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  1. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a small tip to beating Survival Mode Easily. There are 3 trophies. One for beating 12 matches, one for beating 60 matches and finally the last one for beating 120. After about the 50th straight match your hand gets tired and your regen is lower the less health you have, so just spam the projectile move from Gabriel. Down to Forward Quarter Circle motion and then triangle (Heavy Punch). This move is broken and can hit enemies as they recover. Just keep doing this while watching something to grind this out haha. I show in the video that this move can be chained over and over again and the opponents cannot do anything about it. Hope this helps! Cheers *NOTE - I would like to thank Felipe for providing me the game
  2. it's fun for what it is, but too short, not much else to do other than the speed running and destroying turrets. Also the jump has input drops leading to annoying falls......
  3. Hey guys, I got a chance to check this game out. Now I won't be making a full trophy guide as I usually do. I think those days are done for me. It's sad, but true. I just have no time to make a trophy guides for games anymore, even dropping trophy hunting as a hobby i guess. (In Video Game Design and Development Program, so yea....) I managed to get all the time trial trophies so I threw all that footage into one video and made a full speedrun walkthrough of the game. Hopefully you guys find the paths and aggressive approaches I used to get the trophies yourselves! Timeline: 1) Intro to the Beginning - 0:05 2) Level 1 - Mortech Industries (Tutorial) - 0:26 3) Level 2 - Going Up (Going Up Trophy) - 1:16 4) Level 3 - Public Transport (My spot! Trophy) - 2:27 5) Level 4 - Speed Run (Speed Run Trophy) - 3:27 6) Level 5 - Round About Time (Stomach of Steel Trophy) - 5:30 7) Level 6 - Car Wash (Glossy Finish Trophy) - 7:02 8) Level 7 - Fast and Chill (Gotta..Move..Fast! Trophy) - 8:46 9) Level 8 - Bullet Rain (Ballistophobia Trophy) - 10:26 10) Level 9 - Frog-like Experience (Can't Stop Hopping Trophy) - 11:30 Cheers! **NOTE - I would like to thanks Evgeniy of Sometimes You for providing me the game!
  4. No one really knows at this point. Experimenting with different stuff at this point. Will let you know when i find it Also how did you get the skilled trophy?
  5. cool i will try tomorrow. What about the beat adam when he is powerful? do you know anything?
  6. it's to beat her flawlessly before she turns..., probably the hardest one..
  7. i chose angronn as last because if you fight him, you lose the ability to self heal. I left the easy bosses for the end, such as yorda and angronn. Hardest boss for me was gluttonous, chanel and rhodes. the others were just more of a nuisance. But hey go ahead and give it a shot!
  8. It was a fun game. i enjoyed it a lot, but i am a souls fanatic so my opinion might be skewed. Trophies can be earned by redoing bosses, but some are really weird in terms of what to do, for example untempted for Chanel. No clue. beat her by parrying, beat her before she transformed, and beat her without getting hit the whole match still no trophy so no clue. Not sure about skilled trophy either. Also the final boss trophy for beating him at his most powerful well no clue either. I have emailed the devs, let's see what they say. Cheers
  9. So this is a full walkthrough of the game, which isn't a hard game to figure out on how to beat it. You just need to beat all the bosses and beat the final boss to complete the game. Now you can absorb the boss souls or Banish them by striking them. This leads to two different endings, but also has another effect. Absorbing the boss souls will allow you to gain more health everytime and banishing them will get you no added benefits. It didn't know this till the end of the game so i couldn't get the other ending, and so the Ending in the game is technically the bad ending (Absorb Sin). Now the only thing people will get lost about in the game is that you need to sacrifice a portion of your power (health, shield durability, stamina, items, etc) in order to enter the different boss fights. Once you complete the boss fight, the rune on the stone will light up. DO NOT retrieve your sacrifice as you will then negate the fight and revive the boss in that world. So you need to beat the game by continuously sacrificing your abilities. Only by beating all the 7 main bosses can the final boss be unlocked. Timeline: 1) Tutorial - 0:05 2) Proud Rhodes Boss Fight - 5:41 3) Greedy Faiz Tilus Boss Fight - 11:16 4) Lustful Chanel Boss Fight - 17:09 5) Gluttonous Camber Luce Boss Fight - 25:24 6) Envious Levin Undok Boss Fight - 32:50 7) Slothful Yordo Boss Fight - 39:30 8) Wrathful Angronn Boss Fight - 47:23 9) Adam, The Forsaken Boss Fight - 53:29 10) ENDING (Absorb Sin) & Credits - 58:37 Most of you might not need it, but ope it helps the ones that are stuck Cheers *NOTE - I want to thank Eric of Another Indie for providing me the Early copy of the game!
