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  1. thanks for the heads up, just picked it up in the uk store.
  2. Can’t help with that game but are you entering controller mode (top right) on the main menu before choosing a game, as far as I aware you need to be in controller mode for it to recognise while loading up - a few times I’ve had to disconnect and reconnect the controller once the game has loaded as well.
  3. thanks for this, started to make my own up but only got as far as "A", i appreciate how much time this has taken.
  4. Anyone know a fix for this? Just played it with a family member over Christmas and it didn’t pop for me, don’t think I can convince them to play through the whole game again :L
  5. Guessings its not likely to come to the UK? shame I just saw it on a youtube video and its looks fun, I love silly little cooking games like this.
  6. Platinum #3 Ratchet & Clank (PS4) Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 8.5/10 Really enjoyed this one, gave me some nostalgic feels. Took my 2.75 playthroughs in the end but never really felt to grindy. Only recently got into trophy hunting so going to try and tackle so of my backlog next.
  7. Anyone else suffer motion sickness playing this? I don't normally suffer playing games (I do with car journeys though) however I seen to suffer really bad with this game, i've tries to play it twice now and only managed about 10 minutes each time before needed to turn it off & then its been another hour or so untill I feel normall again. Anything I can do to help this? I've tries to walk around slower but the movemnet just seem really jerky to me which doesn't help. I really want to finish the story but at the moment I just can't bring myself to play it again.
  8. The Office (Meh, but only 2 eps left) Pretty Little Liars (Amazing) Dexter (Ok) Thats's 70 Show (only watched 1 min of to check if netflix was working one night - it was the first thing that came up) Better Call Saul (Loved it!) Begin Again (Good FIlm) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Not Bad) A Long Way Down (Awesome Film)
  9. Hello and welcome to my checklist, I've been playing games on my playstation for as long as I can remember. However I have never really bothered with trophies...........until now. Left this alone for a while as life got in the way but im back now % determined to work on my ps4 backlog. Platinum's (2) 100% (2) PS3 backlog Honestly don't know if im ever gonna get these as my ps3 is now being used as a dvd player and the tv is rarely used & too small for gaming. PS4 backlog Vita backlog Wishlist Goals
  10. the online trophies are gonna be a pain for me, looks like im not getting platinum, i did manage the 3 laps in 0.01 secs though on my 3rd race, think it was a bit of a fluke.
  11. Somehow i can't seem to work out how to complete this game, which bacteria do i focus on? i know its not a minigame needed for a trophy, but i seem to keep getting it early on and its meaning i have to quit and restart everytime, which is preventing me from getting the zero score trophy.
  12. Surely that's not fair though, if they allow it on ps4/PS3 why not ps vita. Or at least the first vita gets ps plus/one download per account. As my dad is never gonna get a vita so the games will only be played by me. Honestly this is what really upsets me about Sony. I was so excited to get a vita and be able to play my games on the move, I saved up for months to afford it and then when I finally spent my hard earned cash I found out it was all worthless as I could even play MY games on it. I bought it about a year and half ago and I've only picked it up a few times because of this stupid unnecessary issue! Also I probably would of spent a great deal of money on more games. Theres always a game I like the look of in the store. But i haven't bought any of them cus I'm so upset & disappointed at Sony. Its no surprise that the vita isn't doing very well & looks like it's going to be discontinued. I bet if they sorted this feature out it would sell 10000 time better and make them lots more money. (sorry for ranting on here but I can't seem to find a email address / complaints form for Sony and I need to let my fustration/upsetness out)
  13. just wondered if they're was a fix yet for being able to download ps plus games on a sub account. I have a sub account but have been having to play on my dad account so I could play the free games, which is annoying as he's getting the trophies not me :L