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  1. #158 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Since I don't know what will happen to the Hitman servers once Hitman 3 is out, I decided to play the whole series and also clean the ps3 library, obviously starting with the HD trilogy. I played H2: Silent Assassin many (many) years ago and after all this time I noticed 3 things: 1) Hitman is Hitman, no matter how much time passes; 2) how awkward the controls are now that I am no longer used to and I needed some time to get used to and 3) probably I no longer belong to "that time". A good game after all. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 7/10
  2. Again with these online crap modes. And again and again The good old times with Undead Nightmare or The Ballad of Gay Tony are just a far and sweet memory. Release the fuc*ing singleplayer dlcs again damn you R
  3. day fuc*ing one for me
  4. #157 Escape Dead Island Pure Platinum Acquire all other trophies
  5. I hope no. Enough of this game after 7 years. Move on with GTAvi or a RDR 2 singleplayer dlc
  6. #155 Dead Island Riptide PS3 #156 Dead Island: Riptide - Definitive Edition PS4 So, despite being more like a dlc with a platinum (given the small amount of things it adds compared to the first chapter), I found the game unnecessarily hard, with an unnecessarily huge number of enemies (many more here than in the whole first chapter, including the remastered version on ps4) that respawn literally 25 meters away and capable of killing you with one hit. The dead zones have almost always the same map pattern and the story is weak. Plus finishing the game (so the entire campaign) in coop mode for a trophy, kills all the remaining fun.
  7. #153 Dead Island + DLC (PS3) #154 Dead Island - Definitive Edition (PS4) So I thought to play some PS3 games that I bought a long time ago and I decided to start with this one here. Dead Island is a fun FPS game. Some friends of mine told me it was like Borderlands. Honestly I found it more similar to FarCry 2 for graphics and part of sound effects, at least the PS3 version. P.S. I know there is the clock changing exploit for the "How many days exactly?" trophy, but I wanted to wait and get the platinum naturally on Halloween 😝
  8. Or trying to use a Ps4 controller (if fully compatible. I didn't try). However I agree with my bro @ViperLance34. I never had so many freezes as I've read here. Btw I had a couple of glitches: in one case I spawned on my back after a cutscene (the one in the stadium) and I had a wall in front of me instead of those 5-6 guys = dead And the second glitch/bug happened in Favelas chapter, near the end. A molotov bomb spawned and killed me in a place that was safe and where there weren't enemies (in theory) = dead
  9. Vagrant Story Dino Crisis 1 & 2 Syphon Filter 1, 2, 3 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
  10. Changed on PS3 system too and it's confirmed from level 35 to 466
  11. I was level 35 and now I am level 466
  12. I just received the email from Sony where they confirm the trophy tracking system. P.s. For this kind of news, I always receive emails from Sony. As soon as we talk of receiving a discount code from them, I can die crazy while becoming old
  13. I agree just with Resident Evil 4. Other than that I'd add The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Those 2 games need a fucking platinum
  14. #152 Mass Effect: Andromeda Andromeda's Finest
  15. When Game of Thrones meets Chocobo. Mmm. Ok, I hope it will require something more than press O, this time.