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  1. It's an action platformer. Action is light. I mean the combat is simplistic and you have health and shield that regens. It's about 3 hours your first time, and for platinum around hours. It's like a ratchet and clank, but indie version
  2. These are the boss fights in the game. It's pretty much the same boss 5 times, and each one is a bit different I guess. The bosses aren't hard in terms of combat. This game is all about platforming and some sections can be annoying due to camera panning one way or the other, and the fps dropping hard at times. To top things off, if you fall or get hit by a trap when platforming you die instantly, and there is about a 10-15 second loading screen each time... Kind of annoying. Other than that, not a big deal. During combat sequence you are completely safe when blocking. So use it to pretty much cheese the fights haha (Kind of like Kratos blocks in OG GOW). 1) Melira Boss Fight at Temple of the Elder Protectors (Boss 1) This is the first boss in the game, technically. Not a boss. More like she summons monsters to fight for her in a gauntlet. You have regenerating health and shield. So the best way to go about this is, using the triangle button combos to kills enemies fast. You can use square to attack, but the first hit always seems to whiff....but this fight should be no problem at all. 2) Melira Boss Fight at Windmills City (Boss 2) So this fight isn't anything different to the previous one. She summons more monsters and can also spawn the tank enemies. These enemies send a shockwave of pillars towards you. Use your dash to get to safety. Since you have the dash ability you are pretty much invincible in this fight and the rest of the game. Make sure to use a mixture of dashes, heavy attack and block to kill all her minions without too much trouble. 3) Melira Boss Fight at The Vineyards (Boss 3) This isn't a fight at all haha. This is a giant platforming sequence where you need to jump from one platform to another to get to switches that you need to hit. Once you hit a couple of the switches, Melira loses half her health. Do it another time to kill her. She will spawn monsters in the second phase, but you can completely dash past them. If you fall into the purple liquid you will die and restart the whole fight. 4) Melira Boss Fight at Woodborn (Boss 4) This fight is purely platforming. You're going to need to use dashes, double jumps, and air dashes to get to safety. Dying in any of the sequences restarts the fight. Your goal is to get to the starting point to 3 switches. Each switch will lower her health by 1/3. This is the most annoying fight as the fps can really go to shit in some parts, and also the camera can work against you at times. 5) Melira at The Temple of Oblena (Final Boss) The final time you fight her is also the longest. There are 3 runes in the circular battlefield which you need to get to, and step on pressure plates to activate. Once all 3 are activated she will lose 1/3 of her health. She will constantly summon monsters for you to fight, hit you with her AOE spell, and change the battlefield platforms. So there is a mixture of combat, platforming, dashing, and blocking you will have to do effortlessly to be successful here. This is the most demanding fight in the game and its not that much. On top of that, everytime she loses health there is a checkpoint, so this fight is more than fair i guess. And that's all the main fights so far. Not sure if the extra areas have any bosses, so I will update when i get the platinum. Hope this helps, Cheers
  3. glad to be of help I have very mixed feeling about the game. In terms of gameplay i love it. So many skills and variations to choose from. The builds can be cool when you get to high levels. Voice acting is good in some parts and just downright terrible in others. Elessa's VA is just crap. Loot is shit most of the time and doesn't vary much other than raise stats marginally till you get too super high difficulties and get heroic items. They add some cool effects. But overall I enjoy these type of games, was just bored of the same old dungeons after a while. Also only 4 bosses is criminal. For a full priced game that can be beaten in 10-12 hours on normal, there has to be atleast 10 bosses.....
