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  1. Where can one see this leaked footage?
  2. Yep that did it. I just ran to the dive mission, not realizing I had to do this first. Thanks.
  3. I am in dogenzaka in another day and she isn’t where she is supposed to be to do the dive mission. Is there something else I’m supposed to do to unlock this mission?
  4. i deleted my data and replayed the game and it still didn’t pop.
  5. 2 years ago it glitched on me. I finally went back to claim the trophy and it glitched again (after deleting the game and it’s saved data). I can’t do it a third time for this trophy, what can I do?!.
  6. Kingdom Hearts (2002) Last of us (2013) Uncharted 4 (2016) Assassins Creed 2 (2009) Pokemon FireRed (2004)
  7. 10/10 You have not only a lot of platinum trophies, but a lot of rare plats. That and an over 96 percent completion rate puts you in the top tier as far as I am concerned.
  8. It says I completed all the tombs I’m every spot, then went to some lady in the geothermal valley, but the trophy didn’t pop. The cistern tomb isn’t grayed out, so I’m guessing that’s the bug. Am I screwed or is there a fix? Should I even bother getting the rest of the collectibles and go through a second run just for the tombs or would the 100% trophy not even pop?
  9. I tried 8 times so far for Rock Paper Scissors. Is there a trick to it or am I just really unlucky? Got it on 9th try, never mind.
  10. Wait really? I’ve played this game over 100 hours and had no idea not to do double manuals cause I’ll do triple or quadruple manuals (or more). I’ll still take a bit of time off, but that’s enough to get me interested again, thanks! Yea that’s the main route I tried.
  11. From what I’ve seen has said the bullring hard to get there is the toughest thing in the game to accomplish, but after over 20 hours trying to get this hard to get there it is worse than people said. I have only completed 7 other hard how to get there’s so far, but then shifted to wanting to get the toughest out of the way cause if I couldn’t beat this one, then what’s the point. Other ones I have done though, I have at least been able to complete certain parts of the combo a certain percentage of the time, so statistically, I would be bound to get them eventually, but here I rarely get past the rail plat gap and if I ever do I don’t even get close to the next gap (nailin the rail), let alone up to the stands. I even tried the other path staring at nailin the rail and although that one may seem easier as far as balancing, I only hit the first gap like 1/30 times there and have yet to hit the second. Do I just absolutely suck or is there any secret tips to be better at balancing? Otherwise I may have to give this one up, which is tough as this was a plat I really wanted. Maybe I just need a month or so break again though.
  12. My goal is to hit 90. I’m admittedly a ways off as I’m around 76 percent now, but have been working on some major cleanup. I do have some unobtainables, but my goal is to hit 85 by the end of the year and 90 by next spring.
  13. 6/10 Your completion rate is pretty low, but you make up for it a bit as it seems a lot of your platinums are on the rarer side (not too many gimmes).
  14. Today I got the 3D Pulse headset and now that I am trying to use it, volume is only coming out my left ear. Is there a setting I need to fix?