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  1. Theres never too much work, to be in first place.
  2. If you like Jap. games get it if not you can skip Vita.
  3. Becouse is bad game is very very bad, fact that you like it doesn`t make it good. I like some bad games too.
  4. What you select before starting level isnt important becouse you can change it anytime during the stage (You can select regular Batman/Robin). Im selecting superman just to fly right off. Just press and hold triangle to view character select map. (You need to hold triangle for 2 seconds minimum) Also you need to hold triangle while choosing new hero, releasing the button close the select map.
  5. Im playing batman 2 at the moment what kind of suit you need? The only needed suites are batman invisibility and robin ball ability, you can switch bomber batman to get silver block blown by pinguin`s O button. Electric station can be charged with Joker hand zapper. But i my game all suits stations are availible on freeplay sometimes hidden (shouldnt be skipp if you try play freeplay like normal game changing characters only if needed/when you using other characters to speedup lvl you can glitch some of the stations). What batman costume you need again? I assume you cant have spare characters to all abilites becouse you will do gotham city golden blocks roam just by flying from rooftop to rooftop selecting needed character and getting the gold. You can do it for some but you need to do legit platforming for most.
  6. From my experience on ps3 game and remaster should be pretty much same do on normal whole game be sure to get max ammo starting every chapter. Then start ng+ on grounded and start chapter by chapter from the last to first.
  7. BLONZE?!! Yet artworks isnt that bad.
  8. As we know some of the trophies require alot of Precursor Orb`s grinding (i think all gold ones are). So if you dont want to play Deathrace and Freezerally over and over - choose Yellow Eco Cup > Haven City > Clifftop Battlefield > Capture. Here just start the game and do nothing for all 4 minutes (you can do whatever you want during) or less. Sometimes you can even win match doing nothing. Won game get you 5000 PO loss get you 4500 PO. Then just repeat the match again and again (so you only need to have an eye on you screen from time to time) till you get as many PO as you need.
  9. All Little Big Planets that need 24 hours in create mode. Rubberband (Vita? Stylus on touchscreen).
  10. Game on disc. Im putting disc in, im playing it. Downloadable game. Anyone still remember hack attack that take place few years ago. I can play none of my around 100 at the time digital games for 2 months. (only those that i allready downloaded) And hey sony ps3 base servers will eventualy shut down, with all your games in store - like psp situation. And i know discs will rott too but Yeah.
  11. I can download Indie title. Never bought digital AAA and never will (excluding ps plus).
  12. Topic isn`t silly, if you dont like something in gaming dev/publishing - say it, dont hide it. If publishers dont get backlashes, they`ll start sell us purest garbage they can.
  13. Blizzard for killing Diablo, Ea for killing Dead Space (Main hate 4 Blizz)
  14. I bought only Uc4 at full price couse i want it as my 50th plat.
  15. Non dlc Setup Stasis support or stasis amplifier Telemetry Spike with Diff Torus Plasma Core with Conic Your best Heavy Frame, Ammo Box Circuits Go 4 Reload and Clip upgrades Beat hc with this gun. Try to use Mk II verions of parts or even Mk V if you get them. None dlc guns help me that much and i try them couse i did hc ds2 with dlc guns.