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  1. can't come fast enough
  2. got her as well on my first 10 roll,only notable servant i got from the last banner where Artoria (should of been jack since it was a gold card) and Marie. now to start saving for the summer event
  3. i will most likely be leaving his skill at that level for a bit so i can use the heart's to max out other servant's levels cap's the weird thing is i wasn't even trying to roll him wanted another Scathach, maybe that's why i got spooked during the Christmas banner
  4. the grind is real! so many hearts...
  5. that's sooner then i thought it was gonna be
  6. i have enough for my 5th Holy Night CE but want to wait in case i get another one from a drop, only item's i really need from the store now are to buy 6 Serpent Jewel's for Gil and 8 of each Gold Monument's to help with maxing some servant's out. I got all the Chicken Ascension bought now just waiting to use them. kinda wish the shop had Heart of a Foreign God and claw of Chaos
  7. lol, just started my 4 box an hour ago im pretty much same as you just waiting for one more to drop or just it at the end of the event to limit break it, i kind of thought it was going to be more of a grind https://imgur.com/a/zk2XX
  8. lucky im still working on the first one
  9. so much salt after trying to pull jack with no luck other then pulling Altria Pendragon and Marie Antoinette even broke my vow to not spend money
  10. hopefully my ex-luck will last till the 11 so i can roll jack
  11. Can't complain about that, now just to start maxing out all my new servants i can help with support if you like?
  12. wasn't to bad only started playing at the end of October and only good servants i had where Katō Danzō and Osakabehime. at least im not as salty now
  13. pretty much losing access my jpn account
  14. the gotcha gods are smiling on me lately pulled gilgamesh, Zhuge Liang, Scathach, Medea Lily, Code Cast and knight's Dignity just from the the thanksgiving banner with only 2 ticket's and 36 SQ's
  15. Good to now thanks for the info!