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  1. Checkout in net what challanges you got, if i remember correctly there are hidden challanges.
  2. Assassin Creed/Batman:Arkam. Enything with "drummer" based combat.
  3. Wow, didnt know that will help alot thnx.
  4. How does everyone else still feel about trophy hunting? Do you still love it as much as you always did or have you also lost some of the passion you used to have? A: Still love the pop. If so why is that? Is it the huge amount of 10-30 minute platinums released weekly you need to buy to stay on top of the leaderboard? A: Never cared about leaderboard but true 10 min plat is ruining trophy hunting as community stuff. Is it because you miss playing a game for fun in your own way without trophies dictating how to? A: 1st playthrough is always for fun on ps3 in most games on 1st run i have turned off trophy notifications (ps4 should have it too) 2playthrought is where the hunt begin. Is it because you simply have other hobbies/interests/life in general that take up your time now and you no longer have as much time to trophy hunt? A: Little less time and energy but still on roll
  5. Yup still on. Get the sticker sticker too after 5 uploads these are only 2 online trophies
  6. Do it! Edit. Btw. When you go to museum hope they censor the best stuff Hope they ban knifes when you try make yourself a breakfast Hope they ban guns so you can only throw pebbles at that shooting range Hope they censor spooky section at lunaparks.
  7. Im adding every piece of free content to my acc, no matter if its adons to games i care atm. Yesterday i added almost 70 "dlcs" before its too late. Glad i did dlcs to kingdom of amalur couse its allready delisted.
  8. Holy Sheet i got it in my backlog remember dlcs was on sale on day but i didnt think i bought it in the end, but somehow i did Teeths of Naros and Dead Kel are in my download list.
  9. Artsy games? Why just go to museum! Cooking Mama?! Are you stupid go to kitchen make yourself a breakfast! You want to shoot something go to shooting range or try paintball why COD or battlefield? You want to see ghoosts? Theres lunaparks around the world Want to see some blood just fucking kill somebody, you end up in jail but you still can do it. WHY WE EVEN PLAYING GAMES?
  10. Sorry for digging old thread but maybe for future players - Compa`s bell on glowy surfaces summon monster Clione - on stages that are kinda adequate to your level is massive xp boost for defeating [to bad Clione drop no cash].
  11. I dont give a F* about new system they should fix it first then upgrade it. So Im getting eu region game dont end up with chinese list i dont understand. Ps. Old System imho was better. But its sony way to do, lets make it big and pretty (good, clear to read? who give a shit)
  12. Thats why xbox will win this gen, micro start workin white Sony is getting lazy. (Ps. Service quality was always playstation achilles heel, maybe work on this first, then upgrade your trophy system.) For question mention by OP. Yes it might move me away from Sony`s brand. Ps that why ill root for Xbox, if Microsoft win in the end will push PS to try harder.
  13. Overall Im thinking Sony will lose "console war" this generation. With these stupid ideas like censorship. Sony was alway losing money on producing consoles and gaining it back by games, so it need these games alot and they put down "panties" games (There are at least 2 dev that announce not releasing their games on new PS [new GalGun] to pump 1h showelware with Plat and 11golds Fuck IT. If dev wont to show full blown bust i want to see full blown bust/ dont wont the kids to see it. Its ESRB/PEGI job not Sony. Next we end with with green blood DOOM or even bloodless (Skullles to suck chinas dick) I got 8 years acc with almost 100 plats, ps2,ps3,ps4,psp,vita and im waiting how it escalates. Im not getting ps5 1st day for sure.
  14. Im so lucky I despise deathmatch, And with massive backlog it would be nice to know what games i can skip/not buy.