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  1. Ahh nice, will be sure to download.
  2. Maybe they could make Sapphire Weapon a boss this time, before it gets its head shot clean off.
  3. Been trying the newest method for an hour and all I get is 10 gil everytime URGH EDIT: Finally got it, PS4 must've felt sorry for me
  4. Looks easier compared to some of the Steam achievements, the only ones I didn't get on there are the ones not included on this trophy list.
  5. I had a glitch with any trophy if I had a player 2 signed into my PS4 when playing Detroit, no trophy would unlock. Did you happen to have another profile signed in while trying to go for that trophy?
  6. This happened to me and a few others a few days ago Best bet is to wait, but when you try to update again make sure you've earned another trophy.
  7. Haha, tbh I've been told too many times I look like one rather than the lifestyle
  8. Just a little rant. Decided after sometime to change my ID, waited till the whole PSNProfiles thing was sorted and wanted to use the ones I have on my other services I made but lo and behold when I went to change my ID to 'FarfetchHipster' (one am currently using for everything else) its stated 'ID not allowed', tried something else which either was already taken and allowed so I know for sure that one was being denied by Sony's Code of Conduct. Wonder what the hell was offensive about that ID? Do people find Hipsters that offensive? I mean gathering from my current PSN ID which was a joke nickname I had at college, I would find more people up in arms about that one than the new one I want, hell I took out the 88 in my current ID and it was allowed. Oh well guess am stuck with it unless I can think of anything else...but knowing me that'll be 'offensive' too.
  9. Exactly whats happened with me, are you able to log into your PSN account via Sony's website or the PS App, as am getting time out errors on there too.
  10. I've tried updating my profile just this last few minutes, and it gave an error, now I go into my profile and says my profile is hidden which I haven't changed, tried to go into my Privacy settings via PSN Account on my PS4 and keeps giving me 'Undergoing Maintenance' anybody else got this?
  11. Usually you'll need to get 1st in 3 of the races then at least 2nd on a 4th race as the AI for the lead will never drop down from 1st or 2nd place, might happen but it's very rare. Although make sure you don't get 2nd place on the last race as tieing with the AI if they come first will put them in the lead on the final scoreboard rather than you. Save all the nitro for the last lap. I used the Explorer car that I got from Gold on previous cup and that car did pretty well. Just keep at it and you'll get there, the hardest cup at least for me was the 6th one in the Master Tournament, the second race I never got past 3rd place but the lead AI happened to change places alot on that particaular course.
  12. Same here, I'm assuming it's like this for most people?
  13. Looking forward to playing this again, do like how polished it looks. If they just use the steam achievements for trophies then am sure people are looking forward to finishing the game with Squalls initial level 😰
  14. Thanks for the reply, actually got the trophy a couple of days ago and am leaning towards it being just a total of 5 years in one city. I got down from 95% a few times due to death waves and adding commercial in my city during that time. (Commercial never went past 85% happiness so I dezoned it entirely)
  15. Does anyone who has the Happy Town Trophy know if you have to have consecutive 5 years of happiness or just a total amount of 5 years of happiness in your city,? I think I've gone lower than 95% at times even though it will go back up eventually.