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  1. The entire St. Lucia DLC requires an online connection to the servers to work. No matter if you're doing the solo trials or the co-op ones. If the servers will go down, you won't even able to access to the DLC. The co-op trials need a real human player. It's impossible to finish them without a real player because some trials require a no-damage challenge
  2. Yes, but when I started this ID I was following the old milestones route, that is, just each 25 platinums and now I got the 20th, 30th and 40th plat milestones randomly
  3. #104 Alien Breed 3: Descent Now that the trilogy has been completed, I can say that Descent was the one in which I enjoyed the least: maybe due the design of the levels or maybe because most of them were flooded and thus the game was slower. Easier than AB1 and AB2. Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 3.5/10
  4. Directly from the wiki
  5. #103 Alien Breed 2: Assault Alien Breed: Assault 2 has the same gameplay of the first game (and Descent one). I found it slightly harder due the speedrun on Elite mode. Same fun as A.B. Impact Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5.5/10
  6. Don't know how someone can manage his/her time. I was talking about me. I'm not a speedrunner, never was, never will, for a simple fact: I want to enjoy myself as much as I can do into what a game has to offer: storyline, gameplay, side characters stories etc, but at a certain point I want to move on and repeat that with another game. I never cared about fastest times and never took a look at. The main goal of a speedrunner is improving him/her completion time to let a sign on the leaderboards and this whole thing requires time. Improving times for being better among thousands players and smart hackers. I prefer to spend that time as sentenced above in another way. The life is short, jobs etc is just this. That's all
  7. Nope. Doing speedruns involve a lot of training for a lot of time in only 1 game and I prefer to spend, just to speak, 3 months playing 5 games rather than 1
  8. If I hadn't a job and a social life to carry on, plus a lot of games on a lot of platforms to play just for fun, I would not do speedruns even in that case. Too many hours to invest in just 1 game to demonstrate a virtual skill to virtual IDs it's pretty useless. Life is short and too many good games stack time after time.
  9. #102 Alien Breed: Impact I guess it's time to clean some old (and started long time ago) stuff. Alien Breed: Impact is a straightforward , sci-fi, old school, top-down shooter game . Even though the gameplay mechanics are "go to point A, then B, then back to A, repeat" through all 5 chapters, actually I found it pretty fun. Sure, nothing exceptional, but enough enjoyable to play. The Elite mode is not a walk in the park while you're eating an ice cream. Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 5/10
  10. At the end I bought Far Cry 5 Season pass, Resident Evil 7 Gold, Mass Effect Andromeda, Castlevania Requiem, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Dark Souls 3
  11. #101 Amnesia Collection and 6.000th trophy milestone Insanity Achieved all other trophies Well, the platinum title is "Insanity" and I think it's well deserved lol. I thought it was nice as my 6.000th trophy milestone
  12. In my italian store all Dlcs are still there https://store.playstation.com/it-it/grid/EP0102-NPEB01150_00-XOVER00000000000/1?relationship=add-ons
  13. Really? Lol. Thanks. I always knew it was for the PSN rarity O_o