  4. Hey guys, Just finished the game on Normal. The other higher difficulties are another thing entirely, and as you level up and get more heroic loot, you will find them easier. I used Elessa, as she is more my type of character gameplay wise. My build: I always favour damage over defensive buffs and skills. For passives I went with more trap damage, gain energy on moving, and also health regen (This is sorely needed if you are like me and sometimes forget to dodge lol) I love to poison the bosses as it does damage over time, and also I try to make sure to use the giant AOE healing spell that also slows down and poison enemies at higher levels I dodge a lot, as it also helps to refill my energy meter. Remember Elessa is weak and has lower health pools. She can do massive damage, but can also take a lot of damage. Skills change based on Boss, so stay tuned below 1) Great Unclean One Boss This is the first boss you fight at the end of Chapter 1. This by far is the hardest boss first time around as you will be low level and will be limited to a base set of skills. I end up using the spinning blades for a lot of damage and crowd control. I use the throwing knives as well on the boss as it does the most damage at that time for my level and it constantly refilled my energy. The spinning knives I spam as it helps to hurt the boss while you do other moves and also helps with crowd control. Each boss has 3 phases. This boss starts with just smacking his weapon on the ground towards you. This releases a shockwave towards you. You want to roll at the last second. He can destroy the 3 pillars in the room this way, so make sure to leave atleast one standing throughout the fight as he can also spew poison that covers the entire room. You will need to hide behind the pillars to keep safe. Don't use the health potion unless you get hit by poison as it will kill you. Once all that is done he will surround himself with claws that will negate damage you do. Enemies will spawn till the claws leave. Now the phase repeats over and over till you drain his first bar. Second phase is the same except now, he can drop things from the air that will hurt you and cause poison damage. So constantly room and try to not get hit. His 3rd phase is a bit different. He will do the same things as before but in a different order, which will cause you some problems the first time. he will also drop things from the ceiling a lot more, and spawn more enemies. As mentioned before, try you best to remove the additional enemies so you can spend all your energy hurting the boss when he frees his body for attack. This will surely be the toughest boss to get through for now, and after that it becomes easier, so hang in there! 2) Bloodthirster Boss The second boss in the game and is fought at the end of Chapter 2. He is a lot easier than the previous boss as he projects all his attacks and is easy to dodge them. For his first phase he can jump in the air and ground slam in the middle. This is the only move you need to watch out for as it covers the entire screen. When he jumps in the air, you can see a light red ring form in the middle. That is the immediate radius that gets hit. But he will send a shockwave of fire forward in all directions. So to avoid this move to the entrance of the room to be safe from the attack. He can also swing his arm at you, summon enemies, and jump attack you. His other two phases just result in faster attacks and a change in the pattern, so make sure to watch out for the signs of these attacks. The small holes on the ground will start spewing fire as you damage the boss more, so be mindful of their placements. For this fight, i ended up switching to poison spreadshot arrows, and the heal spell that covers a certain circular area. It heals me and slow down enemies so it's very useful. I also end up using the circular blade attack as well. All in all with this setup you can really lose. 3) Keeper of Secrets This boss fought at the end of Chapter 3, in my opinion is the easiest boss, even on harder difficulties, because you can simply avoid the boss the whole fight and damage it from a distance. It will be a long fight but patient people can get through this fight no problem. Not much has changed in terms of skills since the previous boss. My healing circle is bigger, and I used piercing arrows that ricochets of multiple enemies. I also use a trap that constantly hurts enemies that are standing on top of it. With this setup i just ran around the boss, shot arrows and the circular blade, and then used the healing circle when i needed it. I also set the trap in the middle where the boss comes to power up. This way it constantly takes damage. All three phases are pretty much similar, except more enemies spawn, boss moves faster, and sends out attacks faster in higher phases. It can swing it's sword at you, spawn monsters, send pink lightning streaks, and also cover itself with a radial lightning field. During the times the boss goes to the middle to power up, some totems pop up. Destroying the totems stop the powering up process. So focus on them during those moments. Lastly the boss will spawn these magenta jellies that float around. If they make contact with you, a lot of damage can be taken, so watch out! 4) Lord of Change (Final Boss) This is it. The final boss you fight at the conclusion of Chapter 4. This boss isn't too difficult, but can be annoying, more so just runs away a lot. The boss has a tendency to teleport from one point to another