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  1. Yes it's a fun game with certain restrictions on the combat, but it was still fun to go through the story. it also just released on the switch as a definitive version
  2. *First of all, the recording screwed up and audio got messed up so i muted it and used background music so the video doesn't sound dead. Sorry about that but i already got the pieces and i can't redo them.... **Also, thanks to KayinAmoh of PSN for pointing out the last Adamantine Chunk that I missed! You're a lifesaver Hey guys, it’s Rubhen here with a video for the locations of 3 Chunks of Adamantine, which will earn you the Purity of Power Trophy. Now there may be more than 3 but I only found 3. These chunks are required to level up your main weapons from 9+ to 10+ so they are quite important if you want strong weapons. Man i haven't done a trophy guide in a long while, so i'm a bit rusty haha. Now, let’s get started. The first one is in the North End Serpent Hole area of Haven. From the Serpent Hole, head left and go all the way to the back of this area. Climb the root and turn left. Swing your way across and follow the next root. Jump a couple more times to get to the top area of the apartment building. Follow the path till you can take some stairs within the building and you can find the chunk beside a corpse. The next one is in the Boneyard. Right before you strike the back tentacle of the Kraken to force it to go underwater. Use the storm hollow to cross the acid lake. Use the air vents to cross. Now follow the path and get to the other side where you can spot a wall with ice on it. Use the Stasis Hollow to scale the wall, and use the Force Hollow to traverse the magnetic path. Once you get to the other side, you can find the chunk on a corpse. The last one is in the Scar area. You will come to a point where you need to ride a second platform to cross a chasm. This is right after you jump up pillars with ice on it. So you will need the Stasis Hollow. Enemies will constantly throw spears at you. This is right before the Grock boss fight. Once you get to the other side, use the Stasis Hollow to freeze the grinders on the floor. So throw your charged Salvation weapon. Now jump down before the grinders get back on. At the bottom you can find the last chunk on a corpse, and also follow the path to find a human in the back. Timeline: 1) Explaining the Trophy/Achievement - 0:08 2) Chunk 1 in Haven, North End - 0:36 3) Chunk 2 in Boneyard - 2:24 4) Chunk 3 in Scar - 5:08 But that’s it, you should have all 3 chunks and the trophy as well. Hope this helped and I will see you guys next time. Take care guys!
  3. Haha yea it bugged me too but I randomly did it one time during a boss fight and Got screwed over so never forgot
  4. Hold L1. That brings it back to normal
  5. Apparently you can get the trophy but I already beat the game on apocalyptic. So can't confirm that.
  6. No ng+ which sucks. And i suggest playing on Normal because it is a fair challenge considering the changes they made. Apocalyptic can be really frustrating and cheap at times. Learn the game on normal and then go into apocalyptic. Some enemies and bosses are much faster in apocalyptic so you need to get your reflexes on dodging mastered before going in. But if you're a masochist like me start on Apocalyptic haha
  7. Hey guys, it's been almost a month since I made any contributions to the threads here. But Darksiders 3 is here and there's a plethora of bosses and secret bosses haha. Thought I'd make another one of these boss threads. Hope the tips and strategies help, but most of them involve dodging and using arcane counter, so yea. Let's start! 1) Envy (Resentment Made Flesh) Boss Fight This is the first boss in the game, more like a tutorial. Really simple. The boss can swipe at you, summon purple spells underneath you and can produce shockwaves. You can dodge away from the first two attacks and jump to avoid the shockwaves. Best way to fight her is a defensive one. Wait for her to attack. Dodge and counter. Not much else to it. At this point you won't have any extra usable items to boost your strategies so yea. 2) Wrath (The Molten Lord) Boss Fight | Round 1 This boss is simple but his hit boxes are cheap as hell. Also the cinematic camera angles don't help either. All his moves can be dodged if you time right. That's the problem the timing of dodging here. He can slash you with his sword 3 times, or do a dual slash with both his split swords. He can also charge at you. Again dodge and counter for maximum efficiency. In this game it doesn't pay to be too aggressive unless you have some of the later Hollow powers. Once his health drops below 50% he will start throwing his sword at you. Once thrown, he will be without his sword for a few moments and can attacks you with his fists and can also kick you. Again dodge and counter lol. Nothing else to it. You can try using strenght shards to increase your attack, or other shards to increase your defense, build wrath meter, or havoc form. Your choice. 