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  1. So the game has a few trophies associated to this last fight. 1) A trophy to lose to King Telos 2) A Trophy to survive the King Telos fight 3) A Trophy for beating Master Yaal (Final Boss) 4) A Trophy for executing Master Yaal after beating him (ENDING 1) 5) and a trophy for leaving Master Yaal to his fate (ENDING 2) If you are wanting to do all these trophies in one playthrough. Make a back up save right before you face off against King Telos. Then lose to him, this will prompt you to get the trophy to lose to him, and then beat Yaal, which will get the trophy for beating him. Choose either ending, pop the respective ending trophy, and then reload the save from cloud or USB. Now beat down Telos till you get the survival trophy, and then beat Yaal and go for the other ending. I got all these trophies this way and didn't even need to go into NG+ Telos is simple. Has AI tracking problems where if you circle around him, he will swing and try to rotate to try and face you. This gives you a chance to smack him a little and go around him again. Loop this to totally destroy him. I recommend the caestus or gauntlets as you can get a couple punches in. The Fiery Gold Needle also does amazing here. Burning enemies is the fastest way to kill them. Yaal has a bunch of moves from the previous bosses but he is predictable, just circle around him till he appears. Jab him a little and keep circling. Rinse and repeat. The bosses can't really track well, making them easy pickings. I've left a video to show my strategy for the final section of the game. Hope this helps Timeline: 1) King Telos, The Silver Stag Boss Fight - 0:08 2) Master Yaal, The Exiled - 2:06 3) ENDING 1 (Kill Yaal) - 7:56 4) ENDING 2 (Leave Yaal to his fate) - 8:38 5) Credits - 9:06 Cheers
  2. Lol totally forgot about that. But my friends did do coop and the achievement glitched on steam and they got it. I had to do some farming to get it. I'm showing off my Flawless kill on a boss. This was in NG+ on Normal mode. I used a ton of damage stacks to get the kind of raw damage you're seeing on the video and I'll explain how. The boss I chose is the Canker, but I honestly got lucky here due to the damage potential I had. This boss can be tough so I would choose something a bit easier, like Shroud or something. The gun I used was the Beam Gun, which I found at the end of the Rhom world after a gauntlet fight, inside the Monolith Checkpoint dungeon. It's upgraded to max level and has the Hot Shot mod which is perfect for this weapon. I am super high level in Trait level. I think over 200. The reason being I helped quite a lot of people in random games that I joined to level up my trait level. The traits I decided to level up are weapon reload, critical chance, critical damage, etc, etc. All damage modifying traits. Next the rings i used, i don't particularly remember their names but you find them lying around in the overworld. One gives me 15% extra ranged and melee damage, and the most important ring, The Loop ring or something. I forget the name, but it gives a 15% chance to do 300% damage on the next hit (found this in Corvus). Coupled with high crit chance and crit damage traits, you'll be doing ridiculous damage. I also used the Swarm mod on my second gun which i got from the Scourge boss. Lastly, I'm using the Hunter armor set for that bonus damage boost from shooting weak spots. Either way, combine everything and you can see the damage potential here. hope this is somewhat helpful and good luck
  3. The beating the boss flawlessly is doable with the right stats and mix of rings and weapons and mods, but its a 1000 times easier in coop. So don't worry if you have team. I will be getting the PS4 version as well, so I would be down for some coop. Usually available 8-12 on weekdays. For the whole trophy list. Most of them are just upgrading, finding items, and kills on bosses. Not too bad. What's bad is multiple runs, because each run gives you random bosses to fight, and you won't always have the same bosses as I would or anyone else. So multiple playthroughs are necessary to get platinum. Lastly i strongly suggest people playing solo to consider mp when reaching the 3rd world and onwards. The game is unforgiving and unfair when it comes to the amount of enemies and elites it spawns from that point. I basically ran most of the time to checkpoints.....
