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  1. 10 Hours to get "beat the game once" achievment. However unlocked NG+ mode and something called "Yatsuya?" mode. Will soon start NG+ or Yatsuya which is prequel to story? idk.
  2. Easiest way: Wait till you got Storm of Urfael Lure lone Berserk to Bonfire Grab him with R1 Throw him into bonfire Activate Urfael Storm Execute. Edit: PS Burning Arrow dont worked for me either.
  3. Nope and nope. (At least in ps3 one)
  4. 1. Ridge Racer Undounded - 0.94% 2. Helldivers - 1.81% 3. Resistance 2 - 1.99% 4. Little Big Planet VITA - 2.01% 5. Terraria - 2.08%
  5. I just start yesterday and play for 2 hours as i mention ive only reached 3 floor out of 7. Calm 2 out of 13 ghost? (theres achievement mention theres 13 ghosts). Stuff that people want to censor is heavy in prologue, holo-titties in your face, but when you enter haunted building only main character is well "equiped" what you soon forgot about because avioding ghosts and stuff. Im gonna play more today evening try to reach floor 4 or 5. I will post here how long take me to beat when im done.
  6. So I`ve played the game and I frikin love it. Metroidvania it isnt because your character dont have any skills or unlock more skills maybe later i just gain access to 3rd floor of the haunted building. Its resident evil style gameplay find that to do this to combine with that to unlock this etc./ you`re cyberpunk girl transfered 100 years back so all cyberpunk stuff end at prologue, also all that non-censored stuff pretty much end with prologue, silent hillish you got that building that have 7 floors you unlock map pretty early. Saving is back resident evil style you can save at tv stations and you need vhs (betamax) tapes. Enemies are ghosts, you need to run from them, hide in special places and try to make offering to calm their anger. All in 2.5D. (Gameplay something similiar to Lone Survivor if anyone played it.)
  7. Death threats fake or not idgaf (but surely this worked), checked out reviews might be be pretty decent Metroidvania its on Steam Sale right now for any interested. Bought it with dirtcheap Hatred. Peace.
  8. Lol this tread goin. Btw. Wonder when they ban Nintendogs for hardcore zoophilia, because you can pull that leash too hard.
  9. Never wanted to play it so bad, when i heard servers was going down i just pop for 3 hours to get vendettas and leave it. Later heard dlc trophies might be affected, so after few weeks decided im diving in. At the begining its hard to get used to it character start running slowly so you need to avoid mashing x becouse youll fell like running in a bog. Combat is assasin creed stylish and later on very enjoyable, "parkour stuff" really janky so theres might be wall you might think im gonna climb easly but game wont let you. But when you get used to it and level up a bit for me it was a blast especially after skill that let you do execution after 5hit combo instead of 8hit. And even later you`re butcher. Story is legit Lord of the Rings nothing lazy. Glad servers going down without it wouldnt start it and miss a great game. And trials are brutal and fun.
  10. Ratchet Remake
  11. 99% deviants hide behind the lie. Didnt seen cuties but showing underage sexualization in negative way by director doesnt mean this kids werent fucked behind the scenes by the producers. Just like that homophobe right wing MEP was busted by police on gay sex orgy. Edit: Im not saying they were i dont know that.
  12. Its a shitpost. I know really well that sony dont give a shit about it. Sony dont give a shit if their store work properly.