and it can be hard to keep track of the boss when you want to spend all you energy to do a lot of damage. The boss has a couple attacks and the rest is just spawning of enemies that deal most of the damage. The boss can shoot you with a laser that tracks, so keep dodging until it stops. The boss can also leave small traps around the arena, closeby itself. You don't want to stay close to them. When the boss teleports, it does a slash so be mindful and dodge out of the way. Lastly the boss can shoot orbs at you as well after teleporting. Lastly the boss can also jump slash you when you get too close. My build really didn't change from the previous fight. I use the same stuff, though i think instead of the trap using the knives, or another projectile based attack would suit this fight as the boss just escapes too many times for the trap to be taking a useful slot on your move list. Use the health regen circle when needed or when you are surrounded by a ton of enemies. Other than that the most damaging move has to be the spread shot that does poison damage. Using your dryads also help to take attention away from the enemies and bosses so you can prepare better. Other than that it shouldn't be too difficult. Even in later phases all the boss does is change the order of attacks and its recovery. That's it. All the bosses as Elessa on Normal. I am working on Chaos 2 and Chaos 5 for those trophies and once i have a solid strategy I will post them. hope this helps Cheers
  5. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a long and extensive video for MK11's The Krypt Area. This will be the last video I make for the Krypt as I am pretty much burned out lol. This video showcases a general guide for all the Key Item Locations in the Krypt and their uses. I will be talking throughout the video, so if you don't like that well, I'm not sure what to say. The Guide part will focus on important things you will need to know about the Krypt, and also locations for the Key Items that affect Progression in the Krypt. This is not a full guide that shows every chest location and such. There is no point as 90% of the Krypt is RNG, and only a few chests are fixed with loot and important items. The commentated walkthrough in the end is to give people who are lost in the Krypt a general path they can take from start to finish, opening all the areas in the Krypt. Couple things to note: - I will not show all locations of Reptile, only the initial Cutscene - will not open all chest, soul chest, heart chests, and invisible chests (No point as it's RNG) - Will not teach you about the forging stuff. The forge isn't really relevant to the Krypt except for Shinnok's amulet which will be shown later in the video when needed. - Won't be showing first time animations of me opening chests and doors, etc. I spent 20 hours getting all the krypt opened and farming all the soul fragments, hearts, and coins. Not doing it again so I can get animations. - Lastly Skeleton Keys that open doors are random from chests. So you will need to farm them on your own by opening as many chests as you can. *Useful Resources: 1) Shang Tsung's Throne Room Walkthrough 2) Easy Way to Farm Fatalities for Character Heads for Warrior Shrine 3) Reptile Locations after Starting Easter Egg So I've spent a considerable amount of time answering some things in the intro, so please listen to it. The intro is more to explain what the Krypt is, what you can do there, and what you can expect from it. I have included a timeline in the video for your convenience, so please use it as necessary. *The Krypt General Guide & Walkthrough: Timeline: 1) Introduction to Krypt - 0:07 2) Kollector's Coin & The Kollector Location - 6:33 3) Amulet of Earthrealm's Protector - 9:17 4) Thunder God's Shattered Staff - 10:44 5) Cetrion's Amulet & Cetrion's Head - 11:25 6) Kronika's Amulet, Gem of the Living, & Cracked Horn of Motaro - 12:47 7) Dragon Amulet Keystone - 16:03 8) Fragment of the One Being's Heart, Mind, & Soul - 19:45 9) Heart of Blaze - 21:50 10) Shinnok's Amulet (And the ingredients to make it) - 24:06 11) Elder God Puzzle - 29:49 12) Shao Khan's Hammer - 31:26 13) Scorpion's Spear - 31:55 14) Kenshi Takahashi's Blindfold - 32:58 15) Ermac's Amulet of Souls - 35:35 16) Kronika's Epoch Engine - 38:13 17) Reptile Discussion - 40:07 18) Reptile Easter Egg Start Location - 42:50 19) Shang Tsung's Throne Room & Collecting all 25 Heads - 45:30 20) Krypt Walkthrough (General Path to Unlocking All Areas and Key Items) - 49:27 Hope you guys find this useful! Cheers. Thanks to: - star light for mentioning the Heads Glitch. Helped me with getting the heads faster (this has been patched unfortunately..) - PowerPyx for letting me know how to get the Fragments in the Krypt - Trophy Germany for making the Reptile Locations Guide. I only got 4 locations to spawn but still quite helpful *I doubt I'm missing anything else that is important. If I am, please do mention it in the comments to help others
  6. i have the game now. it's pretty easy to earn most trophies. Most of them are just a grind, like 250 towers. Even using AI simulation akin to injustice 2, easiest tower take around 10 mins on very easy. that means you can get 5 to 6 towers done in an hour..... still a long ass grind. say we keep the lowest as the option, that's 50 hours on towers alone.... plus all the other shit you have to grind easy but will be long thankfully i have easter holidays so i will grind while i am working on my school projects.