  4. I strongly suggest getting a team to play this game. I played the entire game solo thanks to a review copy on Steam and boy was it rough. I had several glitches and one of them gave me 53 dragon shards (healing items like estus). But if you have a team the game is going to be easy. Solo players will face a ton of adversity as the game loves throwing 20 enemies at you, when you can only handle 3 to 4 at a time
  5. Only fight I hate is the final boss. Hate phase 2
  6. Hey guys, I compiled a video on all the bosses in the game on Normal. You can't choose a difficulty when you start the game. Some fights can be super easy with a certain set of weapons and some can be a nightmare as you need to run around the whole level to destroy targets that make the fights easier. The final fight is probably the hardest as the 2nd phase is incredibly cheap with the missile barrages. I'm probably not the best person to give advice as I made a ton of mistakes and still don't understand some bosses, but at least I can tell you what not to do. Hell mode is probably going to be reliant on how well you can dodge and change between guns. For your first time fighting these bosses I suggest learning them, instead of saving POWs and going for other collectibles. The reason being you can come back with better weapons to make the fights much easier. I sadly make the mistake of going for the collectibles in these fights which makes the actual battles much longer than they need to be. Recommended Guns to be Investing in: The Machine Guns are the best light guns to take for fights as they are pretty OP once you get the later guns. They deal incredible damage and also can stun lock most enemies. Energy Round version are ideal for most armored bosses. The next to invest in are the Bazookas. Hands down the best weapons to do solid damage to most bosses and enemies in general. I highly suggest having multiple loaded to your heavy gun slots. The other weapons are nice to have, but in terms of DPS, these two guns types will have you get through the game easily if you invest in them. All Boss Fights (Video): Timeline: 1) Boss 1 | DORSEY - 0:08 2) Boss 2 | Mobile Armors (Shack, Paul, & Randy Models) - 1:51 3) Boss 3 | CASTINA - 14:52 4) Boss 4 | OLAJIAWON - 16:20 5) Boss 5 | COMMAND CRUISER - 23:55 6) Boss 6 | CASPARAITIS - 28:55 7) Boss 7 | WARNER - 43:28 8) Boss 8 | FIGHT HOUSE - 50:22 9) Boss 9 | DORSEY & CASTINA - 56:44 10) Boss 10 | RICHARD HAWK - 58:14 11) Final Boss | Ultimate Weapon - 1:05:53 12) ENDING - 1:11:00 Boss Tips & Strategies: 1) DORSEY | Boss 1 This is the first boss in the game, and is found at the end of San Francisco level. When you are playing the game for the first time, you won't have too many guns unlocked, so I highly suggest bringing bazookas and missile launchers into this fight to shred the boss down. If you can save up your bazooka ammo for this fight. It will be tempting to use the bazooka ammo for the tanks in the level, but try saving it for this fight. Another easy way to deal with this boss is to save your blaze ability which will melt this boss. If you farmed and invested in research, try bringing guns with energy rounds to make it easier for you. The boss itself isn't that difficult. It will either charge at you, shoot a laser, or shoot missile barrages. All of these attacks do a ton of damage, but you can hide in corners and shoot the boss so it's not too difficult. 2) Mobile Armors (Shack, Paul, & Randy Models) | Boss 2 This is probably one of the longer fights, because you will need to destroy all the targets in the map. If you don't destroy them the 3 bosses will end up being invisible for most of the fight. As soon as the fight starts dash left or you can instantly get killed by their missile barrages. From there go around the map destroying the targets, while dodging the bosses. Every time your blaze fills up, use it on the bosses and then back to target hunting. Once all the targets are destroyed, time to face the bosses. Blaze is the easiest way to deal with them. If not, bazookas, and energy round assault rifles and machine guns also do the trick. Make sure to shoot their missile barrages or you'll be out of health before you know it. Try go in and out of cover. Also