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  1. Servers for vita version was terrible back in 2014. Need to be patient leave on searching for long time. (Refresh if really takes too long)
  2. Sorry for digging up old thread but, record fanatic trophy is for obtaining 7 angelic hymn LPs out of 9 thats in the game. (You`ll get 7th by the end of normal if you dont missed any treasures)
  3. If Sony decide to close servers and your ps3 cmos battery will die, you`re locked out of everything digital you own.
  4. Had same issue, sadly code is expired and online pss in the store aint cheap :/
  5. After finished main story survivors still spawn at lower rate and only in old town, Trick is 1 encounter count as 1, so when you save up to 3 survivors from rais men in early game in slums these still count as 1. Just need to be patient and grind old town. Now is 2nd zombie hunting week try to find Excavator Mike and kill him. Guy is tough. Edit. You dont need to restart any checkpoints or something like this.
  6. Yes ps3 and ps4 have same list so if you started the game on ps3 and got half of the trophies you can do the rest of them on ps4. No new trophy list will show on your acc. (At least if you dont get China version)
  7. All remasters should have "Do you play this game first time?" question. Yes = no skip cutscenes. No = Skipping cutscenes. Personally dont understand people that skip cs on their first playthrough.
  8. Wish to have more but, if anyone got problems with 10 at night: Lots of mistakes i was stuck at one chimney and still 10 sec spare
  9. People might be also too addicted to grapling hook you cant use doing these runs.
  10. Imho one of the harderst fever run is at very beggining 2nd or 3rd, i think people get stuck at that one and think next ones will be harder and quit.
  11. (PL nie powinno być problemu wbić heaven can wait, pomagałem z tym trofikiem kilka miesięcy temu co prawda ale sądzę że nic się nie zmieniło, trofik łatwy, wbicie zajmuje kilka minut serwery były stabilne i łatwo się było połączyć) Google Translate: (PL shouldn't be a problem knocking heaven can wait, I helped with this trophy a few months ago, but I think that nothing has changed, the trophy is easy, it takes a few minutes to hit the servers, the servers were stable and it was easy to connect)
  12. Just join high apex players (that play daily) and they can carry you on gold even if you lvl 0. Im 75K apex can help aswell
  13. Dunno how long is Insanity run in SP, but you wil get Unwavering in Mp in 1 hour maybe less.
  14. Beat steam version without single bug or crash.
  15. A war was won this week. Any player that was register in war 101? and drop the game can log in to collect "Peace" trophy.
  16. 10 Hours to get "beat the game once" achievment. However unlocked NG+ mode and something called "Yatsuya?" mode. Will soon start NG+ or Yatsuya which is prequel to story? idk.
  17. Easiest way: Wait till you got Storm of Urfael Lure lone Berserk to Bonfire Grab him with R1 Throw him into bonfire Activate Urfael Storm Execute. Edit: PS Burning Arrow dont worked for me either.
  18. Nope and nope. (At least in ps3 one)
  19. 1. Ridge Racer Undounded - 0.94% 2. Helldivers - 1.81% 3. Resistance 2 - 1.99% 4. Little Big Planet VITA - 2.01% 5. Terraria - 2.08%
  20. I just start yesterday and play for 2 hours as i mention ive only reached 3 floor out of 7. Calm 2 out of 13 ghost? (theres achievement mention theres 13 ghosts). Stuff that people want to censor is heavy in prologue, holo-titties in your face, but when you enter haunted building only main character is well "equiped" what you soon forgot about because avioding ghosts and stuff. Im gonna play more today evening try to reach floor 4 or 5. I will post here how long take me to beat when im done.
  21. So I`ve played the game and I frikin love it. Metroidvania it isnt because your character dont have any skills or unlock more skills maybe later i just gain access to 3rd floor of the haunted building. Its resident evil style gameplay find that to do this to combine with that to unlock this etc./ you`re cyberpunk girl transfered 100 years back so all cyberpunk stuff end at prologue, also all that non-censored stuff pretty much end with prologue, silent hillish you got that building that have 7 floors you unlock map pretty early. Saving is back resident evil style you can save at tv stations and you need vhs (betamax) tapes. Enemies are ghosts, you need to run from them, hide in special places and try to make offering to calm their anger. All in 2.5D. (Gameplay something similiar to Lone Survivor if anyone played it.)
  22. Death threats fake or not idgaf (but surely this worked), checked out reviews might be be pretty decent Metroidvania its on Steam Sale right now for any interested. Bought it with dirtcheap Hatred. Peace.