  7. you're not the only one who thinks the rubberbanding is ass. Formula DD event 1. I am winning by 23 seconds, like 50 m from the finish line, and the car just zips past me. broke my controller at that point. This game is just imbalanced. Not sure what the devs were thinking. Definitely did not test this game at all
  8. Hey guys. It's Rubhen here with some Dangerous Driving videos. It's pretty much my compilation of all the gold medals in the game. Some tips I can give is to try and use first person view as you can react to oncoming traffic faster, and for some reason it handles better imo. The game can be annoying with the insane rubberbanding with the AI, along with the fact that there is no minimap to tell when to make hard turns and when to use boosts.. but overall you shouldn't have too much problems completing the events. One thing I can say is that even if you crash sometimes, you still have a chance to win. For some reason the AI can get real dumb when approaching the finish line so try your best to boost past them while taking them out! 1) Sedan Class Events | Gold Medals Timeline: 1) Race | Twin Ferry Lakes (Short) - 0:08 2) Shakedown Preview | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Short) - 4:29 3) Shakedown | Surf Side Island (Short) - 7:19 4) Road Rage | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Long) - 9:03 5) Face Off 1 | Mountain Madness - 12:35 6) Heatwave | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Short) - 16:34 7) Face Off 2 | The Noon Day Thrash - 21:57 8) Pursuit | The Sunset Dream - 26:46 9) Face Off 3 | Surf Side Island (Long) - 29:20 10) Survival | The Dangerous 100 - 32:17 11) GP | The Saloon GP - 34:30 2) SUV Class Events | Gold Medals Timeline: 1) Race 1 | High Dunes Desert (Short) - 0:07 2) Road Rage 1 | Surf Side Island (Short) - 6:35 3) Pursuit | The Downhill Super T - 9:59 4) Shakedown Preview 1 | The Noon Day Thrash - 12:57 5) Heatwave | Twin Ferry Lakes (Long) - 16:48 6) Eliminator | Surf Side Isalnd (Lighthouse) - 23:30 7) Shakedown Preview 2 | Dead Rock Canyon (Short) - 28:53 8) Face Off 1 | Dead Rock Canyon (Long) - 30:41 9) Survival | The Island Gateway - 33:20 10) Face Off 2 | The Great Escape - 35:26 11) Race 2 | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Long) - 40:23 12) Road Rage | High Dunes Desert (Marathon) - 45:19 13) GP | The Crosley GP - 48:45 3) Coupe Class Events | Gold Medals Timeline: 1) Race | Dead Rock Canyon (Short) - 0:23 2) Road Rage 1 | Cool Water Valley (Long) - 6:08 3) Heatwave 1 | The Run to the Water - 9:38 4) Face Off 1 | The Dangerous 100 - 16:30 5) Road Rage 2 | Grasslands Proving Ground (Short) - 21:30 6) Face Off 2 | The Sunset Dream - 24:53 7) Heatwave 2 | Grasslands Proving Ground (Long) - 30:01 8) Face Off 3 | Cool Water Valley (Marathon) - 34:25 9) Shakedown | Twin Ferry Lakes (Marathon) - 38:02 10) Pursuit | Into the Valley - 42:19 11) Road Rage 3 | High Dunes Desert (Short) - 45:02 12) Suvival | The Downhill Super T - 48:24 13) Eliminator | Dead Rock Canyon (Short) - 51:46 14) GP | The Cut Berline GP - 59:46 4) Supercar Class Events | Gold Medals Timeline: 1) Face Off 1 | Twin Ferry Lakes (Marathon) - 0:08 2) Eliminator | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Short) - 4:57 3) Race 1 | Cool Water Valley (Short) - 16:43 4) Road Rage 1 | Dead Rock Canyon (Long) - 22:09 5) Road Rage 2 | Surf Side Island (Marathon) - 25:22 6) Pursuit | The Island Getaway - 28:46 7) Face Off 2 | The Island Getaway - 32:01 8) Shakedown Preview 1 | The Run to the Water - 37:37 9) Heatwave | Dead Rock Canyon (Short) - 44:12 10) Face Off 3 | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Long) - 48:54 11) Race 2 | Surf Side Island (Short) - 51:50 12) Shakedown Preview 2 | Grasslands Proving Ground (Long) - 56:12 13) GP | The Yellow And Blue GP - 58:17 5) Hypercar Class Events | Gold Medals Timeline: 1) Eliminator | Cool Water Valley (Short) - 0:11 2) Road Rage | Twin Ferry Lakes (Marathon) - 8:23 3) Pursuit | Mountain Madness - 12:01 4) Shakedown | Dead Rock Canyon (Marathon) - 15:04 5) Face Off | Surf Side Island (Marathon) - 18:30 6) Survival | The Sunset Dream - 26:23 7) Heatwave | High Dunes Desert (Marathon) - 29:55 8) Race | Grasslands Proving Ground (Short) - 37:16 9) GP | The Exotic GT GP - 42:14 6) Formula DD Class Events | Gold Medals Timeline: 1) Heatwave | Surf Side Island (Long) - 0:10 2) Face Off | Into the Valley - 7:11 3) Shakedown | Eagle Ridge Mountain (Long) - 11:20 4) Race | Twin Ferry Lakes (Long) - 13:33 5) Pursuit | The Dangerous 100 - 21:13 6) Road Rage | Dead Rock Canyon (Marathon) - 24:21 7) Survival | The Great Escape - 26:32 8) Eliminator | Twin Ferry Lakes (Short) - 29:41 9) GP | Works Wonders GP - 37:20 There all the events are done with gold. Now the last two events in Formula DD aren't required for the platinum trophy, so don't bother with them. I have included them for posterity. But i'm glad i'm done with this game and its nonsense rubberbanding. Any more and I might actually go insane. I know there is a bit of luck to the game when it comes to the traffic, but sometimes a visual aid can help. Good Luck!
