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  1. Usually when I got NP errors even though my connection was fine it ment my IP was temp banned, also happened on my PS3 and PS App, twice. No idea what it could be seeing you got it back up and running from signing in and out. Take it as just a hiccup?
  2. When signing out and back in again are you able to acess the store and trophies fine then?
  3. Tried again this morning, got a couple of matches in the span of 2-3 minutes and was able to get to the main event, dunno if its fixed but seeing this is the last day of the TLC event might be more people on so its worth a try
  4. Too bad most of us have missed our opportunity due to the servers bugging up for some if not most of us. Hopefully they do, no doubt they'll acknowledge it during the time 2k19 is out and say its a added feature to the game lol
  5. Has anyone been able to get an online match in Road to Glory? Got a couple yesterday but ever since I've not had a single one, continuously looking for opponents for the last 20 minutes in this current session.
  6. Same here, however doesn't effect any games I have hidden or not when updating and viewing on this or any other trophy site. Must be a PS4 bug that hasn't messed up the profiles other than viewing them on the console.
  7. Outlast 1 + 2 takes up most of there Ultra Rare list
  8. Thanks for the reply, relief its not just me.
  9. Don't understand how that would effect the list of games only showing the last 4 played. I did all the privacy settings after the 5.0 update was installed as it was the first thing that popped up.
  10. Wanted to hide a game on my PS4 Trophy List, so decided to do it via the Hidden Games in the privacy settings on PS4. I usually do it via the 'Hidden Games for PS3 and PSVita' tab as its in the order of last played rather than the PS4 one which always has been out of order and trying to find one game out of hundreds in that is just taxing lol, but when I do via the PS3 tab it will only show the last 4 games played on all consoles and will not load anymore and will sometimes get 'An error occurred' message when exiting. I was able to hide the game I wanted but seems odd that only 4 of the games will load, everything in the PS4 tab will load fine. Don't know if this is a recent issue with the 5.0 update, but wondering if anyone else has this issue or is just me. Thanks
  11. Trophy notifications back to the original black Guess custom friends list is nice too
  12. Sure everyone is talking about the Piggyback version here. I really only used it for quickly checking what abilities party members can learn in the Character pages and looking over tetra master. Of course I got it back in the PS1 days when I use to have to print pages of gamefaqs for the limited time of internet I had, such a mess haha
  13. Yea, 100 is doable but 1000 pffft nah O_o EDIT: Scratch that, 100 is hard, was much easier on Steam when using the mouse
  14. Already started this on Steam (bought months ago) But for the right price I'll buy it again haha
  15. Part of me thinks since they haven't implemented it by now that they never will, would love for them to do so as some Nintendo franchises are my favourite games. Just finished Breath of the Wild getting all the shrines and would've preferred some online trophy/achievement on display to recognise it rather than unlocking a tunic that looks very similar to the 8 bit Link amiibo one lol. Best I think we are gonna get is in game achievements like the Smash Bros trophies and the Hyrule Warriors medals.