3) Flame Warden Optional Boss Fight | Location & Battle This is the first optional boss you will come across. Right after gaining the Flame Hollow you will come to the location in the video, right before doing your first sword puzzle. There is a hole in this room which you can go through to get to a switch. Activate it and open the door to this boss. He is idk how to phrase this but annoying. His sword attacks have delay after each swing and psyches you out a bit. Also hurts a lot. At this point you have the flame hollow so using the Wrath attack while using a fortification shard to boost the defense is a viable tactic. You can burn through his health like nothing doing this. Just make sure to still dodge. Other than that, you will want to be extremely careful when he teleports. He causes a small discharge attack when he reappears! 4) Avarice (The Collector) Boss Fight The next sin is actually a fun fight. His basic attacks are that he jumps on you once in a while, and can swipe with his arms a couple times. No real weak points so just dodge and hack at him. He will jump from pillar to another to stay away from you for a few seconds. From the pillars he will toss stuff at you. They hurt a lot! so make sure to dodge them. He will either follow up with a jump smash on you, or can get a melee weapon. With the weapon he can smash it on the ground in front of him or swing it wildly a few times. These attacks have huge hurt boxes so be careful!. Dodge backwards not to the sides for these and then counter. Rinse and repeat to win. Flame Hollow wrath attacks do considerable damage! 5) Sloth (Lord of Flies) Boss Fight The next sin is Sloth! He is a carefree lazy dude haha. But in all seriousness the first part of the fight is the hardest. This is because he will summon a ton of insects and you will have to deal with them while taking out the insects that support the guy. Best bet is to use Havoc form to make short work of them but that's just me. He can swing his giant club so be careful, and can shoot projectiles that land where you are standing. Once you take out enough insects that support him, he will get rid of them and actually fight. This part is actually easier. He can swing a couple times with his club, jump and smash you and shoot his projectiles. And that's it. All of them are projected so you can spot the attacks easy, and counter them. All his attacks also have good recovery time so you can get some hits in. Rinse and repeat with the dodge and counter. That's pretty much the game. Oh also Flame hollow. I'm going to have to stress on how useful the Flame Hollow's wrath attack is. Super OP if used right. 6) Angelic Champion Boss Fight So this is the next boss you will come across. The fight starts of with a bunch of angels attacking you. Just dodge and hit them. Air attacks are somewhat unreliable so stick to the ground. Once you kill 6 angels, he will drop down and attack you. This guy is really simple. He can charge you, swing his sword a couple times, and can poke you as well. All of these attacks are easy to dodge and counter. You will need to play the patient game as he hits hard. Use the Flame Hollow or the Storm Hollow's Wrath attack to speed things up. 7) Kraken Encounter So this isn't a boss technically but if you are like me and had to rub your eye when the cutscene occurs you'll miss the fact that Fury uses Salvation to hurt him to release her. Yea i'm the one dumb idiot who misses that. So first time i ran around like a retard till i noticed you can throw it at his eyes to end it instantly. The last part is to show how to get him to move. It's part of the story. Sometimes the compass can screw up! 8) Lust & Usiel Boss Fight | For Whom the Bell Tolls Trophy This boss fight is pretty fun imo. It starts off with just Lust. She is probably the hardest boss you've faced so far. She can rush you and try to poke/slash you with her sword, swing her sword multiple times, and can also jump in the air and swipe you as she is getting away. She's like every other boss, dodge and attack, but she is fast and can block and counter you too. So don't get spammy! Use wrath efficiently here. Don't be scared of using shards. Once you take half of her life, Usiel will drop in and be a dick in the story, but this becomes a more challenging and fun fight. He will try to swing his huge hammer a couple times which has massive hit boxes, and charge you with his hammer too. Other than that the old goof does nothing. So you can ignore him and just aim at Lust. If you are going for the trophy well i show that too (Who knew i would make a trophy video :P, I think I used to make those before haha). It's easy enough to just dodge him, but make sure you don't give Lust room to attack the same time that Usiel does. Or this becomes super annoying. But just play defensively and you got this. Treat this like a Dark Souls game and not a Darksiders game if you want to succeed! 