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  1. Hey guys, it’s rubhen with a Platinum Trophy Guide Walkthrough for The Gardens Between. This is a beautiful puzzle game, with a subtle yet touching story. The puzzles aren’t too hard, but trying to manipulate time can be hassle at times. This video shows you all the solutions to each level along with the trophies you can earn progressively throughout the game. The game has 18 trophies, and 5 of them are earned automatically through the story, while the other 12 trophies need a little bit of work from you to earn them. Of course the last one being the coveted Platinum trophy which will be earned once you get all the other ones. If you follow this video guide you should earn the platinum by the end of the game, and should take you no more than 2 hours to get. There is level select in the game, so if you do miss any missable trophies you can easily clean up using this feature. I won’t be talking for the whole video. The solutions to levels and such are shown, and I will interject with my voice when needed for trophies. There is also a timeline at the bottom to show the start of each level, and when trophies can be earned. Please do follow it to make it easier for yourself Timeline: 1) Start of Game & Intro to the guide - 0:05 2) Island 1 | Level 1 - 1:22 3) Island 1 | Level 2 - 2:53 4) Trophy #1 (Moving In) | MISSABLE - 4:57 5) Island 2 | Level 1 - 6:01 6) Island 2 | Level 2 - 8:41 7) Trophy #2 (New Friends) | MISSABLE - 10:58 8) Island 3 | Level 1 - 11:59 9) Trophy #3 (Reset The Dominos) | MISSABLE - 12:59 10) Island 3 | Level 2 - 14:08 11) Trophy #4 (Game Over) | MISSABLE - 15:15 12) Island 3 | Level 3 - 16:49 13) Trophy #5 (Great Catch!) | STORY-RELATED - 19:15 14) Trophy #6 (Friendly Fire) | MISSABLE - 20:45 15) Trophy #7 (Staying Up Late) | MISSABLE - 21:11 16) Island 4 | Level 1 - 22:00 17) Trophy #8 (Saw Through Time) | STORY-RELATED - 22:28 18) Island 4 | Level 2 - 24:08 19) Island 4 | Level 3 - 27:43 20) Trophy #9 (Gone Fishing) | STORY-RELATED - 32:43 21) Trophy #10 (Our Secret Clubhouse) | MISSABLE - 33:37 22) Island 5 | Level 1 - 34:39 23) Island 5 | Level 2 - 38:05 24) Trophy #11 (Mischievous Discoveries) | MISSABLE - 42:04 25) Island 6 | Level 1 - 42:58 26) Island 6 | Level 2 - 46:57 27) Island 6 | Level 3 - 50:55 28) Trophy #12 (All Expeditions Goes Down The Drain) | MISSABLE - 55:43 29) Island 7 | Level 1 - 56:50 30) Island 7 | Level 2 - 1:02:13 31) Trophy #13 (Found You!) | MISSABLE - 1:04:01 32) Island 7 | Level 3 - 1:05:05 33) Trophy #14 (Reach For The Sky) | STORY-RELATED - 1:09:23 34) Trophy #15 (Stargazing) | MISSABLE - 1:10:13 35) Island 8 (FINAL) | Level 1 - 1:11:01 36) Island 8 (FINAL) | Level 2 - 1:14:24 37) Trophy #16 (Don't Touch That!) | MISSABLE - 1:14:37 38) Island 8 (FINAL) | Level 3 - 1:17:19 39) ENDING - 1:18:21 40) Trophy #17 (The Gardens Complete) | STORY-RELATED - 1:20:41 Hope this was helpful and as always, Take care! Cheers
  2. So this was super unexpected lol. The dinosaur was just standing there eating. I tried shooting it and nothing happens. It was fun to watch it do it's thing as i took a selfie But honestly all i could think of was the scene from Jurassic Park (original of course), where they meet the brachiosaurus for the first time! Cue that theme! If you guys want to meet it yourself i show the location. It is right after the 1st boss in planet Arden. Go down the stairs and use the Aria protocol to open the warp gate to this area with the dinosaur. There is also a Armor upgrade and a box in this area. Other than that not much else to see Cheers
  3. I guess i'm that insane person. I'm finishing up the story and keeping track of stuff. Will be going through one more time this week and trying to get all the lore points recorded. I will post once i get it i guess. Cheers
  4. I'm glad i could be of help!
  5. Haha the most efficient methods are found when you experiment and have lost hope on the game like me. Glad i found this or i would have given up on this boring grind lol. Glad it's helpful!