the final one always likes to get stuck in walls so that can help too. 3) CASTINA | Boss 3 A really easy boss. Shoot the missiles, or strafe left and right to dodge them. Then hit back with bazookas and energy round gun of your choice to melt this boss. Not much else to say. In the Grand Canyon, don't stay on the bridge as the boss can blow it up. 4) OLAJIAWON | Boss 4 This is another boss that can't be touched unless you clear the map of targets. The boss will drop seeker mines drones, so make sure to dodge or destroy them. Once all the targets are down, the boss will strafe from one side to another on the map, dropping bombs and missiles. Use Bazookas, as your machine guns and assault rifles might not have the range to hit the boss. Hide when the boss is not moving and shooting its guns. The best time to attack is when it is moving and you can shoot from under the boss. Other than that, go around the map while the boss is not moving and gather ammo and shield. 5) COMMAND CRUISER | Boss 5 Honestly, this is an easy boss. You should have some powerful bazooka weapons and energy round machine guns. Just destroy the targets and the boss will go down pretty fast. You don't even have to try here. You deal so much more damage than what the boss can dish out. Be careful not to get hit while flying over water as if you fall, you'll die and have to restart the level 6) CASPARAITIS | Boss 6 Let's just say, I hate this boss. You have to go around the whole map and destroy the targets to slow down the fire rate of the boss. The laser beam will kill you instantly as it can stun lock you. Getting close to it is not an option as well, because the boss can use its legs to smack you aside. Overall an easy boss to deal with if it didn't have the laser attack. So go around dealing with the targets and then target the boss. Bazookas and snipers work well here for the boss. You don't have to take down the giant fortress as once you eliminate the other targets the boss slows down and won't fire as much. So you can shoot from a distance and wreck the giant hunk of metal. 7) WARNER | Boss 7 The boss doesn't aim at you, but instead at the Statue of Liberty. I highly suggest bringing a ton of Bazookas, and energy round machine guns. This will make this fight go super easy. I got lucky here as I was literally at the final stretch of land before I got a game over screen. Don't be like me 8) FIGHT HOUSE | Boss 8 This honestly made me laugh, but it's actually an easy boss. Get Bazookas ready and shoot the missile launchers that open up. Their locations are top left, middle, and right. Just wait till they open up, get close and shoot the bazookas. Make sure to not hit other areas as if the health bar on the White House goes down, you get a game over. A couple shots of the bazookas and the missile launchers break down. Destroy all 3 and the fight is over. Make sure to clear the area of enemies as they can be a nuisance. 9) DORSEY & CASTINA | Boss 9 At this point, these two should be a piece of cake. As usual bazookas and energy round machine guns will wreck them. Don't be too careless as the DORSEY laser beam can take a huge chunk of health from you. Other than that, nothing noteworthy. 10) RICHARD HAWK | Boss 10 This boss is a 3 phase fight. Before you get into the fight, make sure to equip yourself with a MG200, and its variants. The reason being, the boss is quick to dodge bazookas and so having dual machine guns will take him out quick. In Phase 1 the boss will be in the slots area, just dashing around. Use dual machine guns to stun lock him and push him into phase 2. He can break out and hit you with his own machine guns, but it's highly unlikely with two machine guns at the same time. In Phase 2 he will be in the sky, and will try to electrocute you by hitting areas covered in water. Again with dual machine guns you can easily ground him and stun lock him to phase 3. Phase 3 is the same as before where you can stun lock him, but he will get to a point where his health won't drop and will slowly start walking towards you. At this point use your blaze if you have it, because he is about to activate his. If you don't have blaze. Jump in the air and fly around in circles around him. If you get hit by