9) Templar of the Damned Optional Boss Fight | Location & Battle This is an Optional Boss you can fight while chasing the Kraken underwater. You will have to go underwater to a location where you will need to hit 2 swords under water to open a gate. Again I'm sorry the location isn't clear but i used the PS4 share when to record this and it didn't capture the earlier part.... but yea. Should still be easy enough to spot. From there just follow the trail to get to this boss. He is a generic shield user with a spear. He can shield bash, poke, swipe, etc. Not much to say here other than halfway through he will go Flame On and add more damage to his attacks. Use the Storm Hollow Wrath power to stun him and attack him repeatedly to stun lock him. This works if he get close to a wall. So use it effectively to take him out. 10) Gluttony Boss Fight So this was a pretty annoying fight for me on two level, because of what he reveals right before the fight starts and this fight takes too long. He has wide reaching attacks and can instantly murder you. But thankfully you only have to take half his life bar. Gluttony can shoot acid at you, swipe you with his tentacle a couple times and can also smash the ground. He can repeat the smash and catch you off guard. Once he is done his barrage of attacks you can attack. He will show his body after he finished his attacks so go in and give him some punishment. Again, like every other fight, dodge with good timing and counter. He will also mark certain spots on the ground that do passive damage, so watch out. Once you take half his life, the floor will collapse and you will be underwater staring at the face of the Kraken. You can hurt it, so stay away, dodge his tentacle attacks and wait for him to start sucking in water. At this point swim to a close by mine and wait for the mine to get sucked into his mouth. Do this twice and finish him off. 11) Abraxis Optional Boss Fight | Location & Battle So he is a tricky guy to get to. After you get your Stasis Hollow you will head to take on Wrath, the next Sin. Right before you head to the first Tornado section, you can jump left to a lower platform beside the magnetic wall. Use the video for a better understanding of the location. This on the story path. Once you beat the enemies on this lower platform, use the Storm Hollow and jump on the wind pressure to get lifted up to a higher platform. Here take the elevator to meet Abraxis. I like this boss though at this point having the Stasis Hollow made all the bosses from this point super easy. What I mean is that using the Stasis Hollow Wrath power, you can become invincible. The way it works is that using it glistens your body and when an enemy hits you, they become slower. Then you can just spam attacks to burn through their health. Honestly broken a bit haha. But anyways. He has dual swords and can teleport. not much else to say because all he does is teleport, dash pokes, and sword slashes. Nothing too complicated. Using the Stasis Hollow you can mess him up 12) The Lord of Hollows Optional Boss Fight So after meeting Abraxis you can head back to the Lord of Hollows and choose to fight or spare him. I chose to kill him because i was looking for a fight. The old man is quite slow which good for us. He will summon skeletons constantly and swing his staff. He can also cause small shockwaves, and blasts. He can use the same powers you have received from him, so be mindful of when he uses them. You can use the Flame Hollow to burn through his health, or use Stasis hollow to slow him down. Even the Storm Hollow's wrath attack will stun lock him sometimes. Either way you want to get close, attack, and back off before he does his attacks. Keep an eye on the skeletons. If they surround and gang you up, you are done! 13) The Grock Boss Fight This is another simple boss. You will meet it on the story path towards Wrath. He can throw rocks at you, swing his club a few times, charge at you if you go too far, and do smash attacks with his club. As shown in the video, Using the Wrath attack of the Stasis Hollow, you can freeze it and slow it down and just go nuts. Another tactic is using the Flame Hollow's wrath attack to burn through the creature's health. Or conventional way is to dodge and attack. Whatever works for you! 14) Wrath (The Molten Lord) Boss Fight | Round 2 So he's back! haha. He is still the same as before, but is a bit bigger now. He is also faster and can mix between single and dual sword, and also his fists. Throughout the fight he will heal if you stop attacking him when other around you fight. He fuels his energy off the combat that occurs around you. So stay always close to him unless he charges. Again Stasis Hollow can't be recommended more! Storm Hollow too. The wrath attacks are too good. Other than that not much else to say. It's the same fight except he regens sometimes and has some mixed attack patterns now. 15) Pride (Keeper of the Vigil) Boss Fight Probably the most elegant looking boss! She is actually not that bad. Once the fight starts she will surround herself with a barrier. You need to hit this barrier multiple times till it breaks before hurting her. She will charge at you, jump smash, and also take several swings at you. Their are easy to dodge, so after dodging do your best to hit her till the barrier breaks. Once the barrier breaks she gets stunned for a few seconds. Use this time to hurt her. Using Stasis Wrath attack to slow her down is a good idea as you can do more damage, or using