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  1. Quick quesiton. Are the videos they show on users profiles are being streamed from youtube, facebook or ustream? Or are they stored locally on your ps4? And how do shared screenshots work? I like the look of the interface. I just hope it doesn't become saturated with third party social media.
  2. Having not played the game, i can't really comment. But having played many of the games they rated above it (ie: RE Operation Raccoon City) it does seem a little strange considering how high it's being rated by other websites.
  3. That's how i felt about the Gamespot review -
  4. Fuc*ing Multiplayer! Why did they even bother.
  5. Silent hill 2 for the following reasons ~ Who Needs a Gun? Acquire the Green Hyper Spray. To earn a 10 Big Star rating you will have to perform multiple actions in the game, many of which aren't so bad by themselves but can be difficult while attempting everything else. To get the rating you will need to; Beat the game on Action Level Hard. Beat the game on Riddle Level Hard. Have cleared the game with every ending. You can be on your final ending while attempting this. Your ending result should read 4/4(+2) Beat the game while saving no more than 2 times. (Playing on the Edge) Beat the game in under 3 hours. (Warp Speed) Beat the game while collecting 150 items and all 8 special items.The Special Items are; Blue Gem (We Are Not Alone) Chainsaw (Overkill) Hyper Spray White Chrism (Fountain of Youth) Dog Key (Man's Best Friend) Book of Lost Memories (Not so Lost Memories) Obsidian Goblet (Unholy Grail) Book of Crimson Ceremony (Light Reading) Beat the game and defeat 75 enemies by shooting. (Keep Your Distance) Beat the game and defeat 75 enemies by fighting. (Melee Master) Beat the game while clearing the Boat Stage in under 80 seconds. (Don't Keep Her Waiting) Beat the game while taking less than 500 damage points. (Hard to Hit) Do not use either special weapon; Chainsaw or Hyper Spray.
  6. I don't like storing a lot of sh*t in my house so i'll probably give it away. I don't really care if the ps4 can stream old games, i've played them enough. Time to move on
  7. Makes me wonder if bigger games like GTAV & The Last of Us will also get a ps4 release.
  8. I imagine the controller won't be cheap, seems like they've packed it full of features and some are apparently still a mystery. I'm a little disappointed in the visual design on the touch pad, though. Just doesn't mesh well with the ergonomic style they have going. A simple solution would have been to curve the touch pad like so ~
  9. Everything looks clean & clear, nice job. Only thing that stands out to me is the border around the userbar at the top of the header image. But it may just be personal preference. Overall i like the new look, also liked the old one.
  10. Re watched season 3 of Community over the last couple months.
  11. So true. There seems to be a new rumor every other day.
  12. Is it all co-op, or does it play like Trine with character switching?
  13. I just started playing that as well. I really like the simplicity, and clean art direction. Kinda reminds me of Banjo Kazooie which i loved. Anyway, latest platinum is from Zombie Driver. I didn't even realise it had one until i was half way through it. Pretty decent game, just a bit short. But it is only $10. Platinum Driver Collect all Trophies. Earned by 38 of 272 game owners
  14. Silent Hill 2. The 10 star run was crazy. I still can't believe i was able to do it. I was horrible at it on the PS2.