  9. lol he is a dick!!!!!!!!!!!! but learn to counter his thrusts. This is a battle you need to do 1 or 2 hits at a time. No fast way haha
  10. So i'm back with another method to get some serious cash and XP in the endgame. People asked for late game grinding so here it is haha. Let it be known this is the pretty much the last area you will visit but it's worth it! Thanks to Im_Coded on PSN for mentioning this method to me! To begin, head over to the Fountainhead Palace, Flower Viewing Stage Sculptor Idol. From there turn back and go kill the two noble enemies and the spear enemy. Next run to the front of the building and kill that noble as well. Run back and rest. This should take 40 seconds. Within this run you will get 2650 XP, along with 391 Sen. Now that comes up to 238 500 XP and 35 190 Sen in an hour. You can make this sweeter by using the Mibu Balloon of Wealth item which will give you 585 Sen per run. So that's it! the best spot i could find along with my friend so far. If I find a better method I will for sure update. Cheers **Note - Thanks to Matt of Step PR for providing me the game on behalf of Activision!
  11. So to anyone that feels like they want an even harder challenge. Activate Hard mode in the game lol. First the location: Right before the Snake encounter, go back the way you came and take the left path. Jump off the shrine platform and grapple to a tree. Then jump to the side cliff that you can grab onto. Shimmy over and jump over to the side platform. Follow the path into the cave and jump down where the Headless mini boss is. Go to the right and enter the hole to reach a secret door. Use it to get to Senpou temple! There you can get to the large bell. Using the bell spawns a bell demon item in you inventory. As long as it is there, you are in hard mode, where enemies hit harder and also drop more spoils! Thanks to Chris (PSN - Willowvale75), my friend who told me about this! So guys, who's feeling like doing this on first playthrough? lol Enjoy! i will try it after beating the game Cheers **Note - Thanks to Matt of Step PR for providing the game on behalf of Activision!
  12. Game is hard because the fundamentals are so vastly different from souls and bloodborne. But the combat is deep and fast paced. You need combat sense and need to practice the deflecting mechanic a lot. During my blind playthrough, i ended up practicing every enemy for 20 mins ish each. Bosses took longer. 17 hours later i restarted the game and now had the same amount of progress in under 4 hours. So its all about knowledge and practicing the enemy attack patterns
  13. haha i used firecrackers to stun it and chip away, but mostly just dodging here and there. I have all my boss attempts on another thread. you can check. I played very aggressively and paid the price
  14. Thanks i missed it my first time making video now for loaded umbrella and flame vent Thanks a lot!
  15. So i'm back with another thread. This one is to showcase all the mini-bosses and main bosses in the game. I'm about 17 hours into the game and fought like 12 mini-bosses and only 2 main bosses. I'm like shocked lol. Anyways this thread is to show your fights. Share them so people can watch and learn from them. Usually i write detailed description on each fight, but i got another exam today so just leaving the videos for now. Will update closer to finishing the game. Now people please be gentle with what you say on the thread. Some fights can be easy and some can be difficult, but don't judge people if they are not good with a fight. Everyone is different and learns on their own pace. No need to be rude or judgemental! Thanks. Let's Begin! Mini-Bosses: 1) Leader Shigenori Yamauchi Tutorial Boss 2) General Naomori Kawarada 3) Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen 4) Chained Ogre #1 5) General Tenzen Yamauchi 6) Juzou the Drunkard 7) Blazing Bull 8) Lone Shadow Longswordsman 9) Snake Eyes Shirahagi 10) Seven Ashina Spears - Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi 11) General Kuranosuke Matsumoto 12) Ashina Elite - Jinsuke Saze 13) Mist Noble 14) Tokujiro the Glutton 15) Long-arm Centipede Giraffe 16) Snake Eyes Shirafuji 17) Long-arm Centipede Sen 'un 18) Corrupted Monk 19) Armored Warrior 20) Lone Shadow Vilehand Will update more mini-bosses as I find more.... Main Bosses: 1) Gyoubu Oniwa 2) Lady Butterfly 3) Genichiro Ashina 4) Folding Screen Monkeys 5) Guardian Ape 6) Emma, The Gentle Blade (Only Available if you are going for 'Shura' Ending) 7) Isshin Ashina ('Shura' Ending Final Boss) So the game is real big, and there's a lot of hidden bosses and stuff. Still finding and making more, so will update when i do! Cheers **Note - Thanks to Matt of Step PR for providing me the game on behalf of Activision!