun, I liked the story for the most part, and the open world stuff felt like a throwback/natural evolution to ME1's planet exploration (which I missed in 2/3). I'm sad that we're probably never getting a direct sequel to this one, even with the franchise's revival.
  12. 2012: 1 Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (51.68%) 2013: 6 Borderlands 2 PS3 (6.53%, 2.07% w/ DLC), Sly 2: Band of Thieves (56.86%) 2014: 0 2015: 1 Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus (31.19%) 2016: 6 Borderlands 2 PS4 (8.07%), Tales from the Borderlands (52.84%) 2017: 10 World of Final Fantasy (10.86%), Undertale (49.21%) 2018: 7 Skyrim (14.74%, 4.92% w/ DLC), Life is Strange: Before the Storm (64.51%) 2019: 8 Persona 5 (10.52%), Spyro the Dragon (48.85%) 2020: 16 Everybody's Golf VR (2.29%), Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (47.27%) 2021: 1 Gravity Rush 2 (17.67%)
  13. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: That game is quantity over quality personified. Playing it just felt like busywork after a while. I'm honestly surprised I stuck it out for the plat - maybe because I genuinely liked the Ancient Greek setting and kept hoping there would be some more fun hidden away somewhere. It also killed any hype I had for Valhalla, so that's nice. Gravity Rush 2: I loved the first game, but something about the sequel just didn't click for me. I remember a lot of the chapters and sidequests being incredibly unfun; I was annoyed with how often they took away Kat's ability to fly around in a game where that's the whole damn point. The alternate gravity styles felt more janky than fun, too. Burnout Paradise: I'm just not big on open-world racing games; I felt disoriented anytime I was in an actual race. IMO, 3 and Revenge nailed the Burnout formula much better, and I'd rather have the series go back to that if we ever get a new game Fall Guys: It just couldn't hold my interest for more than a couple hours, plus I find its whole aesthetic incredibly obnoxious and annoying.
  14. #55: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - A New Hope This game was a pleasant surprise. It was an impulse buy on Black Friday since I felt like playing a Star Wars game and it was only $24. The story was interesting enough, and while it borrows a lot from other games (exploration from metroidvanias/Tomb Raider, combat from Souls-likes, etc.), it was mostly done pretty well and made for a solid campaign. You can freely switch between any of the four difficulties without voiding any trophies, so it's accessible for all skill levels - I played on the second-highest for the story, then the lowest for the postgame cleanup. There are some pretty long loading times on the base PS4 though, especially when the game reloads after dying. Can get frustrating if you have trouble beating a certain enemy and have to sit through minute-long screens between attempts. Still had fun though, plus a single-player EA game that lacks microtransactions is pleasantly bizarre. Plat's pretty easy and straightforward. The usual "do and collect everything," plus a few simple combat-related trophies. Nothing is missable or difficulty-specific. However, my least favorite thing about the trophy hunt was the total lack of any fast travel. I'd be fine with locking the fast travel until postgame, or even just having a one-way "back to the ship" option. Not having anything made the long treks to the areas of the planets I had to clear out really tedious. The 3D, multi-layered minimap was confusing at times, as well. It's still a reasonable time commitment at least - about 30 hours even with the tedious backtracking. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 for the campaign, 4/10 for the postgame cleanup Plat Time: 30 hours
  15. #54: Trover Saves the Universe - Platinum Trophy (Thanks for your money suckers) This game was okay. I picked it up because I like Rick and Morty (same creator) and wanted an easy, low-stress experience for a change. I really enjoyed the humor at first - it kind of felt like a playable show from one of those "Interdimensional Cable" episodes of R&M, and the trophies themselves were funny. Honestly though, it kind of got grating after a while, especially when replaying levels for trophy cleanup. And the game itself is a pretty bare-bones platformer with basic combat and object moving/throwing puzzles. Wasn't very exciting, but it's pretty short so you'll probably be done with it before you're really sick of it. BTW, I'd recommend playing in VR if you have it. Very easy plat, just one "collect everything" trophy and a bunch of level specific ones. Levels are short so it's not too much of a pain to replay them if you missed something. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Plat Time: 8-10 hours