  10. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here. it's been a while since i posted on the forums. I have been busy with College... but I got a chance to play this game early and managed to make some boss videos and also wrote some tips for the bosses. All in all the game isn't perfect, but the bosses are fun to fight! 1) Proud Rhodes This is the first boss that I faced, but by no means the first boss you will have to face. You can choose to fight any of the bosses in the order you like to. Rhodes is a standard fight for many that is used to this type of knight fights in Dark Souls. He's big and bulky, so just stick to his legs, or dodge around his attacks and attacks him. Use the Fire buff to increase damage, and also use the Lightning Spears when necessary to whittle away at his health. He will get stunned once you take a significant portion of this health, and then summon minions. These minions die in 2 hits, so not a big deal. Rhodes will get stunned one more time late in the fight and summon more minions. He has a jump attacks, which can be easily dodged backwards. He can also jump away from you and then jump back to smash you. He has a vertical and horizontal (floor) shockwave attack that can push you off the arena if you are close to the edge so be careful. You can't parry him. I tried for like 20 mins. Nope. Once he summons minions he has the ability to shield charge. Avoid this at all costs as he will push you out of the arena. Lastly he has projeciles both in diagonal shockwave forms and small fireballs. Easy to dodge. Other than that not too bad. 2) Greedy Faiz Tilus This is the second boss that i faced. A spellcaster and a scythe user. This boss can be parried so try using this to your advantage when you see a scythe slash. I just didn't do it here.... Also all weapons can parry not just the shield. The boss can shoot floating eyeballs, a giant green projectile, and smaller more numerous green projectiles. The boss can teleport, can summon leeches that explode into poison mist, and also summon smaller versions of itself. These mini versions of the boss with start hexing you. Once the purple bar fills up you instantly die, so a curse. Make sure to prioritize on killing these smaller ones first. Other than that, a pretty standard boss. Avoid and hit. Also the boss can summon a poisonous fog that takes up most of the arena. Try going to the other side of the small pond of water to get to safety! 3) Lustful Chanel Probably one of my favourite bosses, but the most annoying thing in this battle is that you can parry Chanel's attacks but you can't riposte her..... This has to be some kind of joke because parrying her is so useful, only that she instantly recovers..... They need to fix this. Another thing to watch out for is her attacks. All he attacks do Ice damage. Meaning if you get hit in succession too much, you'll end up frozen and she will shatter you to pieces. So avoid that at all costs. She has melee attacks ranging from 2-4 swipes and different ice arrows attacks. Most of these attacks can be parried except the charged arrow shot, and the sword rush attack she does when her life goes below 50%. Now once she has only a small amount of health left, she will try to transform into her real monstrous form. You can technically end the battle here by spamming attacks on her till she dies. If you don't kill her here, she will transform and you have another phase to deal with This phase is much simpler, as this monster hits hard but moves slower compared to her human form. The monster has a frost breath attack and two tongue attacks. One swiping from left to right and the other tongue attacks slams on the ground. Just dodge and attack till it dies 4) Gluttonous Camber Luce This is the fourth boss I faced. I absolutely hate this beast because of a multitude of reasons. The ice that cracks all over and pitfalls are super annoying. I mean really annoying The boss recovers way too quickly. Most of your weapons can only land one or two hits before he will go on his barrage again. This boss heals and heals faster than you can crush its health. hitboxes are messed up. So the boss has a standard attack pattern. it swings its dual blades 3-4 times and smashes the ground. Bait it to do this and run to its side and attack it. If you keep spamming the boss will break the ice on the floor below you and you will fall to your chilly death. If you keep spamming the boss may do a jump attack on you as well. The boss can also roll into a ball and chase you. Lead it into a small ice boulder to get it stunned. You can land 5-6 hits when it is stunned. The boss can also shoot orbs and grab you with it's belly. Dodge and take advantage of it. Lastly the boss will open it's belly and heal, you need to attack and stop this or it will heal a good amount. Use the firebombs and spears effectively and try not to miss! 5) Envious Levin Indok & Undok This is probably my favourite fight in the game because the boss has so many advantages yet can be vulnerable to you as well. Also really like the design and aesthetic of this arena. I am using the dual blades which is unlocked by beating the game once, which many people won't have on the first attempt. But the methods i use to beat the boss are transferable. The fight starts with Indok who usually summons the 3 floating knives. You can parry them or throw a spear at her to get rid of them all. They do track so you should make it a concern to get the knives on the floor ASAP. Next she can throw multiple axes at you if you get spam heavy with attacking her front. She can also surround herself with axes. In terms of melee she can do a spin attack, a quick succession of swipes and a vertical swipe as well. All her melee attacks can be parried, and i chose this footage because i show a good method to parry and do ridiculous damage to her, so much damage that i completely skip the other phases in the fight and head straight to the final phase where Undok is summoned and now this becomes a 2 on 1 fight. If i fought her normally, Indok and Undok would tag in and out and so you will have to manage fighting two different styles depending on who is on. Undok has only one melee attack which can be parried and mainly shoots lighting projectiles and surrounds herself with lightning. They HURT. so avoid them as much as you can. Try killing Undok first as she is easy to deal with, but I choose to end Indok here as she was a larger threat. Once one goes down the other becomes simple. 