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  1. Depends, It might not pop when in bulk like - you got get the bozak or together trophy. In run for this trophy should pop without problem.
  2. Doing co-op for all the collectibles definitely feel like a drag with all these bunkers that feel the same. But once you get all (Ds3 is still the longest in the Trilogy) solo runs avoiding unnecesary stuff and game will be bearable.
  3. You need to do it right after chapter begin if i remember correctlly or after cutscene? near the buliding close to the railing. Edit. There will be cutscene where Drake and Sull watch at the Tower. Just lay your controller when the cutscene plays and pick it when trophy pop. Edit2. Analog drift can be issue.
  4. Imho base game first. Dont remember if powerups carry over but after plat youll know how to fight and to pop trophies like hunt is my mistrees and lord of the ring your skill need to be pretty polished.
  5. If the game has trophy for all green stars plat would be UR from the start. Green star #37? and #50 were nightmares.
  6. 1 run is 20-30 minutes. Dlc require multiple runs couse coop run trophy is buggy. If you have heavenly luck you can do it in 1 and a half run.
  7. Trophy is really buggy, you need to do runs until somehow the trophy will pop. Its coop trophy so solo runs dont count also you need to be spoiler alert - last man standing (you need to kill other players at the end).
  8. Guys dont contact Insomniac, because full power over Fuse have EA. Insomniac allready respond that they cant do anything. Servers are not broken so no one gonna fix them, theyre shutdown. They (EA) forgot to announce it, but they close it.
  9. It might be hard to find cuz it aint called LP but Project Platinum.
  10. Its a common thing when you see a barrel, you say Barrel!. Time limit is tough cookie placed on player. Also ng+ delete all things beside you cash (I mean your inventory and levels are wipe out) But its a knowladge checkpoint. You start new game with more money if you manage to save some and experience.) Edit. Btw theres also Neptunia LP thread worth mention.
  11. Hi. Count me in. Im allready in the "middle" of plating Rorona. (Unlocked normal and true endings.) I got almost all Atelier games in my backlog beside hard to grab Lulua. I play slow so wont be updating much but someday ill get them all completed Edit. Almost all. I dont play extra versions so only main versions will land on my acc (No dx, no plus. etc.)
  12. Damn so i need to buy ps4 version? :C
  13. I got delta version and honestly i wish i could start the base one. Trophies names are jp in delta, much more grindier that base I assume. Ad hoc work fine to get the online trophies.
  14. All ps3 NFS were recently delisted. Should check em out before starting.
  15. EA this month failed to announce FUSE servers closure (they did it June 1st). Im writhing it here because both Fuse and Dead Space 3 are EA games from 2013. Good luck guys and lets hope they dont close DS3 out of nowhere like they did with Insomniac game.