his blaze, it will stun lock and kill you, so be extremely careful. Once he runs out of Blaze, drop to the ground and spam the machine guns to finish him off. 11) Final Boss | Ultimate Weapon Another 3 phase fight. Last one is a joke imo. Phase 1 is a tank phase. We know how this works by now as we fought 3 tanks bosses already. Do not use any guns with energy rounds as the boss has a shield that blocks all energy rounds. Also using Blaze doesn't help as the shield will mitigate 90% of the damage from Blaze attacks. Use Bazookas and machine guns that use standard ammo type and pelt the boss. The boss has a tendency to shoot missile barrages. If this is too much to handle, head to the second floor and jump up on the platform. From there it is easy to shoot the missiles down. Once the boss has half health he will turn into a CASPARAITIS looking mech. This is the most dangerous enemy type in the game. Because not only do you have to hit his head (The one part with the red glowing eyes) to damage the boss, but the boss can shoot insta kill lasers and infinite missile barrages. Best strategy is use the same spot mentioned above to shoot bazookas and use the machine guns to shoot the missiles headed towards you. Again easier said than done, but after a couple retries you will learn a pattern. I don't do this till after beating him the first time. Also using the SC-RH sniper rifle will speed this part up, but trying to get a perfect sniper shot while dodging missiles is a huge no no for me. So slow and steady is the advice I can convey. Once the boss loses all his health, he will go into phase 3. All you have to do is keep shooting the boss till the health reaches 0. You have to do this before the timer runs out or you'll get a game over. You don't even have to try here lol. That's pretty much it, as once you beat this phase, you can enjoy one of the cheesiest endings Hope this was helpful! If I can complete Hell mode, I'll make another thread with updated tips. I already am finding more stuff that is better as I play more. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with another platinum trophy walkthrough, this time for Solo: Islands of the Heart. It can be completed in about 2-3 hours. Most of the game is straight forward. Although you can easily miss a couple collectibles along the way. There are a couple different collectible types to collect, but for a few of them you won't need all of them. Especially the Ghosts to interact with, which you don't need to interact with all of them in the game to pop the respective trophy. So if you miss a couple do not worry, there will be plenty left to collect them before the game ends. The devs are kind enough to let you continue after getting one ending, so you can get both endings in one playthrough. If you follow this video with the timestamps, you should be able to get the platinum easy. Other than that, nothing much else to say. *Note - Feel free to use this supplement for your own trophy guide making process. Please do give appropriate credit, thanks! Timeline: 1) Trophy 1 | Could we wait a bit longer? Trophy - 1:39 2) Archipelago 1 | Start - 3:05 3) Ghost 1 - 6:59 4) Red Seagull Photo - 8:00 5) Ghost 2 - 9:38 6) Letter 1 - 10:47 7) Ghost 3 - 12:05 8) Trophy 2 | Gotcha! Trophy - 12:21 9) Feed Animal 1 - 13:10 10) Ghost 4 - 13:51 11) Ghost 5 - 14:00 12) Letter 2 - 15:23 13) Trophy 3 | Together, just us Trophy - 20:12 14) Feed Animal 2 - 21:00 15) Ghost 6 - 21:41 16) Trophy 4 | Caring for your mind Trophy - 21:54 17) Letter 3 - 23:19 18) Trophy 5 | Helping Out Trophy - 25:14 19) Ghost 7 - 26:39 20) Song 1 - 26:55 21) Feed Animal 3 - 27:39 22) Feed Animal 4 - 27:51 23) Trophy 6 | Wind Passes By Trophy - 29:50 24) Archipelago 2 | Start - 30:25 25) Ghost 8 - 30:40 26) Feed Animal 5 - 31:23 27) Song 2 - 31:44 28) Fish Picture - 32:02 29) Feed Animal 6 - 32:14 30) Ghost 9 - 32:41 31) Trophy 7 | Home sweet home Trophy - 34:10 32) Ghost 10 - 35:00 33) Letter 4 - 35:23 34) Ghost 11 - 35:45 35) Trophy 8 | Giving, not receiving Trophy - 37:46 36) Archipelago 2, Watering Garden 1 - 38:41 37) Feed Animal 7 - 42:30 38) Song 3 - 42:50 39) Archipelago 2, Watering Garden 2 | Trophy 9 | Caring for the world Trophy - 42:59 40) Feed Animal 8 - 44:32 