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  1. There was an award for getting A rank on every arena quest with every weapon in previous instalments - I challenge you to achieve that in this for shits and gigs 😋
  2. I got my second attack boost jewel from a solo tempered barroth quest, so anything is possible. I also have a sneaking suspicion that melding wise, if you are gunning for an attack jewel, you are better off melding tier 2 and not tier 3 (due to tier 3 having an increased rare jewel pool). But i haven't trialled it myself to say whether this could be the case.
  3. Either jewel sniping or tempered monster investigation additional rewards. Jewel sniping is basically uploading your save to the cloud, and then going back into your save and running the melder for gleaming streamstones and writing down what you get and after how many cycles - a quest will rotate it once, typically. Latter is self explanatory 😋
  4. 267hrs, 7 crowns left. I've just been jewel sniping and hunting tempered elders for augment materials though for last 10 hours of play I'd say. I would say I have spent 200 hrs actively trophy hunting in this game tops still though. Rest has easily been helping people and just hunting because I want to 😋 That said, getting elder gold crowns can be tough. I dont know if its because i find the vanilla elders uninteresting or not, but been trying to pop the gold larges versus tempereds to make the last crowns popping more interesting 😂
  5. 240 hours. 40 crowns. I probably could of gotten plat by now but as an long time MH fan, I have spent a LOT of time just killing something because i feel like it and helping friends out with their quests. Tempered elders is definitely a good end game pool, hopefully they introduce G-rank though for that bigger health pool/flinch thresholds on monsters and some proper one hit faint hunts i miss the old school.
  6. If you cant vault over it with the insect glaive, its a big basel. If he is about the size of a rathalos or rathian height wise, he is small.
  7. You've overtaken me in playing time nice though dude. For me it just spoils a brilliant series. I did some crown farming in mh3u when i had just about nothing else to do in the game and got bored by hr400... Still not sure if I wanna try to bag the plat asap or pop it as i enjoy I've probably only actually farmed for about 20 hours. The rest of the time I've been hunting what i want and for mats and just happened to get crowns sitting at 16/56 but still loving the game and struggling to decide what to do next
  8. I know what i know because i have over 6000 hours across the whole series... you can believe whatever you want, just don't go spreading it about like some sort of Jehovah's witness.
  9. I wasn't a fan of lbg when i ran it solo: you would want a rapid fire gun for normal 2 or flaming but there just isn't enough openings to get headshots to hit every shot - which you would need to to outpace the bow in terms of dps, imo.
  10. No thanks. I have my facts straight. I'm from the old MH community so i know what I'm talking about
  11. Capturing over killing has been a thing since forever, and I've played MH since its inception. You get one more reward at the result screen for capturing than you would in carves for killing (before Capture Master armor skill). More dice rolls means more chances to get a gem or rare materials, it's a no brainer.
  12. The easier way is to get a fire bow and spam rapid shots at its head at close to medium range. The only thing you need to check for is when you suspect it is casting lightning, to stop aiming to be able to see the ground you are standing on. Sleep bombing unfortunately is dead: It isn't the same as it used to be due to the sleep first hit being nerfed from previous games from triple to double damage. Unless you run an extreme GS crit draw build (adrenaline 2+, etc) with some sleep orientated gunners, it just isnt worth doing over other methods. (SnS and DB also good picks)
  13. Around 140hrs, 7 mini and 5 giant. EDIT: Make that 6 giant. And probably a gem daily record today too. At least 20 gems today and even more plates
  14. It's how you cycle for jewels in this game. It's not as cut and dry as it used to be but with the changes they made to the slots and skill requirements, jewelling in this game runs alongside augmenting at true end game instead of just what was late game/g rank in previous instalments.
  15. Short answer: Yes. (Tempered Monster investigations, however, should guarantee a Streamstone of some grade.)