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  1. Anyone else having issues with this trophy on PS4 Bedrock? I've been trying to get it across several worlds, have eaten nothing but kelp for 6+ days, but the trophy still does not unlock Update: ran legacy PS4 edition from main menu and got it there from the first try
  2. Worked like a charm, thanks!
  3. Yep, I had around 350k score before 4.4 update and had to grind another 150k for a trophy
  4. Can confirm trophies are obtainable, but sadly you have to start from scratch I have unlocked Eager Beaver and Globetrotter trophies today Had to grind 150k score again for the first one and played one match on each map for second one
  5. I need assistance with both co-op trophies (like almost everybody else in this thread). Will help in return. European timezones. PSN: HarryFonda