  6. One last thing. Any tips on the questline trophies? i haven't gotten a single one yet, and i'm not sure if i am doing something wrong. Killed the 2nd boss in the snow planet btw
  7. Hey guys, it's Rubhen here. I know i am late to this game, but Spider-Man and my recent move to a new city got in the way of making videos and such. These are all the bosses you will come across in the main story! *Secret Tip* - Use a sniper rifle, scratch that, use multiple Snipers to blow through bosses 1) HOUSECARL INVADER The boss is pretty standard but hits hard. This enemy can rush you which will always knock you on the floor leading to a follow up attack which you won't have time to dodge, so make sure to dodge the boss's chicken run attack. Right after that, you can shoot it's core on its back. This will be a common theme in this game. All enemies seem to have one common weak point. Their core on the back. So aim for that, and you don't have to worry about draining their armor/stamina/shield. The boss can also shoot from left to right or at you directly. Easy enough to dodge. Again i don't do the best job but you can learn from my mistakes. 2) HOLMEGUARD COMMANDER Again not a difficult boss, but tricky because of the battlefield. There are green cracks on the field, and if you walk on top of them you get trapped for a few seconds. If the boss hits your when you are vulnerable, you take severe damage. So tread carefully. This boss has a couple attacks. He can charge at you with his spear and try to poke you. He can do a smash attack with his spear, and can also swing the spear left to right. The final move which you want to look out for is the one where he plants the spear on the ground and shoots a laser beam from his shield. At this point if you run to his back side and shoot his core, you will do massive damage. Pretty much dodge all his attacks, if you get an opening shoot the core. 3) RAVAGER COMMANDER This is the third boss you will come across and can be quite annoying. Though i make short work of the boss with the sniper rifle here. He has this tendency to send shockwaves to where you are about to run. The game has this intuition of where you will be running and will always send bullets, projectiles, and shockwaves towards that way. I really didn't last long to those, so i basically used my sniper rifle with explosive shot to take him out quickly. The boss can also swing his axe to do massive damage, as well as jump and smash down on you. They were one shotting me so i would avoid a full frontal approach. As you can see the charged power shot does a ton of damage to this boss, so i advise the use of sniper rifles, as dragging the match out is to his benefit. He will spawn two enemies later in the fight to make it even harder. Since i was doing so much damage i blew through that phase and you don't get to see it here. I suggest using grenades to takes those extra enemies out quickly or using power shots. The longer they are on the battlefield the more harder the fight becomes to micromanage both the boss and the enemies. Shotguns also do considerable damage so i advise using them too 4) SOOTHSAYER COMMANDER This is the 4th boss in the game and is found on the 3rd Planet. This boss for me took a while due to the multitude of additional enemies that get summoned. Also when i got here i was extremely underleveled. A couple hits and i got knocked out. The boss himself has only a couple attacks. The addition of enemies is what makes this a troublesome fight. At the start of the fight try to get a couple good shots in as he will take a few seconds to summon 2 drones. Once summoned the boss with do one of 3 things. He can shoot projectiles, or form a shield around his body and float closer to you and then hit you, or just try to swipe you with his weapon. Meanwhile the drones will constantly hound you and shoot at you. If you get too close they can self detonate, and try to take you out along with their explosions. This is most of the time a one shot if the explosion is directly beside you. I highly suggest running for you life if you see a drone anywhere near you. This can effectively be a long fight if you let it be. As you can see i do short work of the boss health until i run out of bullets for the sniper rifle. If i had used the small ammo pack earlier in the fight, this would have been a short fight, but hey, you live and learn. As always a clean shot at his core on is back does massive damage, so try to prioritize in getting behind him. 5) ISKA This is the 5th boss that i fought, though after fighting the Soothsayer Commander, you can pretty much fight any of the next 3 bosses in the order you like. So ISKA was the most challenging for me at this point because she can heal constantly throughout the fight, and she hits ridiculously hard, especially her laser move. Also while she is healing you can't stop her. She will also summon enemies while she is healing. So this can get really hectic. At the start of the fight she can send shockwaves on the ground. You can dodge through them or hide behind a pillar. If she gets close to the pillar you are standing behind she can use her mechanical wings to break them. She can also shoot projectiles at your and rush to your position and smash you. Lastly she can get on the ground and do a horizontal swipe with her wings. Again you can dodge through them or run away. As you can see my sniper rifle does some massive damage to her, I wish i had another one as i could have ended the fight within phase 1 but yea. She goes into healing after you take out a considerable portion of her health. During this part the enemies with shield come out. I ran out of sniper ammo, so i ended up using the shock auto shotgun. YOu have to kill these enemies quick to stop her from healing all the way. Killing the enemies does drop some ammo for you so that is awesome. Really needed ammo for the sniper. Once she starts phase 2, she can now use laser attacks along with all her other previous attacks. And pretty much rinse and repeat till you can beat her. Just be careful on how you manage your health as this could potentially a long fight! 