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  1. Add XCOM 2 to my list, bringing me to 7 games and re-earning the XCOM award. Vigilo Confido.
  2. Done my two playthroughs [L/I & Classic 4 Man Squad for Exquisite Timing], just got cleanup now for Platinum. It is by no means an easy feat to do the minimum playthroughs for this game. I would say though that the Classic 4 Man Squad was harder than my L/I run - on the final mission I had one soldier and my Avatar remaining as I killed the last Avatar, whereas on my L/I run (after having to download a backup file before the latest patch because it kept deciding to crash on me), I managed to kill all three avatars with only two soldiers being hit. Anyone playing this should do Exquisite Timing and 4 Man Squad playthroughs seperately, but attempt L/I by all means in my opinion. I'll be writing a guide for this shortly now. Also, did anyone have two trophies glitch - "Shadow Broker" and "Pile 'em Up". Throughout my playthrough I killed just short of 1000 aliens and sold 2000 supplies worth to the Black Market in my L/I playthrough alone yet neither trophy popped (I have screenshots of campaign results to prove). EDIT: didn't realise I was thread resurrecting - just didn't want to make an entire thread to ask the above question UPDATE: Progress towards aforementioned trophies is not made in any Ironman Saves/Playthroughs.
  3. I've had some game breaking bugs. Luckily being an expert of the series now, I've worked around these. It takes a knack to know how to fix them. However, I am currently experiencing a reoccuring crash on the last mission, with one avatar left. Don't know if anyone else has experienced it but I will try a reinstall as that has fixed similar issues on the PS3 instalments and post back results. UPDATE: I downloaded my save from the cloud from when I started the mission, played super aggressively to finish. It seems that what triggered it is Archon's "Blazing Pinions" while there was around 20 enemies for the game to present to me caused the crash. This time around I seemed to only have about half that number at once and the Avatars spawned faster so I was able to finish the mission before things got crowded.
  4. I wish they had taken more of the achievements from Steam and applied them here. Still, you'll be able to tell the elitists from the rest: anyone who does all the Commander difficulty related trophies on Ironman is a tier above. I'll be picking this up at some point, I'm a big fan of the series. EDIT: My bad, they left in "Exquisite Timing", this Platinum will be a toughy. Especially for those aiming for 2 playthroughs.
  5. Metatron is in the guide section but not the games section. You may wanna fix that
  6. There is no glitched trophies. It's best to try and complete all the bonus objectives in one mission for it to count. For example, if you completed bonus objective 1 on mission x, but went and retried it on a different instance to do bonus objective 2 and 3, if I recall correctly, it can through the game off and not count as you have completed them all. Other than that, just keep a note of which you have and haven't done. I would offer to help you but I don't own my copy anymore on PS3 and its a game that has held its value quite well.
  7. Rainbow Six Siege. I can't remember the last time I played a game post-Platinum, unless carrying 4 people each through Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 coop counts
  8. Xcom doesn't have its own Project Platinum? Damn I'd sign up otherwise, because I hate seeing a Project Platinum i would never complete so will have to give this one a miss EDIT: Fuck it, sign me up I have: Crysis 2 Destiny Xcom Enemy Unknown Xcom Enemy Within Xcom Enemy Unknown Plus Xcom the Bureau I wrote the guide for Xcom Ew, and I've also written a guide for Xcom EU Plus, which was just published the other day
  9. I suppose it encourages the wrong kind of behavior. Anyways: I'm gonna sign up to this once I get another 2 FF plats under my belt
  10. I have a [wip] for Way of the Samurai 3. However I don't much feel like finishing it from 2 years ago until I do the US stack so it will be staying that way for now I'd be happy to write a guide for Far Cry 2 with someone else though. I'd write it myself but it's been so long since I played
  11. Have you ever thought to ask Sly if you can add Project Platinum titles and their respective images as like badges such the same as over on PST.org? I think it would be neat. Everywhere you make a post, the space below your forum avatar looks empty bar a post count.
  12. Well I consider a backlog; games on your trophy list that you haven't finished. In which case I guess I have the DJ Hero games but they are slowly ongoing [i don't do DLC]
  13. I would join this. But my backlog is non-existent, and Bioshock Collection and XCOM 2 are out next month! But I do have 80+ games I own on all my consoles I haven't played at all :/
  14. Best FPS series bar none.