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  1. Cool, thanks for the reply. Still not sure what I'll do but your input will help with my decision.
  2. Hey, little bump here but I was wondering how difficult it would be starting a New Game for the July update and the Royal update vs. using my NG+ save. I don't really want to be too over powered but I also don't want to struggle. Thanks.
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. This is what I ended up doing because I wasn't sure. I actually forgot I asked in this thread so I never actually checked back.
  4. can i use a gun to shoot the mr. raccoon during ada's sequence and still get the trophy for only using the emf during said sequence?
  5. pre-order cancelled.
  6. Does the game feel like a mess because you don't know how to play it? Most of the issues you're having are solved from playing the game. Don't worry about upgrades so much. Just upgrade what you want when you want. The game is pretty big and you'll have plenty of time to figure out which weapons/gear you like and how to upgrade it. Fast travel opens up later but for now I'm sorry you're gonna have to explore the world, as tragic as that might be. I guess what I'm saying is to just play the game. If you're not liking it then don't play it and move on.
  7. Start that shit yo, you got this.
  8. A system being "dead" doesn't nulenvoid it's library. If I never had a SNES and asked if I should get one would you use the same logic? SNES is dead, don't bother. The Vita is low enough in price now that picking one up, not for future games, but for it's past library is a perfectly valid reason. Not to mention, it's the best way to play PS1 and PSP games from the Playstation store. Also Op, I wouldn't count on a successor to the Vita.
  9. Whew, lot to unpack here. I'll try and articulate my thoughts as best I can but I can't make any promises. Please bear with me. First, if you let internet trolls on facebook and twitter get to you over stupid console wars then you're taking it to personally. Who gives a flying fuck what those people say/care about? You should never feel shame for playing a game on anything you can/want to. Anyone saying otherwise isn't worth listening to. Everyone should be able to play a game how they want, where they want, on what system they want, whatever. I don't care if you buy full priced games just to speed through it with a trophy guidet to get the platinum and move on. Why the fuck would I care how someone else plays a game? I like to play games for all kinds of reasons and I like to get as much out of a game as I can. I agree that, for me and you at least, gameplay takes top spot in how I enjoy games, but I'd be lying if I said it was the only reason, or the most important reason. I like my games to look and run the best possible. I think the story and acting in a movie is the most important aspect of a movie but I'll be damned if I settle for watching something like "There Will be Blood" on DVD when I can watch in on Blu-ray or 4K. Hell, even older movies like "The Royal Tenenbaums", or "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", despite being two of my favorite films of all time, will never enter my house as a VHS tape. I've owned them on VHS. I've seen them on VHS. Even though I hold story and acting so high up as an important aspect of any film, the upgrade provided by blu-ray and 4k enhance the experience so much that I can never go back. Same for games. And finally, yeah, 4k/HDR have become selling points for the "giant corporations", but what did you expect? This is where things are going, and console makers have to keep up with it to stay competitive. They're no longer just competing with other consoles. They've got phones and computers breathing down their necks. Sony decided to try it's hand at a mid-gen upgrade targeted to people that wanted such a thing. I did, some didn't, nobody should care too much about it though. The Pro offers an upgrade to the base PS4. I find the upgrade to be significant enough to warrant a purchase. If you don't that's fine but this thread was about which system you own, not why you think the pro isn't worth it. That's all I was saying, or trying to anyway. Also, I'm sorry if I seem like a little kid clinging to Halloween candy because I like my games to look clean and crisp. Try playing a SNES game on an original system, hooked up to a crt, using just the composite cables vs playing it on a Super Nt hooked up to a modern television set. It's just the better way to experience the game.
  10. Oh, I know, it's just some posters are making it a vs. thing.
  11. I have a PS4 Pro. Also, why is this thread turning into a PS4Pro vs. base PS4 thread? Nobody cares if you don't think the pro is worth it or that you don't understand how it's an improvement so you just say it's not worth it because you read that somewhere on the internet.
  12. Oh shit, I didn't even know this was a thing. Can I join? I'll go over the OP and see if I need to do anything. Thanks.
  13. Whew, finally got through reading that OP. I should wait until I can fully process all of the information from the OP but I'll go ahead and take a stab in spoilers:
  14. CORRECTION!: Souja Boy claims he's sold 5 million units.
  15. I haven't yet but was thinking about the Breakfast Club.