41) Feed Animal 9 - 44:58 42) Ghost 12 - 47:03 43) Letter 5 - 50:13 44) Song 4 - 52:44 45) Trophy 10 | Together, again Trophy - 52:54 46) Ghost 13 - 55:42 47) Trophy 11 | Building Bridges Trophy - 56:48 48) Archipelago 3 | Start - 57:34 49) Ghost 14 - 57:47 50) Feed Animal 10 - 58:49 51) Ghost 15 - 59:15 52) Feed Animal 11 - 1:00:32 53) Feed Animal 12 - 1:00:49 54) Feed Animal 12 - 1:01:07 55) Song 5 | Trophy 12 | A Song full of Music Trophy - 1:01:43 56) Ghost 16 - 1:02:54 57) Ghost 17 | Trophy 13 | Tireless Seeking Trophy - 1:09:30 58) Trophy 14 | I missed you Trophy - 1:10:44 59) Letter 6 - 1:11:22 60) Ghost 18 - 1:11:28 61) Archipelago 3, Watering Garden 1 - 1:20:13 62) Ghost 19 - 1:21:56 63) Archipelago 3, Watering Garden 2 | Trophy 15 | Caring for yourself Trophy - 1:26:52 64) Feed Animal 14 - 1:27:36 65) Ghost 20 - 1:29:53 66) Letter 7 - 1:31:41 67) Trophy 16 | Together, forever Trophy - 1:32:55 68) Feed Animal 15 - 1:36:17 69) Feed Animal 16 | Trophy 17 | Making New Friends Trophy - 1:36:38 70) Trophy 18 - To Stick Together Trophy - 1:40:22 71) Final Checkpoint - 1:43:40 72) Trophy 19 - Communication Trophy | ENDING 1 - 1:43:59 73) Continue After Credits to Spawn at Final Checkpoint - 1:47:01 74) Trophy 20 | Solo Trophy | ENDING 2 - 1:47:15 75) Trophy 21 | Platinum Trophy - 1:48:20 76) Credits - 1:49:11 That's pretty much it. Hope this helps, and have fun with this platinum Cheers!
  8. So has anyone played this game before? I have gotten access to it and so far don't understand the ranking requirements. What is a rush combo bonus? Thanks
  9. These 3 collectibles are items location in the Furrowfield Island, to the south in the Bog. Getting each one will give you their recipes so you can make them for other bases as well. Once all 3 are found, stack them up in a location in the base in this order: Blue, Red, Yellow. This will form a totem that people in the base will be happy to see. They will drop hearts in front of the totem regularly which helps with building your heart meter in order to level up the base. Timeline: 1) Dracky Location - 1:44 2) Drackyma Location - 3:01 3) Drackolyte Location - 4:39 4) Building the Totem - 6:16 Cheers
  10. The trophies are quite simple. You just need a few barracks close to archer towers. Along with using a war totem to increase rate of attack. Throw in a couple magic towers and a bunch of spikes to slow down enemies and you can survive all the waves easy. The game isn't hard. It's just time consuming with the base building aspect
  11. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a video for SolSeraph. There are 7 unique bosses in the game. Before the final boss, you have to face the first 5 bosses in a boss rush gauntlet. They are a bit weaker than the real counterparts. The bosses in my opinion are super easy, except for the Queen of Ice (Owl). This boss is an aerial creature that never hits land, so it's harder to lands hits on it. It also has a lot of spike traps on the floor making this a bit more complicated. There is a simple way to deal with the owl (By staying under it, and dodging its talon). The shield is a really OP tool in your arsenal. Using it, you can block most of the enemy attacks making the other boss, including the final boss trivial. So use it to your advantage. Other than that I don't have much else to say lol. Timeline: 1) King of Trees - 0:09 2) Queen of Bones - 1:22 3) Queen of Ice - 2:50 4) King of Fire - 4:38 5) King of Floods - 6:35 6) Knight of Dusk - 7:38 7) Boss Rush Gauntlet in Nyx (Final Level) - 9:07 8) Chaos (Final Boss) - 15:29 9) ENDING - 17:35 10) Credits - 21:30 Cheers
  12. So this trophy is earned by completing a combat scenario/level without taking any damage. There are many locations that are quite difficult to no damage. But the lair South East of the campfire in Mount Agnir is a great place to try and go for the trophy. All the enemy attacks can be blocked, which allows you to take your time to block and damage them back. For the fire breathing flying enemies, go to a corner of the map, and block all their attacks till they get close. Then after they finish attacking, hit them back. Rinse and Repeat to complete this level easily with no damage, and earn the trophy easy Cheers
