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  1. In my opinion in the Last of Us there are 2 keywords: Story and Empathy. Ellie and Joel are the story and Empathy depends on you. The whole game is all about the story and what you "receive" from it. I have some friends who have told me they have never played The Last of Us, but will buy TLoUs Part 2 at dayone. Well, it makes sense, because they don't have a f clue who Joel and Ellie are, so buying the game won't make any difference to them. It's like someone who doesn't know what Game of Thrones is and a day watches a random episode of a casual season of it: he maybe sees the epic, the violence, the special effects, but he will hardly understand who the fuck are those characters. If they live, die, disappear or are ridiculed by a shitty story, it won't make a difference to them.
  2. I voted "I still haven't decided if will buy the game or not or when I will do it" because I will wait some days after 19th June to verify if those leaks were true. If true, I won't download the game even for free. No need to play a thing like that
  3. #146 Just Cause 4 Rico was Here In my opinion Just Cause 4 is a good game, no doubt much better than JC3, but both JC3 and JC4 suck compared to JC2
  4. Everything is possible at this point. In my opinion a marketing move has the same % of "an ex-employee who has not been paid has spread everything on the internet" I mean, I'm reading here and there messages from people who (they say) canceled their pre-order and other people who want the game to be released today to get rid of curiosity. Think that I've read spoilers in a Just Cause 4 thread... and in any case I'll wait a couple of days after 19th and see
  5. Ok. I've read the leaks in a screenshot posted somewhere else and, honestly, this is one of those cases in which I am sorry with myself to not be able to use (here) my own language to express, without any type of doubt, how disgusting, sadic, cruel and nonsense the game can be if those things were to be confirmed. And I'm talking about only the story. The social justice stuff or the gender etc I don't care at all. That said, I will wait a few days after June 19th to find out if the spoilers were true or it was a huge marketing move. In the first case, I won't even download the game with Plus.
  6. 50 - Max Payne 3 100 - The Witcher 3
  7. BioShock Dead Space LittleBigPlanet Grand Theft Auto Saints Row Metal Gear Solid Silent Hill Uncharted inFamous Ratchet & Clank Crysis God of War Just Cause soon and basically 90% of my not yet installed backlog
  8. #145 Just Cause 3 + 100% King of Medici
  9. 12am - 678 1am - 804 2am - 923 3am - 881 4am - 702 5am - 335 6am - 29 7am - 0 8am - 4 (I guess due to some boost session lol)
  10. #144 Just Cause 2 In almost 10 years I played JC2 3 times in 3 different consoles and every time I enjoyed it. A + for the "Lost tv-series" easter egg Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  11. 107 hours in my case But I built a pure mage class with the best weapons for a mage. If you go with a warrior class is faster
  12. #143 Children of Morta Children of Morta is a roguelike hack and slash game where we control, one by one, the members of the Bergsons family, each one with a different combat style. While it's not the kind of roguelike I expected, it's still a good game. A trophy (Perfectionist) was glitched and I had to follow the advice here
  13. And to thank you I just signed a Lifetime Premium
  14. Bro, it seems there's an issue with subscription renews. Mine expired many months ago and it keeps saying "expires on next update" and I am not able to renew it because the "renew banner" is not there