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  1. wasn't expediting any good pulls for the summer banner but i got Tamamo-no-mae, Mordred and Anne Bonny & Mary Read using only 90sq
  2. on well needed him sooner or later anyways
  3. totally just got spooked by Astolfo... turned into a gold card and everything.
  4. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DbTem6xWAAE4mQk.jpg:large got to love getting super success's when leveling a new servant
  5. how's everyone making out in the event?
  6. was just looking at my friends list and someone has a NP5 jalter, on a another good note morded finally came home on my second ticket roll, got a few new craft essence's i haven't got before, now to save for the summer event
  7. can't believe i really did it, got jalter on my last multi-roll https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DZ7b8abX0AA4HcM.jpg
  8. i having the same thing happen to me.
  9. hopefully Jack and Nero will finally come home
  10. price the sun indeed, so tired of black keys
  11. think this is the first event im not gonna be able to finish, still need like 1,400.000 point
  12. you and me both, all i been getting is archer's and lancer's lately, just rolled two telsa's and a karna within 3 pulls a few day's ago. all i wanted was lancer alter
  13. these are not the saber's your looking for!
  14. i see you also have great taste in waifu's
  15. London is almost here!