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  1. Nice, I might actually use this service for once. This was the one thing that I felt the Xbox Game Pass had over PS Now.
  2. Booted up again this morning and it took over a minute to boot the console itself, UI sluggish again and once again the game won't load, this is after initializing the ps4 too. Think my console is fucked, gonna try it on the base one and see if it works. UPDATE: After a day playing on the base PS4 it has been absolutely fine, fan does go up a bit but not as bad as my pro, it got as loud as my vacuum cleaner, no joke. Plus the game not loading and stuff like that so guess it's my pro is the problem *Points finger at it in disappointment*
  3. Will look into that, just had to format my pro as the game was no longer loading and the PS4 UI became soooo laggy even after multiple database rebuilds, thinking I may have more issues with it than I thought :/ BTW does the game seem to run fine on the base PS4? Still have mine and really might just dust that off and play Spiderman on that instead.
  4. Guessing this a issue with just me as now it will no longer load. Guess I gotta initialise, if that doesn't work guess back to my base ps4 and screw the pro.
  5. Booted up the game today now it's taking forever to load...greeaaat Had it crash on me too
  6. Loving the game but the loud fan from my PS4 Pro when playing is ruining the experience, sounds like a jet engine. Mostly only affects cutscenes and when indoors, fighting Shocker made me have to turn the volume up something sharp. Not much when swinging about around the city although I would get the odd pause to load part of the city in. Noticed that some graphical glitches would happen too, like sporadic clipping when characters moved and peoples hair almost flying off their heads O_O Done all the usual things, cleaning the fan, rebuilding database (twice), reinstalling the game, kept the console out of boost mode, other than a full restore I dunno what to do next. I'd like to know is anyone else having these issues when playing Spiderman? My PS4 Pro is the white model with what looks to be a Nidec fan inside if that helps.
  7. You have to actually craft/obtain them, as once I finished crafting a legendary weapon and armour the trophies popped.
  8. I got my Weapon Legendary Trophy when the stats said 11, so am guessing you can scrap weapons without it negating the trophy, however it still being such a low number I assume how you get them (Quests, Lunchboxes, Crafting) doesn't matter as it still counts, but no idea if they have to be unique as I seem to get lucky without getting doubles. Still need to get the armour one and am currently on 14.
  9. Does anyone know if you need to keep the legendary items for these trophies to pop? I accidentally scrapped one of my legendery weapons and noticed my stats go from 4 to 3.
  10. 108, I have no life but got my first plat almost 8 years ago. Still that's about 13 plats a year, still no life haha
  11. If anyone is having trouble unlocking the Toy Master trophy after having all the toys in there inventory, try and find/buy the Super Size Suit toy once again. After finding a number of toys in chests with no trophy, I intentionally failed a run so my toys would disappear and went to the store, got the super size suit toy and DING trophy unlocked.
  12. Yea noticed that too, the 12 legendary stickers become much easier
  13. Had a world saved before downloading the latest patch, going into it I found some of the overworld places such as the Penguin Bomber cave and Offering stones have merged together on the map with only the offering stones being there when I visit that location, also should there being two offering stone places on one map?
  14. What I also hate is the fact that if you fail you have to do the dungeon floor ALL OVER AGAIN in order to have another try...just trying to just get 10 games done to recruit Mena then am not touching Spheda anymore.
  15. One game am looking forward to is Octopath Traveler which will be out in July, there's a demo on the store...well hopefully still there