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  1. I bought only Uc4 at full price couse i want it as my 50th plat.
  2. Non dlc Setup Stasis support or stasis amplifier Telemetry Spike with Diff Torus Plasma Core with Conic Your best Heavy Frame, Ammo Box Circuits Go 4 Reload and Clip upgrades Beat hc with this gun. Try to use Mk II verions of parts or even Mk V if you get them. None dlc guns help me that much and i try them couse i did hc ds2 with dlc guns.
  3. Yea dont really care bout that, pushing it further Ill maybe add some impossible plats to my list to do what i can, like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
  4. Hc on the fly to last boss knowin that if i hit rock or something and i lose 10h of gameplay was driving me crazy.
  5. Basicly, in-game counter is F*** up and even if you got 10 plays on your lvl it can be less. Just invite more people to play your stage until it pops. Same with online champ and dive in. I got my online champ having waaay over 30 wins when its pop.
  6. Online is broken as F**K and unplayable, servers should die year ago like they announce it.
  7. Personally like it better than 20 trophies and all golds.
  8. Server issues was back when i played trials (before "servers shutdown") total moron got idea that you need to be connected to do solo trials (I remember i got disco around 70/80ish wave of gates of hell 2 trial annoying)
  9. Servers should be working normally. Ive seen 1 guy on my friends list playn trials today.
  10. You need to find from what angle you need to hit the hood to get fly high, the highest you fly the bigger chance to get 5 hits. The luck % is only in the number of upcoming cars. If you hit the hood and if it push you right on the street - you`re doin something wrong.
  11. My first thought was stalker, but after beating HC yup - its a leaper.
  12. Did it with "fully" upgraded force gun and "fully" upgraded pulse rifle. ("Fully" becouse in both weapons i skipped upgrading altfire). Force gun to push off nicole and kids, pulse to deal with heart of a marker. Takes under 1 minute to deal with last fight on hc, Remember to fly safely to ellies ship.
  13. All non madia-molecule Lbp`s are glitchfests.
  14. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - World Tour
  15. Ihmo PUGB propably goes for AAA type`a`game in store with AAA prize, what Sony didnt like after watching iinfamous Microsoft launch, If Pugb goes for indie prize there will be no discussion and game will land in store.