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  1. What a headache of a trophy. The worst part is the narrow blue alley just before climbing the stairs with the neon sign pointing left, there always seems to be one that would jump a B line straight to me. Once you get past that part then the Zurks are a little bit more predictable, but yes, maddening trophy.
  2. Looking over previous threads online about Crash 4 corrupting saves even though it looked to just be for the PS4 version. Well just had it happen to me on PS5, and stupid me decided to turn off my plus save auto sync a few weeks back. Extremely frustrating as I was right at the last world with a fair few of the frustrating gems achieved. If I get back into this just gonna do what I can on PS4 and then auto pop. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Ended up digging out my PS4 and playing it on that. Seems to run fine on there.
  4. Longest Streak 64 Days with 602 Trophies. Got it done back in Mid February this year.
  5. Did they note that classic games will have save states and a rewind feature? Wonder how trophies will work with that, possibly disable them during that session when they are active.
  6. Got this game and playing on PS5. Sometimes when saving or loading the game my PS5 will lock up, the game will continue to play in the background but my controller will become unresponsive and I have to shut my PS5 by holding the power button. Anyone else run into this issue?
  7. Trophy Support for these classic titles would be the main reason why I would get the higher tier. If not there is always RetroAchievements ๐Ÿ˜ Although how they would implement it interests me. Would they drip feed us these classic games every month as part of the plus monthly game line up or just dump a whole lot of classic games and be done with it?
  8. I wonder how the classic titles will be implemented. Trophy Support for these games would great. Hopefully they won't do what Nintendo is doing and drip feed a single classic title a month.
  9. Just tried myself as I was stuck on 99% but I don't think its possible. However after getting the VC Definitive Plat I tried this version again, went to the Shooting Range to get a score of 45 or more to get the Faster Reload Reward and thats what I was missing as I assume you just needed the score to beat for the percentage but you do need the faster reload.
  10. I can see my Trophy Level but I soon as I try to open the trophy list it shows nothing. Hopefully fix soon.
  11. I haven't used any cheats, got the wheelie trophy to pop after skipping that mission so everything seems ok. I'll go back to a old save and try again Edit: Loaded an old save just before the mission and tried again and as soon as i killed the last NPC, it unlocked. No idea why it wouldn't before, possible that some where dying not by the blades of the RC copter but just getting rammed into. Who knows.
  12. Tried 'Demolition Man' 5 times and I can't get this trophy to pop. Pretty sure I've killed all the NPC's in the building but nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Actually reloaded a save to get the 'By a Mile' Trophy (PS4) You have another 3 missions to do for El Burro, once I got to Staunton Island I noticed the Icon for him came back and the mission Turismo was doable again, so now I assume it isn't missable.
  14. Isn't 'By a Mile' in GTA 3 missable too?
  15. PSN Issue, happening to me too.