storm/flame hollow to do recurring damage is also a good idea. Either way after a few hits she will regen her barrier. A small explosion surrounds her when she gets her barrier back, so move away. Rinse and repeat. If you get too far she can shoot projectiles at you. So be mindful. After taking half her health bar she will summon a floating stone head that shoots lasers. She has the same set of attacks but now you will have to keep a watchful eye on the lasers too. 16) Envy (The Covetous Queen) Final Boss Fight | With ENDING & Post Credits Scene So Envy is back for more it seems and this time packing a whole different look. Also has all the powers of the other sins. So she is actually a huge threat. Still easy to manipulate into a pattern. She can dash poke you, swing her scythe a few times, shoot her gun, and summon the other sins for unique attacks. A projection of Lust will jump slash you as she flies away, Sloth will jump at you, Pride can shoot orbs and dash at you, Avarice and try to hit you with his melee weapon, and Wrath can jump up in the air to ground pound 3 times, sending 3 shockwaves. You can dodge all the attacks, except the shockwave which you will need to jump to avoid. No Gluttony though... Either way, other than those attacks she is quite harmless. You can go far away from her to bait her to do the dashing poke which you can dodge and counter. Rinse and Repeat. If you'd like to get fancy, use one of the wrath attacks from the Hollow powers to speed things up! Once you beat her, that's it! you've beaten all the major bosses Hope this is helpful guys! There are a couple more optional bosses but I haven't come into contact with them. Once I do I will update them. Also the optional bosses are just reskins of normal strong enemies, so yea. For now this Boss Fights thread is complete. Cheers!
  8. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a small tip to beating Survival Mode Easily. There are 3 trophies. One for beating 12 matches, one for beating 60 matches and finally the last one for beating 120. After about the 50th straight match your hand gets tired and your regen is lower the less health you have, so just spam the projectile move from Gabriel. Down to Forward Quarter Circle motion and then triangle (Heavy Punch). This move is broken and can hit enemies as they recover. Just keep doing this while watching something to grind this out haha. I show in the video that this move can be chained over and over again and the opponents cannot do anything about it. Hope this helps! Cheers *NOTE - I would like to thank Felipe for providing me the game
  9. it's fun for what it is, but too short, not much else to do other than the speed running and destroying turrets. Also the jump has input drops leading to annoying falls......
  10. Hey guys, I got a chance to check this game out. Now I won't be making a full trophy guide as I usually do. I think those days are done for me. It's sad, but true. I just have no time to make a trophy guides for games anymore, even dropping trophy hunting as a hobby i guess. (In Video Game Design and Development Program, so yea....) I managed to get all the time trial trophies so I threw all that footage into one video and made a full speedrun walkthrough of the game. Hopefully you guys find the paths and aggressive approaches I used to get the trophies yourselves! Timeline: 1) Intro to the Beginning - 0:05 2) Level 1 - Mortech Industries (Tutorial) - 0:26 3) Level 2 - Going Up (Going Up Trophy) - 1:16 4) Level 3 - Public Transport (My spot! Trophy) - 2:27 5) Level 4 - Speed Run (Speed Run Trophy) - 3:27 6) Level 5 - Round About Time (Stomach of Steel Trophy) - 5:30 7) Level 6 - Car Wash (Glossy Finish Trophy) - 7:02 8) Level 7 - Fast and Chill (Gotta..Move..Fast! Trophy) - 8:46 9) Level 8 - Bullet Rain (Ballistophobia Trophy) - 10:26 10) Level 9 - Frog-like Experience (Can't Stop Hopping Trophy) - 11:30 Cheers! **NOTE - I would like to thanks Evgeniy of Sometimes You for providing me the game!
  11. No one really knows at this point. Experimenting with different stuff at this point. Will let you know when i find it Also how did you get the skilled trophy?
  12. cool i will try tomorrow. What about the beat adam when he is powerful? do you know anything?
  13. it's to beat her flawlessly before she turns..., probably the hardest one..
  14. i chose angronn as last because if you fight him, you lose the ability to self heal. I left the easy bosses for the end, such as yorda and angronn. Hardest boss for me was gluttonous, chanel and rhodes. the others were just more of a nuisance. But hey go ahead and give it a shot!
  15. It was a fun game. i enjoyed it a lot, but i am a souls fanatic so my opinion might be skewed. Trophies can be earned by redoing bosses, but some are really weird in terms of what to do, for example untempted for Chanel. No clue. beat her by parrying, beat her before she transformed, and beat her without getting hit the whole match still no trophy so no clue. Not sure about skilled trophy either. Also the final boss trophy for beating him at his most powerful well no clue either. I have emailed the devs, let's see what they say. Cheers