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  1. I don't agree with the "terrible" assessment, though dumbing down this series upsets me as well. Crimes and Punishments still remains the pinnacle of Sherlock Holmes games.
  2. Did the following vehicles for the trophy: Van (both water and time) Dirt bike (time) Golf cart (time) Motorbike and sidecar (water) For the water challenges, I could advise spraying while strifing using a green nozzle. If you quickly move, this can save lots of water. You can find some videos online about this technique. And use a yellow nozzle for windows, side windows and all the small parts. I did a van with ~12L. For the van time challenge, don't forget to use soap for the body/bonnet/doors and windows. The dirt bike time challenge was not so bad. It's slightly above a minute long, so you could make lots of quick tries. I used the white nozzle with a short extension, sprayed and prayed. The important part was to learn where the tricky stuff is (e.g. engine, that stuff above tires I forgot the name of). Hope this helps a bit and wish you luck!
  3. Not a number error appears instead of game percentage when the base game has no trophies at all (such as Minecraft or Hitman trophy sets) Example 1 Example 2
  4. I could not even finish tutorial (the part when you should heal by pressing D-Pad Up) because game did not register my click or idk. Googled this thing, it was reported more than 1.5 years ago and still not fixed.
  5. Sotenbori one is cursed for me
  6. I've played both on PS4 and PS5 and the biggest difference is faster loading times.
  7. Anyone else having issues with this trophy on PS4 Bedrock? I've been trying to get it across several worlds, have eaten nothing but kelp for 6+ days, but the trophy still does not unlock Update: ran legacy PS4 edition from main menu and got it there from the first try
  8. Worked like a charm, thanks!
  9. Yep, I had around 350k score before 4.4 update and had to grind another 150k for a trophy
  10. Can confirm trophies are obtainable, but sadly you have to start from scratch I have unlocked Eager Beaver and Globetrotter trophies today Had to grind 150k score again for the first one and played one match on each map for second one
  11. I need assistance with both co-op trophies (like almost everybody else in this thread). Will help in return. European timezones. PSN: HarryFonda