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  1. PSN - I bought old meme avatar back in the day on ps3 store and equip it. Then i`ve started to receive tons of msgs of "collectors" to "borrow" my acc so they can download it cuz they missing this particular one. So I change back to basic purple monster to stop it. PsnP - 30YO, kid inside.
  2. FYI Servers are dead.
  3. Iced Earth and no Brutal Legend on the list?! Im confused.
  4. Did you played them on your second account and lose the races? Edit: Remember to do different challanges (Other tracks, race modes etc.)
  5. Rarity change overtime, with your system you could wake up some day with your profile lvl decresed.
  6. Basicly imho all maps have players they hate. In my case was Wharf map. I got all "maps" trophies in round 2 days. In Wharf case i got 10 days later. Dont believe me? Check my trophy list. You need to play over and over until hopefully your map will "spawn".
  7. Ah its ps4, yeah use rebuild it 90% same thing
  8. Restore file system in recovery mode, had same problem in Lego Pirates of Carribean.
  9. You guuys still getting this? Remember it screw few of my runs in my days
  10. Franchises, same dev games, etc servers goes down in a bulk, common thing. All 3 games propably use one bigger server that after shutting down will quit them all. (Like Resistance)
  11. Ps4 versions (remasters) dont have online mode. Edit: Mean Uncharteds, dunno how TLOU.
  12. Shit, good luck getting these cheaper, and get back into car seat lol (2 driveclub bikes dlc are car driven weird)
  13. All dlc was on sale like month ago. Edit:Sorry sale was EU dunno how NA.