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  1. Thanks, got it on the 4th try! Didn’t even know about the training section
  2. The last trophy I need is the hole in one. Which hole is easiest to get it? I’m struggling on this one way more than the albatross.
  3. Maybe its just not showing in the app, but Ill check when I get home.
  4. Is it no longer available at all, as I can not find it.
  5. I am torn because your completion rate is only ~63%, but on the other hand you have over 1000 platinums which is crazy and clearly you dedicate a lot more time than most people with higher percentages as they don’t have half the amount of platinums. Another thing I look at though is your average trophy rarity and at ~82% it is pretty high, which indicates a lot of easy platinums. Taking all that into consideration I have to go with 6/10. You have a massive amount of platinums, but personally I find it difficult to overlook the completion rate (which may be unfair for a profile with so many games, but something I personally value) and the massive amount of your platinums that were easy and quick. Nothing against you doing that, but it does hurt in my opinion.
  6. Thank you and I just got the platinum now. And with that, I will return the favor and say my favorite game of all time, The Last Of Us remastered.
  7. Any chance they fixed this trophy with the new PS+ release? Id guess not, as I doubt they made any changes, but thought it was worth to ask.
  8. I am in that area in front of the desk right where it is supposed to be and it won’t let me scan? I am so close to the platinum, but am I going to have to pretty much start over now?
  9. you got horizon zero dawn, so I think you should go for Horizon forbidden west. I enjoyed the game even more than the first.
  10. 1/3 through the year and not really happy that I have not gotten any high difficulty trophies yet. Re Chain of memories is 6/10 or 7/10 for ps3, but 5/10 for ps4 even though the only difference is you have to replay it on easier difficulties, but alas I wont count that. 1/10: 2/10: Star Wars Racer (Plat Prices) 3/10: Gaurdians of the Galaxy (psnprofiles) 4/10: Horizon Forbidden West (psnprofiles) 5/10: Star Wars Battlefront 2 6/10: 7/10: 8/10 9/10 10/10
  11. 1 - Undecided 2 - Undecided 3 - Sly Cooper Thieves in time (psnprofiles) 4 - Assassins Creed Unity (psnprofiles) 5 - Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of memories (psnprofiles) 6 - kingdom hearts ps3 version (psnprofiles) 7 - Kena Bridge of Spirits (psnprofiles) 8 - Tony Hawk Pro Skated 1+2 (psnprofiles) 9 - SUPER MONKEY BALL BANANA SPLITZ Vita (PlayStation Trophies) 10 - doubtful there is any in this category I could plat, unless a chess game that requires you to be good comes out this year.
  12. They mention being able to change games as much as you want until February 28th and that after that, you can make two swaps. Based on that I’m guessing it was a typo and it is starting in March?
  13. Reach 87% completion rate clean up ps3/vita games. Both are getting old and I’m starting to worry about how much longer my vita will work well. Also would like to wrap up the ps3, as I don’t have much room between my PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, and switch, so I think the PS3 will be in storage after this year.
  14. Games: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance: 46% God of War (2018): 30% Star Wars Battlefront: 27% Kena Bridge of Spirits: 27% Jak II (Vita) 12% Horizon Forbidden West 0% Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: 0%
  15. I could care less about Destiny or any FPS really, but I know it was at least very popular, as the year it came out everyone on campus (I was a freshman at the time) was playing it. So i'm assuming its a popular franchise and I guess they wanted to lock in a known FPS franchise. Hoping it works out well for them.