  13. Glad to be of help Good luck with the platinum!
  14. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here, with a Platinum Walkthrough for Sea of Solitude. You can easily complete the game in under 3 hours, and if you follow this video you will earn all the miscellaneous trophies and collectibles. There is Chapter Select in the game, which puts you in multiple checkpoints within a chapter, so it's handy to go back to when going for a specific trophy, but the collectibles have no tracker and can be super tricky. Since the world constantly changes between being submerged and non submerged, the collectible locations constantly change. I got them is a specific path, which may be different to you. But if you follow what I do specifically you should earn all the collectibles with ease. The collectibles come in the form of Seagulls and Bottles. There are 39 Bottles and 32 Seagulls. There are a few trophies that require a bit of grind and if you do not explore, or do not die that much, you won't earn them by the end of the story run, so going back through Chapter Select will help. I have outlined in the timeline, places to farm these trophies. Hope that helps. *Note - I would make a full written trophy guide for the game, but with so much college work I just don't have the time, so anyone who wants to use this as a reference, feel free to use it for your own guide making Timeline: 1) Introduction - 0:08 2) Trophy 1 | Fire! Trophy (Story Related) - 3:33 3) Chapter 1 - Back to Black | Start - 3:50 4) Trophy 2 | Connected Trophy (Story Related) - 6:24 5) Trophy 3 & Bottle 1 | Corked Trophy - 7:55 6) Trophy 4 | Human Bait Trophy - Get eaten by the whale 20 times - 8:42 7) Trophy 5 & Seagull 1 | Shoo! Trophy - 9:28 8) Seagull 2 - 10:51 9) Bottle 2 - 11:05 10) Seagull 3 - 11:17 11) Bottle 3 - 11:47 12) Seagull 4 - 12:26 13) Bottle 4 - 12:47 14) Bottle 5 - 13:04 15) Seagull 5 - 13:19 16) Seagull 6 - 13:45 17) Seagull 7 - 14:03 18) Bottle 6 - 14:16 19) Bottle 7 - 14:32 20) Chapter 2 - Mixed Emotions | Start - 16:20 21) Bottle 8 - 18:04 22) Bottle 9 - 18:35 23) Seagull 8 - 18:48 24) Trophy 6 | Danger Swimmer Trophy - Swim beside Whale for a long distance (It's Cumulative, but easier to get it done in this spot) - 19:37 25) Seagull 9 - 21:08 26) Seagull 10 - 21:43 27) Seagull 11 - 22:13 28) Trophy 7 | Moses Trophy (Story Related) - 23:06 29) Bottle 10 - 25:18 30) Bottle 11 - 26:07 31) Bottle 12 - 26:23 32) Chapter 3 - The Sound of Silence | Start - 27:15 33) Bottle 13 - 27:33 34) Trophy 8 | Raver Trophy - Get Killed by Hands 10 Times - 27:47 35) Bottle 14 - 28:24 36) Trophy 9 | Seeker Trophy - Shoot Flare 30 times - 32:26 37) Trophy 10 | School's Out Trophy (Story Related) - 34:46 38) Seagull 12 - 35:06 39) Seagull 13 - 35:21 40) Seagull 14 - 36:03 41) Bottle 15 - 36:42 42) Bottle 16 - 36:57 43) Chapter 4 - Don't Give Up On Me | Start - 