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  1. I can’t reset the beach ball to appear, so is it going to be impossible to get that sock without restarting the game?
  2. It is the last trophy I need. I have seen videos and read dozens of posts, but nothing of any substance as far as how to unlock.
  3. I have the platinums for Assassins creed liberation (vita) Black flag (PS4) AC 2 (PS3) Rogue (ps3) Brotherhood (ps4) Origins (ps4) Revelations (ps4) Syndicate (ps4) odyssey (ps4) liberation remastered (ps4)
  4. I got the platinums for 1,2, and 3
  5. It’s no secret that the ps5 will be coming out in around 1 year from now. If you had to recommend say 5 games on the PS4 to a friend who has never played a game in this generation to play before the ps5 comes out what would they be? I originally was going to make this for personal recommendations, but thought it would be more interesting to have people say the top 5 must play games on the PS4 before the ps5 comes out. My recommendations to a friend would be in no particular order Assassins Creed black Flag Uncharted 4 God of War the last of us remastered (yea I know it’s originally for ps3) Kingdom Hearts 3
  6. Shadow Of the colossus
  7. Is there a way to unlock without replaying? Will bearing with spike unlock cause I want that to be my second time without having to do a third.
  8. I think it looks to be about the same difficulty as origins. Only thing that stands out to me is the epic ship trophy. I remember having a hard time with a couple in black flag and although I am not sure if they work the same in origins, it seems there is a trophy for only one, so I don’t expect it to be too troublesome. Nevermind my last post then and thanks you.
  9. AC2 I have it for PS3, but have yet to platinum my PS4 version yet. AC2 I have it for PS3, but have yet to platinum my PS4 version yet.
  10. Ok I installed the update and sill not working I honestly don't know what to think anymore I'm not going to replay everything again a 3rd time despite loving this game
  11. For future reference of people looking here I got to the same point again and it turns out the reason is something didn't download. It wasn't connected to wifi and thought I didn't need to download anything since I got the disc but yea.
  12. Will do, but I didn't die It just froze while staying still and poof
  13. Yes this sucks, is there at least any way to prevent this from happening again?