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  1. 07/06/2010 7 years
  2. From my list imho best looking plats Dragon`s Dogma Dragon`s Crawn Okami HD any Mass Effect Ridge Racer Unbounded
  3. i wersja metalowa
  4. Omg Glenn I search everywhere title for that seven mortal sins animu luv u so much Anyway All weekend spend on Berserk series 10/10 new ones had ugly as f animation but story still 10 Dont need to mention that Snk is on the run too.
  5. Fuvk Ps3 Tlou just fuvk it!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. OpTiC_mele


      fuvk the children

    3. Whyfire


      I'm guessing, collectibles glitched on him or something :P

    4. Beliar4


      Status updates are viral on site? Whyfire whole game is bugged, in entire life i never played game so broken. And yes fuvk is censored version.

  6. Mine was for using all the gunz
  7. I have a really bad time doin demons and and last boss was impossible until i realize i can enrage my Mars that can do alot of Dmg.
  8. I dont usually play mp and rather boost them but damn till lvl 45 i play legit (mostly collecting adam bottles)
  9. Game is faaaar from being crap it was very good but suffer with the Ridge Racer Main title. Gib me Unbounded 2.
  10. Hmm I allready got started Helldivers few months ago but dont actually played it, and after seeing this topic i got a little comeback complete 2 planets and trophy peace and prosperity pop today so its not imposible (my main character is lvl.3 lol) dunno about the other trophy.
  11. In Dead Island you can get 1 trophy from dlc arena without having dlc
  12. 3rd but have professional teammate
  13. Time trophies (beat your newest jrpg in under 10 minutes). Or death limits to a game. Beat a game on 1 life.