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  1. RE2 is a new RE8 with something related to the original RE2 and at the end of the day Capcom called it RE2 Remake. RE1 Remake is a real remake of the original RE1
  2. I'd like to give you more than 1 like bro this moment. I add Eyes on me on that Laguna dream as well
  3. Honestly? I was expecting a "surprise" announcement of Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, just like SE did last year with Final Fantasy 9. That's all
  4. #99 Until Dawn Before starting the game I looked at some guides and it was practically impossible to avoid the spoilers, so I did what every guide says and I played through the game blindly the first time, but I used a secondary account because I did not know if I would have liked the game. (post-answer: yes XD). Here I had After that blind playthrough the storyline was pretty clear, so no spoilers, and I switched to main account and I used this guide https://psnprofiles.com/guide/3871-until-dawn-walkthrough-collectibles-guide, first to save everyone + collectables and then to kill everyone. The game is great. The Quick Time Events represent the only "hard" parts. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2.5/10
  5. And now it's done. 107 hours in total: 50 wasted for the first "warrior" experimental avatar, more or less 10 hours being idle while searching guides and stuff, the rest for a mage and powerful avatar. Final weapons: Lohengrins, Vitanova and 2 Wizard Shields equipped as main weapons, Thor's hammer and 2 more Wizard shield with Firaga and DeathProof as backup. 100% RES on everything, 1384 on VIT and 3.576 on MAG. More than 1.100.000 of total damage on Zu mission. A beast. Ifrit fight, once maxed out the weapons, has been a 6 mins of "magic melee" fight. No rampage, no jumps, no stuff. Curaga when hurted, Diaga when attacking. However I don't advice to build a mage class if you want to play just for the trophies. It takes a long way to farm the very rare drop of Lohengrins Blades and max all weapons stats. But, if wanna try, I share the weapons-builds. Credits to Araya Laat Wahsar Lohengrins : 1 Cactuar Nectar, 2 Jormungand, 1 Wicked Wing, 3 Gigantoad, 14 Ancient cloth, 6 Gigantoad, 2 Meteorite, 68 Gigantoad, 1 Goblin cap, 1 Magic gemstone Wizard shield [Firaga,Thundaga,Blizzaga] : 2 Jormungand, 1 Wicked, 1 BlueSkyserpent, 5 Tattered, 18 Gigantoad, 2 Meteorite, 68 Gigantoad, 1 Magic gemstone Vitanova : 8 Naga necklace, 8 Naga necklace, 1 Divine Whisker, 5 Meteorite, 5 LargeDreadvern, 48 Gigantoad, 1 Goblin cap, 1 Magic gemstone
  6. Sure no problem. It's a 5 minutes trophy
  7. That was the first trophy I did bro. Send me a message if it will be fixed and I'll let you win
  8. Yep pal, it's exactly in that way. First I found myself keeping smash O and rolling among enemies. I didn' t understand what I was doing. Then I found out a "peacefull" class and music changed, in better.
  9. Thanks for the video mate, but I think I will have some issue to replicate it because I focused almost my stats on MAG, VIT and SPT. I know Ifrit has a one shot kill like Yojimbo and for that I bought the Immortal Aegis from Cauthless that has DeathProof as passive ability. I also have Immune (still don't know if it contains Deathproof on it), plus all 5 RES 100%. Have to try bro
  10. Ok thanks! So it's better I unlock last 3 sigils and try
  11. Now yes bro. Now that I found "my" class, yes 😂 Mage class is for people like me: you see 1 enemy, you fight 1 enemy. You see a bunch of enemies, you kill them all together in 2 hits (Blizzaga I love you). Lol Jokes apart, I'm farming materials through 4-5 high levels since 2 days to try to max my stats but maybe I should try to fight Ifrit and see what happens. And speaking about farming, Anamana gave me a big mental boost to do it despite loading times. Bandit's Blades from Chocobo Arena and Blizzaga as spell. Minute 1.22
  12. The first avatar I created had Lestellum as birthplace, a good place where HP and MP are balanced, and due that, not the best choice for a mage class. Then I created a new avatar and I gave him Insomnia as birthplace. I farmed up levels with the previous gears and I levelled up pretty fast, letting AI as healers. I usually like less frenetic games and that's why I gave a chance to a mage class. When you find the right weapons you'll be absolutely Over Powered. I finally found the Befouled Blades from 10 years later mission (19 tries) and the Cactuar Nectar that gives you Immune. Diaga is the best mage spell on the game. I followed these videos for mage class And this is Diaga ability in action (from 5.26). A truly Everything-Slaughter. 9999 x 7-8
  13. That is what I'm actually doing atm. Playing solo mode and completely offline since when I started the dlc. And about gamestyle: as I previously said, I changed my character and built a black mage character. Yesterday I literally destroyed Zu in that lev 99 mission and I was a lev 43. I took the long road because I wasted a lot of time going behind obsolete guides and stuff like that. 91 hours till now, but at least I'd like to enjoy the stuff I paid for lol. For weapons builds I took a look at this weapons set
  14. Forget old guides where they say use 70 Laser Lens to upgrade a Dragon Whisker (just 1). Now Laser Lens glitch has been patched, that means that if you want to get that ammount of Laser things you have probably play 70 matches. I completely changed my gears and went pure magic style
  15. I played 47 hours and I still have to get my first Behemut Tears for upgrading the Dragon Whisker. I guess I will finish this crappy dlc in 150 hours more or less