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  1. Awesome news! I'll get it for both systems then
  2. So Lara finally made it a second time on PS4. How are you people liking it so far? As for me, I purchased it a second time and it was worth every penny! So much additional content and a overall fantastic game for roughly 55€. I really hope the game gets the attention it deserves this time.
  3. Day one for me and I even own the XBox One version of the game. For me, it was among the best games of 2015.
  4. Yeah, pretty much But I'm going to buy the first and third one as well, before the end of the sale even though I am not a 100% sure if I will like them.
  5. Picked up so far in the current Big in Japan Sale: Lost Dimensions Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2(don't know if I will ever play this one) Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Ray Gigant and still waiting for Zero Time Dilemma to arrive.
  6. Oh, that's unfortunate. Amazon ger offers the US Import of 999 for just 20€ and I too was seriously considering buying it, but luckily Vita gets a remaster now
  7. If I remember correctly 999 never had a physical release in Europe, only in US
  8. First a port of Adventures of MANA than the localization of Tokio Xanadu and now this. Seems like the Vita is getting a second wind which is awesome Oh, and don't forget the upcoming Trails of Cold Steel 2 as well as the Shantae game
  9. It is pretty much confirmed Let's hope for a physical release too!
  10. First of all, sorry if this topic already exists. So yesterday i was browsing through the web looking for any hint regarding a port of the first installment of the infamous "Zero Escape" trilogy and this is what I found. As a fan, I'm hyped for this!
  11. Deadlight: The Directors Cut Very nice game and worth the 20€. It is a bit short and you can basically beat it in 2.5h, but the atmosphere and gameplay make up for it. Platinum can be obtained in less then 6h depending on how often you die, since there is a lot of trial and error.
  12. Woho, instant buy
  13. Never heared of it. Is it simply a port? Edit: Just read the article. Sounds very interesting and would definitely help to bypass the time until my copy of ZTD arrives. I guess it doesnt have trophies though, does it?
  14. I've never played the original Tomb Raider games, but I can't think of any reason why someone would not like it. There are more tombs to discover and more puzzles to solve but nothing too difficult. The locations and graphics are stunning and the plot pretty interesting with a semi open world to play around. My first playthrough took me about 25-30h. I wouldn't call RotTR a traditional TR game, but it's alot better than the reboot and I liked the reboot as well. I think old school TR fans will like it
  15. I highly assume that the people who talk this game bad never played it. I can tell you people that RofTR is an amazing experience! It's better than the reboot in so many ways and the only reason this game did not sell as good as it should have been, is because it was first on XBONE and this overhyped mediocre game called Fallout 4. I'm so going to buy it again on PS4!