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  1. I will be trying this as soon as possible mate. Thank you very much!
  2. So I have been playing the game until the story's end, focusing on some collecting but mostly just on the story. Now that it is done, I would love to get my percentage to 100, which is 93 right now. Unfortunately it seems like my game is bugged a bit, and I would like to learn whether there is a way out of it. I simply cannot fast travel to these three camps: Witch's Cave in the Wicked Vale, Ridgeline and Aqueduct Ruins in the Geothermal Valley. They are greyed out in the fat travel menu, and in the normal map view. I definitely activated them when I had the chance so that is not it. Worse, I cannot get the mechanism working in the Wicked Vale so the three documents I left there are as good as gone. I believe the other two camps are also located in places that I simply cannot go otherwise. I really hope there is a fix for this, or I am missing something obvious because I really do not want to replay the game. It is pretty long and there already are a bunch of DLC trophies I must go for. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: It seems like the game has not registered some of my previous camps so I could reactivate the Ridgeline. Now the main problem seems to be the Witch's Cave. I remember getting back Witch's Cave with the thing out of Howl's Moving Castle, but it seems to be nowhere now, and there is no way to call for it. I really did a mistake by that I suppose. Any way to get back now?
  3. LVL 50 Zero here! Gonna need help taking down a few raid bosses. I need Terramorphous, Master Gee and 4 Dragons in Tiny Tina's DLC. Any help is appreciated! Timezone is EET and I play almost all day until 8 p.m. I am sure we can work something out. Just send a message to Seruman96.
  4. I actually gave up mate I contacted Ubisoft about this madness (with suggestions such as increasing the spawn rate of such pedestrians, which should be relatively easy) but they just said that they are not going to update the game anymore. The worst part is that I actually found my last song, wait for it, in Bad Blood!!! That was so infruitaing. Anyway what I suggest is that while you are having lunch, try to observe the people on the screen as much as possible. Someone in another forum said that they got their last song after about 15 meals So yeah, good luck. I will go back and try my luck as soon as I get my platinum for Sniper Elite III, which is hard
  5. Thanks a lot people! I downloaded the Bad Blood and will concentrate on that for now since I got bored walking around Chicago After that I will go back to song hunting and will finally get the platinum. Thanks a lot Welmosca for your answer, I forgot to check it when I find the Ms. Churby since I was so happy at that moment I will definitely try your method too spazza136 and I too hate luck based trophies Juzato. I use a different account for PS4 but during my PS3 days almost 10 games lacked the platinum trophy because of some kind of luck based trophy. I just hate them
  6. Alright people I finally found the Ms. Crumby! I do not know if this counts as a hint but I believe it is easier to find this song in the beach at the right side of The Loop. I was looping around Navy Pier for around 4 hours but no luck, then I went to the beach and there was this guy sitting on a bench listening to the song!!! What a relief. So my advice for those going for this tedious trophy is do not limit yourself to just Navy Pier, or any other place. I remember seeing another player find the same song on the same bench so it just might be not so much randomized. Anyway thank you all for your help and have a great trophy hunting season! Now I am off to find Blavk and White
  7. Thanks for your answer mate but I believe the last two songs that I need are specifically gathered from profiling people. This link helped me find the last 3 out of 5 songs that I need but it states that the last two I need can only be gotten from people. Therefore I believe I need to do a lot of profiling since some people reported that they had to profile people for as long as 8 hours! 8 damn hours! This is not a trophy such a good game like Watch Dogs deserve but whatever. I need this trophy so that I can buy the dlc in peace and hopefully attain %100 in no time. All in all, I have a simple question. In the options, we can change the volume of 4 type of sounds; music, songs, sfx and people. If I turn off music, sfx and people and than turn the volume up on my TV, can I hear the song from people who are listening the song. I used that method to listen to the songs that come from newstand etc. and it worked fine. But I do not know if the sng that come from pedestrians and cars are regarded as song or sfx in the game's setting. Thanks again for your help, cheers mate!
  8. This damn trophy is the last one to go yet I lost all hope to ever get that platinum. I need two more songs; Blavk and White and Mr Churby. I know you can only get these through profiling people but after 2 hours of endless profiling I still could not find them. Damn this trophy and damn the person who came up with this brilliant idea! Anyway my question is can I just mute all sounds excepts songs and than listen the environment carefully can I actually hear the music coming from people or are those people with the songs do not emit any sound. BTW is there a petition for this trophy so that it would not be broken. If I remember correctly Ubisoft fixed the diffuculty of the drinking game after such an act from the community. Also is there any other hints you guys can give on this matter. Anyway please excuse my English and have a great day!