38:51 44) Bottle 17 - 39:08 45) Trophy 11 | Mermaid Trophy - Swim for a long time (Cumulative, but best place to swim freely to get trophy) - 40:24 46) Bottle 18 - 41:31 47) Seagull 15 - 41:43 48) Seagull 16 - 42:13 49) Seagull 17 - 42:38 50) Bottle 19 - 42:52 51) Seagull 18 - 43:06 52) Seagull 19 - 44:51 53) Bottle 20 - 45:05 54) Bottle 21 - 45:43 55) Seagull 20 - 50:39 56) Seagull 21 - 50:52 57) Seagull 22 - 51:13 58) Seagull 23 - 51:48 59) Bottle 22 - 52:03 60) Bottle 23 - 52:23 61) Trophy 12 | Runaway Trophy - Walk a Lot (Cumulative) - 56:25 62) Bottle 24 - 57:06 63) Trophy 13 | Sunny Trophy (Story Related) - 1:03:09 64) Trophy 14 | Sailor Trophy - Sail on boat a lot (Cumulative) - 1:05:38 65) Chapter 5 - One | Start - 1:05:45 66) Bottle 25 - 1:08:04 67) Bottle 26 - 1:09:15 68) Chapter 6 - Hurt | Start - 1:10:58 69) Seagull 24 - 1:11:04 70) Bottle 27 - 1:11:30 71) Bottle 28 - 1:11:46 72) Seagull 25 - 1:12:05 73) Trophy 15 | Deep Dive Trophy - Dive from a tall place into water (Best place to get it) - 1:12:19 74) Bottle 29 - 1:12:50 75) Bottle 30 - 1:13:43 76) Trophy 16 | Comfy Trophy - Respawn on couch in Skyscraper (Just out the opening here) - 1:15:41 77) Bottle 31 - 1:16:12 78) Seagull 26 - 1:16:21 79) Bottle 32 - 1:17:09 80) Trophy 17 | Lonely at the top Trophy (Story Related) - 1:18:21 81) Seagull 27 - 1:22:44 82) Chapter 7 - Burning Down the House | Start - 1:23:06 83) Bottle 33 - 1:24:05 84) Bottle 34 - 1:29:45 85) Bottle 35 - 1:30:28 86) Bottle 36 - 1:30:41 87) Bottle 37 - 1:30:50 88) Bottle 38 - 1:31:06 89) Bottle 39 & Trophy 18 | Bottled Trophy - 1:35:44 90) Chapter 8 - Fine and Mellow | Start - 1:36:00 91) Seagull 28 - 1:36:39 92) Seagull 29 - 1:37:06 93) Trophy 19 | Mama and Papa Trophy (Story Related) - 1:44:44 91) Chapter 9 - Nobody gets me but you | Start - 1:46:58 92) Chapter 10 - Paint it Black | Start - 1:56:00 93) Seagull 30 - 1:56:10 94) Seagull 31 - 1:59:35 95) Trophy 20 | Breakdown Trophy (Story Related) - 2:05:34 96) Chapter 11 - Isolation | Start - 2:06:07 97) Trophy 21 | Resolve Trophy (Story Related) - 2:15:41 98) Seagull 32 & Trophy 22 | Flock of Seagulls Trophy - 2:17:40 99) Trophy 23 | Platinum Trophy (All Done) - 2:17:54 100) Chapter 12 - Feeling Good & ENDING - 2:18:04 101) Credits - 2:18:29 102) Post Credits Scene - 2:24:20 Hope this helps! Cheers
  15. This is a tricky trophy if you're actually going for it with the whale on your tail the entire time. Thankfully there is an easy way to do this without the whale ever touching you. In Chapter 2 - Mixed Emotions, right after you get to see the big bird monster fly by (Follow the Monster Checkpoint in Load Select), jump into the big pool of water and go towards the exit which is closed to the right. Wait till the whale comes on the other side and starts attacking the gate. Now just swim around in circles till the trophy pops Hope that helps Cheers