6) Slothful Yorda This is another one of my favourite fights. The whole setting is so cool. Especially when the guards attack in unison with the main boss. This fight is a test of patience. If you are too aggressive the guards will gank you hard. So take your time to plan your moves when it comes to attacking Yordo himself. Yordo's initial poke from his spear is super susceptible to parries, so abuse them. The guards are susceptible to them too. Other than his pokes, Yordo himself doesn't attack much during phase 1. He will command his guards to form a phalanx around him. You can use a spear throw to break their ranks. He then will command them to form around you, so make sure to run to him and give him a couple hits and dodge out of the way. His last move with the spear is to run to the center of the arena make the guards spear rush you in a line. Easy to dodge. Once you get his health below 70% he will switch to his greatsword. He only has one attack, a sliding double slash. Dodge and attack him. Rinse and repeat to win. Cannot parry his sword unfortunately... 7) Wrathful Angronn This boss is the most simplest when it comes to fighting it, but can also be the easiest to die to. This is due to the fact that you can easily fall off the ledge. lol. But the boss only has a certain amount of attacks and this never changes throughout the fight. All that changes is how much room you have left to move around the field as time goes on. The boss can smash on the ground with either hand 1-3 times, can do a punch towards you, sweeping moves, laser breath, spawn enemies, and throw fire at you. He can also shoot spears at you from his body. The closer you are to him the more melee attacks he does. The farther you go the more ranged attacks he will use. I stick close to him and bait his smash attacks and then counter with my own attacks. Rinse and repeat. After your remove a chunk of his health he will smash the floor and collapse that portion into the lava. You need to run back to safety. This will happen throughout the fight until you end the fight at the starting point from where you spawned. The tough part of this fight as mentioned before is that as the fight drags on you will have less space to move around, but you should be easily able to take him out. 8) Adam, The Forsaken (Final Boss) Well this is the final boss, Adam, the Forsaken. And he is basically you, just cooler looking and stronger lol. He is extremely fast compared to you, so try not to spam. His melee attacks can be parried, and you can riposte him as well. If you miss you're going to take a lot of damage so practice a lot! When the fight starts he will mainly focus on melee attacks ranging from 2-3 hits. He can also throw lighting spears and targeted lightning strikes on the ground. I would advise parrying, riposting, also a mix of dodging and attacking. After he loses 40% of health he will go into phase 2 where he goes on fire and become faster and stronger. He will now do sliding sword attacks, jump attacks, and also spam a lot of ranged attacks. He can also parry you and riposte you as well, so be careful not to spam. I chose not to parry him in this phase as he was a bit unpredictable. I just rolled out of the way and did running strikes. After taking 70% of his health he will go into phase 3 where his fire mode is brighter and stronger. He is basically just faster, and gain a new attack where he flips backwards and shoots fire projectiles at you. They hurt a lot so strafe right and left to dodge them. Other than that, just repeat what you've been doing till this point to snag the victory and enjoy the ending! Well that's that. All bosses complete, and now I'm going back to Lego DC Super-Villains, and Soulcalibur 6. Hope this helps! Cheers *NOTE - I want to thank Eric of Another Indie for providing me the Early copy of the game!
  11. I have heard multiple people with a similar problem. Complete the story and i'm sure more will pop up
  12. I would say about 15-20 hours depending on luck
  13. Hey guys, it’s Rubhen here showing you how to access the DLC Testing area in The Surge’s new expansion, The Good, The Bad, and The Augmented. There are multiple entry points to the DLC areas. One in Abandoned Factory, one in Central production B, One in Resolve Biolabs, and one in the Executive Forum. I personally haven’t gotten to the last 3 so I’m going to show you the one in Abandoned Factory for now. Once I find the other 3, I will update the thread here. In a completely New Game, you will need to reach each new location, and access the different testing chambers to unlock the different episodes. You also have to progress quite far to reach all the episodes. In NG+ and above once you reach the first testing chamber all episodes are unlocked. The location I am showing is the first one in Abandoned Factory, at the start of the game. For this one you need to go to the basement and power up the mainline in order to turn on the electricity in the basement. Next head back the way you came to the door you used to get to the basement power line. You will run into the testing area. Take the elevator here to enter the DLC testing area. And that’s that. Hope this was helpful, and when I do find the other access locations, I will make sure to update the thread Cheers
  14. Glad to be of help. Have fun with the game