6) ARLEN So this is the boss found in the second half of the planet Veridian. This is probably one of the more easier bosses i've come across. This giant tree is passive for the most part. The boss has only a handful of attacks but are quite damage. Still easy enough to dodge. Throughout the fight you want to be looking at the left and right pools of water. Tree roots will spawn from the water and swipe you. Aim with your gun and take em out. I had a Legendary sniper rifle which usually one shots them. Next the boss can send small bugs coming towards you. You can shoot these bugs or roll through them. Right after this the boss will throw tree branches at you. So make sure to run away or dodge at the right time. Lastly a bigger tree root with a humanoid looking creature will spawn from the water. There is a red orb in the middle of it's chest. Shooting and killing this creature will make the boss open and show it's core in the middle of the tree. During this part your goal is to shoot the core as much as you can. My sniper rifle did so much damage it usually just took one shot to move to the next phase. During this part the boss will shoot giant tree roots at you, so dodge left and right. Once you drain it's health by damaging the core, you're back to the start of the phase. Just rinse and repeat to beat the boss. Shotguns work well here as long as you can get close to the core. 7) MALOG In terms of story this is the second last boss i faced. This creature is found in the second half of the planet Apexion. He does monstrous damage but they are all easy to spot. Now when i fought him i steam rolled him due to the insane damage I was doing so i didn't get much of a chance to study all his moves so some things might be incomplete here. If you did not break any of the chains throughout the level, while trying to get to this boss then he will be chained down for the first half. This is good as he will only be doing frost wave attacks which are easy to dodge. You can also pump a ton of bullets into his chest where his core is. If you have a powerful gun then you will probably take half his health out. This will move him into phase 2 where he breaks the chains and starts roaming free. During this part he can do the frost wave attacks and will rush you as well. He can also do jump smash attacks, and will also try to swipe you. Unfortunately this is all his arsenal that i know of, because as you can see i destroyed him with my awesome legendary sniper rifle. Shotguns are also beast here! 8) ARAS Ok so this is kind of awkward...... I did not know that this guy was a boss. Seriously. He died with one shot of my sniper rifle. His health bar didn't even show up. Because it didn't look like a boss fight i didn't record the fight my bad. But I watched my friend fight him and he pretty much is a ranged caster. He can shoot orbs at you, along with having a shield around him that negates shots. Try to get inside the shield to damage him. Sorry this is all the info i have. I didn't realize this was an actual boss lol. My sniper rifle is too OP! Video incoming as soon as i get through another playthrough..... SORRY 9) Final Boss Fight (NAYLON) & ENDING So this is the final boss of the game, NAYLON. He turns into this weird monster that is quite the fight honestly. Because you really don't have much time to get behind him, hitting his core is a problem. I ended up staying in front of him because he has wide arcing swings that hurt quite a lot when trying to get behind him. I would honestly only recommend the sniper rifles here because getting too close can cause problem with his giant mantis like arms. He can shoot small projectiles in rapid succession with one arm or both arms. They travel in a weird semi circular trajectory so it's hard to explain. But once you see it a couple times you'll know how to dodge it. he then can summon 3 pillars of fire. Dodge/run from these ASAP because they will melt your health! And he can also summon a fiery shockwave. He will have to charge this move so make sure you run away from him. lastly he can split into two. The clone will do ice attacks instead of fire. So i recommend using a Combined patch with reduces all incoming damage types. Shooting the clone a couple times will destroy it. The clone can do all the moves that Naylon can do, so make sure to keep an eye on both of them. Once you beat him, you get a incomplete ending, like most game within this genre, and that's that. Congrats on beating the final boss! 10) All Optional Bosses So there are 13 optional boss fights in the game. I will not be explaining how to fight them because all of these bosses are reskins of normal enemies with bigger health bars, and also clones of actual bosses you fight in the story. If you can beat the story of the game then these bosses shouldn't be anything new. The only thing that makes these fights harder are the fact multiple enemies may spawn during the fight and annoy you. So make sure you are well prepared and have good weapons before heading into these fights. So, many of these fights are really short due to the fact that i am using the most broken weapon in the game. It's a Legendary Sniper rifle. Hitting critical shots melts the boss health. But you can use shotguns as well Good Luck! Timeline: 1) AMBER MONARCH - 0:05 2) CASTELLAN PEACEKEEPER - 2:05 3) ECHO OF ISKA - 2:29 4) SILENT JANISSARY - 6:26 5) MOLTEN CONTAMINATOR - 7:24 6) FLAMEBELCHER HIEROPHANT - 9:44 7) ROGUE REPROBATE - 13:04 8) PARALYTIC JUDGE - 14:34 9) ROGUE FALLACY - 16:50 10) ECHO OF ARLEN - 17:14 11) DEPARTED AGITATOR - 19:54 12) ECHO OF MALOG - 20:29 13) ROGUE MALEFACTOR - 20:52 Well the thread is complete now I was missing the location to the final optional boss but managed to find it before moving onto my new game. Hope this was informative! Cheers
  8. I wanted to know what you specifically spec'd towards. Though the shotgun sounds awesome. I personally use a sniper rifle with reload and recover ammo cyphers to basically blow through the game. Most enemies die in one shot and tougher enemies die with one power shot (Mine is Exploding shot). Also the guy in the forest died.... so i'm guessing i have to do this all over again? for the side quests? This blows :/
  9. Well Act 2 finishes when you earn the trophy for it
  10. Yep my ps4 automatically downloaded the update I had a save right before the boss. I beat her and the trophy popped along with my platinum. It said 0.0% when i got the platinum but i doubt i am the first lol GO GET YOUR PLATINUMS!!!
