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  1. One PercenterGo above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone
  2. Racoon City Native
  3. nerd stuff
  4. Terrible take Terrible take, take 2.
  5. Looking forward to it. Who knows, maybe I'll win something this year. Hopefully you'll be able to keep doing this and I'd love to see it grow even bigger.
  6. thanks @Beyondthegrave07 I wanted to go for it all again but work had me tied down all day. I finally got home after 13 hours and couldn't even muster the strength to move but I had to earn at least one trophy for my favorite PSNP event. So yeah, here's to another year. Great job everyone.!
  7. I got 1.
  8. such a good game. easiest platinum in the mgs games for sure.
  9. Aww, that sucks. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hey all, just wondering if this game has a separate trophy list in EU region. I'd like to play and plat again if possible. thanks.
  11. Yeah, my new job doesn’t leave a lot of time for some of my extra curricular activities but I’m always poking my head in from time to time. Just so happened to see this thread yesterday and am glad I did. Can’t wait. Thanks!
  12. Count me in.
  13. Cool, thanks for the reply. Still not sure what I'll do but your input will help with my decision.
  14. Hey, little bump here but I was wondering how difficult it would be starting a New Game for the July update and the Royal update vs. using my NG+ save. I don't really want to be too over powered but I also don't want to struggle. Thanks.
  15. Hey, thanks for the reply. This is what I ended up doing because I wasn't sure. I actually forgot I asked in this thread so I never actually checked back.