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  1. Shit ton of Nes ripoffs as kid. PSP PS2 PS3 PSVITA PS4 NES Mini.
  2. Fixed itself, dunno how to post screenshots but ive take one this morning.
  3. Headlander - Easy plat with 2 gold trophies, 2 bronze trophies and 26 silvers.
  4. Any one noticed bugged trophy icons on psnp? I mean some dont load some load different images.
  5. Ps3`s Sackboy Prehistoric Moves, theres no online and 1 trophy required 4 regular controllers + move.
  6. They are 10k ranked kills, servers are dead and leaderboard is dead so this trophy is unobtainable.
  7. 2 hardest races in game are Green Star 36? the one with Lambo in Chile and Green Star 60 with Venom. These time trials are bonkers. All dlcs require just a little practice. (and those 2 condition 1 stars are kinda annoying)
  8. Tip for X-bow. Gear reduction on corners work like a charm.
  9. Not really, best way to do it is just playing game/campain, I recommend to do it before server shutdown becouse you need to get that lvl.50 (whitch isnt that bad tbh) tho being member of high lvl club gives you massive xp boosts. And without it, will surely be a grind.
  10. After server shutdown all clubs will be gone, so no clubs = no club km/m stats. I said 99% couse maybe you can make a offline club for yourself stored on hd and make km for it but its doubtfull. Tbh its easy to test. Just disconnect ps4 from the net, start game and try to make club if it dont work means lifer will be 100% unobtainable after shutdown.
  11. 99% Lifer will be unobtainable after server shutdown.
  12. @philipchania challange timer run out? maybe was set on 24h. Theres only 2 challanges needed but sending like 5 short one should only help. Just checked you got the trophy. Nevermind then
  13. PSN - I bought old meme avatar back in the day on ps3 store and equip it. Then i`ve started to receive tons of msgs of "collectors" to "borrow" my acc so they can download it cuz they missing this particular one. So I change back to basic purple monster to stop it. PsnP - 30YO, kid inside.
  14. FYI Servers are dead.