  11. If you get a chance (when you buy the game), try to complete all street crimes as soon as Act 2 finishes because they spawn non stop But if you finish the story and are looking for street crimes this is the best way to go about it!
  12. Glad it was helpful Trust me. i spent an hour in clearing one district and was about to shelve the game and then tried experimenting. Found this method and now platinum achieved!!!
  13. Trust me, once you complete say 50 or 60 of them, the spawn rate is much slower. For me personally this never failed to spawn crimes. Each one takes a minute or two.
  14. Hey guys, it’s Rubhen here with a video for Marvel’s Spiderman on the PS4. So I looked everywhere for this and no one really had a solid solution or video about it. The topic is How to Spawn the Random Crimes more Easily. We are talking about the Thug Crimes, Demon Crimes, Prisoner Crimes, and Sable Crimes. Now these missions are random and spawn throughout the districts and each district has quite a lot to complete. If you are like me and are going for the 100% district completion, then you need to finish all of these crimes. The problem is once you complete the game and if you are in a similar situation like mine where you collected all the collectibles, completed all side mission and stuff, and if these random crimes are the only things you need for 100% completion, well they spawn really slowly. One thing you can do is just swing around in the district till one pops up. I’d say it can take anywhere from 1-5 mins for a crime to pop up. It takes too long in my opinion. So I started experimenting and tried a couple things like booting to the main menu, reloading checkpoint, yada yada yada. Then out of nowhere when I was going for the Born to Ride Trophy which is to ride the subway 5 times, I was fast travelling from Research Station to research station, and found out that crimes spawn a few seconds right after you fast travel. I’d say around 20-30 seconds. Make sure to press the R3 button a couple times to scan the environment, as sometimes the dispatch won’t mention it. But if you scan you can see the mission in red pop up. I have tested this every district. The only one you need to move about is the Central Park District which doesn’t have a fast travel point. Just fast travel to either the closest research station in Upper West Side or Upper East Side districts and quickly swing your way to Central park and a crime should pop up. For all other districts just keep fast travelling to a police station or research station and within 20-30 seconds you can spawn a crime. You can even fast travel to the same point once you complete a crime. But yea that’s it. Hope you guys find this helpful and good luck with this boring and endless grind. There’s just too many in my opinion. I pretty much am binge watching Boku no Hero Academia while doing this. Later guys. Take care.
  15. Hey guys, I just compiled all the bosses (normal difficulty) into a video. They are for the most part a bit easy compared to other games in the genre, but the camera and web swinging inside buildings can get you messed up. Also many of these bosses can be made even easier by using other web gadgets and suits with ridiculous powers. I opted out from doing that so i wouldn't be overpowered. Still it was fun to see a bunch of villains in here. *Note: All bosses except Taskmaster and Tombstone are fought in the main story. Taskmaster is an automatic fight that happens after you complete all his challenges at least once, and for Tombstone you have to complete the side missions pertaining to him. Timeline: 1) Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) - 0:05 2) Shocker - 5:42 3) Mr. Negative (Martin Li) Round 1 - 11:42 4) Electro & Vulture - 16:34 5) Rhino & Scorpion - 25:28 6) Mr. Negative (Martin Li) Round 2 (Final) - 31:17 7) Taskmaster Round 1 - 42:15 8) Taskmaster Round 2 (Final) - 44:01 9) Tombstone - 46:40 10) Dr. Otto Octavius (Final Boss) - 53:51 11) ENDING - 1:03:54 12) After Credits Scene #1 - 1:17:28 13) After Credits Scene #2 - 1:18:41 Cheers